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soulmates!taewin pt. 1

a/n: okay so I put up a textpost bc I kinda wanted to write and stuff and I aCTUALLY GOT A REQUEST??? (via @dictatormahafia) and I was like you know what imma do it so here we go

(note that I haven’t written anything in about a century and I’ve never written something for kpop so this might end up to be terrible iM SORRY) (I’ll link part two when I get to a computer, but you can find it on my blog for now :)))))

Part Two

  • alright so in this universe whatever you write on your arm appears on your soulmates right and vice versa
  • so lil like, seven year old taeyong is at school right and he’s sorta paying attention to what the teacher is sayin
  • but like, he looks down at his arm and all of a sudden he sees a bunch of colourful marks appearing on his arm out of nowhere
  • and boy thought some supernatural stuff was going on aND HE SCREAMED
  • and his teacher kinda stopped her lesson and looked over and she just sees a distraught little kid with his hand pointing to his now colourful arm
  • and teacher is the bestest teacher ever and she just pulls him to the front to sit with her and she completely forgets her lesson and starts telling the class about soulmates
  • and lil taeyong is in awe like omg is this real
  • and he just stares at his arm for the rest of the day while the other smol children ask him tons of questions about it
  • but he doesn’t rlly listen because he’s just in awe about the fact he has a soulmate
  • and when he gets home he asks tons of questions bout it and they’re so happy for him and they tell him tons of stories about it and stuff
  • which just makes him mORE CURIOUS
  • so after he’s done grilling his parents for questions he grabs a pen and writes on his right arm (vvv messily) ‘hi’
  • meanwhile a lil five year old winwin is playing with his toys or whatever when he sees words start to appear on his arm and his reaction is rlly similar to taeyongs reaction
  • and his parents like bolt to where he is and they’re like wHaTs wRonG
  • and winwin is crying as he points to his arm
  • and his parents smile and explain to him bout soulmates after winwin calms down a bit and they ask to see what his soulmate wrote but then they realize
  • oh shit
  • this ain’t chinese
  • so later when they put winwin to bed they’re like fuck what do we tell him what do we do
  • so yeah fast forward a bit to the next day
  • taeyong is constantly looking at his arms like whERE iS mY SOULMATE DO THEY NOT LOVE ME
  • and he’s all pouty n stuff
  • when then he sees some writing in Chinese appear on his arm and boy is like
  • so he runs to his parents and is like mOTHER FATHER THIS AINT IN HANGUL
  • and he expects his parents to know what it says OFC bc parents are supposed to know everything right
  • but his parents eyes widen and they’re like winwin’s parents
  • oh shit
  • (but they don’t say that obvs bc there is a smol child there waiting for an answer)
  • so they do a bit of googling and stuff before they write down in what they hope is ‘I don’t speak chinese, I speak korean’ on taeyongs arm while smol boy is confused
  • and winwin goes back to his parents to show them his new message with a confused face
  • and the handwriting and punctuation is godawful but they got the general idea of it
  • so winwin’s parents put him in Korean lessons
  • and taeyong’s parents put him into Chinese lessons
  • and even at a young age they try their best to learn the language so they can begin to communicate with each other
  • but neither sides learn it vv quickly and they both start to learn English so
  • they start trying to communicate in English
  • but it hella frustrates them bc all they can write is ‘hello, my name is taeyong/sicheng’
  • and for years they can barely communicate at all bc taeyong dropped Chinese lessons for dance and school
  • and same for winwin bc he learning to dance
  • and they both have school and they try to communicate in English (barely) bc they got frustrated trying to learn their soulmates language with bad teachers bc they got rlly bad teachers sadly
  • and eventually communication sorta comes to a halt when school becomes more intense for both of them
  • and winwin gets rlly into Chinese traditional dance
  • and taeyong gets casted by sm
  • and for a rlly long time they almost forget they even have soulmates despite seeing ppl with their own soulmates
  • until one day
  • winwin is casted by sm
  • and even if he didn’t know his soulmate was in Korea he would’ve jumped on that train anyways
  • so he moves to Korea to become an idol and learn Korean all over again bc he wants to perform and he wants that chance to meet his soulmate and communicate with them
  • and at this point they’re not smol children but smol adults instead
  • so when he gets to Korea, he knows vvvvv minimal Korean and has a hard time getting to the SM building and when he’s there he’s stuck to Kun (who he meets when he gets there) like glue
  • and then they meet the other rookies
  • and the two of them introduce themselves in broken korean
  • and this is where stuff starts happening

a/n: splitting this into two parts bc tHIS IS GONNA BE LONG) (also this is so much of a mess I’m sorry omg bUT I PROMISE ILL FIX IT AS I GO ON


anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I please have a calum imagine where you take a shower together but it's really cute and you wash his hair and tickle each other and stuff like that

omg this is so bad 

imagine #03 - showers (calum/4)

“Y/n, I’m home!” Calum’s voiced echoed from down the hall; you were currently in the bathroom, tying your hair up in a messy bun so you could take a shower when he found you in front of the mirror. Leaning up against the door frame, he admired how nice you looked in a mismatched underwear set with no make up on and stray strands of hair standing out. 

“Hi babe!” You chimed giving him a small smile before you turned back to the mirror, pinning up a few loose hairs at the back, “How was practice?”

“Tiring. Luke and Mike bickered like an old married couple for at least 95% of the session. Me and Ash just kinda watched them.” He sighed. You frowned a little at his response before his arms were wrapped firmly around your waist from behind, his forehead pressed against your shoulder. “I think I slept really shitty last night too.”

You turned in his hold to face him, cupping his cheeks in your hands before pressing a kiss to his lips, “Let’s take a shower, yeah?” You offered, “Maybe it’ll help you relax a little.” Calum only nodded with a small smiled before you tugged his shirt over his head, lightly trailing your fingers over his toned shoulders before you rid the remaining clothing from your body and stepped into the shower.

As you fiddled with the water’s temperature, Calum soon joined you and rested his chin against your shoulder, asking how your day was while he reached from behind you to grab the washer and soap to lather it up. And while you told him about what you’d gotten up to today, he took his time to wash your back, lightly tickling your sides with his fingertips as he went along, earning little giggles from you every so often.

Before long, you re-lathered the washer so you could wash his and he sighed contently as your fingers worked away the knots in his shoulders, breathing out a quiet ‘I love you’ that seemed to echo throughout the occupied shower. 

“Do you want me to wash your hair too?” Your head tilted a little with a smile as he washed the soap off of himself with a nod. You squeezed a dollop of your favourite shampoo in the palm on your hand before smearing it over your other, leaning up as you gently slid your fingers through his dark locks, working the shampoo through. His eyes closed lightly, humming in content as you basically massaged the substance in slowly.

His hands rested on your hips, tracing his fingertips against your skin in a soothing motion before you leant up to press your lips to his for a chaste kiss, mumbling an ‘I love you too’ against his lips.