omg its so cute and giant

Reasons why Soldier is a lot nicer than you think:

A lot of people headcanon Soldier as being 100% angry all the time and discriminating and mean to people but I would like you to re-evaluate your evidence because Soldier is actually a giant sweetheart and he just takes his job seriously. 

Yeah he might be ignorant because of the time period but he’s actually quite a nice person. LOOK AT HIM WHEN HE’S WATCHING SCOUT TRY AND WOO MISS PAULING:

WOULD ANGRY MEAN FANDOM SOLDIER DO THAT? Nah man he’s sitting there smiling like “omg look its romance its so cute Scout you should call her round thats a total compliment” (also bonus spy right there cuz lol he’s horrified)

Also notice the way he treats Miss Pauling in the beginning of Expiration Date. He has the most DORKY looking smile on his face as he tells her he’s leaving the van.  



Look at the innocent baby. Yeah he beats up on Scout but I think he just beats up on guys cuz yknow, aggressive man stuff. He’s just wrestling with his bros. Soldier is a lot less angry and brooding than you think. 

Love him and treat him like a kitten. 

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Imagine before elucien becomes a thing Lucien coming back from training or something and is having dinner with everyone but sees that elain is missing. He gets concerned like "did she get lost in one of her visions? Does she need help?" And looks for her. He finds her in a bath tub filled with mountains of bubbles and the only thing he can see of her is the top of her head. She peeks up: "I may have gotten a little carried away" cue Lucien laughing his ass off

omg this has been in my inbox forever SORRY but SO CUTE OMG?? I LOVE IT. U kno elain would be in awe of those giant ass fae bathtubs (… probably also the concept of running water but i’ll refrain from getting into worldbuilding things again) 

further proposal: Lucien is all flustered like SHIT SORRY bc its rude to walk in on someone bathing, ofc, but elain is like no no its fine come sit down and hang out :) no closer :))) closer :)))))) actually could you come here and heat the water up for me? It’s getting a little cold :))))))))) until Lucien’s sitting on the edge of the bathtub like [blushy face emoji] and Elain kneels up and is lookin all Sexy half-covered in bubbles w wet hair stuck to her face and she leans in like she might kiss him–

And then she pulls him into the bathtub and fuckin dunks him and laughs her ass off while Lucien splutters and flails around in the bathtub fully clothed. bubble fight ensues.

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"Help, my husband is my phone background and my phone keeps running out of battery bc I can’t stop turning it on to look at him" I found this on tumblr but it was wife can u do something with this for sterek it's so cute

thats so freaking cute omg 

Stiles was rummaging through the giant lost and found box at the station when his dad found him.

“Stiles,” he said with a resigned tone. “There’s a good reason you’re going through the lost and found right?”

“Yeah I need a phone charger and I left mine at home.”

“And why do you need a phone charger? It’s not even mid-day yet.”

“I have this really cute picture of Derek as my screensaver and it’s so cute and I can’t stop looking at it and I keep turning my phone on and it’s draining the battery,” Stiles said with a goofy grin on his face.

“Oh god you’ve turned into a sappy husband already and it’s only been a month,” John groaned.

“Oh shut up dad. I’m happy.”

“I know you are. And god knows the two of you deserve happiness. Now stop digging through all that crap and get the spare charger from my office. And get back to work. I don’t pay you to stare at your husband all day.”

Turns out the solution to Stiles’ problem was to print out the picture of Derek and frame it and put it on his desk. Saved him a lot of phone battery, which he ended up draining anyways when he constantly texted Derek throughout the day. Who knew he’d turn into a total sap when he fell in love??

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What about parenting AU with RFA + V + Saeran, pretty pleaseeeee? <333

ू(ʚ̴̶̷́ .̠ ʚ̴̶̷̥̀ ू)

~Like, what they’re like with kiddos? U got it. I’m a huge sucker for them as parents tbh. Marshmallow fluff ahead

◉ Yoosung

  • He’s such a good dad!
  • Very sensitive to the babies needs
  • He will stay up late to hold and rock the baby while he plays LOLOL
  • Carries photos of his kid and a family photo and shows it to everyone
  • Like
  • If he’s at the grocery store he will whip it out nonchalantly
    • “Thanks for bagging my stuff so fast! Gotta get home to the wife and kid heh heh. See, that’s them there with me, aren’t they so cute?!!!!”
    • “………I know. You showed me that just yesterday, sir.”
  • When they get a little older they sit on his lap while he plays LOLOL and they cheer for him, they love it!
    • “Go get em, daddy!”
  • Expert ouchie kisser
  • He can not say no to them ever.
  • So he’s a “go ask your mom” type of dad lol
  • You guys wear matching family shirts when you go out
  • It’s less fun for the little ones as they get older but it makes their dad happy so they groan and put them on lolol
  • Yoosung is the only one they call for in the middle of the night when they’re scared
  • Daddy is the master monster slayer in LOLOL
  • So of course, he has to come in and scare away any in the closet or under the bed

◉ Jumin

  • If it’s a girl, they’re wearing so many frills and bows OMG
  • The kids can do no wrong in his eyes
  • Everything is cute to him
  • His favorite thing with the babies is putting them to sleep
  • Will sing them lullabies while rocking them its freaking precious!!!!!!!
  • His kids will be spoiled rotten of course
  • But also have manners
  • He steps back from work to be home more after he has kids
  • Family is something that Jumin’s always felt incredibly strong about
  • He is adamant that you all have quality time together
  • And his father even changes when he sees his first grandchild
  • Him and Jumin both have strong family values, and so he actually steps back from women to spend time with his grandchildren while he still has time
  • He no longer cares about going out on dates with young pretty girls, he just wants to be around his sons family-which makes Jumin sooooo happy !!!
  • You all take lots of family vacations together
  • When they get older he likes to bring them to C&R and teach them about the business, he lets them hang out in his office
  •  He opens up so many new products related to children after becoming a father and uses his kids as the models because he thinks they’re perfect!

◉ Zen

  • He is such a softie when it comes to his babies
  • If it’s a girl-LOOK OUT
  • He will be the dad who enjoys scaring the shit out of her boyfriends
    • “Just remember…if you touch one hair on her head…I was in a biker gang. And I’ve scouted plenty of places to hide bodies, punk.”
  • If he has a son, that’s the kid that comes home from preschool like
    • “I have 12 girlfriends!”
  • And Zen is so proud but teaches him how to be a proper gentleman
  • The kids help him practice and run lines
  • They put on performances for you in the living room
  • Constantly gloating about them and posting pictures online
  • His fans are oBSESSED with the kid pics tbh they love his kids so much
  • They’re always sending toys and stuff in the mail for them
  • He thinks it would be so cool if they wanted to pursue an acting career like him
  • But
  • He is constantly telling them that he will support them no.matter.what.
  • He doesn’t want them to feel the same way he did when he was young
  • And he’s always super aware of what their dreams are and he always has their backs 100%

◉ Jaehee

  • Super mom
  • She can be a bit of a control freak at times but it’s all out of love
  • Has a schedule for everything and when they get older there WILL be a chore chart
  • Love to cook and bake with the kids, it’s her favorite thing
  • They’re always doing something on the weekends
  • Whether its going to a movie, the park, museum etc but she feels it’s important to get out as a family and experience stuff
  • Master of lunch packing tbh
  • Her kids always have amazing lunches
  • She never wants them to be scraping by for food and has to make sure they are eating healthy for growing minds!
  • Tiny Zen fans OMG
  • They watch his dvds together and they all gush about him its so cute
  • Their fav thing is going to his performances!!
  • Zen lets them backstage afterwards and they just jump on him and hug him
  • They’re his favorite fans–ever.

◉ Saeyoung

  • We all know he’s the goofball dad, o k
  • His kids will have meme onesies
  • He builds tons of toys made especially for them
  • They’ve always got the coolest gadgets, all their friends are constantly begging to hang out at their house
  • You will randomly walk in and your house has been made into a giant obstacle course or fort
  • He’s always encouraging them to play and have fun
  • They help him prank Yoosung
  • a lot
  • Teaches them many languages and they make fun of Yoosung and he can’t understand it and they’re just laughing and laughing and Yoosung is crying
    • “Don’t drag them into this too, Saeyoung! Stop talking about meeeee!”
  • Yes, he likes to have fun and play with them
  • But that’s only a part of it
  • He’s actually pretty strict!!!
  • Obviously, within good reason. He just wants them to be the best people they can be, and he wants to be a good father who can both tell them right from wrong as well as play around and make them laugh a lot
  • You do.not. want to come home with bad grades or have the teacher say you were goofing off in class
  • He will ground you SO FAST.
  • Tries to stress that it’s okay to have fun but there’s a time and place, and your studies come first
  • Will not tolerate them mouthing off to you, not listening or having an attitude
    • “Hey. Your mother asked you to set the table. If you don’t do it right now I’m going to send a virus to your phone and computer both and you’ll be living like a pioneer until I say otherwise.”

◉ V

  • Tender papa!!
  • So many pics of the kiddos all over the place!!
  • His favorite thing is cuddling with them, honestly
  • And they love it too !
  • Master at piggy back rides
  • Also a fan of carrying them on his shoulders when you’re out and about
  • Wants to spend all of his time with them, and enjoys taking them to school and picking them up when they start getting older
  • Family dinners are full of laughter and smiles and he loves to hear all about everyone’s day
  • Not a dad who shies away from telling his kids how proud he is of them, and how much he loves them

◉ Saeran

  • Very protective of his kids
  • His favorite thing is sleeping with you all in the bed
  • Wouldn’t let Saeyoung hold the babies for the longest time lol
  • He is the dad that wears the kids in a baby bjorn whenever you guys go out
  • When they get older he is guilty of sneaking candy and ice cream for them and himself
    • “Shhh…our secret, ok?”
  • Very loving and caring
  • He’s the type of parent that his kids trust to come with any of their problems
  • Although they hate that they can’t sneak anything by him as they grow older
  • He’s been there, done that, and will not hesitate to hack into their stuff if he feels like something fishy is going on
  • His favorite thing in the world is reading to them before they go to bed
  • He tucks them in and reads whatever book they pick out
  • Or sometimes they ask for him to make one up, so he does
  • It’s so cute
  • On the weekends you guys always have picnics in the park
  • He wants them to always be able to run and play outside and enjoy the sun and laughter

Pharos was trapped in a giant bubble. Doesn’t seem like he minds much, though. (by @somanymanyfandoms-solittletime)

daaamn, looks like bell pepper is getting better at this huh


HBDPCY! Giant turns 23! To the giant who’s talented af; talented as in can act, sing, play the guitar, play the drums, play the bass, play the piano, play the violin, and can play with every women’s heart if he wants to with the gorgeous face, HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY! Keep spreading your virus! Let’s get infected! xoxo

Exo reaction to when your a massive fan of Disney


“Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them…
oh wait its me”


*finds you so cute freaking out about all the little things*


“but…. you have to pay attention to mee”


*brings all the Disney teddy bears his fans get him and blushes up everytime he see’s your face light up*


*giant kid who’s down to binge watch all your favorites Disney movies*
“omg omg they’re gonna kiss.. (y/n) it’s happening omg”


*watches you freak out over teddy bears he brought you for over an hour*
“This is great your happy and all… but it’s been over an hour… I thought’d it be over by now”


*when you thank him over and over again for the new set of disney pj’s*
“I know.. aren’t I great”


*finds you just so adorable when you get flustered over every little disney thing*


*when he hears of your obsession he buys Disney cuz he’s rich*


*confused about your strange obsession*
“isn’t this for kids”


*appears everyday with a new disney toy*
“look what I found?!”


*chill to watch disney movies and buys you Disney merch all the time*

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  • me until today: i admire matthew daddario's work on shadowhunters, he's cute and funny and i enjoy watching his interviews but it's not like i'm obsessed or anything, i just-
  • me today, after finding out that matt saw that tweet about recasting alec: I WOULD FUCKING DIE FOR MATTHEW DADDARIO I LOVE HIM SO MUCH HE IS THE PERFECT ALEC AND THE ONLY ALEC WE NEED PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS OMG *writes 10000 songs about matt, paints a giant portrait of him and puts it up in the louvre museum, names my firstborn after him, flies to toronto to tell matt that i love him*
What We Learned from the New Comic

•Tracer is one of those people who buys their Christmas gifts last-minute
•Tracer does indeed have a girlfriend/partner and oh my god I’m crying they’re so loving and wonderful together!!!!
•Athena has a “party mode”
•How the fuck did Lena and Emily get to Gibraltar that fast?
•It seems that Genji’s visor actually only comes off around his eyes like we saw in “Dragons” but I’m still drawing his whole face fight me
•Blizzard still never draws Hanzo consistently but who cares? He looks great!
•He has an undercut and pierced ears bitch yes
•And a lil Japanese flag pin on his quiver/bag strap what a dork
•Do all coats in the OW future have weird, giant-ass collars? Or do Sombra and Hanzo both shop at the same clothing store?
•None of you can ever tell me that Widow doesn’t care about her husband again try me I dare you
•Rein, Brigitte, and Torb are spending Christmas with each other (and what I think is Torb’s family but I don’t know for sure??) and its so cute omg
•Are you telling me Genji sent that letter to Mercy? Because yes.

otp prompts i need tbh

  • “i need a lawyer bc i was accused of something i didn’t do and now i might go to jail for it and oh of fucking course the only lawyer that will represent me is my ex wife/husband and our marriage ended so badly we got it annulled im so going to jail goodbye world”
  • “im siting at a bar drinking the night before my high school reunion and i was originally supposed to go with my gf/bf but they dumped me last minute so now im gonna show up like a loser who said they had a plus one and had a seat reserved but now has no one and its going to be embarrassing and ill have to explain to people that my date broke up with me if they ask and sound all pathetic and i hated everyone in my class and reunions are the time to show off how successful and happy you are which is what im not and iM GONNA BE MISERABLE FML and omg hi you’re a cute bartender if i give you a really good tip, will you go with me and pretend to be my bf/gf??? no one will know pLS IM SO DESPERATE”
  • “my best friend and your best friend are dating and they brought us along to the october ‘haunted’ fair in hopes we will hit it off and maybe date too but its going horrible bc we dont get along at all in fact i want to hit you over the head with that giant sledge hammer thing for those games and im pretty sure you feel the exact same and we were forced on a haunted ride together bc its a two person one (of course) and we got stuck on it for hours bc the universe thinks its funny but we ended up bonding even if we were surrounded by fake dead corpses and bloody hanging limbs and i guess you’re not so bad after all (maybe we made out too….a lot)”
  • “we both have a mutual friend that invited us to a thanksgiving family party and we both got drunk and took over the kids bouncy house and we were tackling eachother and shoving one another into the walls bc we are mentally five and ended up accidentally tipping it over whoops but now we are laughing so hard we can’t breath and wow i love your eyes and your lips are getting closer and- nice
  • “im a journalist interviewing you, an inmate at a prison, for a column but you’re actually a pretty decent human being even tho you’re in here but i chose a rlly bad day to come bc the prison got breached and the prisoners got out and all hells broken lose and shit im so utterly fucked but then you end up helping me and protecting me the entire time so i gained an inmate body guard??? idk what i did to get on your good side but im sticking with you dont let me die pls”
  • “im a bartender at a popular club and i can read minds and you’re ‘date’ is actually planning on murdering you when they bring you home so i know this is weird for me to tell you but your ass needs to run as fast as you can, ill help you get out of here and we will call the cops, trust me i know a serial killer when i read their mind, why do you think i got this job? I save people like you from falling to be any kind of victims, places like this are notorious for people like them, im like a secret vigilante, gotta use this gift for something right?”

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so what made you love pearl so much? like why did you say "YES PEARL SHE IS THE ONE 4 ME" i've been curious

omg i love this ask bc it made me think and i have so many reasons

so no lie a few months back before i got in to su I had it blacklisted because I was more than a little bitter about how many people were turning their previously avatar-only blogs into steven universe post-korra finale and i was like “um, , , , rude????” but then @sniktbub made me listen to “you do it for him/her” and i was like hahah… .whats this…. who is this “pearl “ i am a fan

so i watched the episode (sworn to the sword) and i was like… i like pearl…. and so i watched rose’s scabbard because it was another pearl-heavy episode and i was like… i love pearl… and here we are today and im like…. pearl is my wife

so here’s what’s great about pearl:

  • emotional complexity- pearl has so much emotional baggage about literally everything, from using garnet to act as a stand-in for rose, to wanting to inspire steven and be strong etc. her struggle with mental illness is so so inspiring 
  • her character arc- she’s dealing with so many of her issues and unhealthy coping strategies and shes growing up!!! i cry!!! like she has probably undergone more emotional development in the past 2 years of the show than the other 6000+ years she’s been alive:
    • she has dealt with her low self-esteem that manifested itself in peridot during back to the barn
    • she’s dealt with becoming more independent and giving herself more agency, like in the A Cry For Help Friend Ship arc in which she comes to the realization that she is her own Gem and doesn’t need anyone to unhealthily depend on others for her own self esteem
    • she’s finally moving past her martyr complex (a direct result of her low self-esteem and dependence on Rose) that made her compulsively sacrifice herself for Rose
  • her determination to learn and succeed- despite being a “defective” servant-class Gem who was only meant for standing around and effectively being a coat rack she:
    • became a master with a sword and spear
    • formed the Crystal Gems with Rose Quartz (they were the two original members) and fought a thousand-year war for Earth’s independence
    • learned how to build and engineer basically anything (from cars to robots to spaceships)
    • is such an inspiration because she reminds me that i am enough, and despite her setbacks, she never stops trying
    • etc. etc.
  • her badassery- pearl is such a bamf, she twirl like a ballerina and then she slice you tf up with her sword or shoot you with a laser blast from her spear like its casual tho. also she took the initiative to do all that stuff herself
  • she so gay- shes so gay i love it
  • she’s so cute omg- jfc look at her!!! oh my gosh!!!! she’s so precious!!!!!!!!!!! and she’s so adorable!!!!! and the things she says and the awkward way she interacts with humans!!!!! shes such a giant nerd and i love it 1000%
  • other random stuff:
    • her voice is like the best on the show imo i lovE IT the THING WHEN!!! THE PITCH WAVERS WHEN SHE SAYS SOMETHING!!!! 
    • her pointy hair
    • her pointy snoot
    • when she gets embarrassed or flustered
    • she blush turquoise

but my favorite part about Pearl and what made me want to watch the show is her relationship with Steven. Even though Steven is there in Rose’s place, Pearl literally loves him more than anything in the world, puts him above anyone and anything, and worries about him constantly. I love how much she loves Steven. She is so so so motherly and protective and She!!! watches!!! him!!! !sleep!!!! my hearT!!!!!! she cares about him so much, she is my everything!!!! 




[See his reaction to my gift and extra goodies here]

These were a Christmas Gift/trade off for Yokai Medals cause I’m a Yokai Watch Lover too and I can’t even deal cause he also got me a Yokai Watch and I didn’t have one yet and I’m just so happy asdsgfdfsf
I’m super happy he loves these stickers TuT I worked super hard on them between and after finals. They took a collective maybe….15 hours to complete? an extra 5 if you wanna count the amount of time it took to cut and turn into stickers (i’m a mad man and I cut them by hand lol)

anyway, I might make a Marie to go with the idol Callie set. it depends if I sell them or not. they might be stickers, they might be buttons, they might be both. it depends if Lee is cool with me selling them since I made them for him.
Do I have Marie fans here?

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Tiny hands on big hands just... WHEN THAT HAPPENS IT MAKES ME SMILE LIKE A DORK. It's too cute for even me to handle, and I can handle a lot of cute stuff. (actually no I can't)

MMMMMM that’s so good!!
I frikken love when a tiny puts their hand on a giants palm and is just like"wow you’re so much bigger than me!“ Because it really makes me think
Because it really puts the size difference into perspective!

One of my favourite scenarios is when a tiny puts their hand on a giants to kind of measure up how drastically bigger they are and then after a while the tiny just starts running their fingers along all the wrinkles and indents in the giant fingers, trailing along their palm lines in awe and exploring the huge surface- the giant obviously is turning into a big blushy mess (as I usually am also when I read stuff like this)
While the tiny is just climbing all over their hand in amazement!!!

Also I have tiny baby hands IRL so whenever someone’s like “omg your hands are tiny” and they put their palm against mine I just….,