omg its okay troye

  • Thank you soooooo much @connorfranta and @troyesivan for being so kind and inspirational. It was so insane to meet two of the people I look up to most in the world. I hope you have a great time at #lollapalooza!!!
6 Stages of Loving You

Based on this beauty. 


It wasn’t unusual for Troye to pine for random strangers. He’s done it, at least every time he walks out of the house. But this one feels different. Everything about it is odd.

He’s on his way to class when he spots the green eyed fiend. His sandy hair is covered in a beanie, and he’s wearing the most spectacular smile Troye has ever seen. This gorgeous stranger holds his head up high, like he owns the fucking place.

And when he passes Troye, it isn’t anything special. Like Troye’s a pebble, and he’s a mountain. But for a fraction of a second, their eyes meet, when he crosses the street. It’s a beat longer than it needs to be, and Troye thinks about it when the nights wear on too long. When he’s studying, and his mind drifts. He finds himself doodling sparkling green in the margins of his lecture notes.

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