omg its last day of challenge

Hi. You can call me Kay. I’m a 28 year old mom of 2 girls (Elle born May 2015 & Em born April 2017). I live in SW Ontario.

I’ve been on a fitness journey for a long time, having had many successes and lots of setbacks. I first started summer of 2011. Thats when I had my first Tumblr.

I did pretty great for a bit, but I got “really bad” shin splints (its more what I told myself). So I gained it all back.

I started it up again at the start of 2013. This was my most successful one to date. But I moved to a new town and was trying to settle into life there. So I gained it all back (and then some).

After I had Elle in 2015, I decided I had to do something about it. I joined a DietBet that started new years day. And it was VERY successful. I learned that its a lifestyle change and I need to make lasting changes for my daughter.

Hubby and I decided to try for baby #2. While I was pregnant, my mom died and I turned to food. Omg did I ever! So here I am. Back on this again. Thankfully, I know what works for me. I’m down 20 pounds since end of June.

I’ve found a love of running and @fatmaninalittlesuit has inspired me so much, even helping me reach a goal of running a 10k. I’m part of the fall Fitbit challenge put on by @evolutionofacosfitter.

Thank you so much John for this wonderful opportunity. ❤


Day 14 - True Love

“I really hate you so much I think it must be true love.”

THIS IS TOO LATE *quivers in a corner* college stuff just tumbled over my sorry body like a hurricane

Anyway, this is my contribution for the last day of khaleesimaka’s soulvalentine challenge, and even though it’s late, i hope you all still enjoy!

Based on the song “True Love” by P!nk

Bonus arts under the cut! (´ω`★)

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the only thing im a little worried about this season is i want to actually get to know the characters more, instead of just doing challenges… 

like, the first ep of tdi, was literally just a bunch of kids jumping off a cliff, but there was a lot of commentary and just from the first ep we got tyler is a bad athlete, trent is a guitarist, owen’s afraid of heights, courtney’s a CIT, etc etc

the first ep of tdrr didn’t give us much, and i guess that’s mostly because we don’t have confessionals, but in the last few seasons of total drama it felt like there wasn’t actually any drama, just like “omg that characters being a jerk and everyones mad at them for losing the challenge or whatever so theyre probably going home” and its just felt really underwhelming

so i hope that’s something that changes in tdrr, i want to get to know these characters and watch actual drama and shit unfold, i mean thats what this show is about let me be angry and get unnecessarily into it to the point where im gasping in shock at the tv like in the good old days