omg its just hitting me

I was thinking.. considering my incredibly positive experience with discord when it comes to small fandoms, it would be cool to make a discord server for the Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero fandom before season 2 comes out

Just imagine, a place where everyone can get together and talk about the show, discuss the new episodes when they come out and generally have a good time

What do you guys think?


Something just hit me.. i literally went OMG its been infront of our frickin faces all along aaaaagghhh!!!!

Ok stay with me…


1. We see a photo at the DiLaurentis house of Ali amd her mom, you can see that there was another little girl there by the hand.

2. Ali found 2 yellow dresses that looked EXACTLY the same. Size and all.. if it were for Bethany she would be a little bigger given the age gap

3. The yellow dresses reminded me of the dress Hanna wore to the church party. Like a symbol of innocence and purity. (Innocent and pure = child)

4. Hanna and Ali are constantly being mistaken for one another.. example at the funeral home he assumed Hanna was Ali, Holbrooks dad mistook Hanna for Ali.

5. & 6 Though Mona mentioned that she saw Ali dragging ppl out of the fire, we only saw her help one person.. HANNA. Like Alison feels a unique connection to her.

7. Hanna and Alison are looking more and more like eachother daily.

- Hanna was moulded to resemble Alison, take over her role by Mona, she was even wearing her clothing.

So what if Hanna and Alison are twins. They were so young that they don’t remember (just like the xmas flashback) they wanted us to think the extra dress was bethanys. But logically it cant be.

What if Hanna showed some kind of mental issue so they gave her up, but mrs.d kept in touch, playdates, xmas and bday gifts. (Mr. D would not approve)

If Ashley Marin couldnt get pregnant she may have decided to adopt Hanna. This is why Tom treats her like dirt, she is not his child.

Mrs. D always treated Ali terribly, she was over critical, which reminds me of all the fat comments toward Hanna.

If Mona knew this secret Hanna could be her killer. Her best friends turning on her is def betrayal! Hanna may have found out recently and perhaps… - stole the game from mona for revenge - had something to prove and tried to get rid of ali - major personality crisis.

I always felt as though Ashley Marin went too far to protect Hanna at times.. like over compensating. So this makes so much sense now! I would absolutely feel bad for Hanna if she found out her whole life as she knew it was a lie!

I found it odd how Ali immediately asked why Hanna didnt come to visit her. Hanna asked if Ali was upset… who cares,

Us fandom heard “someone has a twin sister” from cast and crew, nobody ever said IDENTICAL! Could be a fraternal twin.


In the books (teal highlight) Ali and Courtney were described as having a “heart shaped face”

Check out the pll wiki description for Ali and Hanna on the tv show. (Purple highlight) Both have a heart shaped face!!

Further proves my hanna and ali are twins theory.