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When They Wake Up Next To You

{g osh my body B U R N S for this request thank you and everything you’ve done ever}

This was a request from @alteaplier I had lost the original ask for it but it has finally been finished!! Hope you enjoy it may be a bit cheesy and sappy but I L I V E for that ~~~~~~~~~~~ [Shiro]

•you and him totally fell asleep holding one another, but your back is against his (godly) chest

•when he wakes up and rubs his crusty eyelids and can actually see you clearly, he’s already setting up a thanksgiving dinner just for an excuse to thank whoever is up there something extra

•it’s only now does he realize he’s awake really early, probably around 2 or 3AM

•it’s only when he feels how sticky he is with sweat and how he’s breathing quite heavily does he realize he woke up from a nightmare that he’s glad he forgot

•and that’s also when he realizes that you’re face and just the fact you are alive and well and breathing was the reason he forgot so quickly

is very hesitant to reach for your face because he feels that it may be a dream that you’re there, and when he touches you…

•you’ll disappear

•once he touches your cheek and nothing happens, he lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding and just laughs

•(oh go sh k i l l me) he leans in and kisses the top of your forehead and then light pulls you closer to him

•kinda feels like crying because you’re so pure and full of love and thinks you don’t deserve him because he feels he isn’t “to your standards” and is imperfect

•but then he swipes that from his mind because if he had said that out loud and you were awake to hear it you would probably smack the back of his head or start crying (+ a long lecture about why he’s perfect the way he is, even if he bites into ice cream) there’s no in between

•falls asleep easily and dreams of something a lot better than usual


•definitely woke up because you turned toward him

•opens his eyes and just smiles but not like a H U G E grin, just, a smile showing he is content and pleased and, happy. yeah, happy.

•the both of you are in his room in the castle, he’s facing toward the wall with his back to the window.

•the way the light pours in, and rests ever so gently upon your face absolutely blows him away

•you know those times when you just think, and realize wow, I’m actually seeing this with my own two eyes, I am living and breathing and my internal body can do wonders beyond the minds of others. That’s what’s happening.

•he’s seeing you, and truly you, in front of him, where your only worries are your dreams and whether they are good or bad

•just the way the light is on you, and his shoulder casts a shadow on it as well, makes him feel so breathtaken (that’s a word right?) and he has no idea why

•rubs his thumb against your cheek and just shuts his eyes slowly and takes it in. Your feel, your smell, everything.

•kisses your forehead, nose, cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, that one very obvious freckle on your face that you clearly despise because of how obvious it is but he just loves it

•I’m getting sappy and I want to cry pls end me

•bruv you open your eyes at the right time and he just sees how beautiful your eyes are with the light on them like that and he just rolls onto his back

•goes “ok woah who gave you permission! Certainly not me!”

•God could he get used to this though.


•I feel like he wouldn’t have known you were sleeping with him in the first place

•he probably had some nightmare and you happened to be awake to hear it happening and your mom instincts came on and you went in his room right away

•his head was under your chin, so when he woke up he was really confused and gently pulled back

•sees you and is just so confused for several minutes

•like, “what? when did u get here? why?”

•100% believes he doesn’t deserve you

•although he believes that, he still cherishes you and doesn’t try to bring you down by telling you how he feels about your relationship with him

•I feel he’s the one to wake you up, whether it’s an accident or on purpose.

•maybe he pushes you lightly and whispers your name a few times and it’s all just so he could thank you politely and properly

•or he noticed how your hair was stuck under your eyelashes and your mouth and he has super short nails so he accidentally pinches you grabbing them

•totally laughs if that’s the case like I’ll fight you on this

•you: “keith ow wtf”

•keith: pffffffffttttttttfffffff


•omg please my pure chil d I love him sm


•holds your hands

•rubs his hands up the sides of your arms and on your waist

•just, gosh my breathing is slowing down and now its speeding up and I can see every math equation

•already knows he’s gonna make you some B O M B A S S b-fast and even if you don’t like it he’ll make it better!

•besides that, he almost cried and he’s just like “ohmygodjdbbd hhhhhhhhhffffff I love you”

•let’s say he has a camera on him, 99.9999999% chance he’ll take a photo of you no matter the flash

•you’ll probably wake up and be like ok tf

•he just looks at you, gently pulls you to him with his hand on the back of your head and kisses your forehead, then rests his own against it

••you’re probably blown away because he’s so wholesome and sweet especially so early in the morning where souls are still asleep

•tells you to go back to sleep

•if u do he’ll play with your hair and if you don’t he’ll play with your hair

•coran walks in at one point and hunk just fukcing stares him in the eyes and coran puts his hands up and backs out “ok ok ok ok ok o-”


•as soon as I saw this request I had Pidge’s planned out RIGHT away

•ok so basically, pidge is designing a new robot that can help create fabrics and new clothes for everyone in the castle, for when they don’t have the time to borrow some from Coran or Allura or go to a Space Mall

•you watch as her brain works through everything and her fingers are moving so quickly as she pieced together each and every intricate part of the robot

•you end up falling asleep on her shoulder and she doesn’t realize until she herself starts drifting off so you both fall asleep against the side of her bed

•allura happens to be checking on you and asks Shiro to help the both of you into the bed

•when Pidge wakes up not only is she confused, she’s also worried

•you two had stayed up so late, that there’s no doubt it’s really late into the afternoon, but when she realizes it’s not, and she must’ve woke up randomly, she sighs in relief

•she kisses your forehead and just continues to look at you

•touch your face again? Never. she didn’t want to risk waking you, or stirring you to the point that you roll over

•everything was perfect, almost all stress was gone from her

•her last thought before falling asleep is “I hope we find Matt soon, alive and well, so he can meet the person that makes me truly feel and truly love.”

•most likely whispers I love you or holds your hand before falling into a lovely slumber

Otayuri fic recs #3

Sweet Summer Mornings by thelonelywriter (oneshot, nsfw)

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER OH MY GOD HOW CAN SOMETHING BE SO PERFECT Listen to me this fic made me smile so hard just when i needed it the most. So basically this is 10k words of Otayuri fluff and smut. They are so perfect together. SO BEAUTIFUL ❤❤❤❤

Hashtags by abrandnewheart (oneshot, sfw)

It is gonna kill you and your life will be ruined after reading this. In other words beutiful angst thet will leave you with a lot feelings. I hate it and I love it at the same time. Thank you @mylittlesecretshelter for recommending me this.Don’t read if you dont want to be sad,

Honey, We Broke the Children by blackmountainbones (oneshot, teen and up)

OMG this is so funny I’ve been laughiing the whole time while reading this. Victor is a main character and he is super worried about Yurio( Yurio has a daddy kink #daddybek ;) ) and it is super funny and adorable. 

Gold Medal by howlingmoonrise (TheDarkStoryteller) (oneshot, nsfw)

So in this one Otabek is completely different than in most fics but it is so cool to read. Also this one is super hot.

Halsey Series of Sin by siren of old (series, nsfw)

Ok so this is series of 6 short fics that shows development of their feeling for each other. I love it so much because you can find here fluff, smut and angst (aka everything I need from a good fic). and OMG everything is perfect here you have to read it you won’t regret it I promise

How Long You Walked For (til you got lost tonight) by LiviKate (oneshot, nsfw)

OH MY GOD I AM SCREAMING I LOVE IT SO MUCH the ending just killed me with its cuteness everything here is just perfect I am so in love just asdfghjkl AMAZING okay i am done screaming about it so Otabek here loves Yurio so much but is completely oblivious to the other boy feelings

I really hope you are gona like it. If you do, don’t forget to leave kudos and comments under the fics. This authors deserve them so much

"I can't stand you!" + “I love you. I’m in love with you.” - Jason Todd

The smug grin that seemed to never go away irritates you as you sat, arms crossed against your chest, the dinner in front of you hardly touched. You lost your appetite when you had to deal with the infuriating and self-absorbed Jason Todd. Dick, who was seated beside you leans toward you and whispers a soft, “Just ignore him, he likes it when you give him a reaction.” You acknowledge what he says and smile at him and nod.

You pick at your food, quietly listening to the conversation but the gaze of the man you couldn’t help but love distracts you. The cause of his dislike of you was unknown to you and all of his brothers but Jason was relentless when it came to his obvious dislike of you. It was one of his snide comments that finally broke your self-restraint, your fists tightly clenched as you abruptly stood from your seat beside Dick, who, the entire time, had been trying to assist you in ignoring his brother. “I can’t stand you!” You shriek, Jason following you, also stands up brows furrowed.

The dining room silent, “I can’t stand you either!” Jason resorts plainly, Tim rolling his eyes at how childish his older brother was acting. Your frustration-filled gaze quickly meets Bruce’s and your eyes soften, “I’m sorry for disrupting dinner,” You mumble out before rushing away from the table where everyone sat in quietness, not even a moment later Jason follows after you.

He finds you, standing alone outside of the manor, just staring at Alfred’s roses that stood tall and proud. His heart rapidly beating, the sight of you made him lose all his self-control, his throat constricting and going as dry as a desert. The soft murmur of your soothing voices catches his attention, getting a little closer he can make out what you’re saying just barely.

“I love you. I’m in love with you.“ You softly whisper to yourself, "I’m so stupid, he’s never going to love me.” You reprimand yourself gently, Jason’s heart stutter’s in his chest at the thought of the woman he loved reciprocating those feelings. You quickly turn around and bump into the man you just confessed your feelings for. Suddenly fear bubbles up and blossoms in your chest, sweat forming on your brow, he heard you.

“I love you too.” The softness of his voice is what tickles your ears, maybe it was what he said as well. He loves you, Jason Todd loves- The thought is cut off with the feeling of his lips on yours and you instantly melt under his hold, everything you both had ever said to each other was forgotten and hope took its place. Hope for the future, hope for your relationship.

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Makeup Voiceover;Ten

Request: OML I LOVED YOUR BOYFRIEND DOES MY VOICEOVER CHALLENGE WITH JAEHYUN 😍😍😍😍 if you do one for ten I will love you forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • okay first of all
  • 📣📣 I MISS TEN 📣📣
  • and im sure we all do
  • so i’ll try my best to feed you all with this post
  • and i hope it’s good enough
  • let’s go

  • so you and him have a youtube channel together

  • you all take turns to upload videos every week
  • most of the time you film makeup tutorials, hauls & anything related to fashion/beauty
  • while for ten he films dance covers/tutorials, vlogs & reaction videos
  • on weekends the both of you try to film videos of just the both of you, be it vlogs, q&a’s or challenges
  • your subscribers love the both of you very much!!!
  • and they always mention how cute the both of you are because the way the both of you stare at each other lovingly in videos make their hearts melt
  • which is why they asked & suggested ten to do this challenge
  • because always in vlogs ten would always film his reaction of staring at you preparing your makeup before yall head out
  • and his eyes are all 😍
  • with a small sweet smile on his face
  • and after days of contemplating he finally agreed
  • and both of you were excited because yall had never done a challenge like that before
  • throughout the whole process while you were filming the makeup video,
  • ten had purposely entered the room to interrupt
  • be it making weird noises, singing songs or just randomly waving at the camera
  • which caused you to lock him out eventually
  • after what seemed like hours to ten you were finally done
  • and you were met with an excited small little boy entering the room to record the voiceover as soon as you were done
  • setting up everything he clicks play
  • “today’s video is very different!!!”
  • “we’re-or i, will be doing the makeup voiceover challenge”
  • “i swear so many people suggested this our whole comment section was filled with this”
  • “okay enough of talking, let’s start”
  • “so here we have a bare and natural faced Y/N, such a beauty wOW”
  • “she’s clipping up her hair first oh”
  • “first step!!”
  • “foundation”
  • “she’s taking out this silicon transparent thingy- IT’S REALLY FUN TO SQUISH GUYS”
  • “she told me the name of it once but i forgot”
  • “-she’s using the foundation from Clinique”
  • “oh it says on the bottle that it’s a concealer too, how cool!!”
  • “oh she’s squeezing it on the silicon thingy”
  • “dab dab dab haha”
  • “and blend it out evenly”
  • “oh babe’s skin looks lighter now”
  • “-just saying i love your natural skin more but oh well, still beautiful”
  • “oh i think that was my voice”
  • “i thought she’d cut it out but i guess she didn’t, rate my singing guys!! Y/N’s says it’s annoying”
  • imitates you “go away babe you’re so annoying”
  • “it was a joke”
  • “i know, i love you”
  • “okay sorry for that, but moving on!”
  • “she taking out a pencil?”
  • “what is it for..”
  • “ahhh eyebrows!”
  • “it’s from nyx cosmetics”
  • “she’s starting to draw it”
  • “look how concentrated she is, how cute”
  • “anyways while we wait for her to finish drawing her brows-”
  • “look at the mirror she’s holding!!”
  • “it was the first gift i ever got for her, isn’t it cute how she still keeps it oh my”
  • “and… she’s done!!”
  • “wow on fleek babe”
  • “i think she’s doing her eyes next!”
  • “just look at those eyes wow”
  • “she taking out a palette”
  • “the uh… maybelline’s uh.. ‘24karat nudes’? one”
  • “wow such a long name but-”
  • “she’s using the light brown shade”
  • “applying gently on her eyelids”
  • “what was that-”
  • “oh sorry it was me again, just me saying hi”
  • “i couldn’t help myself i’m sorry hehe”
  • “look at her giggling at me omg”
  • “i love this angel-”
  • “but,, she’s done with her eyeshadow!”
  • “she taking out another stick like thing”
  • “it’s a mascara!”
  • “it’s from l'oreal- the name’s too long again but-”
  • “oh this is cool, it makes your lashes longer??”
  • “woah look her eyes now, extremely gorgeous!!!”
  • “okay i think she’s done with her eyes”
  • “cheeks now”
  • “-the place where i love giving kisses the most”
  • “why’d you say that out omg”
  • “i mean… it’s not like they haven’t seen us kiss on camera before..”
  • suddenly attacks you with a kiss
  • “hehe nothing happened guys”
  • “but i think she’s doing her highlight?”
  • “making her look more stunning like always but”
  • “she’s using the one frok stila!”
  • “it’s so shiny wow”
  • “using a brush she’s just applying it on her cheekbones, forehead and bridge of the nose”
  • “blend blend blend”
  • “and viola,, babe’s shining under the light!!”
  • “we’re not done with blush yet why is she blushing-”
  • “- and laughing”
  • “okay, must be me again- i was dancing and making funny faces to distract her so”
  • “her laughing’s so adorable though”
  • “okay she’s cooled down”
  • “she chased me out of the room after that-”
  • “oh she’s really not applying blush??”
  • “thank me”
  • “last but not least, her lips!!”
  • “she’s holding up the one from too faced, in a matte pink colour”
  • “it’s so watery woah”
  • “apply it really carefully”
  • “HAHA look she drew it out of her lips but it’s okay, still cute”
  • “oops she realised it and cleaned it up aw”
  • “and…. she’s done!!”
  • “she looks like a model now wow”
  • “why aren’t you on a magazine babe”
  • “so gorgeous”
  • “guys my girlfriend never fails to impress, right?”
  • “maybe she should take over the whole channel-”
  • “i’m talking so much today!!”
  • “but this was really fun to do and extremely amazing too”
  • “don’t forget to show Y/N love by commenting and viewing her videos!”
  • “but of course, not forgetting mine too-”
  • “a new video will be up soon so do subscribe, like and comment, we love you all!!”
  • once he’s done recording he has this proud look on his face
  • with the sweetest smile
  • “i did it babe hehe”
  • then he suddenly jumps up and laughs to himself
  • and when you ask him why
  • “omg babe maybe you should do a voiceover for my dance tutorial next time too”

defyinggravitydaybyday  asked:

Hi! Congrats on the TV news omg me and my best friend are BEYOND EXCITED!! This was my first podcast and I love it so much. I could really go on about these badass characters haha. But we have a small q: Does TBS being developed for TV mean that the podcast will be cut short? Or it won't end in its own way? Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much!!! I’m super, super stoked about it. 

I’m glad you asked this question because I’m sure a lot of people are wondering: the TV stuff has no effect on the podcast whatsoever. I have the next year or so of podcast stuff planned and while any potential TV show may affect the timing of things, Season 4 will be coming out in October and proceeding as normal. 

I’m really thinking of the TV show as its own unique animal, so no fear, you’ll still get to hang with these versions of these characters in the podcast format! 

love at first sight || johnny seo

reader x johnny

A/N: @ the anon who requested this, omg im so sorry this took so long but its here now and i hope u like it !! its a lil short but i hope thats fine

His palms had gone clammy and cold, his breath hitched, and for that moment, there was nothing else in that room but him and the girl at the end of the other room. Is this what is to fall in love at first sight? If so, it was to most beautiful and terrifying thing to have happened to Johnny Suh. All at once, it was as if the wind had been knocked out of him, his body paralyzed, jaw slack, eyes wide. He could only think of how beautiful the girl across the room was, heart swelling, and a feeling of warmth encompassing him.

Jaehyun turned to look at his friend who looked liked he had just been hit by a truck. His brows furrowed, not being familiar with this particular emotion, “Are you okay dude?”

Johnny could barely muster a shake of his head. Jaehyun followed his friends gaze to the girl who sat with a book in front of her.

“Ah, y/n?” Jaehyun finally understood why his friend had that look on his face. She was beautiful, gorgeous really, that sentiment was not lost on either of them, especially on Johnny.

Jaehyun punched Johnny in the arm, attempting to break the spell that y/n had placed on him. Finally, Johnny was able to turn to him and barely spoke, “Y/N?”

Jaehyun nodded.

What a fitting name, a beautiful name for an even prettier person. It was as if the angels had descended from the heavens themselves and crafted the beauty that sat across the room.

Before he knew it, his body was being escorted by his friends in the direction of the girl. It was only then that Johnny was able to come back to his senses in order to protest his friend’s actions.

“Jaehyun! What are you doing? Please, let’s just go back to our table.” Johnny quickly began heading back in the direction of their booth, only to have Jaehyun grab him by the arm and continue to drag him to the girls table.

“Just talk to her. Offer to buy her another coffee, she’s out, look.” Jaehyun looked sternly at his friend signaling in the direction of the girl. “Pretend like she’s any other girl.”

But she wasn’t just any other girl. Not to Johnny at least, she was different. It wasn’t about her looks either, she radiated this warmth that drew him in, that paralyzed him in happiness but also in fear. He had never encountered anyone who had this same effect on him.

Before he knew it, he was at the front of her table. He cleared his throat, trying to get her attention.

She looked up at him, and smiled.

Johnny may as well have melted into a puddle right there and then, whatever shred of confidence he had was gone. He almost walked away but found that his legs and arms weren’t cooperating.

“I, uh, I-” he stuttered, suddenly forgetting how to speak. “My name is Johnny and I think you’re beautiful.” He blurted out, his mind not thinking before speaking. God dammit.

Y/N blushed, and smiled the most genuine smile he had ever seen on anybody. His heart beat like a loud drum, feeling like it was going to explode any moment.

“Can I just buy you some coffee?” He finally managed to ask. He swore there was nothing worse than whatever he was feeling.

Little did he know that the girl sitting in front of him was having a hard time repressing those same emotions.


Film-maker Ceyda Torun grew up in Istanbul until the age of 11 and is now based in Los Angeles. Her feature-length documentary debut Kedi (Turkish for “cat”) is about seven of the street cats that roam Istanbul. They are cared for collectively by the community in exchange for mouse catching, affection and “good energy”. Each cat has a distinct personality: Sari, “the Hustler”, is a tabby who inventively seeks out food for her kittens; Psikopat, “the Psycho”, is a fierce black and white cat with a strong sense of territory; Gamsiz, “the Player”, is a resourceful short-haired who has charmed the neighbourhood baker with his moxie.

A surprise box-office hit (the film has made more than $2.7m in the US), Kedi has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was described by IndieWire as “the Citizen Kane of cat documentaries”. (x)

Request: Omg?? I really really A D O R E D the bf hip hop unit like u had me clutching my got damn pearls from all! thaT! fluff! Perfection! I love reactions like I love my bread which is light and fluffy. Can I ask for another? Could you do HH unit reaction to you being a really good baker and always bringing freshly baked goods to their practice room for everyone, and like always baking cakes for the other members birthdays and such if you can understand all my nonsense lol but thank youuu!
Members: S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon (svt)
Genre: fluff!
A/N: thank you so much dear!! This is kinda short cause I wasn’t sure about what other details I could add onto it?? I had to ask my dear friend @wannaonestars for help (love u queenie) cause I didn’t wanna make it repetitive so if you like wanna one please go check her out <3


  • Extra ass leader 
  • So ridiculously proud of you and a massive fan of your baking 
  • Probably tries to convince you to go on some baking showdown show and he’s like “you could crush the competition with your pink!!!”
  • You, frosting a cute pink cupcake: “Cheol chill”
  • Takes a picture of EVERYTHING you make. I mean everything.
  • You could be making yourself a bagel for the next morning and he’s like TIME TO INSTAGRAM THIS
  • If you give him a box of goodies he’ll save the box. 
  • If you give him cupcakes he’ll save the wrappers
  • Him: chEoL DoNT sAve tRaSh
  • Brags about you 24/7 to the other boys
  • “Look at how talented they are what have YOU done recently???”
  • Jeonghan is just. Offended. 
  • First you stole Cheol and now Cheol is teasing him what have you DONE


  • Buys milk to go with your baked goods hfjdshje 
  • Mostly strawberry or melon or banana milk,, 
  • He likes flavored milk more than regular milk so?? Honestly it’s cute tho what,,
  • You questioned it once and he was just like “pastries taste their best with milk!”
  • And he gave you this soft lil smile and like,,, how can you argue with that 
  • Likes it when you bring him things after he comes home and he’s all tired,, especially when you feed him a little and make him feel like he’s being babied because sometimes he needs it??
  • He likes to take care of you but he is also a Soft Man who is Tired from putting up with his Members Shit 
  • Teases you sometimes when you feed him tho just to be playful 
  • He does it more if you blush SO I HOPE YOU DON’T BLUSH FAM
  • He loves it when you do nice things for his members like making them birthday cakes,, but what gets him real soft is when you bake on rainy days and you guys snuggle in together to eat and binge some TV shows
  • And it’s just atmospheric and the air smells all sugary and you look so cute with flour smudged on your cheek
  • Save him he loves you so much


  • He loves that you bake so so much!!
  • He likes cooking and you like baking,,, he thinks it’s such a fun dynamic between the two of you
  • He often sets up cooking dates between the two of you
  • You guys make dinner together and then afterwards bake a cute lil dessert together and you both get to learn a recipe the other one knows 
  • These are his favorite dates and you guys are just cute and domestic and it makes him soft 
  • Thinks about cooking together after you guys get married and he gets all giddy
  • Loves it when you bring his members food yes but he has to have the largest piece because he is a Child 
  • It’s his way of showing the other members “HA suck it my s/o was the one to make this delicious food and I get the biggest piece so SUCK IT X2”
  • Gets whiney when one of the other members steals a bite 
  • But he stops pouting when you kiss his cheek hehe
  • Probably melted when you spent a long time on his birthday cake and was just,,, so touched he couldn’t believe it 
  • He almost didn’t share it because it made him all Soft but you were like “MINGYU DON’T BE SELFISH” and he was just “FINE OKAY FINE”


  • Of course Hansol loves your baking!! He thinks it’s lovely and delicious and just really ideal,,,
  • But you know who else loves your baking??
  • His sister
  • She’s always asking him to invite you over with some of your baking, especially loves the cookies you bake 
  • She always texts you thank you’s for anything you make for her
  • Sends you baby and childhood photos of him in return and sometimes as bribery for more lmaooo
  • He probably uses his sister wanting some as an excuse for you to make him things
  • “Hey sooo my sister wanted me to ask you to make some more brownies”
  • “Hansol I delivered her some pastries last night she has my phone number”
  • “Uh”
  • “,,,do you just want some yourself?”
  • “,,,,,,,maybe”
  • Gets a happy lil smug ass smile whenever the members praise for your baking because he is the proudest boyfriend ever in those moments
  • Always kisses your temple and reminds you how wonderful you are at this
No matter what

Pairing: Harry Potter x Reader

Requested by Anonym 

Prompts:  8. “Is that my hoodie?” -  “I never believe in love, then you came along and changed everything”

Warnings: fluff

You woke up, because you heard noises downstairs. You looked around and you just saw Hermione and Ron, sleeping on the ground. You looked to your left and there was no Harry. Panic grew in you.

You thought Harry wanted to leave alone again. Ron stopped him last night and you were happy about it. You couldn’t stand the tought that he would go alone.

You stood up as fast as you could. You grab one of Harry’s hoodies and your wand. You tried to be quite, as you walked down the stairs. You didn’t want to wake up the others.

It was dark in the living room so you took out your wand and whispered “Lumos.” You looked around, but you saw nothing. “Harry, are you here?”, you whispered. You still walked around the house, as you heard footsteps behind you. You quickly turned around just to see Harry.

“Oh god, Harry”, you whispered and put your arms around him. “I thought you would have left.” You burried your head into his neck. You felt his hands stroked your back and he kissed your hair.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

After a few minutes you let go of him and laid your hands on his cheeks. He looked down at you and smiled. “Is that my hoodie?

“Yea. It’s comfy by the way”, you smiled and Harry kissed your cheek.

“It looks good on you”, he said and stroked your cheek. He took your hand and led you to the front door. “Let’s get some fresh air. 

Both of you slipped in your shoes and walked outside. It was very pleasant outside and you enjoyed the time with harry.

“How are you feeling?”, you asked him and he looked down at you.

“What do you mean?”

You turned to him and laid your hands in his. “This all situations is really dangerous and you are the choosen one. I don’t really like that name, but you are. So I’m asking you again. How are you feeling.”

Harry closed his eyes for a second and laid his head against your forehead. “I don’t know. I don’t want people to die for helping me. I need to destroy these Horcruxe. And I’m sill here, waisting time.”

“Harry, you are not waisting time. We need to destroy them at the right time and now it’s not the right time. And all of the people who are dying at this war, are not dying because of you. They die for something bigger”, you comforted him. 

“Ron said the same thing”, he whispered.

You laughed. “Ron is actually pretty good with words”

Harry looked you in the eyes and lead down and kissed you. His kisses always felt so soft and so caring, you could kiss him all day.

“What was that for?”, you smiled as you pulled away.

I never believed in love, then you came along and changed everything. I know that I have Hermione and Ron, who love me and I love them, but the love I feel for you is so different. When my parents died and when I lived at the dursley, I never felt loved. With Hermione and Ron I could feel how it felt having friends, but with you I could feel how it felt being alive and loved.”

Tears were in your eyes and you tried to blink them away. “Now you made me cry.”

Harry wiped the tear away. “You need to know, that I love you with all my heart. We don’t know what will happen, but always remember that I love you.”

“And I’ll always love you, Harry Potter. Not matter what.”

OMG ITS SO SHORT. I’m so sorry that it is so short, but I don’t feel well today and yea. I have so much homework and my head hurts so bad. I hope this one is okaay.

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Ok so a longggg time back, I said I would cosplay Leu and I may or may not have forgotten about it ahhh, but now I'm hoping to finally go through with it! I was wanting to know if there was any way you could give me suggestions on what he would wear or possible sketches of the outfits? I thought it would be a fun idea!! 💕💕

Omg I would explode with so many emotions if anyone cosplayed my ocs!! dsdfh I love u anonny. thank you for even thinking about it 💙💙

Here’s his old character sheet. That’s the outfit he usually wears, just a blue short sleeve button up, with dark blue/ navy blue shorts. (sometimes the shirt is tucked in sometimes its not) greyish long socks and brown boots. He’s often sporting a lot of colorful bandaids cause he’s clusmy.

He also wears a yellow raincoat during the cold days! 

And lastly I’m just adding this cause this is his new hairstyle. lot more messy wavy uneven bangs in the front. Instead of the clean swoop. 

Have fun! (and if you ever do cosplay him, i would so love to see it if you don’t mind! *sobs happily*)



“ We should keep talking so those aren’t your  last words “


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If you're still doing the clothes requests, may I ask for Peggers from Ham in A3, flapping the too long sleeves, please?


@iloveunicorns64 said:”3A peggy?? If you do, thank you sooo much!!”

your wish is granted!

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Oh my goodness thank you so much for that Yusei normal hair tutorial :D I was wondering, if you ever have some time for it, would you be willing to do a short tutorial for his Medieval AU haircut? It's just lovely and I need more of it in my life~

I FEEL LIKE I WAS WAITING FOR THIS ASK I just thought no one would have cared but !!! omg thank you so much !!! this ask made my day :’D

also, you’re welcome <3 <3 <3

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Hi I know I literally requested yesterday but your writing is so good I just had to ask for another one but this time team flash is supposed to go have a fun night out and when Cisco and reader don't show up they go by Ciscos apartment to make sure he's okay when they hear Cisco and reader having sex then tease them about it at work the next day. Sorry it's super long :/

Omg no no! I absolutely love getting requests so please do continue to send some! Also?? THANK YOU 💕💕 This prompt was so fun to write, thanks again for the great request!!

Title: Late

Tags: implied smut but nothing graphic !! lol everyone teases cisco and reader, this one is short, sorry!!!

Word Count: 808

It was Friday night, there were no meta attacks today and therefore the team had decided to go out for drinks. A great way to spend the night, right? However, instead of actually going out and having those drinks Barry, Iris, Caitlyn, and Wally were all still at STAR labs waiting on a certain pair to show up. Checking his watch once more, Barry let a sigh escape his lips.“They’re a lot later than usual.” His voice was laced with worry, the others nodded in agreement.

“You’d expect Cisco to be here on time, since he was the one that suggested we all go out.” Caitlyn pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear, her foot tapping gently on the floor. They were right, Cisco and suggested the team to go out and have some fun. But he was nowhere to be found, hell he wasn’t even answering his phone. When Barry or Caitlyn tried to call it went to voicemail.“Maybe we should go and check on them? I know Y/N would at least send a text if she knew the two of them were going to be late.” Iris stated, and they all agreed. It was obvious that the team was worried something bad had happened to the two of you.

However, it was the exact opposite. A gasp escaped your throat as your boyfriend threw you on your shared bed, his lips immediately attacking your neck with kisses and bites.“Cisco!” You whimpered out while his hands began to unzip your dress, pulling it from your body. His hands roamed your body and sides before resting on your clothed breast, gently squeezing them through the thin fabric. You could feel his hardness through his jeans against your thigh, making you bite your bottom lip.“God that dress looked so good on you Y/N.” He breathed into your ear, your body shuddering in response.“Cisco…please.” You begged gently, you just wanted him to touch you already.

When the team arrived at the door of the shared apartment, they were ready to meet with the worse.“Cisco normally never leaves the door unlocked.” Barry stated as he opened the door, only to be flooded with more confusion. The lights were all on, as if they were still in the apartment.“That’s really weird..” Wally spoke up as the four of them walked into the apartment, closing the door behind them.“Cisco? Y/N?” Barry called out, walking towards the living room, however a feminine voice caught them all off guard.“Cisco! Oh god…yes!”

“Was that..” Caitlyn started, only to have Barry continue.“Y/N?” The voices only got louder and when they did it clicked almost immediately in everyone’s head.“Oh my godddd!” Wally gasped in embarrassment as he quickly left the apartment, grumbling as he covered his ears. Barry, Caitlyn, and Iris however couldn’t stop laughing. Iris aced her hand over her mouth to keep herself from bursting out with laughter as Barry lead the three of them out of the apartment, where they all gasped and wheezed for air as they let laughter escape them. Wally was disgusted and just wanted to go home.“I’m going home!” He stated, making the three of them laugh more.

The next morning was quite a normal morning, that is until you and Cisco walked into the cortex. Wally was quick to let out a groan of disgust and leave the room, making Iris laugh. You raised your eyebrow at her.“What’s up with Wally?” You asked, Cisco nodding in agreement.“Yeah, he’s acting like we kicked his puppy or something.” Barry couldn’t wipe his smile from his face and you knew something bad was going to happen.“Oh, you know. Wally’s just being Wally. But, uh, how are you guys? Have fun last night?” Your cheeks immediately flushed at the memories of the night before, the memory your boyfriend’s body pressed against yours made you clear your throat.“Dunno what you’re talking about.”

Barry and Iris burst into a fit of giggles, Caitlyn joining in soon after.“What is wrong with you guys? Is there something we don’t know?” Cisco let out a sigh at the three of them.“Well,” Caitlyn started, a chuckle leaving her.“When you guys didn’t show to go out last night, we got worried. Y'know like friends do. And we all decided to come to your apartment to check up on you.” A look of horror flashed across your face as you let out an embarrassed gasp.“Oh noooo!” You let out and quickly turned around and walked out the Cortex and down the hall.“Wally! I’m so sorry!” You called after.

Cisco watched you go with a smile on his face, chuckling.“I dunno what she’s so embarrassed about, I know she had a good time.”

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I don't know if you take requests but I just read the ask about the Voltron twister tickles and OMG THAT'S SO CUTE!!! I'd love to read a drabble about this or something, it's just too adorable! *___* I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude or demanding, I just really loved the scenario... Anyways, I hope you're having a great day! :) <3

rly short drabble under the cut becuz i havent written much for this blog lately

[heres the ask anon was talkin abt]

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write short descriptions of your favourite mutuals/friends and then tag them (but not next to their descriptions) and try to make them guess which one is theirs!

this is so much fun omg. i could do more than this but i don’t want to make y’all read that much dnfhkdfnhd (also i’m sorry i’m roasting most of you lmao it’s all out of love!)

  1. she’s #1 here and #1 in my heart, my bff and the most extra person i know little punk ass bitch
  2. closet ot7 stan
  3. smol child who needs to be protected, stans jihope i fucking guess
  4. bridget jones side character
  5. LOVES ME!!!!!!! (this is sharm btw. 100% sharm)
  6. has way too many biases but is willing to share :’)
  7. meme
  8. she need some milk
  9. says y’all a lot when she gets super sappy, my secret twin
  10. m-mommy 😳😳😳😳😳
  11. loves shrek and minions
  12. has a massive hand kink
  13. her love for yoongi is equal to the amount of typos she makes
  14. insanely talented omgggggg, makes gifs into literal art
  15. shares lots of fic with me because we’re both thirsty as fuck
  16. c*mbox
  17. [picture of yoongi falling off the couch in the love yourself highlight reels]

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