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Hi! I started TAZ for the first time about a week and a half ago and I fell totally in love. This is the first time I've had to wait for the next episode and IT'S KILLING ME. I'M SO EXCITED.

YES omg fuck im so glad you like it!! and its such a weird sensation of excitement and VISCERAL FEAR this time too were all in for a ride

also im not gonna lie?? i got into when episode 52 was out so ive only been here a short time too. you get super into the fandom and lore really quickly and i LOVE it.. so much….

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jumin x mc secret dating but like the rfa is noticing hints like how mc and jumin like look at each other for just a second too long and then the rfa finds them making out in the bathroom or something idk i just love secret dating so much

OMG YAYS FIRST REQUEST HOPE U LIKE IT THIS TURN OUT TO BE SO LONG OMG I WROTE IT IN SUCH A SHORT TIME TOO I WONDER IF ITS OKAY (see notes) btw check out my cat!jumin x cat!mc fic      do leave some love <3

“Darling, are you here yet? I miss you dearly.” A popup message snapped you out of boredom while you were in an uber on your way to the second RFA party you coordinated.

Chuckling slightly, you texted back. “Yes, I’m arriving. I miss you too, Jumin, but please remember to keep this our ♡ little ♡ secret ♡ ”

“Texting your….boyfriend? I recognise that type of smile~” Your driver glanced at you with an iknewit smirk creeping up his wrinkled features.

“Oh nonono, it’s nothing like that! We’re just friends .” (Just in case Seven is eavesdropping this conservation as Seven was the one who picked your uber driver after some illegal hacking to ensure you and the apartment’s safety.)

~Fast forward to arriving at the venue~
You weren’t late but the guests were EARLY . The facade of the hall was already jam-packed with guests and reporters. Of course, Jaehee and Yoosung were already there attending to the guests while the oh‐so‐pretty Zen were ambushed by reporters. Your gaze wondered away into the hall, delving through the crowd, in‐search for Ju‐‐

“MC! You’re here, finally~ WOW, I thought you needed PhD Pepper but you look fiiiiiine tonight!” a familiar voice called for you from your left. Forcing a sheepish laugh, you greeted the energetic redhead, sight still focusing on the crowd. “Heya, Seven. Thanks for that ehem….m‐marvelous joke. Have you, by any chance, saw Ju‐‐I mean V??” Calm down , MC . You can’t show special interests in Jumin. Let’s just hope that he’s with V.

“V?” Seven imitated his own ’???’ emoji. “I think he is arriving a little late, MC.”

“What about V?” The husky baritone spoke from behind, with ever so trivial emotions. Cold shivers tickled down your spine as you turned around to meet gaze with the ashen orbs. Jumin Han was clad in a custom falcon Armani suit, with an amethyst handkerchief neatly tugged in the left pocket. It was unbutton though, but you liked that it revealed the dark platinum waistcoat that tightly secured his torso, lines formed by the buttons as a result. The innermost white shirt was paired with a black Burberry monogram necktie. His tight pants that contoured his lower body so perfectly probably came with the Armani suit. His patent leather oxford shoes were scuff‐free and shiny, the lace were symmetrical like no one has witness before. His eyes widened a little when you faced him. Jumin’s heart skipped a beat; you were smoking hot. Your crimson low‐cut evening gown had lace details covering your skin,yet in the meanwhile showing off your assets to the world and it was suffice to tease the corporate heir. The red lipstick encouraged him more to make you his right there and then, but also for your sake he was holding back all his inappropriate thoughts. Swallowing down his desires, he clenched his jaws.

“That was such an awkward 4 seconds witnessing the exchange of stares of amusement…Are you two…..? Hohoho~ I knew it! The rumor comes out‐‐ ” You interrupted Seven at the nick of time with your voice pitching a tone higher, “ANYYways…I was looking for V because I have something to discuss with him.” shit will jumin be angry with me im scared

Jumin furrowed slightly, piercing his stares right into your soul. “I know where he is. Come with me, MC.” He wasn’t giving you any options and took avail of your free hand, locking it with his and marshaling you through the crowd hurriedly. “Oh, and, Luciel. Assistant Kang needs your help.”
Seven went out to the entrance where Jaehee was. To his surprise, V was there.

“Wait. What? V? Oh. Ahhhh. WOAH. ” No one can beat this smartie pants. ;‐) ;‐)

With one arm snaking around your waist and another swiftly shutting the door of the tiny preparation room behind you, Jumin hungrily pulled your into a deep kiss, absorbing all your consciousness out. After somewhat of an eternity, you both parted for a breath. You could smell his luxurious Dolce & Gabanna musk lingering around his nape. He was still fixated on your twinkles while you trailed your phalanges down his well‐built pectorals, but he suddenly halted your movements by gripping on your left wrist firmly. “Is V the first thing you thought of when you reached here, my love?” He questioned imperatively. You were shocked by his concerns but let’s be honest, jealous men are the cutest.

“Huh? No way, Jumin. I was looking for you! I thought you might be with V. Don’t worry, I’m only yours.” You displayed a reassuring grind and it seemed to do the trick. He loosened his grip, using that same hand to explore every inch of your curves concealed by the fabric, and then slowly travelling down to your ass and groped it hard .He earned a lewd groan you failed to suppress that echoed the emptiness. A smirk burgeon like a bouquet of red roses on his visage, the left hand busy holding your left leg up to his waist, making you succumb to his dominance.

“I knew these red Louboutins suit your elegant legs. Glad you liked it. Let’s go for shopping again tomorrow, I’ll buy you more heels.” He surprised you with a chaste kiss, it was warm but complete, kind but fierce. This man truly missed you. Slowly caressing your flesh, he then relished you like an appetiser wine, pushing his tongue into you, familiarising himself with the foreign but welcoming oasis of yours, in a forceful but rhythmic tempo. You moaned slowly, sending vibrations on him. Jumin took that as an appreciation sign and went on excavating more and more moans from your mouth. You found your fingers intertwined in his raven hair as you encouragingly pushed him forward for a deeper sensation, tongue dancing with his. To him, you were bodacious tonight like a ripening fruit, waiting for him to pluck at the right moment. Through his body language, you knew that he was also stating that he would not forgive you for letting him be all hot and bothered. You have to pay. this. astute. businessman. back.

“Knock knock” ,came a voice from the other side of the wooden boundary. Both of you freezed in motion. Oh boy oh boy how did they know we are here;;

“Who’s there?” You replied in your best calm voice while you both readjusted each other’s disheveled appearance.

“Luciel~” Of course it’s him, who else would it be, you thought to yourself. But just to buy the both of you some time you decided to entertain the hacker.

“Luciel who?”
“Luciel come out now, MC and hyung lololol the party is starting in a minute~”

“It’s okay, princess. Just walk out like nothing happened.” Jumin straightened his tie and recollected his stoic composure. You took a thorough breathe, and unleashed the outer world. Sure enough, Seven, Jaehee, Yoosung and V formed a beeline for the two of you. Seven has his smile stretching until his ears, Jaehee had an I‐dont ‐ want‐to‐know‐about‐my‐boss's‐personal‐life face while adjusting her glasses, poor Yoosung couldn’t hide his blush and V was truly happy about Jumin (??) .

“MC had to readjust her dress. I was just trying to help her. That’s it.” Jumin simply stated with a poker face, thinking this could brush off their suspicion.

“It’s okay, Jumin. Why not we all gossip about this later? Let’s hurry up to begin the event before the guests get bored.” V gently hit Jumin’s back, hinting a got‐your‐back‐bro thing.

this probably sounds really douchey but if anyone sees an edit done for any of the fics I’ve posted, can you link me to it?? I love seeing the stories through other people’s eyes and want to acknowledge them for taking the time to make something!

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Coooooould you do a valentine ask with Risotto? My names Lyn and I go by they/them ;;;;

I just realized taht i never stated what I wanted for risotto I’m sorry! Could I do him getting confessed to? [I assume the next ask was yours too so yup here we go!]


You walked into the office, hiding the chocolates behind your back wanting to give Risotto a surprise. 

“ What do you need.”

His indifferent yet sure voice filled the room as you paused to think of the appropriate reply. When he finally looked up from the desk and realised it was you, he softened up a little, expression not as tense. When you told him that you were here to talk about something important, he sat up straight, pausing whatever report he was writing and listening to you intently. The stress was real, you shyly placed the heart shaped box on the table and told him that these were his favourites. Explaining that it was Valentine’s and you decided that out of everyone you wanted him to be your Valentine. but specifically not as friends, you’ve fallen in love with his strong yet caring personality and wanted him to know. Rejection was also ok, you quickly blurted out more on to make you feel better than comfort him. The silence that followed immediately after was killing you, which seemed appropriate considering his job.

“ …Thanks…Lyn.”

To most it would almost have been seen as arrogant acceptance, but you knew him well enough, this was the most expressive emotion you’d ever seen on the face, the very slightest crack of a smile and the slight sparkle in his eyes. He stood up abruptly giving you a slight shock as he walked over to where you stood. Giving your cheek a quick brush of his hand before letting it run through your hair as he gives the ends a small kiss. Saying nothing he moved back to his desk and returned to work. Leaving your face red to the very, very rare sight of any form of affection out of him, directed at you none the less. You’d watch as he pops one of the chocolates in his mouth before giving you a satisfied nod and moving onto his work, and as you turn to leave he’d quietly mention to you.

“ Come back again when I’m done with work.”

Its nothing much but you Know. You didn’t screw this over for yourself.

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OK you think rey is Han and Leias daughter but how does that add up? Can you elaborate on how you think this could work?

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Your drawing in the NHfanzine is lovely! I like the way you colored it. With short strokes and the bright but not too bright colors! Good job!

ahh i’m so happy everyone who has received the fanzine has such nice things to say about it!!!! and thank you so much omg, this message is so sweet i  am smiling so hard! THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️ 

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers. (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

ah thank you omg????

  1. i have good posture 
  2. my hair grows fast (its a love-hate thing tho lol)
  3. im pretty adaptable :”)
  4. the fact im short
  5. my art?? sometimes??

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Hi!~ I am 19 years old (20 in August), I have Hazel eyes (that change color; from a grey/bright green, to a bright yellow, to a warm brown, to a mix), short chery brown hair (like brown but in certain lighting its hella red), height wise I am 5'3/2 and all around kinda little T-T I also have dark purple and black glasses. personality wise, i love painting with watercolors! Music and theater are life, and im "slightly" athletic as i like running...but i mostly love food. Food is Life.

You have such beautiful eyes OMG and cool hair too!! Glasses are so cute~~ Watercolors are awesome!! I wish I knew how to use them… I don’t run at all tho…..BUT YES FOOD! You’re in!


Wonshik; Fluff; Gender-Neutral; HappyRaviDay; 894 Words

You have a special present for Wonshik’s birthday today. The problem is, you can’t let him know

Anonymous said: So for the ravi birthday scenario, maybe (y/n) pretending to forget his bday but she’s actually organizing a small party with the members (and maybe ravis sister bc he loves her so much??) and then ravi starts to cry bc he’s so surprised? :“) in sorry if it’s too detailed omg

no its not too detailed at all, i love detailed!! aaaa it was a short notice and some shit happened while I was finishing up so I’m sorry this wasn’t posted earlier :( I really did mean for it to be up at 12am kst but things happened. It’s still not too late to request for Wonshik tho so ask away if you want something written!! It just might come a little late.

also can’t have wonshik’s birthday without the picture of him crying at his sister that honbin tweeted

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replied to your



guiltydraws: cw: implied blood & gore, implied…

seth omg there is just SOMETHING i cant quite place in how you drew or colored the cake that makes it look almost real if i look at i quick or from an angle and its like disturbing in the best possible way like my brain goes “jfc she added in a picture of an actual bloody cake” and its like woah. like i seem to remember something did something similar once and i loved it so long story short i love the way the cake looks though i cant perfectly describe WHY

oh my god I love you for this because you are so down with Horror elements I’m actually so glad you appreciated that because it WAS something very deliberate!

Berry is entirely drawn with my usual style of thick lines and cel shading which is very cartoony and flat 2D. the cake is lineless, has texture overlays, and has more varying tones of shading which–or at least intended–makes it appear in a more 3D space. the hue range of the cake are also inconsistent with the rest of my composition, like if you notice, the darkest part of the filling is darker than Berry’s lines. SO the intent here, was that the cake would visually look unsettling (if I’ve achieved uncanny valley for you, then that’s even better!!!) A stark contrast to the cutesy character Berry is but that’s a big motif with her! If I’d drawn the cake in the same style, even having blood spatters and all, I think it would look more “Pastel Guro uwu” than disturbing. and well. baking your girlfriend into a cake is pretty disturbing.

so yeah that’s like! the inner process of my art choices here! I’m like, REALLY enthused by your comment dude like, you’re the first one to point out you appreciated that specific element and I’m really truly excited by that! 

I like to think that Po actually kept the piece of debris that fell from Tigress’s split from the first film. (Or as the animators call it, the “love chunk”) 

So imagine in a future KFP movie or short where Po and Tigress are talking or something and he shows her that he still kept the chunk as a souvenir. How would she react? 

2nd commission for @ryoura! This one is based off of an android AU I dreamt up once that we ended up discussing in detail. Long story short: Barma was a genius scientist who created Oz and like accidentally ended up becoming his dad opps. The scenario I was given was Barma scolding Oz as he was charging because he ran out of power!

If you’re interested in commissioning me, here are the details!

Costume Swapped Prompt

I got this prompt from @hetalianime1309 to whom I would like to apologise for the delay! I’m travelling for holidays so I couldn’t write much. Hence why this prompt is so short but I really loved the concept and will maybe rewrite it!

Of course, I couldn’t keep some ladynoir fluff away :^) ENJOY.

On a scale of 1 to Chat Noir, Ladybug didn’t quite know where to put the current situation.

Of course, she had faced and nailed countless of seemingly impossible cases before. How about that one time an Akuma had had the power to control minds? Or when Chloe had stolen her diary? Worse. When Chat had found catnip during patrol.

Decidedly, she had seen it all.

But as she stared deadpan at a polkadotted Chat Noir struggling with her yoyo, she was tempted to just flip everything and walk away in a dramatic fashion. Except she couldn’t.

“Come on, Chat! How can someone be this bad with a yoyo?”

“I’m sorry, My Lady, but I was more of a slingshot kid on the playground, you know.”

The catb-Ladyboy, gave her an apologetic look and, to emphasise his point, threw the yoyo for the hundredth time. Just like before, it flopped poorly on the ground and Ladybug slapped a hand against her face, cringing at the unfamiliar touch of claws against her skin.

“It can’t be that hard!”

They were in a small park, somewhere in the middle of Paris. They had hurried there as soon as they had realised that today’s Akuma wasn’t quite like the others. In fact, he was probably the hardest Akuma they had ever faced.

The Master, as he had called himself, seemed to hold a grudge on social hierarchy in such a way that he switched people’s social positions. You were a CEO and happened to walk by a dustman? Switched. You were a teacher in a bakery buying bread? Switched. You were Ladybug and Chat Noir? Switched.

And the switch didn’t come with the skills.

“I can’t even handle a normal yoyo, how am I supposed to deal with this demonic thing?” Chat lamented, reaching out to play with his tail before realising he didn’t have one anymore. He grinned at his own awkwardness but Ladybug noticed the faint twinkle of frustration in his eyes.

“Switching powers shouldn’t be that hard, Chat,” she pestered. “Here, look, if I just press this button on the staff, it should-”

The baton stretched and hit the poor catboy in the stomach, tearing a muffled gasp from him. Ladybug let go of the weapon and covered her mouth with her hands, hurrying towards him.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Chat!”

“You have quite the strong paw, My Lady.” Chat was laughing, a hand loosely covering his stomach as he sat back up. The pun earned him a blow on the head and an increase of his laughter. Despite her evident annoyance, it was hard for Ladybug not to succumb to the contagious fit.

“Go to hell, kitty.”

And then something really weird happened.

“I can’t.”

The laughter had calmed down and Chat was suddenly all serious, staring at her in a strange way, the glim of tears after the glee merely a ghost. It froze Ladybug and she realised that maybe she had rushed too close to him, close enough to feel his scorching breath on her face and notice that without his cat-eyed mask, his eyes were as green as the grass around them, serene and appeasing and yet burning with life. His pupils were slightly dilated and for a moment, she had to remind herself that she loved Adrien, not Chat. That Chat was nothing but a flirt.

“I can’t go to hell if you keep bringing heaven with you everytime.”

Her eyes widened and she stuttered. “H-Haha, very cheesy, alley cat.”

She looked away, cheeks suddenly all too hot. What now? She was Marinette all over again? With Chat of all people?

A strange smell brought her back from her trance though. Sniffing around, she scanned the area around them, temporarily forgetting her partner.

It was a strange tantalising smell, and the accentuated noise of flapping wings ringing in her ears. Her eyes stopped on a nearby tree and something like instinct ushered her to run and catch whatever was there. It smells nice, she thought, cat ears quivering as she positioned herself in a hunting stance. A singled ruffle from the bird was the trigger that made her rush to the tree at full speed, claws out to catch her prey.

She stopped halfway.


She pivoted and met the amused gaze of a certain Ladyboy.

“Were you just running on all fours, My Kitty?”

Ladybug’s eye twitched as she stammered a quick excuse, though seeing how useless it was, gave up and groaned. Glowering, she strode towards him and angrily dug her claws in his chest. “It’s all your fault that I just actually considered eating a freaking bird! All your fault that you had to get hit and switch paw-ers! FIX THIS.”

Chat blinked and a chuckle escaped his lips. “Look at the bright side of this, My Lady. Maybe we can offer a dead bird to the Akuma in exchange of our powers back,” he stopped for a second and, as if blessed with the brightest idea, exclaimed. “Did you get my claw-some pun talent along with the switch?”

Ladybug could only stare.

Truly, she just wanted to flip everything and walk away.


Summary: It’s Christmas day in the Howell-Lester household, and Dan gets a Christmas present he wasn’t expecting to receive, but he loves (that sounds so wrong omg im so sorry).

Words: 513 words wow i swear i never write this short on wattpad

Warnings: extreme fluff (not vry extreme but)

Relationship Status: together

A/N: idrk know if landlords let people have pets but lets just forget everything about that didnt exist for now

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Gripelord! For @ginsengandhoney bc I love this bat’s design soooo much omg