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Wish you had twitter!! It would be so cool to hang out with you there and talk about nathan and warren. And we miss you and your story so much!!! Its kinda embarassing but I feel close to you just by reading your story

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ooh nooo!! i know exactly how you feel regarding reading someones stories, i just cant believe it happened to me //// 

i should get a twitter but i know zero things about it, like i dont even know what i would say or anything… i want to say that ill give it a shot but i know myself so i wouldnt count on it

if anything feel free to come off anon and PM me and we can talk!!

Burning Love || Jason&Alessia {Masquerade Ball}

Alessia stood in one of the hired out rooms in the Ritz, staring at her reflection in the full length mirror. Downstairs she could hear the classical music begin to play as more guest entered the ballroom. Alessia leaned forward, patting concealer under her eyes. These past few days she had gotten barely any sleep - For thousands of reasons. One, because Violet’s sleeping pattern was a nightmare. And another main reason was because of Jason. The man she was in love with. Everything was going so well for them. Jason brought a new home, Alessia was finally letting herself get close to somebody to have it all ripped away in seconds. 

As she fitted on her mask, she heard a knock at the door. “Cecelia wants you downstairs.” One of the waiters shyly spoke. Alessia took a deep breath to brace herself. What if Jason was here already? She hadn’t spoken to him since that night he told her about Amelia being pregnant. Had he slept with her? No, he promised her he didn’t. But how else were babies made? She stood at the top of the stairs, watching people hand their invitations to the bouncers and pile into the main room. Cecelia really had done a brilliant job organising this. But even if it was for a charity, Alessia also knew it was sort of a good bye party. Another reason she lost sleep. Trying to shake the thoughts from her head, she walked down the stairs and slipped through the crowds of masked people, into the ballroom.


Hi everyone~ recently I’ve reached 1k on this pretty lame blog and so I wanted to make a follow forever to show my appreciation to all these wonderful blogs/people. You make my dash so beautiful *.* This is my first one btw I don’t really know what I’m doing. orz

Btw I have hella non-existant photoshopping skills sorry you guys deserve so much better ._.

I still can’t believe that I tricked so many people into thinking I’m cool heheh >:) Anyways I’m pretty sure you’re sick of me talking so I’ll shut up now.

To everyone on this follow forever: you’re freaking awesome ok stay awesome forever~

To everyone else: you’re all freaking awesome I love you all okok.


Ok and that concludes my rambles.

Tumblr senpais: aka I don’t know what you did exactly but I aspire to be you and you’re just like 1000% pure awesomeness and plz don’t be creeped out by me as I probably stalk you.

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Favourite mutuals: aka wow you’re so cool I can’t believe you follow me and I feel a bit accomplished when you reblog something from me uwu 

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I don’t really want to pick favourites i mean then i’d have to bold everyone .-.

but if you’re italicized plz hover over your name you have a little message note: i would give everyone one but i’m really awks lol so just a generalized message:

A lot of you make graphics and gifs and they’re all so beautiful and perfect ok I really look up to you hehe maybe one day I’ll become half as good as you guys at like photoshopping. You’re so talented and creative omg. Or your blog is one I reallyy enjoy seeing on my dash and you’re an amazing person in general ok? Ok. 


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