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the signs

so I really wanted to do one of there “the signs inspired by people I know in those signs” type posts so here it is!

Aries: very passionate, need to make everything into a discussion, will make you feel a little stupid, even if they aren’t attractive they are so attractive its weird, WILL fight for their friends ALWAYS, family problems, sO much energy its scary at times, freaky in bed (like next level), anger issues

Taurus: literally ALWAYS sleeping, ALWAYS hungry, so fucking beautiful wth, taurus women are often so powerful, very sweet to everyone but low-key bitches behind peoples backs, party animals omg, on and off friends, takes 10 hours naps

Gemini: very weird and in your face people, DRAMAQUEENS, but I lowkey love them, can never keep a secret, sleeps a lot too, book and film nerds, friends with everyone even people they hate, very annoying at times, BUT very funny, will fuck you up, energetic af, loUD AF

Cancer: either the worst or the best people you will ever meet, so family oriented, often good cooks, cute, sweater paws, likes walks? a little weird, but very funny, insecure, amazing laughs and pretty eyes

Leo: the funniest sign, sO HOT, nice hair, highkey assholes, very rude to anyone who aren’t in their close circle, also party animals, LOVE to dance, very obscure humor, kinky fucks, likes to chase and gets tired when they finally get what they want, hard to read, you love them even if they treat you bad, those types of people you feel the need to be liked by, anxiety

Virgo: so fucking stressed always, artistic, selfish but also very selfless its weird, vERY passionate, pretty, petty!, loves to help others but so bad at helping themselves, kinky assholes, know-it-alls but low-key dumb at times, whiny crybabies, loves being babied behind closed doors but so independent other wise, intimidating

Libra: so hard to read, very on and off people, super funny, kind of mean, some of them are so FUCKING annoying and others are sweethearts, rude and dirty sense of humor, can drink like a sailor, either you love em or you hate em, closed-off, seems really put together, kind off intimidating

Scorpio: DRAMAQUEENS, selfish, lovely laughs, funny, makes bad choices, sweethearts, makes good cake, parties a lot, high key weirdoes, very sensual, very open about their personal life, loves to be the host, HOT, not that good at relationships

Sagittaruis: WILD, will go OFF at a party, so weird its funny, very cute, messy and clumsy, sweethearts that want the best for you, awkward, knows everyone for some reason, loves their friends a lot, YELLS A LOT, weirdest laughs omfg

Capricorn: known as the boring sign, but are actually super fun people, very family and work oriented, gets too caught up in work/school/free time activities that they forget their friends, funny, energetic, loves to spend time with their families, good at flirting but scared of relationships, amazing friends

Aquarius: so fucking funny, music lovers, so fucking pretty omfg, kinky AF, will fuck you up though, horror movie enthusiasts, sick humor, this sign is also such a hit and miss, really cool people mostly, also a sign you feel like you have to be liked by, this sign is a mess at parties honestly how are they still alive, will pee anywhere

Pisces: politics, kind of awkward but super funny, sweethearts, very active people, like really sporty, rough childhood, good hair, amazing friends, nothing goes their way though I feel sorry for you all, so fucking pretty its annoying, all of the pisces people I know are either outside or doing something active in their profile pic on Facebook

My Actual Reactions To The New Video :S̺͍͉͔͉̞̪Ḁ̸̰̮͝Y̶̪ ̳͇̭͍̥̭͉ͅG̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖͎̗͜͞ͅÒ̴̬̠̺̪̥͉̳͉̥͝D̨̺̦̯͙͙͔̯͚͠B̸̬̻̝͉͍̻̀͝Y҉̫̝̖̹̝̠͠E̲̩͟͝ͅ

-Here we go bitches!! I’m scared!!!!  

-Aw Jack your so excited and happy oh no 

-He’s pretty. 

-Aw it’s so cute I’m still scared 

- Not the knife 


-omg put the knife down 

-Don’t slap the pumpkin 

-Glitch glitch glitch 





-Shadows fuck man I saw that

 -Twitchy eye

 -Gerald’s face is how I feel right now 


 -not the knife again Jack omg 


 -poor Gerald 



 -Gerald is honestly so cute 










-I’m going to watch that again now.


Please excuse me for klancing

my thoughts on the signs (based on personal experience)
  • aries: really mysterious people, tough too. kinda awkward talking to them at first but super crazy after you get to know them. can get anyone they want tbh.
  • taurus: super fricking hilarious!! doesn't take much to get to know them. they're so smart its not even funny. loves animals and will text you 24/7 if they like you.
  • gemini: weirdest people ever omg. likes to go out and have fun all the time. they never run out of puns for anything. worst planners ever but you'll enjoy every moment of spending time with them. really smart ppl too. not two faced at all but y'all need to chill tf out sometimes.
  • cancer: THE CUTEST EVER. you'll fall in love with them the second you meet them. they never run out of things to talk about so conversations can go on forever. best insides jokes with them. seems innocent but is actually so dirty minded. could cuddle them for hours.
  • leo: wants to spend time with people they like all day everyday. not as self confident as you might think. always searching for a significant other to complete them. really physical and enjoys hugs a lot. funny too.
  • virgo: totally not like their 'mom' stereotype at all!! loves to party and just have fun in general. loves to travel and go on adventures. most aren't really shy as they are perceived. cute ass people who love plants. doesn't reply to their texts half the time and are really good at ending uninteresting convos. smartest people you'll ever meet. probably smokes weed.
  • libra: BEAUTY QUEENS. they can literally rock any look/any outfit. never fail to make you laugh until you legit almost pee your pants. talks alot of shit tho :/ but fun to be around anyways. if you need someone who's always gonna be there for you libra's are the people.
  • scorpio: they're the hottest people to walk the earth. some are insanely awkward and some are social butterflies. falls for people really easily and have probably dated more than 8 people. chill with the sexual stuff tho. takes a lot for them to start to trust you/open up to you but once they do they will literally tell you everything. will be there for you and comfort you when you're sad no matter what. one hell of a heartbreak.
  • sagittarius: kinda shy unlike their stereotype but doesnt take much for them to start to open up. if they like talking to you they'll never run out of things to talk about. if they aren't replying to your texts theyre probably out and about. they're the friends that are willing to go out to buy you food and drop it off at your house. super fricking hilarious too.
  • capricorn: actual moms of the zodiac. really extroverted and has a ton of friends. they have a lot on their minds and if they're comfortable with you they will vent to you like there's no tomorrow. they dont give the best advice but they'll be there for you when you need someone. really smart people but they procrastinate so much omg. willing to try anything as long as a close friend tries it with them.
  • aquarius: really great people!! able to laugh their heads off at anything (like even super stupid things). even if your joke isn't funny they'll laugh at it. the friend out of the group that listens when the overpowered one talks. has a lot of opinions they like to voice and can talk mad shit if they hate someone enough.
  • pisces: one of my fave signs. they're always so happy and can cheer up literally anyone. they get distracted easily and tend to change the subject of discussion a lot. doesn't text/call anyone for long. super duper cute and popular af??? also stellar sense of humor.

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Imagine Bucky really liking the idea of being a parent and has Tony make a simulation baby that cries and is life like that when you see him with the robot child you ask whose baby it is, he smirks at you and Tony says "mine, i gave Bucky a baby" as you scrunch up your face Bucky chuckles and says its a simulated baby to see what it be like to be a parent. You tell him you dont need that. He days he wants to see what its like to be a parent and you say you alredy are and hold up a somogram.

Omg this is funny and cute

Daddy Day™

Okay real talk…just imagine BTS on “Hello Baby”…like ahhh cuteness alert, can this be a thing? Taehyung being absolutely dad material, mama Jin taking care of the lil cutie by showering him/her with food and hugs and kisses, Yoongi and Jungkook first being a little distant but then absolutely melting when the kid smiles and dying from its cuteness; Hoseok, Jimin and Namjoon always playing with the child and dancing together and doing funny faces *.*…I could go on but omg…CAN THIS PLEASE BE A THING; LIKE WHO IS WITH ME THAT THIS WOULD BE THE CUTEST THING EVEEER????

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Send 👨‍👩‍👧 for my muse to introduce yours to another muse which I RP with but you don’t yet

Despite the presence of a mask, one could easily tell that the villain’s face grew tumultuous with a deep frown, in no way humoured by the position he’d been placed in. Arranging introductions was past tense for someone like him, more prone to acquiring enemies than participating in what felt like an uneasy peace. 

Nonetheless, he’d brought the stealth fighter to a particular café in Shibuya, the rich scent of freshly brewed coffee teasing at one’s senses the instant steps are taken inside the door.

This is the place. He’s over there.

Yo!Waving in greeting, Sho beckons for his new guest to approach. Nice to meetcha! Get you anything to drink, El Capitan? Maybe a nice cup’a joe to warm ya up?
      Preparing to serve a potential customer, he cranes his neck to briefly look past his guest at Reaper, his welcoming smile never faltering despite the frigid chill that settles tone. 
      Lighten up, would ya, ghostie? You’re killin’ the mood here, and I’d rather not lose any customers if I can help it.

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I've been meaning to watch that drama, I see gifs and whatnot of it every day

omg u nEED TO WATCH IT ITS SO FUNNY N GOOD N EVERYTHING GREAT PPLUS U GET TO SEE HYUNGSIKS FACE LIKE EVERY 5 SECS If you’ve watched weightlifting fairy kim bok joo, this one is quite similar to it but it’s just so good I rly recommend it plS IF U START WATCHING COME BACK N SPAM ME SO WE CAN DIE TOGETHER 

Don’t you just love how Uta is able to make us doubt of everything he does everytime he appears in :Re?
  • Uta : *uses the Arima mask*
  • Readers at first: yea lol he's good at crafting
  • Readers 2s later: omg *what if* he actually has the possibility to switch faces?! WAT IF HE WAS HIDE IN THE SEWERS?!
  • -
  • Uta: *talks with Yomo about the Clowns*
  • Readers at first: wtf he's such a joker
  • Readers reading the following page: OMG maybe he's actually a good guy and he's playing the double agent for the Clowns, V and Yomo's group ALL AT THE SAME TIME?!
  • -
  • Uta: *calls his kakugans eye tattoos in front of Sasaki*
  • Readers at first: jfc man can't u think of a better lie?
  • Readers immediately after: WaIt what if those ARE actually eye tattoos of a ghoul' kakugans so he can totally look like one in front of a CCG investigator, even when he's one in reality?! THAT WOULD BE SUCH A FUCKING CLEVER MOVE BECAUSE NOBODY WOULD ACTUALLY BELIEVE FOR SURE HE'S ONE!!
  • -
  • Ishida basically: *plans something with Uta*
  • Ishida: lol i think i'll keep on doing that until the end