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Hogwarts AU! Monsta X


House: Gryffindor
Favorite Subject: Apparition
Quidditch Position: Keeper

A very respectful, soft spoken, and studious Prefect. Everyone expects a lot from him as a wizard, expecting him to land a job in the Ministry of Magic as soon as he graduates. Students from other houses are often intimidated by him, but Son Hyunwoo is commonly thought of as “The Father of Gryffindor” among the people of his house. Although he isn’t particularly vocal about it, he only wants the best for his peers and will look out for them constantly. Not a bossy Prefect or anything of the sort, but is straightforward with scolding to the point his “You shouldn’t do that”s and “It isn’t particularly kind”s prevent people from doing tricky things out of guilt. Although most believe it’s only natural for someone like him to excel at a subject as difficult as Apparition, many express their worry towards his pursuit in such a dangerous concept. Still, Shownu doesn’t fear the risks and is rather capable of himself anyways. You may find him with his broomstick, probably a recent Nimbus model, training. He often helps his teammates, but his training session is not limited to them exclusively. Shownu is willing to train with anyone who asks, and often does so with his fellow Prefect Wonho. His role as a Keeper only adds to the misconception of his personality, but those who truly fear him are those who are up against his team in a Quidditch match. Chasers often how to score with Shownu blocking shots, and some even question whether or not he uses some sort of spell or charm to be that level of excellence.


House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Subject: Care of Magical Creatures
Quidditch Position: Beater

His fear of heights is hardly evident because he’s such a diligent Quidditch player. Labelled as “Wonho” by many ー including a few professors ー Shin Hoseok gets his nickname due to his role as a Beater. His Quidditch team never has to fear Bludgers hitting them because Wonho is very reliable, he’s even taken the blow for teammates (which earn him minor concussions and other injuries as a result). If anyone confronts him to ask why he flies despite being acrophobic, he’ll smile and say his fear is “exactly why he plays!”. His owl was his mother’s pet when she attended the school, and Wonho literally writes to her at every opportunity. He’s the Prefect of Hufflepuff, and he’ll do his best to aid anyone regardless of their year or house. The role was a surprise to many due to his mischievous nature during his first few years in Hogwarts (he was frequent in the Detention Chambers and often caused ruckus with his brooms and potions). He eventually grew out of those actions the more he became dedicated to the Quidditch team, but he does love a good prank or two here and there. He’s practically the human embodiment of the infamous phrase “Mischief Managed”. He has a deep love and respect for creatures of any kind, which is very evident in his favorite class, Care of Magical Creatures. When he’s not spending time in the Training Grounds, he can often be found in the Owlery located at the West Tower.


House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Quidditch Position: Beater

Unlike fellow Hufflepuff Hoseok, Lee Minhyuk has yet to grow out of his mischievous ways. Unmanaged mischief as one might call him, as he proves to be a nuisance with his “playful acts” and spells he often casts. He is at least able to make up for the points he loses for his house by absolutely excelling at Defense Against the Dark Arts. Students both experienced and inexperienced challenge him to fuels quite often, though with his quick wit, keen evasion and deflection, as well as a natural gift for picking up spells, Minhyuk is practically a dueling champion. Despite having beaten most of the school, no one can stay mad at the bundle of sunshine for long. His outgoing, friendly personality earns him quite a bunch of friends regardless of what year and house they’re in. His sharp reflexes not only serve him well in Duels, but also in Quidditch. He and Wonho make an excellent Beater Duo, as they hardly allow their team to sustain any Bludger-related injuries during games. He does, however, have a habit of sending Bludgers towards the audiences by accident. He has a pet rat with a mischievous mind of its own, and the rodent often chews through his books and clothes and even nibbles marks into his cauldron. Because of this, Minhyuk is commonly seen roaming the halls with holes in his robes, stray papers and wand trapped in his arms as he asks his peers if he can borrow their textbooks for a class or two. Filch’s favorite person to pick on, apparently it took a lot of convincing on Minhyuk’s part to stop Mrs Norris from taking his pet rat for dinner.  The only time you’ll see Minhyuk upset is when he gets a Howler from his parents consulting him about his mischief.


House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Subject: Transfiguration
Quidditch Position: Chaser

A typical Ravenclaw, many students wonder why he wasn’t appointed as a Prefect. Rumor has it that he actually declined the offer in his 5th year because he didn’t want to take even more responsibility. Although he doesn’t like to admit it, Kihyun really does look after his peers and definitely does a good job with it. To other Ravenclaws, Yoo Kihyun is much like the mother of their house. He sets a good example for all younger students, and many aspire to be as intelligent, wise, and studious as he is. He is often found in the library, though you’d have to do a bit of looking as he makes a habit of going to a different section each visit. That way he’s able to broaden his knowledge about anything he goes for, and some people wonder if he’s used a spell that helps him contain all the impossibly large amount of knowledge he has (that is, if such a spell even exists). If he’s not in the library, he often maintains the Ravenclaw common room and keeps an eye out for anyone attempting to sneak out or so. House points are very important to him, and it’s like he loses one year of his life span when a Ravenclaw loses points in his presence. He’s the type of student who will correct others or assist them when they mess up a spell, and will definitely help those who have the courage to approach him. Kihyun is actually very respectful and sweet so long as you’ve got a good attitude! He has a knack for all subjects, but especially exceeds in Transfiguration. His friends (especially Minhyuk!) warn other students to avoid angering him because he might just turn them into an animal for awhile. (He probably has, but he doesn’t do that sort of thing in vain so the kid must have deserved it)
He’d rather pursue his education and definitely go for a job as an Auror or something, but on the rare occasion he plays Quidditch for his house he turns out to be a very excellent (and competitive!) Chaser.


House: Slytherin
Favorite Subject: Charms
Quidditch Position: Seeker

His ravishing looks and house he was sorted in often leads to much misinterpretation, Chae Hyungwon is kinder than he seems. Although undeniably witty and at times even sassy, he has a genuinely kind heart and is nicer than he gives himself credit for. The way he moves through the halls with such elegance and grace often causes people to label him as another vile, Pureblooded Slytherin, but he actually doesn’t care much for blood status and is probably only giving such a gaze because he just woke up from a nap. He falls asleep often, knows the best places in the school to take naps but often gets away with it. Occasionally people will attempt to cast a spell on him or do some sort of prank while he’s in slumber, but he is very much aware of his surroundings when asleep. Hyungwon may seem like someone who slacks off or doesn’t pay attention, but he really does have good intentions and it often goes unnoticed. Overall he’s very much misunderstood, and unfortunately little get to know how pleasant this Slytherin truly is. The only time he actually gets recognition is with Charms, where he is praised for his exceptional skill. He is also an excellent Seeker, though most refuse to admit it. A habit of his is staying still for a long period of time during a match, only to move if he locates the Snitch or if a Bludger comes his way.


House: Gryffindor
Favorite Subject: Muggle Studies
Quidditch Position: Chaser

Hailing from a Pureblood family, Lee Jooheon doesn’t get much exposure to the Muggle World. This is why Muggle Studies fascinates him, and he takes great pleasure in discovering anything about their culture. Muggle music in particular always seems to strike his fancy.
He does have a bit of trouble with magic and what not, though the spells he casts are undeniably powerful. Jooheon enjoys being around enchanted fauna and flora, though they don’t treat him particularly well in return. He’s probably sustained an injury or two from getting trampled by a Hippogriff, pecked by a Phoenix… it still doesn’t reduce his affection towards them, though.
Many students deem him as someone scary, but those who get to know him wonder why the Sorting Hat placed him in Gryffindor rather than Hufflepuff. He’s very kind, and the smile he gives off is contagious even to his teachers (most of the time). The most avid letter writer during the summer, his friends are used to getting a letter from him first. He also likes to write to his parents to tell them about his experiences at the school, and he occasionally gets gifts delivered to him in return. Jooheon considers Hyunwoo as “his rival”, yet somehow considers him as a father away from home.


House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Subject: Potions
Quidditch Position: Seeker

There are two ways in perceiving Changkyun; he is either “too quiet” or “too odd”. Frankly, he is neither. (He may have a skeptical, different way of thought, but it always seems to work in his favor) He’s a bit of a lone wolf due to these misinterpretations, but he has all the friends he needs. When he isn’t being selfless and mature, his sense of humor shines through. He gets even professors laughing, at least most of the time. Changkyun has a bit of a record with spells going awry, and potions causing safety hazards. It’s not that he’s bad at magic, he’s actually very good, he just likes to experiment as much as he can and it doesn’t always end up successful. When they are, however, prepared to be amazed because his good potions are so well brewed, he might as well rewrite instructions of his own to replace the textbook’s.
Everyone seems to wonder Changkyun’s strategy as Ravenclaw’s Seeker ー including his own team members. They don’t know how he does it, one match he might stay still the majority of the time, another he’ll be flying around wilder than the Bludgers. Sometimes you’ll barely catch a glimpse of him; but no matter what he does the match often ceases with a loud declaration of “Lim Changkyun has caught the Snitch! Ravenclaw wins!”, and he descends to the ground while holding the winged gold orb in his hands triumphantly.

Premonition (m)

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Request fill for Namjoon College AU

Rated m for fingering, dirty talk, ddlg kink, public sex

Summary: What if you had the power to dictate your future? What if the things you wrote down on paper became reality?

Word Count: 6,980 words

The words on the piece of paper blur together before your eyes, and no matter how hard you try to focus them again, it doesn’t work. Heaving a sigh, you toss your assignment rubric aside and slam the lid of your laptop closed.

The noise attracts the attention of your roommate, Do Yeon, who is sprawled out on her bed working on her own research assignment, and she shoots you a concerned look. 

“You alright ____? I haven’t seen you this stressed about an assignment since… well never. What mod is it for?”

“It’s for Creative Writing with Prof Park… ugh I can’t seem to get a single word out without just deleting it all. I’m screwed this time, it’s due in a week!” You thread your hands through your hair in desperation.

Do Yeon let out a mock horrified gasp, “And you always need to have all your assignments written and proof read at least 2 weeks before! You’re dead this time ______.”

You give her an eye roll in response, not bothering to come up with an actual retort.

“You need to relax Y/N ah, you still have a week to go! You should come out tonight with me and the guys from the basketball team, it’ll be really fun I promise!”

You narrow your eyes at her, unfolding your legs from your seat at your desk and joining her on the bed.

“Ya, since when did you get to know guys from the basketball team? Is there something I need to know? Kang Do Yeon, you’d better spill right this instant!” You reach towards her waist with threatening fingers, knowing exactly where her weak spots are.

She squeals in response, wielding her laptop as a shield as she scrambles back on the bed. “It’s nothing, I just met them when I decided to take up a sports elective! There’s nothing to update I promise, unless you count a teeny tiny kiss and hand holding as the start of something…”

It’s your turn to let out a gasp. “Details, now! What’s his name? Major? Does he live in the dorms too?”

“You’ll know everything if you come out with us tonight… maybe we could even find you someone,” Do Yeon says with a saucy wink.

You groan audibly and sit back on your heels. “Yeon-ah you know I don’t like to go out when I have unfinished assignments… where are we even going?”

“It’s a secret, but I promise I’ll tell you everything. You’ll even get to see him in the flesh! C’mon ______, all work and no play makes Jackie a dull boy!”

“It’s Jack,” you grumble under your breath, almost ready to cave in to her pleading. Glancing at the clock on your desk, it reads 8pm. “Alright, if I can get at least 2 pages written before 10, then I’ll come along.”

The following exclamation of triumph is nearly deafening, and you push yourself off her bed before Do Yeon can envelope you in one of her bone crushing hugs.

Situating yourself at your desk again, you plug your earphones in to drown out the sounds of your roommate chattering about plans to someone, probably the mysterious guy, on the phone and try to focus on the five thousand word assignment that lay ahead.

The clatter that sounds in the adjoining bathroom is enough to alert you that it was already almost 10. Blinking wearily and rubbing your eyes, you indulge in a luxurious stretch before saving your work and skimming it briefly. Not bad, almost 2k words in and your plot was developing nicely.

You pull your headphones out and decide to get dressed, heading to your shared closet and giving its contents a critical once over. Do Yeon emerges from the bathroom, already dressed in a crop top and mini skirt combo, putting the final touches on her makeup. Seeing your hesitation, she nudges you aside and selects a hanger from her side of the closet, pulling it out to reveal a glittery black bodycon dress.

Putting two and two together, you take the hanger from her. “So, we’re going to a club tonight?” You surmise, immediately stripping and pulling the dress over your head. It reaches slightly above your mid thigh, a little shorter than you were used to. You release your hair from its bun, causing it to cascade in loose curls over your shoulder as you reach for your foundation compact.

“Yeah, but it’s not just any club, and the company we’re going with is to die for I promise. Did you get your work done?”

“I guess… Prof Park specified a realistic romance this time, and I just don’t want it to be cliché or too cringe worthy, y’know? So far all my protagonist has done is make out with a guy in a club,” you mused grimly. Swiping a little gloss over your lips, you step away from the mirror and gather your essentials for the night into a small purse and slide into your favourite pair of strappy heels.

“Well hopefully that’s what you’ll be doing tonight too…” Her voice trails off when you shoot her a look. “Just forget about it for tonight… I’ll help you proof read it when you’re done, if that makes you feel any better.”

You give her a thankful smile, watching as she locks the dorm room. “Where are we meeting this company that’s ‘to die for’?”

“We’re meeting them there directly. Come on, let’s go.”

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Can you continue the 7 Minutes in Heaven story? ^-^ it was really good!

Not going to lie, I had no idea what to write for this story until I sat down. I hope it was worth the wait! Thank you for the request and liking my writing!

Killugon, college au

First part here

Killua had been lost in a kind of heavy, daze-like state when the knocks finally came.


Killua inhaled sharply at the unexpected sound and the growl that came from Gon’s lips as they pressed against his neck caused a shiver to cascade down Killua’s spine-

“Gon, Killua! Your seven minutes is up, you guys can come out now!”

“Shit,” Killua breathed, letting his head fall back against the closet wall with a dull thud.

Gon’s grip on his waist tightened. “Was that really seven minutes?” he mumbled into Killua’s neck.

“I guess.” Killua’s chest was still heaving from lack of air and his heart wasn’t slowing down even though they’d stopped moving. His whole body was tingling all over, almost like he’d been shocked with electricity. 

He probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference even if that was the case, Kilua thought distantly. His head was swimming with an overload of scents and flavors- and overload of Gon- and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Gon,” he said lowly. “They’re gonna come get us if we don’t move.” 

Despite his own warning, Killua didn’t bother to move his arms from where they were currently wrapped around Gon’s shoulders. Gon, on the other hand, ignored Killua entirely; instead, he pressed even closer, until Killua’s back was flat against the wall and Gon’s muscled chest lined up against his own.

They were so close Killua could feel Gon’s rapid heartbeat matching his. Their breaths mingled in the air between their mouths and Killua burned with the aching desire to get rid of that distance entirely.

What he would give to see Gon’s face right now.

“I don’t wanna leave you,” Gon murmured. Fingers caressed Killua’s cheek and he melted at the soft touch.

“W-We can, uh.” Killua swallowed thickly. “We can always go back to this, later…”

The fingers paused and Killua nearly whined. Why did Gon stop? That had felt so good-

“Really?” came Gon’s excited question.

Heat- the embarrassed kind, this time- bloomed under Killua’s skin. “Yeah. Really.”

“You won’t run away?”

“Why the hell would I run away from someone I’ve been wanting to kiss for three years now?!” Killua snapped. Too late, he realized what he had just confessed.

There was a slight pause.

“You…you’ve had a crush on me for three years?” Gon asked.

“I, uh-” Fucking shit why did he just say that what was wrong with him tonight, “- well, maybe not that long, but…”

Gon’s booming laughter made him want to die.

“Awww, Killua! You’re so cute!”

Strong arms wrapped around his middle and Killua suddenly found himself squished against Gon’s torso.

“I em naht cute!” Killua argued venomously, voice muffled against the fabric of Gon’s shirt.

“Yes, you are! Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’ve liked you since the day we met!”

Killua stiffened. No way. Was Gon seriously telling him that Killua could’ve been kissing that stupidly perfect face of his this entire time?!

Gon’s nose nuzzled into his hair. “Its okay, though, I know you get shy about this kind of stuff. At least now we can finally start dating!”

Killua’s stomach flipped. 

“You. You want to date me?” 

“Well, yeah, of course! I thought the making-out session would’ve made that kind of obvious.”

Irritation swelled up inside Killua like a wave. He lifted his leg and brought his heel down onto Gon’s foot with enough strength to make his family proud.


Gon’s arms around him vanished. A muffled crashing noise echoed around the closet as Gon fell to the ground. Killua didn’t wait around to see if Gon had survived, instead shoving the closet door open and storming off without looking back.

Everyone looked at him expectantly as he stomped into the room. Their expectant expressions dropped the second they saw the murderous anger in his face.

“H-How did it go?” Palm asked.

Killua just glared at her. “Don’t,” he said shortly.

Gon stumbled into the room less than a minute later, spiky hair tousled and cheeks stained red. Killua’s heart twisted at the sight; why did Gon have to look so good disheveled like that?!

Gon plopped down onto the floor next to Killua. For a few moments, they didn’t say anything, quietly listening to their friends’ laughter as they shared a story after story from their freshman years.

Then, Gon leaned into Killua’s side, tan and calloused hand moving to cover Killua’s. Goosebumps broke out across Killua’s pale skin as Gon whispered into his ear-

“Wanna come back to my apartment after this?”

Killua smiled to himself.

“Of course. We’re dating now, aren’t we?”

Gon’s grip on his hand tightened and Killua’s chest swelled.

He had his answer.

Subaru Sakamaki: Headcanons

Along with Reiji he was one of the only brothers carried to full term, weighing a healthy 6 pounds.

Because Christa was restrained and isolated during her pregnancy after she attempted to terminate it, she had no help with the delivery and nearly died from haemorrhaging. 

He was fed and cared for by a wetnurse Anastasia. He was also raised by other nannies and maids but he bonded with her the most. Because of his mother’s deteriorating health he didn’t see her too often until he was 3.

He was pretty much left to his own devices as a kid and had to mature quickly to take care of his mother.

Subaru does not handle Kanato’s tantrums well since it sometimes reminds him of his mother’s hysteric fits.

He can’t stand that he resembles his father most. Reiji once commented on how similar Subaru was to Karlheinz in appearance and Subaru punched him in the face.

Since he can’t channel his emotions and frustration properly he resorts to violence.

He gets flustered and embarrassed easily.

He fights and banters with Ayato on a regular basis. 

Because he was taking more care of his mother than she was of him, he didn’t have much educational knowledge until Beatrix allowed him to sit in on lessons. During this time he was beginning to come out of his shell and realize that it wasn’t just him and his mother alone in the world.

He briefly bonded with Shu as a child and used to stick close by him.  However, as Shu began being pushed with responsibilities he pushed his younger brother away and Subaru secluded himself and fell back into the idea that it was just him and his mom.

He isn’t fond of the ocean. He became even less fond of the ocean when his dad threw him into the middle of it. At the tender age of 10 he punched a shark in the gills and was stung by a jellyfish.

His favourite band is Red (and this is his jam).

Reiji once suggested Subaru get into an extra curricular activity or sport. He tried out for the rugby team and was kicked out for being too violent. 

He has zero experience with women (not until Yui/the heroine comes around). 

His monthly allowance often goes towards fixing all the holes in the drywall that he’s made in his fits of rage. Reiji will often take a large portion of the allowance even if there isn’t any damage done for safekeeping and has a repair fund.

His favourite season is winter.
Smoke and Retribution Part Four: The Ivyheart Thicket II| Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter: 4/5

Word Count: 15k+

Summary: When a blacksmith’s daughter goes missing Vex and Trinket traverse through the Ivyheart Thicket to find her, and encounter something much more sinister lurking in the shadows.

Otherwise summarised: The twins discover love; Trinket gets fish and sore paws from all the running; Percy doesn’t think he’s a werewolf… exactly; Gilmore is happy to make tea while shit goes down; and Vex really needs to stop adopting every sad-eyed beast she comes across.


FINALLY DONE omg i feel like its been forever I mean its not been too long but yeah, forever.

The winners of the 666 raffle I held!! Thankfully you all somehow picked a different sin and it worked out XD not sure how. But it did! The only one not added is greed lol.

I hope you guys like it! Thanks for being patient with me!
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[ I’ve been binge watching Kitchen Nightmares recently and now all I want is Sanji walking into restaurant establishments with shitty food and even worse hygiene standards in the kitchen and for him to be horrified. He has way too much respect for both food and the food industry to just let stuff like that slide and I’d die to hear Sanji yelling in some guy’s face, “IT’S RAW YOU FUCKING DONKEY, YOU’LL KILL SOMEBODY.” ]

Temporary Bliss (Part 7)

Alright guys it’s finally done I finished the last chapter and I can’t believe that it’s finally complete! I hope you guys like it and I’m so happy that you guys read this all the way through and I hope you enjoyed my writing. I’m going to be working on something else next but I don’t know how long it’s going to be so we’ll see. Until then, enjoy! ^-^

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five

Part six

“Chat.” She says looking up at his smiling form. “Come in, I- we need to talk.”

“Don’t mind if I do princess.” He says, jumping down from the roof and onto her bed. “Though, I must admit I have missed seeing your lovely fa-”

She interrupts the rest of his sentence by pulling him into a deep embracing and placing her lips onto his. He stands shocked for a few minutes before melting into the kiss and pulling her closer to him. The both of them stay like that for a while, letting the warmth and comfort of each other envelop them before pulling away slightly and looking the other in the eyes.

“I missed you.” She whispers.

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Final product of my Cool Kids Selfie series! Omg its done I’m so happy~

Sour Cream takes some encouragement, the shy thing, so he always goes first, but Jenny makes sure Buck is last so that Sour Cream is up for the task~ My babies, you will be the death of me, I love it <3

The background is literally cropped from the show, so I will not take credit for it!


Doctor Who Rewatch: Rose