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1 *HELIOPHILIA SPOILERS*Why me first?? lol its gonna have to be in sections cause its not gonna fit in one ask. Ima number them lmao. Heres the thing, I'm a mixture of a cold realist/hopeless romantic. I can really appreciate it because its beautifully realistic. Irl happy endings are unlikely to occur. Its an unconventional happy ending in its own way, because the characters both have an exclusive mutual understanding of their time, love, and paths. A painful understanding of the final resolve.


“2 *HELIOPHILIA SPOILER* Also, I like that in her first sight of her she was coming out a bookshop, carrying a book.. when in the beginning Camila taught her how to read. I love when things are full-circle omg. And for me its symbolic of different chapters in life (oops pun lol) as in, the then and now. I enjoy that it shows clarity in that they’ve found ways to move on, C with child and L with partner, to make the “now” worth while.

3 *HELIOPHILIA SPOILER 😩* Part of my reflection is this, love and the ability to hold onto it is a fleeting thing, but memories and moments are not. This fic made me so reflective afterwards lol, I felt quite sad, empty and even nostalgic. I love stories that can make me feel the pain they’re trying to convey, and almost feel it physically. But I love it. Enough of my emo ass, now you go please, cause I’d much rather see what you have to say lol”


Okay first of all, I know I should have re-read the epilogue so I’ll know what I’m talking about. But I don’t want to lol. That shit made me cry, and I rarely cry. I only cried reading that fic and YMMS.

Anyway, I’m all for that kind of ending, in fact I’m used to it because it’s quite a usual trope in literature, (although it’s rare in Camren fics, and I would prefer endgame here coz I read Camren fics to escape, not to cry my ass out lol).

And you may have noticed (in my fics and how I answer asks) that I too am a bit cynical when it comes to love and happiness (fleeting, unstable).

BUT, here’s my tiny issue with regards to the ending (otherwise, it would have been a beautiful epilogue for me)…

Camila spent ten years (idk, a lot of years) pining over Lauren. Lost in her own memories and nostalgia, so much that her marriage crumbled, her husband felt that Camila really wasn’t 100% there… The nostalgia and memories of an old flame prevented Camila from FULLY moving on and living her life, her heart not being able to fully open to another person other than Lauren. In fact, her only joy was her kid. Other than that, she spent years feeling incomplete.

Sure, she was able to function properly. She lived her life as expected of her. But like I said, there has always been a Lauren-shadow looming over her, reminding her of her happiest romantic moments, and paralyzing her with her questions of what-ifs.

So fast forward to that bookstore scene. She sees Lauren with a book and with a guy which she was looking at the same intensity and love as Lauren did to Camila before. So it means Lauren has fully moved on. She’s happy. Because one could not look at another person the same way as your great love if one hasn’t fully moved on. And the fact that she has a book, is a symbol of Lauren carrying all the good parts of her relationship with Camila (her teaching her to read) which has turned her into a better person.

So Lauren is happy, she reads, she loves her boyfriend the same way (maybe even more) she loved Camila. It’s a perfect ending for her.

But Camila, other than her kid who’s her pride and joy, hasn’t fully moved on. Because if she did, she wouldn’t have spent her conscious moments scanning for that green eyes in the crowd, out of habit, reliving her memories, and wondering how her life would have been if she found Lauren in those ten years (I’m still not sure how many years it was really lol).

And then the moment when their eyes briefly meet. This scene hurts me the most. Their eyes meet, they recognize each other, they smile, and went on their separate ways.

I mean, for real!??? It wasn’t just a fling. It was literally a life and death love story. Camila taught her how to read which Lauren has carried on her life, and Lauren also saved Camila in more ways than one. The leAst they could do is have coffee and catch up. They don’t even have to get back together or rekindle their romance. Just one quick hi hello let’s have coffee. I mean, I have shown more excitement over a simple school acquaintance than that 😫

And after that, Camila moves on as well, basically accepting that Lauren is now happy and has moved on. So it’s like something in her has lifted and she feels lighter and shit.

So basically, all ends well. They’ve become two happy adults who used to love each other in another period of their lives. Life goes on. Love comes and go, it’s reality. And it’s the memories that shapes us as individuals. I get it.

But it felt a little like a cop out ending (not overly nitpicking the author’s ending, this is more like how I felt. Because I do get the sentiment behind the epilogue, and as I’ve said, I have no problems with those kinds of endings) – the reason I said that it feels like a cop out, is because Camila spent her ten years not FULLY MOVED ON. And just like that, one eye contact, one smile, everything’s okay? Okay so maybe I get that it’s what she needed – CLOSURE. But the realistic thing or reaction for me was for them (or at least one of them) having a tiny desire to AT LEAST want to say hi. Maybe an hour of catching up, or that usual vague promise of keeping in touch (I mean is the government still keeping them apart?)

It felt like Camila was half-living those years wondering about Lauren, and sure, she finally got her closure once she saw Lauren, but it just felt too sad for me (sad for Camila).

That kind of connection and memories deserved more than a brief eye contact and a smile. It’s not like they have amicably separated or fell out of love before. No, they were torn apart. That is a situation that’s different than agreeing to go their separate ways. That’s what made it harder for Camila to move on, because Lauren was yanked away from her. It wasn’t voluntary..

I had an ex and I saw him at the mall maybe 8 years after, and it was like a half second eye contact and half a smile, and that’s it. Our tables were next to each other. It’s like nothing happened on my part, tho I’ve seen him trying to get my attention several times. My point is, I get that the epilogue feels realistic as well, because in reality, love is one of the most unstable feelings in this world. One moment you’re willing to die for that person, willing to sacrifice everything to be with that person, but then next thing you know you don’t feel anything anymore. That person simply becomes a shadow of your past.

So yeah I get it. But like I said, Camila and Lauren has bigger impact to their growth, I wanted a little more. I felt that Camila deserved more. Fuck, I deserved more after wading through the lack of indentation. 😭😫 (lol I’m just kidding, that story is one of my favorites.)


it’s seung gil lee’s birthday!! he makes a new friend <3


“Hi, I’m Chuck! Here’s a few things you might need to know.”

September 24th, 2007 ♥ 10 years of Chuck.

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Prompt: Richie and Eddie don't know each other, but Richie just wiped out on his skateboard outside Eddie's house

here we go

+ eddie hates sundays

+ he always finishes his homework friday when he gets home but his mom won’t let him go out past 6pm on sundays anyways so he always has to find ways to entertain himself

+ usually bill would come sneak in through his window to keep him company but he had therapy tonight until 7 and eddie was alone and bored out of his mind

+ he was currently staring out his second floor window and watching the squirrels 

+ but then he sees him

+ the cute, lanky neighbor kid from down the street skates right past his house

+ and then,,, back past his house?

+ he starts doing tricks on the sidewalk (nothing fancy, mostly just jumping up and landing about 50% of the time) but after the 3rd jump he… looks up at eddie?


+ and eddie’s like shitshitshit i’ve been caught staring at this boy and now he’s making me blush what the fUck

+ then the neighbor kid gets cocky

+ he decides to try that thing where you,, flip the board,, in midair before landing on it? (eddie is not very familiar with skating technical terms)

+ this trick makes eddie very nervous

+ Cute Boy falls flat on his ass and his elbow hits the ground hard

+ eddie runs down the stairs and out the door after grabbing his first aid kit from the nightstand

+ “ohmygod ohmygod what the fuck is wrong with you you could have broken your arm and all i have is neosporin and bandaids here what were you thinking come inside i have to clean up this scrape before it gets infected- no don’t TOUCH it do you know how many GERMS there are on human hands oh my god”

+ but then eddie just looks up and cute boy is smiling at him in the sweetest way he’s ever seen abut then he just smirks and says “hey i’m richie and i’m usually pretty good at skating but i guess i couldn’t help falling for you”

+ eddie needs his inhaler


@rookie009 omg lena you’re so gay

lena is gonna get an earful when everyone gets back to base

edit: vous –> te (thank you for the help once again :) )


northern downpour // panic! at the disco


Naegiri phone backgrounds (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

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I recently posted a drawing of Khadgar and said “this is what I see when I read The Last Guardian”, well this is what I see when I read “Tides of Darkness”.

I like it when he smiles.

Your INTP unit User Guide and Manual

CONGRATULATIONS! You have somehow gotten a hold of my phone number and ordered a new INTP unit! For new users, this manual will provide all of the basic information that you will need to take care of your new INTP unit.

Your INTP unit will come with the following accessories:
Three (3) Everyday outfits
Two (2) Nightclothes
Two (2) pairs of shoes
One (1) personalized laptop specifically built for your INTP
One (1) laptop charger
One (1) ethernet cable
One (1) mobile device
One (1) personalized headphones specifically built for your INTP
One (1) USB to INTP connector

Your INTP is programmed with the following traits:
Ti: Your INTP will want to analyze everything and understand everything.
Ne: Your INTP likes to think up new possibilities and sees a lot of potential in their peers and surroundings.
Si: Retrospective thinking is programmed to help your INTP solve new problems by using previous knowledge.
Fe: Although the lowest of the traits, your INTP still has emotions and can be largely affected by the emotions of the people in their surroundings. Will generally get along with peers but can unwittingly make offensive comments. Will feel bad about it later.

Getting Started:
To turn on your new INTP unit:
1. Connect your INTP to the computer using the USB to INTP connector.
2. Allow INTP to charge and gather data for approximately thirty (30) minutes.
3. Disconnected your INTP from the computer.
4. Turn on unit by asking nicely
5. If step NUMBER 4 didn’t work, threaten to take away the Wi-Fi.

Your INTP unit should boot up quickly after these steps!

Nerd (default) -  your stereotypical nerd. Will only speak in scientific theories or binary code, depending on their mood. May be a bit socially awkward if the unit had only recently been started.
Enthusiastic nerd - hyper-nerdiness, will talk quickly and have stars in their eyes
Chameleon - will sometimes change how they act to their surroundings
Pedantic (default) - will correct grammatical errors and mistakes. Usually won’t stop even if you tell them to.
Meme / Pun (default) - don’t question it, just accept it
Unhealthy / Shadow (locked) - will only unlock if subjected to immense stress. Like described in Le Chatlier’s principle, your unit will try to act in opposition of the stress. Tends to be angsty and like an unhealthy ENTJ unit.

Relationships with other units:
NTs: Your INTP’s main squad. Is a bit intimidated by the XNTJ units, but gets along well nonetheless.
SJs: Generally gets along well. They help your INTP unit do what’s needed and take care of themselves, for which your.
NFs: Gets along with very well. May discuss philosophical ideas together. Relatively new INTP units may get frustrated or confused by the emotional perspective given by the NFs units.
SPs: Gets along overall. Can sometimes be afraid of XSTP units’ kickass personality and sometimes may not quite understand the Se nature well.

Your INTP unit will usually eat normally but will sometimes ignore their diet to pursue intellectual hobbies. Keep trying to argue that food is necessary despite their arguments that they feed on knowledge.

Despite stereotypes, your INTP unit will maintain their personal hygiene, although you may need to remind them if they have been in the Enthusiastic Nerd state for a while and forgot to bathe themselves.

Your INTP unit has a bad habit of staying up too late to browse the internet. Constantly remind them that sleep will help their memory consolidate and retain information. They might still try to stay up, at which point just take away the Wi-Fi.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why does my INTP unit keep procrastinating on everything?
All INTP units have caught a bug when downloading their software that destroys their ability to take a task to completion without external pressure. Unfortunately, the units cannot be fixed, but Te-dom or Te-aux units may help organize your INTP unit’s life.

Does my INTP unit feel emotions? If so, when will they be more expressive?
Yes. Although Fe is low on their function stack, it’s still there. They are usually only expressive if they are surrounded by those close to them. So better your relationship with your INTP unit, and then you will see them be more emotional.

Help! My INTP unit is fixed in Unhealthy / Shadow mode, and I don’t know what to do!
Because the ENTJ units’ main functions are the INTP unit’s shadow function, I suggest getting an ENTJ unit to talk to the INTP to help them get out of their melancholy mood. If there are no available ENTJ units, then logically reason how their point of view is false and not helpful to their current situation. Also, try to remove the source of stress, as the Unhealthy / Shadow mode is caused by the presence of stress.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS on acquiring your new INTP unit! Have fun!