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Hi first off can I just say that I love love love your headcanons?? Bc i do!! Any who I was wondering if you could do sfw + nsfw relationship headcanons for 3rd gym + Iwaizumi x a kinda big girl? Like not huge just chubby and kinda tall? Idk. I'd love it :)

It may have taken me awhile to write these, but I really enjoyed doing them! Because I freaking love headcanons! So thank you, Anon, for enjoying with them and giving me more to do!


Bokuto Koutarou

  • He’d feel so secure standing next to her, because, like really, Bo’s a big guy, he’s usually afraid he’s gonna crush someone in the midst of delivering his affections. With her, while he still worries, he’s not quite a restricted about it.
    • Just means she’s getting the purest form of his love! The sudden hugs and gathering up in his arms, the rushed kisses to her face and neck when he becomes too infatuated with her, and those hands that always want to be touching some part of her at all times!
  • They probably both use each other as their personal pillows all the time, be it at school, out in public, or at home. Bokuto likes to lay on her tummy or her legs where she like to lie on his chest or his little tooshie, lol!

Akaashi Keiji

  • Just freaking loves gathering her in his arms from behind and laying his head on her shoulder. It’s probably his immediate comfort zone. Whenever he starts to feel stressed about school, volleyball, or something at home, he seeks her out and just curls up around her from behind.
  • Oh! In turn she probably adopted the habit from him and will often times find herself pressing her face into his back! It’s just so comforting to her even when she’s not upset.
    • Result, she’s - more times than not - the big spoon! Akaashi doesn’t mind in the slightest! He probably drags her leg over his side and spends his time idly messaging and drawing patterns into her soft thighs!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Freaking loves blowing raspberries wherever he can on this girl! She wore her hair up (or has short hair!) to reveal her neck: raspberry. She decided to wear a crop top while they were out shopping: raspberry. Her thighs are bare as she lays on his bed while they’re doing homework: freaking raspberries!
  • Almost always has her in his lap no matter where they are. His arms are wrapped around her middle or resting on her thighs, head against her shoulder as she rubs his scalp beneath that mop of hair. Just public cuddling, so much public cuddling.
    • Hell, he’ll even find himself in her lap sometimes, curling into her as she holds him tightly. His fingers dip into her flesh as they trail up her sides more than likely turning a cute moment into a chance for torture if she’s ticklish! (I can just imagine things getting out of hand and she accidentally smacks him! Omg! He brought it on himself!)

Tsukishima Kei

  • This kid is guaranteed always taking pictures of her and them together. Like, check his Instagram, it’s flooded with images (I will fight anyone on this!).
    • Ones where they’re side by side, cuddling, cheek kisses, maybe even just a shot of their linked hands on her thigh??? And then he’s got a TON of just her - most of which she’s probably not even aware he took - of her curled up on his bed, sleeping on his shoulder, or, oh! Those freaking adorable photos from behind with their hands together! Yup, that’s the stuff.
  • His favorite place for his hand is right on her waist. He might even prefer holding her there over holding her hand? Like, it just feels comfortable with her side pressed against him while his fingers can knead into the flesh of her waist there. Just yes.

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • Ooooh, I can picture then being the exact same height and it makes me way beyond happy! Tons of chaste and neck kisses and easy shoulder resting and prolonged eye contact that always makes Oikawa complain when he’s around them. (“I am here too, ya know?!!?!”)
  • Dude, this kid is all about flesh and how much of it he can get into his hands at one time (ps. It’s never enough!) and he just lives for his chubby girlfriend! So, she better tell him how comfortable she is with drawing attention to it, cause he’s always going to be helping himself otherwise!
    • Like, he’s a man of simple needs, really. Let the little hedgehog have his fill every now and then of that plush flesh! He’ll reward her, of course, he’s not a savage!


Bokuto Koutarou

  • Okay, legit, this precious one gets so turned on by those plush legs around him. Like, pull him in with them and he’ll be putty in her hands without a doubt - plus he’ll be sporting a hardon before she even knows it!
    • Whether they’re around his head or waist, it doesn’t matter, boy will go to town on those thighs! Biting and kissing the flesh until he leaves mark and his hands are constantly gripping them throughout the entirety of the act.
  • Omg, ride him. She’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and he wants to see her in at her beauty. If she gets on top and allows from his hands to grab freely at her hips, butt, and thighs, this boy will be in heaven (she’ll no doubt be able to make him scream as well!).

Akaashi Keiji

  • Remember how I said Akaashi’s comfort zone is cuddling from behind, it’s no different during the hot and heavy times either! Boy LOVES taking her from behind, his head pressed between her shoulder blades and his hands gripping at her hips.
    • Oooooh, reverse cowgirl is one he likes a lot too! Like, he gets to watch her ride him while his hands can freely grab at her bottom. And the way her back arches or her head falls back, omg, she’ll have him begging for more.
  • While he’s not one for leaving hi kids in places where everyone can see them, that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Her breasts and hips are littered with evidence of his teeth. During summer he’ll distract his mouth from leaving marks to eating her out, hands happy to be full of her thighs.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Boy just freaking loves going down on his girl. And he’ll take his time getting there like the freaking tease that he is. He’ll start at her neck, working there until he found that spot before starting down her body, making sure to give attention to each and every part of her.
    • Little shit will totally bypass her heat too, choosing instead to kiss around her hip and down her leg. He won’t actually give her the attention she wants until he’s finished coming back up the opposite leg, it doesn’t matter how much she demands of him.
  • He’s good at talking right? While he’s balls deep inside her, he’s got his lips at her ear telling her just how good she feels inside and how he wants those legs around him tighter. Oh, and he spends plenty of times just moaning as well. He’s just a man, he can’t always be in control.

Tsukishima Kei

  • Shit, I just imagined this kid recording and taking pictures of their illicit activities - all of which he uses as master nation material when she’s not around. Oooooh, and he’s probably always wanting to take pictures of her naked! Like he’s got provocative ones, sure, but also casual ones of her just walking around his room or something? (I got like this Renaissance Venus image stuck in my head when I think of those pictures! So freaking pretty!)
  • Oh my geez. Some slow electronic house music is playing quietly in the back and he fucks her to the beat, never speeding up or slowly down. All the while his hands and slowly working at her flesh (almost to the beat of the music) and, gosh, it probably lasts HOURS and it’s pure, beautiful torture! (I totally don’t fantasize about this all the freaking time guys… I do all the time.)
  • Lol, this kid probably loves lap dances too, yeah? (I mean, who doesn’t?) and he’s always totally stoked when those hips come sashaying up to him where he’s seated at his computer desk. It doesn’t take long for his hands to start wondering her body, fingers pressing into the flesh and watching intently how it dips below his finger. This boy is all about details, even in the sexy times.

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • Ahhhhh! Boy just wants to grab and grope and kiss and lick every single freaking part of her! When the clothes come off his animalistic instincts turn on and he’s all primal. Shit, man, he probably growls when he goes in to bite at her flesh or as his hands press her tighter to himself.
    • Sidenote: just because Iwaizumi is very rough and eager during sex does not mean he can’t flip it off when he wants to. She’s feeling like she needs comfort and deep loving? You bet your ass he’s taking things slow and full out body worshipping her because she deserves it! Those breast, that waist, her hips, and her thighs are all getting delicate attention while she just sits back and enjoys herself.
  • Doggy style is 11/10 on his list. Actually, he probably likes it better when he’s taking her from behind but her back is flush against his chest. Not only does this allow more skin-to-skin contact, but this lets his hands have a chance to grab at whatever part of her he fancies at the time (side note: it’s all of her!).
Send the Pain Below - Part 1

Word Count: 4359

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Drug use, stalking, language, violence

A/N: Here’s my first Jensen x Reader! There’s not too much in this part, it’s basically building up to the reader becoming an addict, so it’s kind of slow. Sorry about that. I reallllly didn’t want this to become a series but apparently I can’t help it. For purposes of this fic Jensen is single and childless, no hate to queen Danneel! 

Italics are social media posts/comments. 

Y/T/H = your twitter handle 

Send the Pain Below Masterlist

“Hey Facebook!” You waved at your phone with your free hand and stood up, flipping the camera to face away from you into your trailer. “This is the set tour I promised would happen an hour ago, but it got a bit held up!” You spun around in a circle a few times, showing the inside of your trailer. “So this is my trailer. Forgive me I’m kind of a slob.” You chuckled and opened the door, stepping outside. “Let’s see if we can find someone worth talking to around here.” You started walking and reading the comments, trying to respond to as many as you could.

Eli Mason: You’re beautiful


“Aww thanks, Eli!” You responded, running into Jensen.

“Jesus, Y/N! Watch where you’re walkin’!” He snapped at you in the grumpy yet hilarious way he always did.

Eli Mason: Don’t talk to her like that.


“Fuck off, Jackles.” Laughing, you shoved your hand against his chest and he leaned in, wrapping an arm around you. You flipped your camera back around to selfie mode and shoved it in his face. “Say hi!”

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Surprise (Jungkook & Reader)

 Request: Can you write a fluff/angst JUNGKOOK scenario where he overreacts and yells at you when you visit him and the members at practice and he tells you to leave him alone and basically breaks up with you for no reason in front of the members and even bang pd nim?

Author’s Note: Omg~ 186 followers! Could I get 200 by my birthday? :O (November 25 btw (; )

It was your three year anniversary with your beloved boyfriend Jungkook. He couldn’t spend time with you due to his hectic schedule. “I wonder what he is doing right now.” You said to yourself. You went on Instagram and
while scrolling through multiple photos you spotted one from one of the members from Bangtan Boys. It was a selca of Jungkook and Jimin in their practice room. The rest of the members were in the backround not knowing
the picture they took. You grabbed your purse and headed out the door. “I’ll just watch them practice.” You smiled in the back seat of the taxi. A few minutes later you thanked the driver and entered the BigHit building.
“Where are the Bangtan Boys?” You asked the lady at the desk. “May I ask who you are?” She said. “Y/N.” You replied. She looked down the clipboard for your name. She spotted it. “They are in the practice room.” She
smiled and bowed. You thanked her and walked over to the practice room. You walked outside of the door for a little bit. You could hear their song that they were practicing loudly outside. “Hey, Y/N.” A familar voice said. You
jumped from the unexpected moment. You bowed. “Hello, Bang PD.” You said. He smiled and entered the room. You followed after him. Namjoon turned off the music. All of the guys ran up in front of you two and bowed.
You glanced at Jungkook. His dark bangs were drenched with sweat. He didn’t look at you. “Alright, Y/N is here so I can’t say the important news right now. Jungkook-ah go with your girlfriend to get some chicken for the
guys. Spend some time with her.” Bang PD smiled. You thanked him and he winked. Jungkook wiped his sweat with a towel and threw on his snapback. He left the room and you quickly followed. While walking to the
nearby chicken shop you looked at Jungkook. He didn’t look at you once nor talked to you ever since you came to the building. He ordered two buckets of chicken and both of you sat down at a table waiting for the order.
“Oppa, is everything alright?” You asked as you put your hand on top of his. It was warm. He pulled away and went on his phone. You played with your fingers. After a few seconds you grabbed his phone and hid it under
your bottom. “Give it back!” He shouted. You were shocked at the way he was acting. He looked scary. “Oppa? What’s wrong?” You asked. “Nothing. Give me my phone back.” Jungkook demanded. “No.” You refused.
“Y/N I am not in a mood to play games.” Jungkook said. You shook your head no. Jungkook got up and grabbed you arm forcing you to get up. After you got out of your seat he threw you on the floor. You gasped and fell.
He grabbed his phone and put it in his pocket. “Y/N!” Taehyung came running. The rest of the guys entering the shop and Bang PD as well. “What is going on here?” Bang PD said as he crossed his arms. “W-what are you
guys doing here?” You asked after getting up with the help of Taehyung. “You two were taking awhile so we decided to come here.” Jin replied. Jungkook left the store angrily. You took a step forward. “You should leave him
alone. He’s been acting like that for awhile now.” Jimin said. You nodded and sighed. You entered your house and took off your coat. You threw your purse on the couch and went to the kitchen. Taking out a mug, you
poured a hot beverage in it. While drinking your delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte, you started to think about all the reasons Jungkook would be furious. Ding. You went over to your phone with your mug in your right hand and
opened the text message. It was from Taehyung. “Y/N! Jungkook is missing! We can’t find him anywhere! Is he with you?” The text read. You set down your mug immediately and ran out the door with your phone. Looking
left and right you chose right. You ran down the sidewalk. “It’s freezing.” You shivered. I should’ve brought my coat, you thought. It was getting dark outside. “Where could he be?” You said messing up your hair. While
running around the place for about three hours, you ran into the Bangtan Boys. “Y/N!” Jin said. “Hey guys! Did you find him yet?” You said your teeth clattering. “Oh yeah. He is at the studio right now. Are you okay? You
are very pale.” Yoongi said. You ran to the BigHit building. Bursting into the recording studio, you found Jungkook on the computer chair on his phone. You sighed in relief. Jungkook stood up. “Y/N?” He said. You fell down
to your knees. “Gosh, I-I was s-so w-worried..” You said. You were freezing to death. Jungkook ran to you and put his coat over you and picked you up. He set you down on the couch. He grabbed your hand. “Y/N?
What happened?” Jungkook said. His voice was cracking. You started to touch his hair. “Don’t worry, oppa. I’m o-okay. J-just really c-cold.” You said. Jungkook turned on the heater. “Hold on I’ll get you a cup of hot water.”
Jungkook said. You grabbed his wrist. “No. Stay here, please.” You said. Jungkook did. “I’m sorry about today. I was just mad because I kept messing up the choreography.” Jungkook said sincerely. You smiled. “Happy
three year anniversary, jagi.” Jungkook said and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Happy three year anni-” You fell asleep. He chuckled.

Hope you enjoyed~

- Lina (x

On Top (Harry Styles Imagine for Anon)


request: You&harry are on a yacht and ur wearing a really sexy bikini and u start making out with harry and the paps start taking videos and pictures and the next morning, ur all over the newspapers and the internet!


You ran your hands through your salty ocean hair, flipping it against the part and flicking your oversized sunglasses on to the bridge of your nose. Standing in the small bathroom of the yacht, you examined your tan legs and turned to glance over your shoulder, making sure your bum looked as nice in this new bikini as your best friend had promised.

You turned to face the mirror, once again sending out a small thank you to whatever higher force had lead you to this gorgeous bikini. It fit perfect across your hips, modestly covering your behind while still making it look fabulous. Giving you just a bit of extra boost in the chest area, it perfectly accented your body—and you couldn’t wait for Harry to see.

He’d only gotten back from tour about two weeks before, but from the moment he got home, he had made it very clear he intended to take you on a luxurious vacation. At first you protested, but it wasn’t long before you were tempted by the idea of two weeks alone with your very handsome fiance alongside Mexican beaches.

Now here you were, wrapping a beautifully colored scarf around your waist—one he’d bought you only hours before in a gorgeous marketplace in a town down the coast. You quickly slipped on your simple sandals, nudging the bathroom door open and wandering down the short hall out on to the deck.

Not even your painfully expensive sunglasses could protect your eyes from the glare of the Mexican sun, but your gaze adjusted eventually. Your eyes widened, not finding the sapphire waters any less stunning than they had been everyday for the last week. White sand stretched down the coast to your left and pale blue skies domed around you.

Your gawking was interrupted by a crude whistle however as you turned your chin slightly to the right to be met with the shaded face and shirtless body of none other than Harry, “Who knew I was marrying such a babe?” he chuckled, patting the empty space beside him on the lounge chair.

“Keep it in your pants, Styles,” you smiled, moving towards the chair, beginning to sit beside him.

“Aye, I don’t like this,” he tugged at the scarf around your waist.

“You just bought this for me,” you teased, keeping it knotted around you.

“And it’s lovely,” he grinned, “But not as lovely as you—something I’d rather see.”

You rolled your eyes, although he couldn’t tell through the sunglasses. Tugging at the loose knot, you pulled the scarf from your body, tossing it on another empty seat, “Keep this is up and you’re going to have me naked.”

“That’s the goal,” he grinned, finally allowing you to relax beside him, leaning against the back of the lounge.

You playfully smacked his arm as you wiggled, getting comfortable beside his body, “You did not leave me very much space, you realize.”

“Maybe it was on purpose,” he flashed another grin, lazily moving his hand up to rest on your bare stomach.

“You are not being shy today, are you?” you giggled, trailing your fingertips lightly up his chest, across his collar bones and up to rest just below his chin.

“Hey, four months is a very long time,” his voice was raspy as he leaned in, brushing his lips across your neck softly.

“Trust me, I know,” you mumbled, tilting his chin up so that instead of kissing your neck, his lips were pressed flush to yours.

It started out innocently enough—much more innocently than many of your encounters—but the heat of the sun quickly turned to heat in your veins. His lips worked against yours as his hands wandered up and down your bikini clad body. You returned the favor by tangling your fingers in his messy curls.

It didn’t take long before he pulled you into his lap, your knees falling on either side of his waist as he continued to kiss you, this time moving from your mouth to your jaw to the sweet spot just behind your ear.

“Harry,” you breathed heavily, “We are not having sex on a yacht in the middle of the day.”

He didn’t slow at all, simply mumbling against your skin a muffled, “Why not?”

You chuckled quietly, but you were quickly pulled back into the passion of the moment as his lips crashed in to yours again. You let yourself fall back into it for just a moment before leaning away, panting, “No,” you shook your head before brushing the hair from his face, “Save it for the hotel, yeah?”

His groan was audible as you pressed a kiss lightly to his forehead, sitting back in his lap to once again look around at the amazing landscape. A few things happened at once, however. Firstly, you noticed that you were much closer to the shore than you had been before. Secondly, you realized that there was a significant amount of people gathered who were staring directly at you and Harry. Thirdly, you panicked as you realized that they were taking pictures.

“Shit!” You muttered under your breath, rolling off of Harry and rushing to wrap the scarf back around your waist.

“What—” he looked up before focusing on the growing crowd along the shoreline, “Fucking Christ! I thought I told you to stay away from the shore!” Harry was already tearing across the deck to the captain, swearing profusely under his breath.

You glanced one more time at the throng of people along the beach, feeling heat rise to your cheeks. You’d always been so good about avoiding paps catching any PDA—about PDA in general—but, it seems like that streak had to end at some point.


As predicted, your Twitter feed was a wreck of tabloid titles the next morning. Photos of you straddling the shirtless singer were plastered across the cover of every magazine and gossip website with crazy rumors. One even claimed that the girl in the photos wasn’t even you, but a Mexican prostitute named Rosita.

Rosita had apparently already interviewed with several magazines, detailing her experiences as Harry Styles’ personal whore—it was a roller coaster of a story, quite really. Apparently, they’d met at a bar the night after you’d dumped Harry (you didn’t remember that happening—sometimes the tabloids were more informed on your relationship than you were) and had immediately hit it off.

Rolling over in bed, you placed your phone screen in front of Harry’s face, a frown set low over your lips, “Have you been cheating on me with Mexican hookers again?”

He squinted, blinking away the sleep as he struggled to read the small print. A lazy smile took over his face and he chuckled, “What can I say? If you aren’t going to go on top every once in awhile, I need someone who will.”

You raised your eyebrows, shoving his bare chest beneath the sheets, “Excuse you.”

“Oh you know I’m kidding,” he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you flush to his body, “It’s cute that you don’t like to be in control.”

“Cute,” you nodded, “I love that you describe our sex life as cute.”

“Cute as a button,” he cracked up, peppering your face with kisses.

“Get away from me!” you squealed, scrunching up your face.

“I’ve been away from you for 4 months,” he smiled, “I’m not going away again.”


I had so much fun writing this omg. It probably has the most humor in any of my pieces so far and I love it!!! I hope you guys do, too!

xoxo B


Meeting Korey, Troye & Tyler in Singapore! ♥♥♥

What in the worlddddd. I wasn’t even expecting this. I was thinking about writing a letter to them last night but didn’t get down to doing it cos there would be absolutely no way (or so I thought) for me to meet them and pass the letter. Okay let me calm my nerves and try to type properly. This post is gonna be so disorganised please understand my situation here. Heh(:

My lecturer gave us free passes to Music Matters (some event that’s related to Youtube Fan Fest) and since no one else would go with me, I went alone. After registering with some lady at the booth, I felt less out of place with a name tag (yknow w the lanyard those name tags). There were so many professionals there like wth and I was alone and freaking out cos this wasn’t what I expected. Nevertheless I went boldly into the ballroom and listened to the talk for awhile (it was social matters talk, I guess I missed the music one) Couldn’t find a seat (or rather too scared to walk up to anyone to ask) so I left the ballroom after 15 minutes of freaking out on whatsapp to my friends.

I then left the ballroom, sat down in a random corner and tried to look busy while I contemplated my next move. I got up and decided to just walk about and check out the YouTube event area (The Music Matters event was one level below the YouTube event area thingy whatever) As I was walking up the spiral stairs, this woman walks down the stairs and declares to her friend, who’s behind me, that “The YouTube stars are here!” Theeeeeeennnnn I freeze. What did you freaking say. Anyway I continued walking up the stairs thinking no way, why would they be here. No. So I looked up and there they were.

This was exactly what I saw when I looked up and saw them. 

It’s really weird seeing the people you usually see on your computer in real life. I cannot process this.

My first thought was: OMG SHIT. That's…..that’s Tyler….and Troye. OMG Korey’s here too. OMG WHAT. They’re right in front of me. (Right at this point my legs kinda gave way a little and I started feeling weaker and weaker HAHAA YES THIS IS FOR REAL)

They were getting their name tags at the registration booth and there were quite a few security guards around them (celebrities plz hahaha) I figured that it wasn’t the right time to approach them cos there was so much going on so I just followed them around quietly. They went into some room, probably to take pictures, idk really. So I waited outside, once again, trying to look calm and relaxed and not so out of place. (I mean seriously everyone was chatting in groups and I was alone and not quite dressed for the occasion I should say)

They came out soon and I panicked a little not knowing when to approach them for a picture and a fangirl moment. When the security guard’s body was finally not blocking me from Tyler, I went up to Tyler and asked for a picture. He was like yeah sure dyou wanna take it over here then I was like maybe let’s take it over there it’s brighter. Then he had to settle some stuff at the registration booth again so he told me to hold on and stuff. I then approached Troye, since he was free now, told him I watch his videos and asked for a picture. I totally saw my fingers trembling as I passed Troye my phone shit hope he didn’t notice that HAHA. Took a few cos why not. He’s so cute really, all smiles and dem blue eyes. Gosh. Friendly. I asked to hug him and he went sure! So I went for it omg he’s so skinny whatttttttttt and tall. And I recognise his shirt HAHAHAHA.

Tyler was done by now so I did the same with him, selfie and hug. He is so cute. Don’t mind my EXTENSIVE VOCABULARY in this post I have no more brain capacity for that. His height and hair and smile. Ugh. Precious. HIS SKIN IS PERFECT TOO OMG. Oh and I made him do his selfie face hahaha. 


I entirely forgot about Korey cos some other dude came up to them and they had to talk to him so I politely left the scene with one more picture.


Soon after that, it was lunch (buffet) so I stood in a corner to wait for them to finish their food. Just as Korey was walking towards their table, I asked him for a picture and he told me after lunch(: So yeah, I was pretty much high by this point, I just stood in a corner trying to regain strength and not pass out. I kept my eyes on their table, making sure they stayed in my sight. I hope I don’t sound freaky cos I was sure to keep my distance. Some woman came up to me and asked who were those people I took photos with so I just briefly explained to her. And she went up to them to ask for a picture too (for her daughter) LOL.

Fast forward to after their lunch. They took quite a while and I used that time to call my friends and tell them about this miracle meeting (!!!) I saw some local YouTubers as well, and went up to chat with them and take some pictures. How wonderful. This is my life people. Well in case you don’t know them, check them out at I LOVE THEM. They were really friendly too, chatted with me and took photos etc. How nice. 

As I was chatting with Elliot from treepotatoes, I noticed that Korey kept glancing over. Then I realised that he remembered his promise to take a picture with me after lunch (AWWW SRSLY) So I shamelessly approached  the 3 of them again (I FELT SO BAD FOR INTRUDING) (APOLOGIES X 9431694362952) and the first thing I did was KOREY CAN I HUG YOU and he was like YEAH and he is so tall srsly I didn’t know he was so tall. 

HE IS SO NICE REALLY. FRIENDLIEST EVER. (honestly I’m not too familiar with korey but this meeting made me become a fan of him) 

Me: OMG you’re so tall!!!!! How tall are you?!
Korey: Yeah, 6'1?
Me: …
Korey: Uhhh right you guys go by centimetres? I’m 2 metres?
Me: WHAT?! REALLY? ARE YOU SURE? :O (cos bro, 2m is REAL tall.) I’M  1.65M! HOW TALL AM I?
Korey: 3ft is 1m so I’m 2 metres? You're… 5'6!
Me: Oh cool!

Korey then asked Tyler and Troye about height conversion so Tyler took his phone out  and asked SIRI. We then started discussing our heights; Troye’s 1.74 without his shoes (those were THICK ) and 1.8 with them, Tyler’s actually MY HEIGHT:O (i mean i thought he was shorter but ah well), Korey’s probably 1.84? Tyler announced that he’s 1.65 after checking with SIRI and I blurted out THAT’S CUTE and he was like all DID YOU JUST SAY THAT’S CUTE  (sorry i couldn’t think properly yknow you don’t get to meet your fave youtubers everyday they don’t fall from heaven  yknow) I also told Korey that SIRI never works for us asians cos it can NEVER understand what we’re saying. So I was really fascinated when SIRI responded so well to Tyler’s question.

Oh and halfway through I suddenly remembered I didn’t introduce myself, yes cos that’s what you do when you panic and freak out, you don’t introduce yourselves and blah. So I went OH BY THE WAY I’M SABRINA (shows them my name tag) and Troye was like HELLO SABRINA(: He then asked what’s POLYTECHNIC and it took me a while to gather my thoughts to explain it. Tertiary education I guess? I told them it’s like Pre-U.

I kinda also asked them to follow me on Tumblr and idk why Troye laughed when I told him my URL. LOL IS IT THAT EMBARRASSING. WELL THAT’S ME FOR YOU :> I also told him it’s a fangirl blog when he asked what kind of blog is it.

Anyways I kept apologising cos I was obviously just taking up their time and disturbing them I guess and I didn’t wanna leave just yet so yeah I felt really bad. Troye was all it’s ok but I still felt like it was quite rude of me (but once again this is such a miracle I can’t just leave without seeing them leave first) Oh and at one point, a security guard came up to Korey and (if I’m not wrong) asked him if he was okay with people like me disturbing them. Korey said it was fine so the guard just went back to his position or smth. Thank God the guards weren’t overly protective and violent. Towards the end there were a few more people taking photos with them so I just stood there awkwardly, just thankful that no one chased me away. 

A few more selfies to end the meeting. I am truly blessed. 

As they left I discreetly followed them to the lobby, maintaining some distance too of course. When I saw that they were really leaving for real, I decided to be embarrassing for one last time and shouted BYE TROYE! I was so prepared to walk away with the whole lobby staring at me cos I thought they wouldn’t hear me. But he turned, smiled and waved. Then Korey and Tyler turned, smiled and waved too. Goshhhhhh. That was like the most perfect ending to such a crazy meeting. 

And yup that sums up my day of bumping into Korey, Troye & Tyler. Phew. What a day.

PS: Can’t believe they haven’t tried local food yet! Told them to try chicken rice & chili crab. Idk why Troye laughed when I said chicken rice. Hope they try it tho. Oh and Troye, the place is Bugis. B-U-G-I-S.


Hope to see yall again soon x

Things I’ve noticed about the commentary on the episode tonight (plus a few of my own comments)

Yes, the first scene was gross. Total mind rape. The only defense that can possibly be said about it… Toni knows about Ruby. Knows that Ruby seduced Sam and bent him to her will for awhile. It’s something that Toni knows has worked on Sam in the past. Physical torture didn’t work. Trying to break his mind by other methods didn’t work. So she resorts to powerful spell work to do the one thing she knows has broken Sam in the past. Seduction. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Toni is a poor excuse of a human being and should not be included in the Winchesters “thou shalt not kill a human” policy.

Dean’s face when Mary said John was a good father… It’s more important than most people think. Yes, he didn’t want to shatter his mother’s view of her loving husband. The biggest thing, for me, is that the first thing he thinks of is “yeah right”, before schooling his features to hide that thought. The fact that he had that thought is huge, that he’s admitting it to himself that John really wasn’t a good father. He has accepted that following his father blindly and being the good little soldier wasn’t a good thing, but he continued to defend his father as “doing the best he could”. With Dean telling Mary that her death changed John, and that he was hell-bent on finding the thing that did it, he’s also accepting that it wasn’t just dad doing the best he could.

And yes, Cas was hiding in the trees. You know why? Because the farmhouse was in the middle of nowhere and the people who took Sam have proven to be resourceful. It stands to reason they would have some sort of security beyond the massive freaking warding, so an angel standing outside of the house might be a wee bit suspicious.

Okay, so the interaction between Crowley and Rowena is still awesome. Crowley does seem a bit (read LOT) back to his old harsh self-serving King of Hell self. Which is awesome, I love him like that. And his harshness toward his mother…totally deserved. Rowena treated him far worse. Love both characters, but they both get what they deserve…each other. I’m seeing a lot about Ro’s wardrobe (A+) and “It’s magic, not Google maps”. But what about Ro retiring to Boca Raton?! I lmao

Dean and Cas having a whole conversation with looks passed back and forth when Mary wants to go in the farmhouse with Dean…
Dean: Dude, help me out
Cas: Are you serious? Really?
Dean: Come on, please? Help me!
Cas: You sooo owe me for this. This is your mother! Sigh
Cas to Mary: I am locked out due to the warding. I could use the company.

Lady Bevell better face some damned big consequences, lemme tell you! Plus, Mary’s face when Dean tells Mick to leave and Toni will face the consequences in that basement. She’s like, Damn right!

OMG Dean and the pie, yer killing me. People are up in arms about Cas not being in the family dinner scene. Yes, Dean has repeatedly said that Cas is family. In my opinion, Cas was giving the boys room to be with their mother. For them to bond as a family. Dean already told Cas he felt awkward around his mother. Now, Sam needs to get used to the idea. Cas doesn’t need to be the fourth wheel in the mix. Family may not end in blood, but the three Winchesters need time.

Dude, Jared’s acting in that last scene when he tells Mary that she is the biggest blank filled for him…props man, props.

The photos…so many feels. I’ve seen some commentary that John never saw Bobby in a wheelchair so why would there be one of that in John’s journal, or that the props department made a mistake, or that they were just lazy. First, John’s journal became Dean’s. I agree with the notion that Dean could have had that picture on his person when he was zapped back to reality…his clothes, watch, wallet, etc all made it back with him. Stands to reason the photo would, too, if it was in his pocket. It was a hunting related picture, but I think Dean kept it because it had Bobby and Cas in it. Probably the only picture of Cas Dean has, even though that version of him never really existed. With the notion of unreliable narrative going around tonight (totally in love with that, btw) I think we are supposed to think it was a mistake on the show’s part. But not everything is as it seems. They are huge on the meta and this is just the beginning for this season.

I am totally stunned by that last scene. Jaw dropped, couldn’t even stop the playback.

There are so many assumptions being made by the fans, the characters, the writers… Everyone thought Dean was dead, Sam thought (for a moment) he was in bed with Toni, Toni has misconceptions about hunters in America in general and the Winchesters specifically. We assume Cas is poofed off to who knows where because he’s not family enough to be at the table with them (at least, that’s what viewers are supposed to think the writers think). All of Dean, Sam, and Mary’s memories/notions about each other and John are quickly being challenged.

Again, nothing is as it seems.

Fan Account of Nine Muses in Singapore

30th December 2013

After waiting for hours, Nine Muses’ flight landed at 6.08pm. the first two members my friends and I saw were Erine and Eunji, the ’88 liner~ We guessed that both were heading to the washroom while the rest were waiting to collect their luggage. The ’88 liner showed up again and Erine probably heard her name being called and turned at the direction we were at. She then called out for Eunji and pointed at us. Both were amused to see us with our fanboards. We frantically waved at them. They then left to collect the luggage and probably told the rest about us as some of my friends saw a few members looking at our direction and waving at us(?). 

Later on, Hyuna leaded them out of the departure hall, followed by Sera, Kyungri, Hyemi and Eunji. I couldn’t remember the order of the other members as my eyes were fixed on Kyungri. YES, MY BIAS IS KYUNGRI. I ran after her as she walked too fast. I almost bumped into Hyemi so I apologized and said hi~ to her. After she walked off, I called out for Kyungri, who was walking behind Hyemi, and passed her the gifts. She went “Oh! Gamsahabnida~” and smiled at me!! OMG HER SMILE ♡_♡ Btw, she wore her cap so low and tried to cover her no make-up face. Still so gorgeous. You know… it’s really different seeing your idols on screen and personally. They look prettier when they are infront of you. I have always thought that Kyungri was a little chubby but she’s definitely not. Her face is small and slim). Nevertheless, still better than on the screens. Any screen.

So after Kyungri smiled at me, I spazzed and watched her go. Sigh seriously, I planned to ask for an autograph and a picture together. I literally went arghhh when my sister asked if I got Kyungri’s signature because she got Minha’s. Then, I rushed to the direction Kyungri left hoping to get her signature but she’s nowhere to be seen. Then, I saw Sunga and asked for an autograph (Sorry Yan). Erine was behind her and I took that opportunity to get her’s too. So yeahh, they were the only members that I got autographs from.

All of them headed to the pick-up area and the manager asked us not to follow them. The group of us there was like “ahhh okaayy” and just said goodbye from far. There was no barrier but we stood further away from them. HAHA INVISIBLE BARRIER. We were so well-behaved *thumbs up*. We inched forward to the vans they were in. Tinted windows so I couldn’t see Kyungri clearly but I just stood infront of the van she was in, holding my Nine Muses fanboard. I stood there for a while before running off to the van infront as Sera and Eunji was taking a picture of my friends. 

I headed back to Kyungri’s van. Wayne wanted to give bracelet(?) to Minha. So Kyungri rolled down the window and I was excited for a moment. But she only rolled it down a little just nice for her hand to take the bracelet. A while later, the vans left to hmm.. actually I’m not sure if they left for the hotel or crab lol. So that’s all for the first day of seeing Nine Muses in Singapore. 

31st December 2013

We reached and stood near the hotel entrance when we saw Eunji and some staffs were having breakfast. Then, Minha and Kyungri appeared. Again… she’s wearing a cap~ Actually I took some pictures but all came out blur -.- So all were deleted. The manager approached us and said they wanted to have a peaceful breakfast(?) and said no taking of pictures. We managed to pass him the food support for Nine Muses though. After awhile, they went up to their hotel rooms. 

We were standing there for quite long when I turned to the hotel entrance and saw a tall lady. It was Eunji! I was like “Eunji.. Eunji..” to my friends. Actually she was with Sera and a manager but they walked so fast that I only noticed Eunji. Lol the way she walked *claps* catwalking. Oh then she noticed and waved at us. After that, the group split; most of us sat and waited at the hotel lobby while the rest kept a watch from outside.

After an hour or so, Sera and Eunji returned to the hotel. She was about or already starting to say “Yo~!” to us when my friends shushed her. HAHA wth seriously. Which fans shushed their idol? We did. Her reaction was funny though and she asked if we had our sleep or not. How thoughtful of Sera. Both SeJi waved at us before going up to their room. We waited for quite a long time till J, another Kyungri fan, fell asleep. WE ARE THE ONLY TWO KYUNGRI FANS. Lol I wonder if Kyungri has seen that picture of J sleeping! XD

Anyway, we were then asked to leave the hotel lobby -.- But that’s like a hint for us that Nine Muses will be leaving soon. And we’re right as Sera tweeted “Let’s go for rehearsal”. Something like that~ W and Y went back in the hotel to look out for the 9 goddesses. At a point, we were told by them that a lift was at the 9th level for a very long time. Bingo! They exited the lift but lmao all 9 members plus staffs squeezed in that one lift XD

We wanted to approach our biases but a hotel staff was firm and stopped us. After their vans left, we then cabbed to MBS. The cab I was in with F, J and C, was directly behind their vans. We told the cab uncle to follow them but taxis are not allowed into the loading bay. So yeah, that’s all I guess because I left early and didn’t get to see them back at the hotel after their first day concert.

1st January 2014

Met with the rest and sat at the hotel lobby till three/four and then went up to level 8 (just a level below Nine Muses’ rooms!) Malaysian Mines’ room actually. So we joked about having a #17muses fan meeting. Lol actually there were only 16 of us. It’s kinda creepy that we miscount >.<

So yes, all 16 fans in that small hotel room. Some left to buy lunch and the remaining chillax in there. Again, Sera tweeted and we decided to wait at the lobby. Waited at 6.30pm or so and again…. A lift at 9th level for so long. Bingo! They were in that lift. The outfit for the second day concert was the one they wore for SBS Gayo Daejun. Yes, damn sexaayyy~

I fixed my eyes on Kyungri. She saw me and waved (Omg she remembers me?! I’m not being delusional, right?) So I waved back at her and passed my phone cover. Actually the hotel staff tried to stop us from approaching the members. But Kyungri stopped to sign on my phone cover. Aww, so sweet Kyungri unnie~ J and I asked for handshakes and OH YEAH. She wiped her hands before she shook our’s. She then apologized because they were rushing and couldn’t stay longer to communicate.

So after their vans left, cabbed to MBS with my sis and F. Before entering the concert venue, we SG Mines took a photo together. We tweeted it to Nine Muses’ members and know what… Hyemi retweeted it! *_* Thanks Hyemi unnie~

Wth, there were so many senior citizens in the ballrooms who went to see Rain. There was not a single Mine at the section I was at -.- So when the 9 goddesses were performing, my sis and I screamed our lungs out but we couldn’t beat other friends who were sitting at the other sections lol. The concert was really happening. (Introduction) (Talk)

For your information, I only stayed in the concert venue just for Nine Muses’ performances. When they bid goodnye, my sis and I left the ballroom and met the other SG Mines. As we know that Nine Muses are not heading back to the hotel right away, we decided to split up and try our luck to find them around MBS. Unfortunately, I have to leave early as I had class the next day. So yeah, that’s all for the first day of 2014~

2 January 2014

So once my class has ended, I rushed to buy some tidbits and lozenges for my beloved unnie~ And a marker for myself as I have forgotten to bring one. Then I cabbed to the hotel from school. When I reached, I was told that Eunji was the only one in the hotel as she was unwell. Hope she feels better now!

Awhile later, they returned from shopping(?) and obviously my eyes were only on Kyungri. Passed her the gifts. J was trying to tell Kyungri that they share the same birthday but the latter didn’t understand. So I helped by telling Kyungri something saengil and she was like “Oh oh k” I don’t even know if she really understood what I have said.. 

Ahh then they returned to hotel rooms to get their luggage and all. In a while, they were down again and Kyungri looked at J and I, and she waved! Together with F, W and C, I ran out of the hotel premise to catch a cab to the airport. Most of us were tired. F fell asleep and even dreamt of something which he couldn’t even remember ._. We reached and suddenly three black vans passed our cab. C and W were like “Omg it’s them guys”. So I told them to alight first while I settle the cab fare.

Ran to Gate 4 of departure hall and luckily they’re still in the vans. Some were sleeping and some were fixing their make-up(?) I forgot which van Kyungri was in so I just stood near the van Erine was in. She took a photo of us and yeah, she tweeted it on 140103. Eunji who was sitting at the front seat in one of the vans, started giving fan service! She was literally writing ‘Thank You ♡’ on the van window and erase it off afterwards lmao how funny and cute of her^^

Then, J called out for the CEO of Star Empire and thanked him for coming and that he has created the best girl group. He said thank you too and made a heart over his head. Lmao, it was hilarious. Even Eunji was laughing in the van!

Later, they alighted the vans and yaaa… Kyungri tried hard to be a ninja. She wore striped shorts, slippers and really trying to look like a passerby (Actually she just wants to dress comfortably). When she saw J and I, she waved at us and I asked for another signature. This time round, I have written my name earlier on the photo she signed.

Then, I asked Kyungri for a picture together and she went “Ne”. I asked for a hug and YES I GOT A HUG FROM KYUNGRI UNNIE~ Even though it was a short one, I was enjoying it hehehe. Kyungri smells good~ Oops, sorry! So we went into the airport. We were just loitering at the luggage check in area and took some pictures of them.

It was time for them to check in into the departure hall. Awww.. Eye-contacted, waved and bid goodbye to all 9 goddesses~ Ahhh I really miss them right now.

Soooo guys, thank you for reading my fan account of Nine Muses. I hope all you will support and show more love to all 9 of them! Thank you~~ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡