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Lokane: "Question: what am I wearing and who put it on me?"

(This turned out way longer than I expected, obviously more than five sentences haha thanks for the prompt! ^^)

“Was it not you who requested that I pretend to be your paramour? If we are to both play our parts, then of course you must be suitably dressed to be my lover.”

“Just answer my question damn it! What the hell happened here?” She gestured down her body in exasperation, a dress that likely cost far more than her job paid her in a year. She didn’t want to think about it too much. She had to admit the dress was beautiful, incredible even, but she felt almost like a child pretending to be a grown up in such a thing.

She looked up and heat pooled in her face as his eyes slowly slid down her body, giving an appreciative hum. Heat spread even lower to her stomach as his intense gaze met hers, a predatory edge there that left her almost breathless. Berating herself for feeling anything other than irritation for the man, she crossed her arms and looked elsewhere, anywhere but at him.

“I could, but you would dislike the answer. Just assume the worst and I’m sure you will find yourself not far from the truth.” 

She scowled at him, ready to scratch the smug look off his face. Oh why did she have to lie to Donald about having a boyfriend? And to top it off, to blurt out the first name that came to mind? Of course, it had absolutely nothing to do with his handsome face or his firm toned body and everything to do with being so aggravating that she couldn’t help but be preoccupied with thinking about him all the time. Right?

“Shall we go, oh lady lover of mine?”

“Come off it already and let’s go. We should at least try to enjoy ourselves at the party and not strangle each other alive.”

She didn’t like the hungry grin that broke across his face.

“Oh, I’m very sure we shall both enjoy ourselves.”

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more demi!Cas stuff for ace!Cas day because I said so  (*˙︶˙*)☆*°
destiel, canon divergence (probably some time after s8 finale where Sam’s fine and dandy after not finishing the Hell trials and human!Cas joins them at the bunker right after he falls)

Castiel is sure he’s the one; they’ve been hunting this siren for the past two days, and he’s tired and exhausted and just wants to go back to the bunker and rest.

He texts Dean and Sam the location of the siren while he keeps his eyes glued to the thing. He sips his drink and grimaces. Alcohol tasted much less like… alcohol when he was an angel.

“Hey there, sweetheart,” a woman slides beside him. “Can I buy you a drink?”

Castiel gives her a glance and back to their target. “No, thank you.”

“Aw, don’t be such a stiffy,” she says smoothly. “Though, I hope by the end of the night someone will be a little of that, if you get what I mean.”

Castiel frowns at this (he really doesn’t have time for this right now), and glances at her again. She smirks and tucks a loose strand of dark hair behind her ear, and leans a little lower to display herself better. She’s a very attractive woman.

“I’m a little occupied at the moment, but thank you for your interest,” he replies evenly.

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anyways i wanted to draw more but i didn’t know what to so i just clumped a bunch of stuff from the 30 days otp meme cause i know i won’t commit to every day. so i’ll do it in bunches when i can :)

first 5 are (and they have captions!)

  • holding hands
  • cuddling
  • playing games/watching a movie
  • on a date
  • kiss :3

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