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Of all the drinks to take... [Open RP~]

You could say that curiousity was the cause of Miura Haru’s current situation. She did not think that such a small glass of liquid would cause much of an effect. After all, her good friend, Sasagawa Kyoko, drank the same amount and was perfectly fine! Well, it was an offer from her brother, the Sun Guardian of Vongola, to try it since he had specially brought the bottle back for everyone from his latest trip. Although both girls were obviously underaged to be drinking alcohol, Kyoko was brave enough to down a small amount in one go, and she seemed to be unaffected by it at all. The feedback for the beverage did not seem to be too bad, and that somewhat egged the brunette on to try some for herself too. The boxer filled her glass with a similar amount and she promptly swallowed the liquid. Kyoko was definitely right about the face feeling warmer part, although Haru had found its taste to be much more pleasant than expected. After many compliments and congratulations for taking such a drink for the first time, Haru proposed a second round.

That casually went on to a third…fourth…sixth…

By the time the bottle was empty of its contents, Haru was not sure if she started seeing people dancing to a weirdly catchy tune on tabletops, some of them singing? Or were they crying? As if someone asked her a very personal question, the brunette burst out laughing until tears were seen. “Of course! Haru is…” Whoops, almost crashed into the stool that was part of the dancing setup. “…married to *hic* Tsuna-san!” Unconsciously, the glass she was holding onto was raised into the air as if proposing a toast, even though it was empty. “Haru *hic* is going out for some *hic* air, okay…?” She announced to no one in general. Waving the tip of her index finger, she continued, “Don’t you *hic* leave without…letting-” Just as she was close to the exit, her legs managed to get themselves in a cross as she stumbled backwards, landing on the floor. “Ha…Hahi…*hic* That really hurt, stupid wall…” Getting up slowly, but wobbly nonetheless, she grinned to herself as she walked sideways to leave the place. 

“Haru is going to wear a *hic* beautiful wedding dress! A June Bride desu! *hic*” Walking in awkward steps down the corridor, Haru has no doubt crashed into the walls at least thrice, tripped over her feet and landing on her face twice and doing silly dances to an audience of no one before lying beside a pillar, obviously contented with whatever she had performed earlier. “That drink that Onii-san *hic* gave… Aww, *hic* Haru wants more of it…” Another audible laugh echoed throughout the hallway just as the girl tried focusing her vision. It was no good; everything was a blur and spinning continuously. It was a miracle that she has not begun throwing up yet.

The sounds of footsteps approaching seem to reach the young girl’s ears. Or were they just hallucinations? She had seen several images of Gokudera and Yamamoto being best pals and Tsuna welcoming her into his open arms as she flung herself forward, only for her face to meet up close and personal with the wall. In her state, she was not sure what was real anymore. Yet, the feeling was just overflowing from within and it felt so…good. “Haru wonders…*hic* how the others are doing…”