omg it looks like i threw up a rainbow on them

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Hi! I really love your art and style and literally everything about it omg. You are my idol! but I wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind: How do you choose the colors you're going to use together because you use colors that are like the completely opposite but somehow they always look amazing after you've blended them. When I tried this, it looked like satan threw up a rainbow. Do you have any tips for me? ~ a very thankful anon :) (I'm sorry my english isn't the best)

LOL why thankyou!!!! tbh i used to rely a hell lot on overlay layers to harmonise my colours after i was done with them but warm colours always came naturally to me?? reading about colour theory didnt help me much either bc i’m someone who just relies on trial and error and going with your gut feeling.

you could try to get a sense of the range of hues that you natural find yourself gravitating towards and start small? just like how i used to just rely on and explore red:

and now pastel/peach!

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"LMAO I just now saw this but….just imagine him pissed off because his closet is out of sorts and you just start throwing shit on the ground and he’s all hot and bothered so he pulls you down into the clothes and fucks you on all of them." OMG SUSIE HOW DARE YOUUU, this blurb needs to happen!! I know requests are closed rn but maybe, just maybe you could add this idea to your list?? 😘😘

I might get be a little drunk after watching the walking dead and drinking a bottle of wine with no dinner so now I’m in a desperate need of Niall sexy blurb like a “ Friends with benefits” type

Niall called me in a total panic.  Niall in a panic was unusual to begin with.  Niall in a complete and total panic was cause for some alarm.  Especially at 9 a.m. when we’d been out drinking the night before.  After a night like that Niall’s MO was usually to lay in his bed until it was dark again.  But for whatever reason he’d rousted himself out of bed early.  

So I got dressed quickly, throwing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt on.  I brushed my teeth, yanked my hair into a messy bun and got into my car for the 45 minute drive.  Whatever it was, it better have been good.

I sauntered in through his always unlocked front door, a huge cup of coffee in my hand.  I glanced around the front room, nothing looked out of place or broken.  I scanned the kitchen quickly noticing the same type of thing.  I finally found him in his room, sitting in his closet in the middle of a huge pile of clothing.

Niall’s closet could’ve been in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s most clean and organized closet.  I was amazed, mostly because my closet?  Looked like a bomb went off in it most of the time.

I raised my eyebrows,

“What the hell happened in here?”

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Title:  Beach Getaway (daughter of Scott! reader x Pietro)

Summary: The team heads out for a beach vacation, leaving time for the reader and Pietro to get close.

Word Count: 1209

A/N: HEY YAY PIETRO! I love Pietro omg <3 This one’s a little different than my normal style of writing but I was at the beach so I thought; hey, why not? I hope you enjoy!! 

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honestly i’m still so bothered by shannon williams. not only because i’m a 17 stan and omg she said ew @ dk and called vernon not normal.

i’m still super bothered by the fact that she said the n word. yes, it’s a lyric in the song, but are you black? no? then don’t say it. even if you’re not white and that you’re hispanic (you can use the word when it means ‘black’ in your language, but using it in english is another meaning), asian or whatever, don’t say it. just don’t. you have 0 right to say that word, it’s a word that was used to torment slaves back when white people brought them over to america. don’t let that word slip out of your mouth, don’t type it, don’t do anything related to it if you’re not black. so what it’s a word in the song? is there some rule out there that you’ll go to prison if you don’t sing the word in the song? there isn’t, so don’t say that word.

we all know the stereotypes gay people have to keep up with. ‘girly’, ‘pink/purple/rainbows’, ‘skirts/makeup/dresses/high heels’, basically if a guy does anything that is like, ‘girly’, he’s gay. it’s already disturbing to assume someone’s sexuality, now you’re just throwing a sexuality around as if it was an insult. it’s not, it’s not an insult. don’t use it that way, there’s another definition to the word gay, i know that. it can also be seen as the word ‘happy’. “that’s so happy!” i doubt that shannon meant that when jay sent hearts to the camera. don’t use the word 'gay’ as an insult, because it’s not. it’s like someone is using your name as an insult. wtf, right? your name isn’t an insult, it’s you. being gay isn’t an insult, it’s someone’s sexuality.

making fun of disabled people isn’t funny at all. do you think a game would make fun of people with handicaps? how can you even laugh at your guess? no, disabled people do not make weird noises/animal noises. they are trying to communicate/are communicating. they are not inferior to you and you are not superior to them just because you’re able to walk on your own or talk without difficulty. yes, they do need help since something occurred in their system, but is it their fault? is it funny, not being able to do things independently? would you enjoy it, making fun of because you need help for certain things? exactly, so don’t make fun of others if you’d feel hurt if you were treated that way.

she also used the m word. you’re probably confused about what m word i’m trying to say, but it’s a slur. if you look it up, it means 'an extremely or unusual small person’. she didn’t say 'i’m m—–’, she said 'i’m a m—–’, implying that is a extremely or unusual small person. >>“Today, the word “m—–” is considered a derogatory slur. The dwarfism community has voiced that they prefer to be referred to as dwarfs, little people, people of short stature or having dwarfism, or simply, and most preferably, by their given name.”

now, i’m just worried about dk. she did say that she sees vernon as a friend, but what about dk? was the 'ew no thanks’ necessary when she could have just said 'he’s just a friend’ too? i’m worried that dk’s self esteem will get lower, they’re preparing for a comeback and what if the words she said hits him? they collaborated together, they met personally. knowing that someone that you know and actually worked with, that isn’t some netizen on the internet, says something hurtful to you, wouldn’t it run through your mind a lot? especially when they were sweet with you on camera/stage and now, on their broadcast, they act like an ass? did she diss him to look cool? i hope that dk isn’t bothered by her comment and that he knows what kind of beautiful person he is. because when a cheerful person loses their smile, it feels like the sun has disappeared. there’s no warm feeling anymore and everything is dark.

about vernon, she said that he was 'silly’ and 'not normal’. not normal as in what…? i don’t know their personal relationship but it didn’t feel like they have a relationship at ease. what does not normal even mean? that he’s weird? in what way? did he do something? does she also see him as a meme boy?

did she apologize? yes. was it a proper apology? no. using your 'dry sense of humour’ as an excuse for being racist, homophobic and ableist isn’t an excuse at all. it’s not even 'humour’, it’s not funny at all. why are those words still in your vocabulary/why aren’t you using some words properly? apologize because you understood that what you said was wrong. apologize because you know what you did wrong. don’t do it if you’ll blame it on something else. you threw a ton of bad comments for us to hear, then you hope buying it back with saying 'it’s just my dry sense of humour’. you think we’ll actually take your excuse and forgive you/give you all the hurtful comments you said back? we won’t, what you said has a bigger value than your excuse. come back when you mean it and you understand what you did wrong. now good luck with that comeback of yours. i know that you’re super talented, i don’t doubt people will talk about your v app than your song in the comments section

so i saw shannon’s new apology not too long ago (i was just too lazy to update my post lmao)

Hey guys woke up to a storm today and wanted to clear things up.
I have only found out by reading your comments from you guys other than reading articles because i wanted to know how you guys felt which is very important to me. I didn’t intend to seem homophobic and racist which i am NOT.

I think the thing with the N word is a misunderstanding i was singing along to Beyonce’s Formation and there is a Lyric that did include “N*gro” and i did sing along to it. I sincerely apologise to the people who got offended.

I am not homophobic i was joking around like i usually do but i guess as a “public figure” i would need to think and speak more carefully.

To just clear things with Dani and J and Dk And Vernon we are all good friends there was no hate thrown at another at all just sarcasm so no ones feelings were hurt. Especially knowing dani since i was 12 we are the closest anyone can ever be she knows me down to the core.

I am not going to use my age as an excuse because i am and should be old enough to know what to say and what not to say especially publicly. Especially with the special needs joke was immature whether it be a joke or not. I really wanted to just be more open and myself and not be as shy and quiet as how my image was portrayed.

I apologise to anyone who were offended and upset with my V app i wanted it to be a fun and casual time with me to you but it went in the exact opposite of what I intended it to be. I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me - Shannon ❤️

honestly i’m not trying to sound super detective-like and over analyze all of this since i have an upcoming exam and some homework assignments to do but i’ll still take the time to point out my opinion and justifications about her apology.

she ends the first part of her text with ‘which i am NOT’, implying that she is definitely not racist nor homophobic. yet, she clearly threw the word ‘gay’ at jay and sang the n word. maybe it was just her being ignorant and/or her lack of knowledge that made her do such things. 

she apologize for saying the n word when she sang it. but does she know why she apologizes? does she know why it’s offensive? dani and jay clearly knew when to stop singing while she still carried on. you can even see the awkwardness on their face when she didn’t stop. 

it’s not joking. i’m sorry. i learned in 3rd grade that a joke has to be funny, or else it’s not a joke, it’s just a comment. it can be a useless comment that won’t hurt anyone, or a hurtful comment that is also known as an insult. why was the word ‘gay’ part of the insults she can use against people, anyways? not even as a public figure, but also as a human being, you shouldn’t use a sexuality as an insult. not because ‘oh my god it’s such a 2012 thing’, the word ‘gay’ should have never been an insult to begin with, yet people were ignorant and still used it that way. insulting someone is never funny, you never know how you could hurt their feelings and they would probably not speak up because they’re scared that you’ll think ‘wow, you’re not funny at all then! can’t you take a joke?’. her response to being called homophobic is honestly so vague.

i doubt that shannon called dani a person with special needs. dani was imitating an animal and shannon had to guess, so no, she wasn’t insulting her by saying that she needed special treatment. however. she was insulting handicapped people by thinking that make they make weird noises. anyways, this paragraph was suppose to talk about her apology towards jay, dani, dk and vernon. again, i do not know their personal relationships, but please, for the love for self esteem, don’t insult people. it doesn’t matter if it’s your sibling (at first i wasn’t going to add ‘parents’ because who tf insults their parents??? that’s just really fucked up??), your cousin, your best friend that you’ve known since forever, your friend or whoever, don’t do it. you don’t know how low their self esteem is. you may think that it’s funny since you’re not the one getting insulted, but for the victim, it may hurt really bad. please respect others. you don’t know how much they go through at home, at work, at school, wherever. and sometimes, it’s hard to open up to people, you can’t expect everyone to tell you ‘hey, i actually think this about me and it’d be nice if you don’t make fun about it…’.

i’m glad that she didn’t use her age as an excuse, since she is becoming an adult this year and making jokes like that when you’re going to become a legal person…it’s going to be hard for you in the working field for you if you were like that. then again, she already has a job, but now she gets hate for being ignorant. i don’t think it’s nice to get hate, but it’s good for people to call her out about what’s wrong and what’s right. not to send death threats, telling her to deactivate her ig (because listen up guys, it is her ig, she is the one that decides what to do with it) and whatnot. and honestly she must have gone through elementary school, at least. i don’t know how school systems works in each countries, i know that she went to korea at some age for some music show. but anyways, at some point in life you’ve heard about slavery (n word), ww2 (i know it’s pretty much about jews but gays were also killed), stephen hawking (he is disabled and has done so many things that even us, not disabled people, wouldn’t be able to do), etc. 

if she ever comes back with a better apology, i’ll probably update this post again. you guys probably don’t care, but i don’t accept her apology. 

hockey-pies reblogged your post:when you really wanna write some omgcp fic but…

if you’ve seen the video of ellen page coming out at an lgbtq event, something like that but with jack coming out….

Thanks for the prompt @hockey-pies! I’ve set this a few years in the future because Bitty needs to graduate, Jack needs to play some hockey and earn some awards, etc., etc. But I hope it’s along the lines of what you were thinking!

Jack’s hands shook and his stomach rolled uncomfortably as if he might actually throw up again. Nervously, he played with his tie until it got too tight and a production assistant had to swat his hands down to fix it. He started to shove them into his pockets before remembering the multicolored string wrapped around his wrist for moments just like this. Jack unwound it and thoughtlessly wrapped it around his fingers, creating intricate patterns between them. He watched from the wing as three, smiling men joked around on the stage and reeled off stats that only sort of made sense to him through the anxiety, “Art Ross Trophy…Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award…98 goals, 62 assists…”

The same assistant wiped a napkin across his brow one last time before pushing him forward just a step, “You’ve got this, take a few breaths and remember to look at the prompters if you lose your place. Ok… Go!”

He wasn’t ready yet! But ready or not, Jack’s legs propelled him forward and, shaking even worse now, he managed to rewind the string around his wrist before he had to shake anyone’s hand. 

He took a moment to settle himself and for the audience’s applause to die away completely before he looked up to speak. The stage lights blinded him though so he waited just another second to adjust. Selfishly, Jack was glad for the whiteness, seeing the men and women spread across the ballroom in front of him would have been too much. 

A final deep breath and he began.

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Can we have Kagami be an artist who doesnt believe in his work and Aomine is there to support him in a time of the redheads depression over how there are so many good artists out there and he doesn't think he'll ever make it in the art world? Just want some mild sadness to create some cuddles <3

Omg…is this a drabble…looks like I’m still alive…a miracle…

I hope you like what I did with it, Anon! :D Lots of snuggling and happy endings <3

Kagami’s hands shook as he slowly went through the mail. He could hear Aomine closing the door behind him, hear the jangle of keys as the taller man tossed them on the table.

“Anything but bills?” Aomine grumbled, shucking off his jacket.

Kagami grunted, not really paying attention. His eyes narrowed on a letter with the insignia of the Shinjuku Gallery of Fine Arts. He licked his lips, his heart thundering in his chest as he ripped it open and unfolded the letter, the gentle crackle of paper loud in his ears.

Aomine hung his coat on the hook, tilting his head curiously at his boyfriend. Well, fiancé, to be more precise. He glowed with happiness at the thought. “Hey, Taiga-”

He didn’t finish. Kagami had scrunched the letter in his hand, his back to Aomine. He threw the ball into the bin with ease, but Aomine still couldn’t see his expression.

Aomine stepped closer. “Hey, what’s the matter-?”

“Nothing,” Kagami spat over his shoulder, striding over to the extra bedroom he had turned into his personal studio and slamming the door behind him.

Aomine bent down and extracted the letter, spreading it open. His lips pressed together at the words of rejection. He grabbed the rest of the stack of letters and walked over to the wooden door, knocking on it gently.

No answer.

“Taiga…” he hummed, trying to open the door before realising it was locked. “Hey, come on. Let me in.”

“I’m fine. I just need some alone time,” Kagami’s voice was small.

“Bullshit,” Aomine snorted. “Now I either knock down this door or you let me in, baka.”

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Still Badass

Request 1: hey, I love your blog and I definitely love that you write your imagines long, you were right, it gets the reader into the story more ! Can you please make me an imagine with like, extremely shy reader and sam dating? and she just gets flushed everytime dean makes fun of them? thank you so much!

Request 2: OMG. Your stuff is amazing! Could i request a one-shot of shy!reader x sam, and she owns a library or something and sam comes in for research? then the reader needs to be protected by sam from the case theyre on? thanks!!

Pairing: Shy!reader x Sam

Word Count: 3162

Theme Song: Can You Tell by Ra Ra Riot

WARNING: Swearing, mild violence

Author’s Note: So, this is my first one-shot response to a request, and my first Sam x reader pairing. I combined them because they were similar. Apologies from the start if it’s not what you wanted! I’ve been busy with finals so I threw this together in my extra time!


Since you were a child, you always had the tendency to keep to yourself. Unlike some people that enjoyed the party life and being the center of attention, you would rather take to a book and bask in the alone time. That is until you met him.

Today was another day in your personally owned library. You live right above it in a small apartment, it wasn’t much, but it was home. You quickly got ready and walked downstairs to your gorgeous library. The shelves were filled to the top with countless novels that you could read all day. Rarely did any one come in for books, they would rather use their new electrical amenities instead.

You turned the open sign on the door then returned to the front desk to enjoy the rest of the day of uninterrupted reading.

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okay so yesterday i saw troye sivan live for the first time ever and it was honestly one of the best concerts i’ve ever been to. i was already super exited for the concert since it was my birthday that day! me and my friends arrived at the venue around 10:30 and there were already about 20-30 people there waiting. so we got in line and a few hours later a girl we hung out with whilst waiting told us that troye would come outside in a few minutes to meet fans if there wasn’t that many - so we all got up and tried not to hurry and went to the tourbus and literally like one minute later troye appeared in a car and he got out and straight went to us and took the jacket me and my friends bought him and was like “you guys wanna take selfies????” and everyone was like DAMN YES and we made a line and there where literally only about 30 people there and i was so fucking nervous, my hands started shaking. then when it was my turn, troye hugged me and i hugged him haha, and i was like ‘its my brithday today!” (it was honestly so hard to speak because he looked so good was so nice and so real oh my god) and he was like ‘omg, happy birthday! how old are you?” and i was like ‘20′ and he said something like ‘thats so cool” and then i gave him the drawing i made him and he was so happy and thanked me and then my friend took three photos of us and i look like a freaking troll innit but he looks like a model i swear to god and then i thanked him and went to my friends and i was stil shaking so much andf so happy. then, about 7 p.m, we finally got inside the venue and it was honestly so pretty inside ahhh. about 15 minutes later the support act started and they were so frickin good, i absolutley loved them and the crowd was amazing because everyone cheered and screamed so much haha. then, finally around 8:15, troye and his band came on stage and everyone went absolutly nuts, he first played ‘bite’ and after that ‘for him’, which is probably my favourite song. when he finished the first 3 songs, he looked so happy and amazed by the crowd and said ‘i know artists and bands say this often but i really mean it; i’ve never had this much fun playing these three songs” (or something like that) and he just looked so happy all the time and talked about how he was vintage shopping that day and bought a turtle neck (which he was wearing) and he was sweating so much and then some fans threw a t-shirt on stage and he took off his jacket and turtle neck and put on the shirt!! another amazing moment was when he played ‘heaven’ (another favourite song of mine), everyone put up paper signs with rainbow hearts drawn on them (fans gave them other fans before the show) and the second he started playing the songs, literally everyone put up these hearts and he looked so godamn happy and my face hurt s much from smiling and i was so close to crying oh god. another thing that wa super cute was when troye asked if anyone in the crowd was on a date tonight or a couple and two guys in the crowd freaked out and screamed and troye noticed them and said something like ‘that’s so cute!!” and the crowd went nuts and then he started playing an acoustic version of ‘happy little pill’ and it was the most beautiful thing ever. he also played a cover of a amy winehouse and i swear to god his voice is so fucking beautiful, i can’t get over this. he also said we were his favourite show from this tour and that was so sweet. i also almost lost it when he played ‘lost boy’ because its such a good song and i felt like crying again. last but not least he played ‘youth’ and it was the best thing ever. i’m so happy that i got the chance to meet him & talk to him even though for only like five seconds - it was honestly the best birthday i’ve ever had. i can’t wait until i see him again, his music means so much to me and he’s such an talented artist and so fucking sweet and a wonderful human being. (i’m rambling hahaha). one of the best fucking days in my life