omg it has really got notes

So this girl in my government class has been absent for like a week and half and everytime she’s absent she’s like “I’ll make it next time ! Etc etc etc came up!” And she always asks for the notes with some really random excuse and today she texted me asking for notes again because she’s not gonna come to class AGAIN and I almost got fed up typing up the notes from every class lol but I let it go and said I would type them again and she just sent me a 20 dollar gift card for Starbucks lol
Moral of the story, always send people notes even if it’s for a week straight

OMG! I am seriously so happy right now! I got over 9000 notes on my Dan and Phil fanart! That is crazy! Thank you guys! And I am so moved by all sweet comments. I never thought this image would get this much love. 

I really regret not putting my name on it thought. So I really hope no one has been rotten enough to steal it, cause I have put in so much work in this. 

Headcanon Time!

So I’ve had a headcanon saved in the notes of my phone for two weeks now and I finally found time to type it out on here! Awesome. I know it seems like tumblr has become kind of a chore for me, but it’s really not, I’ve just been into other things lately, such as Mystic Messenger which a bunch of my friends got me into and now I can’t stop playing and raving about, so I might be posting a bit more about that on my personal, @finnezra. So if you like MM, feel free to message me and we’ll talk about it! I adore it so much. Anyways, my headcanon:

Toshiro and Momo got married fairly quickly after they started dating. The reason behind this was because they both knew that his life span was shortened, and he doesn’t have as much time as he used to, so they wanted to make the best of it, as sad as that was to both of them, hell, it just about tore Momo apart to hear his proposal about how he didn’t want to waste precious time. They both felt so ready for marriage anyway, they had lived their entire lives together, and already were so close, that being married felt like a natural next step. They knew they were destined to be together, and knew that it wasn’t a mistake. Toshiro knew he hadn’t been wrong about proposing the moment she said yes. (I’ll probably post a headcanon about his proposal and how he did it in the near future, as well.)

Even though he felt ready, this didn’t soothe the overwhelming anxiety that she would turn him down and break his heart before he proposed. He thought she might still think it was too early, that she needed more time, and that proposing to her could possibly nullify all they had worked for, mending their relationship after Aizen’s betrayal and all. All the fear and anxiety dissipated when she explained that she had been waiting patiently for him to prpose, and thought it was about time, too. She had said she would have waited eternities more to marry him, the one true love of her life.