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What I really love is how Tsuyu has surpassed the bnha fandom and like,, everyone knows and loves her. I have seen so many supportive posts that are like “I hope the frog girl from that one anime is having a good day” I really love that. It is so pure and good. Tsuyu truly deserves this.

someones a little needy today

request: oh my lord i love your imagines so much !!! could you possibly do an imagine with a very very kissy (is that the word?) and fluffy peter? i need some of that in my life omg

summary: peter just really loves his girlfriend and has the most adorable way of showing it.

a note: i got this request and screamed for five minutes. this bout to be SOME !! CUTE !! ASS !! SHIT !! enjoy ♡ (also! sorry this took so long omg i got such bad writers block? i feel bad because i usually post requests the next day???)

it all started that morning with the ten minute hug he gave her before class started. small displays of affection weren’t really anything out of the ordinary for these two, but today instead of the quick kiss on the lips, peter wrapped his arms around her and refused to let go. 

the rest of the day went fairly normal, other than the fact that peter refused to stay more than two feet away from her, at all times. he was always in some way or the other, touching her. weather it was holding hands under the table or having an arm snaked lazily around her waist.

it’s not that she didn’t mind, it was just a little out of the ordinary. even for him, an already affectionate and cuddly type of person. 

his increasing displays of affection carried over into the evening, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself even if he tried. 

the two of them were sat on her living room couch with the sound of music playing quietly in the background as she did her homework. peter had homework too, but it was nowhere to be found, most likely still sitting idly at the bottom of his backpack. instead, he chose to sit with his head on her shoulder, running his hand up and down her leg absentmindedly. 

“peter, honey, babe, sweetheart, i have to ask,” she said, sliding her notebook to the side, “what’s with you today?” 

“nothing,” he grinned a dopey sort of lovesick grin, then placed a soft kiss to her shoulder and then her temple. 

“nothing?” she rose an eyebrow. she also sort of wanted to stop questioning this because honestly, it’s the best thing ever. 

“nothing.” he repeated. he decided to take advantage of the fact that she didn’t have a notebook on her lap anymore and laid down, placing his head in her lap. this was probably his favourite way to end the day, especially those particularly tiring and draining days from being spidey. 

“oh?” she softly smiled, starting to run her fingers through his hair lightly, “someones just a little needy today, is that it?” 

he sheepishly nodded, “just a little bit.”

“aw, you’re cute,” she tapped his nose, “too cute.”

“hey, i’m supposed to say that to you.” he sat up, repeating her actions by tapping her on the nose. 

“hmmmmm,” she lightly kissed him, letting it linger for a moment, “whatever you say.” 

he kissed her back, then again, again, and once more for good luck. 

“i love youuuuuu.” 

she smiled against his lips, “i love you too, you big adorable dork.” 

e n d 

another note: i love this so much?? i want my own peter parker?? all for myself?? 

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So i recently found out how to do a 3D effect thing on gimp,i didnt know gimp was so much like photoshop ???i can do so many things that i didnt know i could omg
I didnt know because i just self taught myself gimp

i dont watch tutorials because i dont like people telling me what to do

and i got the hang of it after a year and then i found out its not actually a drawing program its really bad for drawing

The effect thing like washed her out and made the picture pale but i just messed with the levels and i made her michi coloured again so yea last time i didnt make her super pale intentionally

Im not going to delete the other one because it has notes lol
I read all the tags its so easy to make me happy just put “good” in the tags and i will scream

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Omg so happy that you got to meet her!! She looks so beautiful at the event! I knew she would love your art! Who wouldn't? Anything else you can tell us?

Goodness! Sarah J. Maas is so gorgeous and so sweet! I really hope I get the chance to meet her again.

I wish I would have taken more notes during the Q&A portion of the event, but here are some of the bits I remember:

She is a Hufflepuff and has been slowly coming to terms with it. Her husband (who has never read Harry Potter) is the Gryffindor. (It’s ok, Sarah, I’m a Hufflepuff, too *high five*)
She hates the sun and burns easily (*high five* again), so would probably be a member of the Night Court.
She sorted the Night Court crew into Hogwarts houses, but all I can remember is that Feyre was “Slytherpuff”. <3
Her husband was NOT the inspiration for Rhys, as many fans have theorized. However, the relationship Sarah has with her husband was inspiration for the dynamic between Feyre and Rhys.
Sarah says she doesn’t identify too closely with Feyre or Aelin (depends on her mood), but thinks she is the most similar to Fleetfoot.
There will be three more books in the ACOTAR universe and two “novellas”. The books will each follow a different romantic pairing and there will probably be some common thread to tie the books together. She said she is planning on two novellas, but they may or may not grow into something more than that. Some may take place before the events of ACOTAR, some after the events of ACOWAR, she didn’t give any specific details.
Tower of Dawn runs parallel to Empire of Storms and she HIGHLY recommends reading it before the last TOG book because there is some significant stuff in ToD that you need to know. For the Chaol haters out there, she said her editor went into the book hating Chaol and loved him by the end.
Her advice about writing was inspiring as hell. Whether you are a writer or other creative type, I think the advice applies. Some of her points:
     - Make time to write, take it seriously
     - Write everyday, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.
     - Don’t listen to the haters who tell you you can’t do it, or what you are writing isn’t a “real book.”
     - It’s supposed to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
     - Find and use critique partners. You will learn a lot more about your writing and how to improve.
     - Never give up. She never considered failure as an option. If TOG wasn’t the book that got published, it would have been ACOTAR. If ACOTAR hadn’t been published it would have been the next thing, and the next thing and so on.

RWBY volume 4: Finale thoughts

Okay then! This volume is finished huh? Coulda fooled me..

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good episode… If it was in the middle of the volume. Idk I’m just a little underwhelmed..

Start with the bad!

- I think the fight could have been a little shorter. Don’t get me wrong I loved it! Just you know in a 30 min episode with 5 mins of credits a 10-15 min fight is a tad much.

- I love monologues as much as the next person but omg even I got bored during Ruby’s.

- Ruby, why don’t you use your scythe anymore? It’s like the animators forgot that’s even s thing.

- Lets play “how many times can we tease the to Ruby or to Raven ploy” like yes we get it Yang has a decision to make, but c'mon it’s so obvious she’s going to Ruby.

Alrighty now that I’ve got that off my chest, the good!

+ Jaune was very brave being Qrow to safety, that was really nice.

+ Ren baby calm down its okay! Also side note when Ren got trapped against the wall and Nora dove in front I swear my heart stopped.

+ The renora moment under the building warmed my heart! Everything about it was beautiful, Nora diving into Ren, refusing to let him go, crying at the thought of losing him! I swear Renora both platonic and romantic is perfect.

+ RNJR working together to kill the creepy Grimm was awesome.

+ I’m really glad RWBY is using and respecting characters like Nora and Ren now, that they have done well.

+ Yang looking hot af in her new outfit.

+ The moment with the last of team JN_R was really cute and sad.

+ Everyone heading to Mistral, good set up for volume 5!

Okay that’s pretty much all I’ve got for this finale, and yeah you might disagree with me but I just expected a bit more. I shoulda learnt my lesson really, considering how slow this season has been.

Hey I’m not losing hope tho! The next season is well set up so maybe it’ll heal what’s been done!!

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omg omg omg oKAY can you write a head cannon of the RFA members geTTING A SHOT LIKE A FLU SHOT OR A VACCINATION LMAO

Author’s note: YESS this made me laugh


  • I think you know how this is gonna turn out
  • he BEGS you not to make him go
  • “I really don’t need it! I’m as healthy as I’ve ever been!”
  • honestly has the cutest sneezes like how
  • he started tearing up before he even got into the doctors office
  • asks the nurse to count down from 10 anD EVERY TIME THEY GET TO 1 HE MOVES


  • he acts like it’s no big deal
  • “It’s just a shot, not like I’m dying or anything.”
  • checks himself out in the mirror while waiting
  • but
  • as soon as he sees that needle
  • his attitude changes
  • you can FEEL panic radiating off of him
  • is such a drama queen afterwards
  • “Yeah, and the needle was like TWO FEET long! I can barely move my arm.”


  • the night before, she stays up researching anything and EVERYTHING that could go wrong
  • she tells you that she’s fine but you can see her hands shaking 
  • asks the doctor 1000402 questions
  • “Has anyone ever died from this vaccine? No? Well how about paralyzed?”
  • she tried to get out of getting a shot by pretending to get a call from jumin
  • after she gets it she makes you watch her for 24 hours to make sure nothing happens plus she wanted to be with you


  • he completely forgot about his doctor’s appointment until like 30 minutes before
  • complains that it’s a waste of time
  • “MC, I have meetings to attend. Can’t this wait?”
  • taps his foot while waiting for the nurse bc he’s so impatient LIKE COOL YOUR JETS
  • he sighs like 80 times while the nurse tries to find a spot on his arm
  • ????
  • “I know myself better than anyone. Plus I looked up how to do it last night. Come on MC let’s go.”
  • you just apologize to the nurse and follow jumin out


  • when you tell him that he still has to get a shot tomorrow he just gives you a cheesy smile
  • “Isn’t our love strong enough medicine?”
  • it takes all of your willpower not to drag him to the doctors that second
  • you DO have to drag him to the doctor
  • you tell him you have a case of Dr. Pepper in the car and as soon as he gets in yoU SPEED AWAY
  • before he gets a shot he’d ask to hold your hand
  • poor bby’s palms are sweaty bc he’s a nervous wreck
  • he squeezes your hand when the nurse sticks him and you’re pretty sure that hurt more than the shot
  • as you cradle your hand he walks away and smirks
  • “That wasn’t that bad, I can’t believe I was worried! Uhh… what’s wrong with your hand?”
My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x19 "Dangerous Liaisons"

I couldn’t see the episode on Wednesday and yesterday was an impossibly crazy busy day, I was out most of the day (That’s why I didn’t write anything or popped up in here) and when I finally got home, I was tired af!! But I HAD to watch it. However, I didn’t had the will to write anything as I watched the episode, so these thoughts are from today after a good night or rest and sleep, so it’s more a general appreciation than my thoughts, scene by scene.

  • Adrian is a villain sooooooooooo great that he doesn’t need to appear  to feel his evil presence. It was great that he hacked the game and put his face on it.
  • I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but I’m neither Team Arrow nor Team Felicity. I think both have valid points, meaning that that neither is 100% right or wrong. The Olicity scene in the loft killed me. Because the whole situation shows how much Felicity and Oliver care for each other. Their love is beyond anything. Besides, we’re seeing not only Felicity walking on Oliver’s shoes, but also him walking on hers. For 4 years we’ve seen her how many times she wanted him to back down from a insanely risky (in more than one sense) plan and had mixed results in convincing him to change his mind?  
    Absolutely, Felicity has every right to make her own choices and own the consequences of them as the grown-up woman that she is. But that doesn’t mean Oliver has to stay put watching her going into something she might regret later. After everything he’s done, I don’t think that’s hypocritical of him; he’s just talking from experience. The thing is that nobody learn that stuff when they’re told, only by experience. So to Oliver’s dismay, Felicity had to go through that to understand what he’s telling her. The same way he had to go through it and understand tat when she told her in the past that it wasn’t to oppose him, but because she was worried for him.
  • OMG! Everything.. all the scenes between Rene and Quentin were AMAZING!! Rene broke my heart!!! I’m glad that Lance help him to get his head straight and now he’s gonna fight to get his daughter back! (Although I read the synopsis for 5x22 and it seems that he’s not fighting that hard!!)
  • That Helix chick, she killed a guy and was so ok with it. I mean, damn girl, you KILLED the guy and you’re like if he just bumped his head or something insignificant. Intended or not, he’s DEAD!
  • Dyla… oh I’m so sad because they were fighting. It was horrible to watch. They cannot get separated. I refused to that!!! And I’m kinda annoyed at Lyla ‘cuz seriously woman, Team Arrow is helping you and you held back info?! If you haven’t guess what? Helix wouldn’t have gotten Cayden! Just sayn’!
  • The showdown between Team Arrow and Team Felicity was awesome!! but somebody wants to explains me why they didn’t unmasked Cayden? I mean that isn’t the first thing anyone would do?
  • OMG!! OMG!! the bomb exploded!! AAAHH!!!! but before that, when Felicity says that Adrian is in there, I just got a Deja Vu with one of my fics (You know the one with Slade escaping and coming back for Oliver Felicity and their son Tommy).
    A side note: Is it only me or anyone else has the doubt that it was actually Adrian who put the EMP bomb? I suspect of Helix too! Cuz I mean, Felicity doesn’t really know how the heart tracker works, or even if it was programed to find hers as it was Adrian’s or whatever.  IF Cayden is as bad as Lyla said, why not eliminate the  possible threat that Felicity represents, cuz kick her out of Helix doesn’t seems enough to me. And the Helix chick, we know she has the gut to kill anyone if she needs to, so…

I might be wrong or not, we’ll see. Next week…. Aaaaaahhh can’t wait!! The promo destroyed me!!! Is it wednesday yet?!!!

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Hey so I was going through your blog (which I LOVE btw) and just started wondering if Anne Rice has ever addressed what would happen if a pregnant human was made into a vampire? Idk, with all the talk about tattoos and everything else, just got me wondering about more bodily stuff. Thanks and really love everything you post!

Omg your url, lol. Thank u for the blog lurve! <3 

[…and just started wondering if Anne Rice has ever addressed what would happen if a pregnant human was made into a vampire?]

Lestat does have a dream about going back to the Auvergne and turning his whole family into vampires, infants included D-: Other than that, no other mention in canon and not in any interview or book signing I’ve heard of. Maybe my followers know? Interesting question!

My thoughts on it under the cut in case of too gorey for some ppl. But in short, I don’t think that the baby would become a vampire, bc it REALLY couldn’t fend for itself. Claudia was a child but at least she could had mental capacity, could talk, was ambulatory, and had teeth that could be transformed into fangs.

(I don’t think I’ve seen any vampire babies in any other media EXCEPT for the one in Twilight, she had rapid growth or smtg? It was confusing.)

Hit the jump for more, possibly squicky thoughts, but no graphics.

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•Click• •Chapter 7• •Merry Crisis• •Group Chat I•


/not minseok✨, baekthosebyuns, chanyeol_pcy, galaxykris🌟, luluhanxi7, zhxngyixingicorn🦄, and doritao have logged on/

not minseok✨: happy crimus

chanyeol_pcy: it’s crismuh

galaxykris🌟: merry crisis

baekthosebyuns: merry chrysler

/kim junmyeon. has logged on/

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: happy chanukkah

luluhanxi7: merry Christmas ya filthy animal

doritao: you guys spend too much time on vine

galaxykris🌟: vine is the only reason I haven’t hung myself yet

chanyeol_pcy: ^^

/kyungsoo93 has logged on/

kim junmyeon.: okay i see how it is

galaxykris🌟: yeah but you’re a given 💕💕✨✨💓💓☺️☺️☺️😍😍😍

kim junmyeon.: you’re on the way to redemption

chanyeol_pcy: act that gay again and I’ll hang myself

baekthosebyuns: finally

/chanyeol_pcy has sent an image/

kyungsoo93: he’s sitting here with me and I can confirm he actually looks the triggered irl

/kyungsoo93 has sent an image/

luluhanxi7: omg its an exact replica

galaxykris🌟: wow these spot the difference games are getting really hard

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: have any of you opened gifts yet???

chanyeol_pcy: kyungsoo got me a note that said ‘kys’ on it

not minseok✨: minnie just got me a photo of himself

baekthosebyuns: and I gave you the frame for it

galaxykris🌟: I got an avacoda

galaxykris🌟: thanks

kim junmyeon.: first of all no you didn’t I bought you that cute sweater that you’re gonna wear whether you like it or not

kim junmyeon.: second of all the only reason I knew what you were trying to say is because of that vine man fuck you

galaxykris🌟: later babe later

luluhanxi7: I

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: damn that was smooth

baekthosebyuns: okay but that sweater comment was very aggressive

not minseok✨: yea I wanna see this sweater of yours kris

galaxykris🌟: no no it’s something that’s for my eyes only

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: I wanna see kris!!!

/kim junmyeon. has sent a photo/

luluhanxi7: i can see the light dying in kris’ eyes

doritao: okay but that is actually quite a cute sweater


kim junmyeon.: HOW DARE YOU

kim junmyeon.: IT LIGHTS UP AND SINGS

kim junmyeon.: YOULL LOVE IT

galaxykris🌟: NO NEVER

galaxykris🌟: TRY ME BITCH

not minseok✨: should we leave them to it or

baekthosebyuns: idk i say we just shut up and make sure they don’t murder each other

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: the true spirit of Christmas

luluhanxi7: what were your Christmases like as a child

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: it was every man for himself

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: if you wanted to eat you had to claw your way to the food and eat in the corner before your mom or older cousin found you

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: and then they’d have to pry it out of your cold dead hands

chanyeol_pcy: who hurt you yixing

/luluhanxi7, kyungsoo93, and galaxykris🌟 have logged out/

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: and then the older cousin threatens you and you start crying

kim junmyeon.: yixing are you okay

baekthosebyuns: I’m just gonna

not minseok✨: I’m gonna go book you a therapist or smth buddy

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: I’ve already tried that sorry

chanyeol_pcy: i worry for you Sometimes yixing I really do

kim junmyeon.: why don’t we just like get together and watch elf or home alone together or smth

zhxngyixingicorn🦄: !! I LOVE HOME ALONE !!

not minseok✨: minnie and I make each other watch a lot of movies but home alone is by far my favourite

baekthosebyuns: HELL Y E A H

(merry crisis ya filthy animal)

(thx lex)

broadwaytheanimatedseries  asked:

So ive had this thought that aside from rap logan can sing really fast even when its complicated illitarations,which leads him to blow everyones mind by singing "the smell of rebellion" from matilda with roman playing the song on the keys.

omg lmao– I only knew one song from matilda before so at first I was listening like ??? this isn’t that fast, and then it got to the bit and I DIED, yes, support this 100% percent xfljgdg

also side (ha) note: imagine when I grow up from matilda, it’s like there’s a verse for everyone’s pov, the feeeel trip :’) <3


SERVAMP - Angel and Demon

Licht Jekylland Todoroki -> Kayleigh

Lawless of Greed -> Majin

costumes are selfmade~

EDIT: My girl scolded me and told me to write some more stuff about these pictures and stuff. DX So mean! But I will oblige anyway, because I’m an angel! Anyway. She was SUPER excited to take that Licht with music-sheets photo of me. It was kinda cute. She talked about it a lot last week. XD It got me a bit nervous, because I wanted to respond to her expectations!

And while shooting we were like: OMG!! WE NEED TO DO ANOTHER ONE OF LAWLESS! So we used his scarf as wings instead. They are often portrayed as wings and I think its really cute. The angel and his little spiky demon.

On another note… the pictures turned out way more… inspiring than expected. For example: If you compare them. Licht is “asleep” and dreaming and has a lot of his “dreams” surrounding him, whereas Lawless has… nothing? Ahhhh its so sad actually. I can’t. These two will kill me some when.

Hope you like it! :)

PLL 6x11 Thoughts

- Lol I’ve seen this scene too many times. “Bitch can see!” 😂😂😂😂 classic

- Why is this Rollins guy just standing there like this is a vogue shoot ugh


- Hanna is so sexy now &I see Emily just maintained the same level of sexy. Can’t really go up from where she was really

- Why is Emily stealing money?? My baby no

- “Do you think they’re still upset with me?” Lol idk cece you did tRY AND KILL THEM

- Yes Alison is in the title sequence now. So much life has been handed to me

- Emily pills as well?? What’s going on???

- Selfies? Really?

- Hanna engaged. Sigh.

- Lol Emily clearly dropped out of college

- Will never understand why they killed off the only good father on the show. RIP Wayne Fields

- Hanna’s mum is so beautiful I can’t believe that’s someone’s mother

- Dude poor Nicole

- That was a terrible campaign video Veronica

- wtf is a lobbyist?

- Ezra looks like a mess & it’s not aria’s fault this happened dude relax.


- Why did spoby ever end, they’re just the cutest

- “Brotherhood of ex-boyfriends.” - so much shade

- they’re gonna get dinner *sobs in the corner*

- “They let her out?!” - Hanna Marin: 2016

- “There’s no reason to be afraid.” - lol stfu alison

- What happened to Sara Harvey at radley????

- “I don’t care if you forgive her.” This doesn’t sound like much character development Alison. Saying please 5 million times won’t change anything.

- *sheds tear at Veronica’s speech*

- Aw Mona I’m so sorry., maybe a fourth shrink??

- Nah Toby looks gorgeous omg this is the best he’s ever looked

- “Charlotte Dilaurentis poses no threat to me.” Mmmmmmmmmmohmygod

- Lol why is Ezra here ? He literally has no involvement.

- Lucy Hale nailed that scene. Damn I got really emotional just then.

- Aria being honest is the biggest plot twist so far. I’m blown away.

- Janel Parrish is beautiful. Lol side note

- Why do they keep talking about Sara Harvey? WHAT DID THEY DO TO HER???? I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST A PUNCH??

- Wow they let her out. Shock. Now she’s gonna screw up their lives again.

- “You guys have such excellent faces.” - truth tea Spencer

- Drunk Spencer is the best thing to happen on this show


- “All I got was a chair & some lucky girl is gonna get an entire house.” Lol shouldn’t have dropped him then

- Emily is either sick or a crack addict.


- like hell she killed herself, there are flower petals laid out on the floor neatly. What did she set them out and then go up and jump at the exact planned location?????

- I bet you Rollins killed her


- Most awkward haleb scene in history. Why does he keep referring to Spencer ??

- What’s going on between Caleb and Spencer?? Whatever it is I don’t like it at all.

- Sara Harvey wtf????? Go away.

- This is like an exact repeat of episode one wth???

- Can’t believe I still watch this show

So this girl in my government class has been absent for like a week and half and everytime she’s absent she’s like “I’ll make it next time ! Etc etc etc came up!” And she always asks for the notes with some really random excuse and today she texted me asking for notes again because she’s not gonna come to class AGAIN and I almost got fed up typing up the notes from every class lol but I let it go and said I would type them again and she just sent me a 20 dollar gift card for Starbucks lol
Moral of the story, always send people notes even if it’s for a week straight

OMG! I am seriously so happy right now! I got over 9000 notes on my Dan and Phil fanart! That is crazy! Thank you guys! And I am so moved by all sweet comments. I never thought this image would get this much love. 

I really regret not putting my name on it thought. So I really hope no one has been rotten enough to steal it, cause I have put in so much work in this.