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Better Late Than Never

Mark x Reader

Wordcount: 1,703

Requested by celeste-hello:

Hi!!!! Can you write a slightly angsty Mark imagine where he gets jealous because the you’ve been hanging out alot with Jeno lately with a really fluffy ending, Thank you!!💙

“Ya!  Noona!  Stop it or I’ll have to get revenge!”

“Try me Jeno!”  You exclaimed, bursting with laughter at the expression on his face – the result of you hitting him over the head with a pillow. Your laughing quickly ceased when you felt a pillow hitting your face in retaliation.  “Oh, you’re so gonna get it now,” you said as you paused the movie the two of you were watching together.

You were over at the NCT dorm with Jeno.  It was rare that one of the members was home alone, but today, with all the others out for schedulesm, doing schoolwork, or visiting home, Jeno – who had a sore ankle and was resting – asked you to come over to keep him company.  You were close with all of the NCT members, but Jeno in particular had become like family to you.  He was only a year younger than you, but he was still like the little brother you had always wanted.  If he wanted you to visit him at the dorm, all he had to do was ask and you’d be there in a heartbeat.

He had put a movie on for the two of you to enjoy, but getting bored part way through, you had decided it was a good idea to tease him a bit by hitting him with the pillow you were holding in your lap.  It didn’t take long for the two of you to become engrossed in a full-fledged pillow-fight – the movie you were watching completely forgotten.  You had stood up off of the couch to get leverage on Jeno who was trying to attack you from the couch.  He took his pillow and hit you in the knees, causing you to lose your balance and fall forward onto him.  The two of you were so busy laughing and trying to focus on winning, neither one of you noticed the front door open.  


You and Jeno ceased hitting each other when you heard someone clear their throat.  Looking at each other, you slowly lowered your pillows and turned to look at the door.  Mark was there standing in the doorway.  You quickly dropped your pillow and awkwardly clambered off of Jeno. Narrowing his eyes, Mark looked back and forth between the two of you for a moment before stomping past the couch into the kitchen.  You heard him open the cupboard door, followed by it slamming shut.  He was pouring himself a glass of water by the time you arrived in the kitchen.

“Are you okay Mark?”  You asked cautiously, already knowing the answer.

“No I’m not okay.  I convinced the others to let me leave early today thinking maybe we could finally have some time together.  I get back to the dorm after hours of practice, and you, my girlfriend, are all over Jeno!”

“Mark, we were just having a pillow fight,” you tried to keep your voice calm at his accusation.

You heard footsteps approach the two of you, turning to see Jeno awkwardly staring at the floor, knowing Mark was mad at him just as much as he was at you.

“Hyung, I swear nothing happened.  She’s basically my sister and I-”

“Shut it Jeno!”   Mark snapped.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t yell at him like that! He didn’t do anything wrong!”  Seeing the look of fear on Jeno’s face, you couldn’t help but raise your voice at Mark out of frustration.  You had never seen this side of Mark before – no one had.  He was always calm, even when he had to step up and act as the younger members’ leader.  It was obvious Jeno was stunned that Mark had yelled at him.  You gestured for Jeno to leave the room, wanting to hash this out with your boyfriend.

“Of course you’re defending him!”

“Mark, it isn’t about defending anyone.  Jeno and I were just hanging out and for you to accuse us of anything more than that is unfair.  You know Jeno’s like a little brother to me.”

“I don’t believe that lie anymore (y/n)!  I know what I saw!”  You had never heard Mark yell before.  Everything you knew about him had led you to believe he was always calm and collected. It was one of the reasons you loved him. “I’m not around so you’re falling for Jeno!  It’s not my fault that I’m in every sub-unit, have participated in every comeback and was on a survival show.  It’s my job and I thought you understood that dealing with that was a part of being with me! I know it’s hard for you that we can’t always be together or even talk on the phone, it’s hard for me too!  But I never thought you’d sink so low as to move onto one of my members because he was more available!”

As he ranted, Mark’s eyes had began to fill with tears of anger and hurt, while your hands had balled into fists.  The accusations Mark were making were absolutely ridiculous, and you knew that deep down, he knew that too.  It had taken so much just to convince the company and managers to let Mark date in the first place.  There was no way either of you would do something to mess up what you had fought so hard to have.  The two of you had never bickered, let alone had a full blown fight.  You wanted to fix it, but at this point, you couldn’t stand there and allow Mark to accuse you of cheating.

“Mark, you know I wouldn’t hurt you.  Jeno wouldn’t either.  Just think about that.”

With that, you left Mark in the kitchen to sulk.  You walked back over to the sofa, where Jeno had retreated too.  Putting your arm around his shoulders, you tried to reassure him that Mark was just overworked and not thinking straight.  As angry as you were at Mark, even you knew his behavior was uncharacteristic.  

It was true. Since NCT had debuted, he hadn’t had a break.  It had to be taking a toll on him.  You knew he wanted to spend time with you just as much as you wanted to spend time with him.  Maybe seeing you and Jeno play-fighting had caused him to reach his breaking point and take out all of his built-up emotions on the two of you.

Removing your arm from Jeno’s shoulders, you reached for the remote and put the movie from earlier back on.  There was nothing the two of you could do now but wait.  Imagining Mark standing in the kitchen, leaning against the counter with his glass of water, you hoped he would come to his senses.


The movie credits began to play as you and Jeno got up from the sofa. Both having decided to give Mark space, you made your way over to the door.  Jeno put on his sneakers and opened the door as you put on your own shoes and grabbed your bag, which you had left by the door when you arrived.

“(Y/n), Jeno, wait.”

You looked up to see Mark making his way towards the two of you.  He reached past Jeno and and gently pushed the door closed.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken to either of you that way.  I was out of line.”  Mark watched as you and Jeno exchanged glances, not knowing what to say.  He continued.  “You were right (y/n).  I know that neither of you would hurt me, and I know that the two of you are like siblings. I’m just so tired and seeing you spending time together and having so much fun made me jealous.  It reminded me of what I’m missing out on.”

“There’s nothing to be jealous about,” your voice had softened significantly since earlier.

“I bet noona would rather spend time with you than me any day hyung!”  Jeno spoke up.

Mark laughed and ruffled his hair.  Jeno’s face changed to reflect Mark’s as he smiled as well.

“Jeno, I’m really sorry I yelled at you.  I didn’t mean it.”

“I know hyung. Just buy me some ice cream later and we’ll call it even,”  Jeno replied cheekily.

Mark laughed at Jeno’s antics.  Agreeing to his conditions, he then turned to you to make amends.  You could tell he felt ashamed for how he had spoken to you, as he should.  But you wanted to fix things just as badly as he did, so you spoke first.

“Mark, what you said earlier is true.  It’s hard for me dating an idol and barely getting to see you.  But none of that matters to me because you’re mine, and I’m yours.  I would never cheat.”

“I know. I’m so lucky to have you.  Thank you for standing by me and putting up with me and my lifestyle.  I love you so much (y/n).”

You were slightly taken aback.  Both of you knew that what you felt for one another was love, but it was a silent understanding.  Neither one of you had ever said it out loud to the other.  Smiling at his words, you had no problem at all reciprocating his feelings.

“I love you too Mark,” you said as you launched yourself forward to give him a hug and a peck on the lips.

“Aww, you guys are so cute!”  Jeno said as he made kissy faces at the two of you.  “You know, hyung has been telling us all how much he loves you and how he couldn’t wait to tell you.”

“He isn’t wrong,” Mark smiled at your obviously ecstatic expression.  “Actually, I was planning to tell you when I got back to the dorm but well…  We all know what happened.”

The three of you laughed at how Mark’s hissy fit had foiled his own plan.  The good news was that it had all worked itself out, and in the end he still got to say those three words that the two of you had been secretly wanting to exchange for ages.

“It’s okay Mark.  The point is you still got to say it.”

“I could have told you sooner if I wasn’t acting like such an idiot earlier.” Mark hung his head in shame.

You gently placed your hand underneath his chin, lifting his head up and making him look at you.

“You still got to say it Mark.  You know what they say.  Better late than never.”

And with that, the three of you made your way to the couch to watch another movie – together.  

“So what should we watch guys?”  Mark asked as he leaned his head on your shoulder.

“I’m fine with anything, as long as noona doesn’t ruin it and start another pillow fight,” Jeno said.

The three of you laughed and settled into the couch.  With the earlier argument already forgotten, you were eady to spend time together and give Mark the relaxation he deserved.

YOU GUYS.  I haven’t posted in so long omg.  I think it’s been almost two months since I’ve posted a fic.  I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive.  This summer has been kind of difficult for me so far, and as a result I wasn’t really in the mood to write.  But for some reason I decided to sit down and finish this fic!  Hopefully I can continue to post more regularly now.  For those who have sent in requests, I will get around to doing them soon!  Thank you guys for your continued support, and for the awesome people who followed me even when I wasn’t posting.  I love you guys!!

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A scenario what if law and zoro likes the same girl? hahaha You are really great thank you so much!

Aaah thank you so much for saying that! I’m sorry for taking too long, work has been a bit erratic and tired fufu, but here it is! Since this was a bit open, I kiiinda did a thing and I hope you don’t mind too much??? This is a bit risky… threesomes are still tabu? And I don’t know if it’s too long for a scenario?

aaaah hope you like it omg (it’s a bit long)

Zoro watched you, more like stared at you, as Luffy puts his hat on your head, lifting you in his shoulders as he starts to run around, having a race with Chopper and Usopp around the deck.

You were laughing, your smile almost splitting your face in two and he felt his heart flutter with a warm sensation. You’ve been on board the Thousand Sunny with the rest of the Straw Hat crew for almost five months now, and everyone welcomed you with open arms, you won everyone’s trust and even something else from certain swordman.

He wasn’t expecting it, though, to feel something more than a friendship and a family feeling towards your, especially not after so little time with you around. It was your fault, it’s what he likes to repeat himself, it’s your fault for having some kind of special spot for him: following him around the deck, watching him training, even asking him if you can train with him. 

Little things make bigger things, and he soon found that those little things you did became this big things he’s feeling swirling on his chest and the pit of belly. He likes you. A lot. And it was starting to get out of his hands.

However, he wasn’t expecting either to form an alliance with, pretty much, a stranger. He wasn’t expecting to have an ally that feels the exact way about you.

He wasn’t stupid, he’s an observant, and he noticed Law looking at you the way he feels he looks at you. That glint of desire in his eyes, licking his eyes one in a while when he looks at your form or looking warmly at you when you do something silly or when you invite him lunch.

Yet again, it was your fault, because you seemed to grow a special spot for him too, and Zoro couldn’t help but feel this whole situation as a competition. For your feelings. For you.

It’s a swordsman thing, he thought, because Law caught his sight and he saw the flames burning in his grey eyes. And he knew that Trafalgar Law is up to the duel.





Zoro felt a vein almost popping out of his forehead. 

Two days ago, Zoro came to the conclusion that he certainly can’t have a real duel with Law because of the alliance, (and Luffy would probably be really mad at him for fighting about something so stupid. “Besides! [Name] likes me better!”, he can hear it and it’s gross), so they came to an agreement.

Ask you who do you like the best. Who do you want to kiss. Who do you want to be in a relationship with? Who-

Anyway, who do you prefer.

And he totally was no expecting that answer from you. But he knows you’re saying the truth because, well… you’re pretty bad at lying, And he just knows by seeing the soft pink hue covering your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. You look more tiny than you already are and he suddenly feels this urge to wrap you in his arms and protect you from the worlds.

You’re seriously gonna be his end.

“Both?”, Law asks, incrediously visible on his voice and Zoro fight back the urge to knock him off at his harsh tone. 

“Yes, both”; you whisper, fidging with your fingers. “I feel something special for both of you. They’re a bit different from one another, but I can’t have myself to choose one of you when I feel like I need both of you to be happy”

Zoro notices the effort is taking you to speak up your feelings, and by the way Law shoulders are relaxing a little bit, he knows he does too. 

He sighs, a hand relaxed on his swords and the other placed on his hipbone. You’re looking up at him, and he feels a little hope that you feel a little bit more attracted to him, but he doesn’t say it out loud, instead, he sighs once again and walks two steps towards you until his towering over your form.

“Zoro…”, you mumbled and he feels adrenaline rushing through his veins, without thinking, he cups your face between his hands and meets his lips with yours.

The soft sound that leaves your throat makes him groan softly as he licks your bottom lip, asking for permission to introduce his tongue into your mouth. The wamth of your mouth making him dizzy.

Your hands soon enough find the curve on each side of his waist and he shivers.

He then pulls apart softly, letting you breath and hide your flushed face on his chest. Zoro turns his head to the side and finds a slightly flustered Law standing behind.

“[Name] said both”, he mumbles, swallowing the bad taste those words leave on his mouth. “So what are you doing there?”, he can’t help but grin as Law approaches to both of you, an equal grin on his face.

Zoro certainly doesn’t like sharing. He is no hero. If he has sake, then he’s gonna drink it all by himself. No sharing. However, he learned to kinda enjoy it, seeing your smiling face as Law cuddles you between his arms, his face nuzzling your neck, making you giggle softly every time he whispered something into the crook of your neck on in your ear. The three of you hidden in the Crow’s nest while everyone’s outside, enjoying the sun.

He learned to enjoy it, as you catch a glimpse of him and your hand instantly reaches for his. He smiles, because he always smiles when he looks at you, and walks towards you both, slidding his fingers through yours, squeezing your hand softly.

“Move over, it’s my turn”, Zoro says, pushing Law softly. The latter mumbles something on your neck, and he groans.

“C’mere, Zoro”; you say and your arms open up to him, He beams at the sight.

He learned to enjoy it because… sharing isn’t that bad after all. As long as you were happy he was more than willing to do anything. 

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Hi. I just want your opinion in something I’ve been thinking lately about. I became an army for half a year now and to be honest BTS are the only group that I LOVED and got every single thing they released. I found them different from many other kpop artists. Most of their songs address issues I can relate to, and the other songs are just catchy and not sexual. (1

Funny story but the way I got to know about bts was Jungkook’s Fencing Man “If You.” I was very impressed by his heavenly voice. I’ve never been in love, but what I felt while hearing him singing is exactly what being in love feels like. The weird thing is I didn’t fell in love with anyone of bts like in a romantic way. Till now I can’t even decide on a bias because I love them all and can’t imagine myself preferring one over the other cuz all of them are talented ppl with great personalities.(2

However, i keep thinking what’s the point of loving & supporting them. I mean the idea I’m devoting my time to support them in any form makes me a bit angry?! Maybe frustrated cuz they are living the life they dreamt of. They are enjoying their time traveling and dating, while me, as a fan, should dedicate some of my time watching them and worrying if they are eating and sleeping well, especially that I’m an Arab army, which in my opinion are at the bottom of the chain of the fandom. (3

so the chances of meeting them in a concert or anything like that is zero; it makes me an invisible army. So the idea of me caring a lot about them and about their lives is just too much. I prefer to get back to the way it was before I knew them. I actually used to casually listen to kpop like 7 maybe 9 years ago but no group or artist caught my attention like BTS did. (4

my whole answer is way too long, I’ll put it under the cut. but the gist is that. 1. I hope you find what makes you happy, if fangirling doesn’t make you happy, it’s ok to stop. 2. There’s no such thing as the bottom chain of the fandom. There are no invisible fans.

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Back by popular demand

I’m so sorry I said I would have this done by last Saturday night but I was away for the weekend and drove back home to Nyc (then I spent the week babysitting & being distracted re watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show) Anyway! It has been *too* damn long since I’ve watched Call the Midwife and done one of these commentaries™! I’m pretty sure I stopped once I got to the end of my semester/finals week & since I’ve been done for the summer time’s just gotten away from me but - lets watch 4.1 ..

dedicated to all of you ofc but this episode in particular for @beatrix-franklin <3 *cause she asked*

Lets get right to it

  • The credits already seem weird without the color 😂 wow
  • oh hello fresh baby welcome to the outside world
  • Patsy’s smile! omg so cute
  • “Earth is the smallest of magnificent things & the greatest of little ones”
  • Trixie messing up her eyeliner is me af
  • How with the awkward length hair she still is a bombshell? goals
  • the freaking milk man 😂 idk why it’s funny but it is
  • “What name is it?” “Well we thought Nicholas if it was a boy” LOL POOR NERVOUS DAD
  • “IT’S NOW OR NEVERRRR” was this the only time Elvis has played on Ctm?! cause that is Not acceptable
  • I just wanna hear Can’t ! Help ! Falling ! In ! Love ! With ! You ! Is ! That ! Too Much To Ask! ? Like it came out in ‘61
  • “Magic carpet midwifery service” she’s a charmer that beatrix
  • Imagine having a baby in a damn car yikes kill me rather die 
  • she said privacy the ¿American? Way and sounds so much better 😂
  • “Turn that radio down! You wouldn’t want to be reminded of this every time you hear Elvis Presley” 😂😭
  • Her knee in vomit bless u Trix omg, i hate vomit
  • I miss Sister MJ & Sister E’s little arguments 😂😭😭 r i p
  • “Bravo old thing!” AW CHUMMY
  • I miss her sometimes but ah well
  • Remember when Patsy’s hair was so pretty and not a fugly wig
  • I shouldn’t be talking tho bc I *still* don’t have a license
  • I wanna know what it’s like to sit on the other side of the car, someone fly me out to the UK
  • Sister MJ reminiscing.. my heart..gone
  • Lol Babs is on her way omg
  • “It might be unsettling to see friends replaced by strangers but everyone is welcome here and all must be cherished” 😭 we gotta remember this next series
  • Here comes Gilbert (psa I hate the headbands I’m sorry, I hate them on everyone)
  • Aw bby Shelagh
  • Like she had that pram all out 😂
  • The kids making go karts tis lit
  • Babs dropping everything I feel
  • If Sister MJ doesn’t greet you at the door did you really get to Nonnatus?
  • “Put down the bananas, they are superfluous to the situation” ICONIC
  • Shrixie interaction🙌🏻💖 my bbys
  • I need more in series 7 & preferably not work related
  • and yes if you missed it shrixie is officially a thing
  • Ah Gary and Coral breaking my heart
  • “Some months ago Dr Turner and I adopted a baby girl” 😭😭
  • Sister MJ snatching the biscuit is also me
  • DR SPOCK 😂 truly the 60s
  • “Americans are foreign, they do it all different” hey but we used to be British tho
  • And yes we can indeed get evaporated milk here, how would you make flan without it?
  • Ah it’s fine, my mom didn’t breast feed us & well at least my brother is good😂
  • Hey look Shelagh in a cardigan, surpise
  • at least it’s not blue
  • “I read it in the lancet” Alright smart boy. Plot twist if he doesn’t go to med school
  • “We’ve got wet rot and dry rot at home” LMAO BARBARA
  • Now I wonder whose handwriting that note is
  • “Well I’m allowing it” that’s my gal trixie
  • Chin chin 😉🥂
  • I wanna drink with the nurses, I wanna be their friends : concept, the nurses party with me at penn state and we fight nasty frat boyz and steal their disgustingly warm beer
  • The silk pyjamas👏🏼 I need
  • Pats and Trixie dancing ✨ I miss & will continue to miss their friendship
  • it’s ok, we’ve all been there :)
  • “Good giddy aunt!” My new catchphrase
  • Barbara’s truly white girl wasted
  • Trixie asking Fred for a milk basket💔
  • “This love will lasttt” strictly bops on ctm
  • lol Barbara is less clumsy now at least, character growth😂 :’)
  • “Putting on a brave face - I know what it feels like” oh trix I feel bby💔😭
  • I feel like sister E would’ve had a love-hate relationship with me, if you know I was there and this was all exactly real
  • “You’re a midwife, not a can can dancer”
  • larks in the parks ay
  • gary pouring the milk through the mail slot kills me 💔
  • Shelagh’s dress here was cute, I don’t think she’s worn it since ??
  • it’s fine looks like she’s got a new turquoise outfit this year lol
  • hey my cousin was born 33 weeks, oh wait I think 32 actually
  • Is that the mucus extractor
  • “Everyone has to have something that makes them happy” oh gary😭
  • aye bendito he said he’s shamed he smells omg
  • * one moment *   // ok never mind my cousins just face timing me to rub in my face that she’s in Puerto Rico And I’m not
  • Omg I wanna cry these poor kids 💔😞
  • The only bright side is some Shrixie 😭
  • Anytime Sister MJ says it’s something she can do I wanna cry
  • Please give me a scene of Sister MJ playing with Angela 😭 she’s a gem and so cute with kids
  • bye I’m cryin
  • Maison Trixie 😭😭
  • More Trixie interacting with children as well pls even tho I’m cryin
  • Aw Patrick bringing Shelagh tea “this house is so full of love” I LOV U
  • stupid Netflix cut this scene
  • Sister MJ spotting Sister E in pain omg my heart
  • “I don’t like to see sad faces” THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY EYE
  • You don’t forget what it’s like to be putting on a show..”  IM DROWNING IN MY OWN TEARS 😢
  • Good work Babs for the breast milk pumping idea, v proud kid
  • What a bitch. I know you didn’t ask for this & they wouldn’t tie your tubes but you didn’t have to neglect your freaking kids w t f
  • makes me so angry
  • Tom proposed omg I forgot
  • they weren’t right for each other but they were pretty damn cute😭 but they’re together irl and it’s great like What an attractive couple #jelen😻
  • Yass Shelagh the navy suit work it gal, show off that figure
  • wonder what the post pregnancy wardrobe is lookin like
  • “Put your head on my shoulderrrr"🎼
  • Split up and sent to Australia! they deserved better😭
  • Sister MJ and food is the actual best relationship on the show end of story
  • “Joy is not felt less exquisitely because the moment flys and if we can taste it, we know that we are blessed” 💛



I watched J=J’s Fiesta Fiesta performance and omg Ruru absolutely shocked me! It’s been so long since I had heard her voice and she definitely improved very much! She can control her voice! She even has better voice control than J=J’s lead vocals, Karin and Sayubee! And Yuka should look out for her. She needs to work harder now that her group has 7 members.. Btw, I love Yuka, okay.

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since you wanna talk about the chapter, I'm gonna ask questions!! ok so eren is a fav for me so I'm curious what you think about him atm. in terms of character development, what his motives are, how he is mentally (cause god knows that boy has been through enough, especially w? kruger & grisha's memories!), and such. also, do you think eren & the rest of the paradis crew still have a good relationship, since the last we saw them was the crappy serum bowl? there is just so much to talk about omg!

Alright! Watch out dashboard, this is gonna be long

Anonny poo <3 YES there is so much to fucking talk about!!! I can’t stop thinking about this chapter and this is the first time since the Uprising Arc that I’ve been so excited to talk about a chapter. 

Edit: I had to add in a read more bc goddamn this got long!

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Let's talk about c h a n s o o

Anonymous asked: Chan/soo is pretty strong lately. Do an analysis on them please? I remembered you guys talking about how Chanyeol treats D.O like how he treats Baek sometimes. So…

Hi anon. I’m actually glad that you’ve asked us this question, because some people are freaking our right now, and it’s time to talk about chan/soo.

warning: long post ahead

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So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise:
He’ll turn into an alien before your very eyes…

Finally done!!! I uploaded a small sketch for the anniversary of Ben 10, but I decided I had to do something a bit bigger since it was the TENTH anniversary and the number 10 has (obviously) always been very important throughout the series!

So, on the 27th of December 2015, this show turned 10 years old… Unbelievable. I can’t understand it’s been so long already!

Well anyways, I’m pretty happy with this even though I (as always) didn’t really know what to do with the background! I also recorded almost the whole process, so a speeddraw video might follow…

Hope you like it! (And omg please go watch Ben 10)

[EDIT: I did the speed draw thingy]

Healer Halftime Report ♡

Alright so everybody seems to be writing a halftime report for Healer and I’ve decided I should follow suit hahaha. I’ll try my best to give a comprehensive, purposeful write up but I’m pretty sure it will turn out as word vomit on how awesome Oppa is lol. Of course I will include loads of photos, but only of Oppa cos I love him too much and am bias like that yo. Photos will be placed randomly with no purpose whatsoever, but just for pure joy of eye candying. Enjoy~ 

** I apologise beforehand for any spelling or grammatical errors, or weird sentence structures. I hate rereading and checking for mistakes so too bad! >.<

First and foremost, I just finished watching Episode 12 a couple of days ago and let me just say this – OMG HUGEASS IRRITATING CLIFFHANGER. One thing I like about Healer is that it doesn’t disappoint. Every single episode is filled with just the right amount of romance, comedy, action and politics. All the essential elements needed to make a good drama are balanced so nicely and packed into enjoyable hour-long episodes. It has been a long time since a drama could grab my attention for this long, possibly the only one after You Who Came From the Stars (which is in 2013?). 

Healer has brought out my inner fangirl; chasing episodes after episodes and staying up late every Monday and Tuesday to update spoilers on my Instagram. Oh yes, I’m not the least bit embarrassed to admit that I SPECIALLY created a Ji Chang Wook fan account right after Episode 6, just so I could post a whole slew of photos and videos of him without feeling guilty. Let me just say, 6 episodes later, I’ve garnered more than a 1000 followers/fans. Yes, that’s how popular Oppa is now. By the way I just have to mention how handsome he is. Looking at his face makes me verbally retarded. 

The entire case (including the supporting characters) have really outdone themselves. It’s amazing how the writer and producer put together each script and film it with such splendour. The result is magic. The 3 main leads – Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae – play their characters spot on, and the outcome is just so fangirl-worthy. Let me just briefly talk about them.

Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki, Smile Donghae) plays the role of Seo Jung Hoo, who is a night errand boy and goes by the codename Healer. As a young boy he suffered a tumultuous childhood, and thus doesn’t believe in family and friends, or any personal relationships for that matter. However, after receiving a job and disguising himself as reporter Park Bong Soo, he falls in love with Chae Young Shin. As the drama unfolds, Jung Hoo learns to love and slowly evolves into well.. a human being.

Park Min Young (City Hunter) is the bubbly, energetic Chae Young Shin. She was abandoned when she was 5 years old, and subsequently adopted numerous times. She suffered abuse as a child and hence has a phobia for violence. She meets Healer and falls in love with him, not knowing that he is Park Bong Soo. On the other hand, Bong Soo confesses his love to her and she gets all confused.

Yoo Ji Tae (no idea what his past works are and way too lazy to do a search lol) is Kim Moon Ho, younger brother to some news conglomerate. He is Chae Young Shin’s uncle (yes I know it sounds weird) and linking all 3 of them is a secret about their fathers (complicated..). Somehow, Moon Ho is seen as the evil guy by many viewers, but in my opinion I personally feel that he is rather real and sincere. We shall see how the story goes. 

So there we have, the 3 main leads and a short write up on them. The best thing about this drama is that the love triangle is between Young Shin, Healer and Bong Soo hehe. This means lots of Oppa screen time and romance moments hehe! It’s fun watching Bong Soo being jealous of Healer and Young Shin getting confused about her options, when they are basically the same person. It’s just so fresh and entertaining. Talk about a well-written script!

While I’m happy and pleased with the cast, I have to point out that I’m really impressed with Oppa’s acting. Seriously, this guy blew me away. I’ve watched him in Empress Ki and the big hoo-ha that drama received was well deserved. But here, he’s on a whole new level. From the emotionally scarred Seo Jung Hoo, to the dark mysterious Healer, to airheaded somewhat dumb blond Bong Soo, and not forgetting the various disguises needed when he goes undercover, he plays each role with such skill and perfection. This guy, acts through his EYES. Look into his eyes and you can feel all of his emotions. Look at the photos, I’m sure you feel it too! Every single time I look into Oppa’s gaze, I sink into this big black hole. There were a number of scenes where there was so much pain and anguish in his eyes that it made it so heartbreaking to watch him.

To sum it up, I had such great expectations for this show and still have. To date, it has not failed me once, and I’m pretty sure it will not disappoint ever. The drama’s so good that I’m so afraid of it ending. I’m contemplating stopping at Episode 19 and never completing the drama, just so it doesn’t feel like it ended. Okay lol I’m joking. I will eventually watch it, and go on to rewatch the entire series for like what? A gazillion times or something? I’m really pinned down by the fact that Oppa probably has to enlist into the army shortly after this drama, which means 2 years of no Oppa.. The end of Healer plus Oppa enlisting – I’m gonna suffer some serious withdrawal symptoms. Really dreading the impending emptiness..

To end off on a happy note, there’re still 8 episodes to go, which means 1 more month of Oppa and happiness! Of course I’m hoping for extensions, since popular dramas always get extended. Oh and I’m predicting an OST from Oppa. Who else feels the same?? By the way guys, Healer finally hit #1 in their timeslot!! That really says a lot about how awesome this drama is. So if you are not already doing so, WATCH IT. 

P.S. Really wanted to add in some Korean comments cos they are so fitting and descriptive of my mood, and also cos they are words not translatable into English.. But I’m guessing most of my readers only read English so.. 

Let’s end this post with a smiley Oppa~ ♡

anonymous asked:

Hello I wanted to send you an Anon because I was looking under the Trich tag and I saw your post about the eyebrow game etc? I'm now 15 and I have been pulling my eyelashes and eyebrows out since I was 8. I can't stop, and the amount of pressure from society to have these 'perfect' eyebrows or these 'gorgeously long' lashes is shit. I just wondered if you had any advice for me? I'm struggling to stop myself pulling right now I hate myself for doing it :( x

No worries love! I’ve been pulling my eyelashes out for 7 years since I was 12 years old and my eyebrows out off and on but more so in the past 2 years. It is really rough to hear people say “omg she has perfect eyebrows” or even watch mascara commercials and it doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten therapy or anything, it will always be tough. BUT, there are things that make it easier.

1) The first thing I did was accept the fact that I have trichotillomania and that I have, will, and probably continue to pull my hair out. If you never admit that it’s a problem you won’t be able to recover. I just told myself “yes, I have this disorder and yes I pull my hair out, but my eyebrows and eyelashes do not define me.”

2) I also accepted the fact that the road to recovery is paved with relapses and that’s okay. In the beginning I didn’t really know that, so I kept thinking “I’ll never get better.” NEVER say that. Keep a positive mindset. If you didn’t pull for a whole day say to yourself “congratulations, I did it.” And even if the very next day you pull out every single grown out hair, still recognize and applaud yourself for your success.

3) Be open and honest with your parents. I didn’t start thinking about this part till a few weeks ago. Parents, when they find their child has a compulsive hair pulling disorder, say things like “STOP” or “don’t pull” or “doesn’t that hurt” or “ you’d look so pretty with eyebrows/eyelashes.” Parents do this because they’re panicking. They don’t know what to do when their child presents this disorder. However, growing up, none of the above said things helped my trich but made me feel worse about it. I finally realized that it’s okay to tell your parents “please don’t say this or that.” Tell them what you want them to do so they can actually help you. If that means telling them to ignore it completely when they see you pull then say that. My mom and I do that, because I told her “look, this is my disorder and my battle to fight. I know you hate it when I pull but this is something I have to deal with, so let ME fight this battle.” And that’s true. The only person who can really help with Trichotillomania is yourself.

4) Realize you are not alone. While up at college for a year I met two people with Trich. While it doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s very calming to talk to a person who KNOWS what you’re going through. We can talk as much as you want, I don’t mind at all <3

5) Do your research. Find support groups. Know if you just have Trichotillomania (which is just hair pulling) or Trichophagia which is ingesting the hair that you pull. (This disorder is even harder for people to understand and I’ve just now come to accept the fact that I have this disorder too.)

6) Know and understand deep within your soul that 1. This disorder does not define you and 2. Don’t blame yourself for this disorder. In the whole scheme of things, someone where along the line you developed this pulling disorder. Do not let it rule your life. 

In regards to the self- loathing that comes along with this disorder you need to understand that you don’t need eyebrows to be beautiful and you don’t need eyelashes to be happy. I used to be scared to death that I would be walking down the isle in my wedding dress without eyelashes and eyebrows, and that thought used to keep me up at night. But I’ve grown into a much stronger young woman and I’ve realized that my self-worth isn’t defined by the absence or presence of my facial features. I am who I am with or without eyelashes and eyebrows and it gets hard, and you hate yourself for it, but at the end of the day if you really try hard to convince yourself to be content with how and who you are, your journey through life will be a much smoother, happier experience. 

Talk to me whenever you’d like in private or public. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING you’re confused, or scared, or worried about, just ask. I hope you have a great day!!! Sending love and positive vibes <3 <3 <3