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Ok, I know I’ve done this before but my opinions have changed since then so let’s do this! 

Cinder Ok so at first, I thought Jamie Chung but she’s a bit too old for the role, then I thought Monica Miyagi from RHPC and now I choose Amber Midthunder after a long while of looking for the perfect Cinder!

Kai Mario Maurer! Ah! He’s so beautiful!

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Scarlet This one hasn’t changed…Daria Sidorchuk! I still haven’t found a curvy redhead that I can see as Scarlet so as of now, Daria is my top choice.

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Wolf Marlon Teixeira! I found this guy and he’s perfect! Guys, I was bothered with my other Wolf fancast too.

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Cress AH! MY SMOL CHILD! I had to make sure she was perfect and Anna Sophia Robb is my fancast for her and will probably always be.

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Thorne Sam Clafin. No explanation needed.

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Winter Teah Otomewo! Ah! She’s perfect!

Jacin Austin Butler. I saw him in a fanmade Lunar Chronicles trailer and I just thought, dang…that’s Jacin.

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Iko MAH BB! Deserves the best, so I gave her the best. And who is that, you ask? Why, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, of course!

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Emilie Whaaat?? She’s not a major character?? She isn’t with Iko?? Lies, I tell you, lies. Anyway, for Emilie I chose Perrie Edwards because why not?

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And last but not least Queen LeBitch Levana Angelina Jolie, of course, who else?

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Ok! I’m done! Hope ya’ll like it! Byez.