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5 Reasons to Play Blue Hatter’s Route

I don’t even know where to begin from to be honest. I was awake till 3am playing his route and I’m so satisfied and happy with everything so I decided to make this post. I highly recommend all the voltage and KBTBB fans to give Rhion a try and here’s why:

1. Same story….but different!

I’m not a huge fan of KBTBB’s plot but Rhion’s story is a bit different. The story has a different prologue and just a tiny bit of change has made the story more fun. In a spoiler-free nutshell:

2.Excellent Relationship Development

I liked how you could actually see why and how MC falls in love with him and vice versa. You can actually feel yourself be the MC and that’s what I’m really looking for in an otome game. The development doesn’t jump from 0 to 100 and everything is built up quite nicely.


Rhion ……. one of the most sensitive sweethearts I have ever played! He is so pure and innocent that is too much for this world! His unpredictable character made the game so fun and I kept looking forward to what he would do next. 

He’s an angel accidentally fallen from the sky….not even kidding!u_u

4.MC…You have come a long way ! *pats her shoulders*

KBTBB’s MC has been one of my least fave MC’s in Voltage games but much to my surprise in Rhion’s route:

  • She’s not an annoying weakling waiting for her prince to save her
  • She does her job well protecting our angel 
  • Her reactions and answers are realistic 
  • And last but not least

  • SHE HAS EYES!!! 🙏🏻 

5. Best Background Music E.V.E.R!


I always think great stories/movies/anime are only good if they have a good music that matches the vibe and this one went beyond my expectations that I downloaded a crappy version of it! (p.s: Plz tell me if there’s a way to download the original song somewhere?;_; I desperately need them!) They’re all original songs for his route and they perfectly match his route.The transition between the songs is really impressive and on point and I was just 

**Bonus: Eisuke x Cheshire (Rhion’s cat)

There’s so much more I can say about his route but I don’t wanna spoil it so I’ll keep it at this and fly away! Lemme know how you thought about him and his route!

Happy Playing!^_^)/


A kagune is composed of Rc cells, which flow just like blood, can become as solid as teeth and can be described as “liquid muscles”. A kagune can be repeatedly hardened and softened at will by the ghoul.

Hey look, I drew something for once! It’s @erin-iceheart’s wizard Erin Iceheart. 

I hope the colors are okay. I sampled from the original drawing, but shading it made everything so much lighter

anonymous asked:

Hey Scout, do you have any advice for making comics? :)

ooo! when i started doing comics, i kinda just went off my own intuition, but learned things as i went. you’ll see when i started doing them in like 2012-ish they were fairly simple, but as i got more confident in them, i put in more panels and dialogue. so here’s what i’ve learned!

  • in panels with lots of dialogue, try to make it so almost any order can be understood, but the set-up to the conversation in said panel has the most attention drawn to it. for instance:

“can i at least get up?” is where the rest of the conversation stems off of, and the rest can just be read to the reader’s own discretion

  • try to make the characters lively and animated. they’re supposed to be dramatized, so make them look like they can pop right out of the panel and go to action! example:

if someone is, say, stealing the impala from dean, someone who’s never seen the show may not know the impact of it. i try to never make any of the characters i draw strictly rigid–their shoulders will either be slumped or relaxed unless they are FREAKING OUT. it helps people who don’t even understand the content know perfectly well how characters feel about things.

also, i try not to make comics too insanely simple/complicated. i get a lot of people who say “i don’t even watch this show and i enjoyed this” which is a huge thing to me. but there are little details in the comics for fans to be like “OMG ____ HAS A ___ IN THE BACKGROUND WTH" 

oh, and– try to capture the essence a character has! a lot of times dialogue bubbles and text can help with that:

although you can’t see them, you can tell one character is incredibly calm, and the other might be about to commit homicide.

so that’s all i got! i’ve done really vague studies of comics before, but at this point they’re a muscle-memory that i don’t really think about. i hope these are useful pointers!


25-27/? preseries screencaps

Tywin was often away in King’s Landing. Joanna wondered how he was, what he was doing. She found that she loved him more the more he was absent from her life, and the more she loved him, the more she missed him. It would be a welcome change for her to feel his hands on her hips and his breath in her hair again when he came home at last. Perhaps she could give him another son.

omg look at this

the background has like mud buildings and those guys look kinda like

i think its near the si wong desert or at least southern earth kingdom