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Tyler Seguin #14

Requested by Anon:  Hey! Can I just say you’re an amazing writer. I was hoping you could write a Tyler Seguin Drabble about how the reader and him have their first sleepover together ( like the reader stays over at his house for the first time after attending a game ). Just something cute. Thanks in advance and what you’re doing is amazing 💕

*Hiii!! I found your request. So I might have overlooked it, I’m totally sorry but here it is! Really cuteeee and OMG pillow talk is my favorite thing in the whole world. Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 851

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You can practically hear the seconds pass by. Tic, toc, tic, toc… like it’s some precious time slipping away from your fingers when in reality, it’s just some precious sleep that’s running from you.

Still – tic, toc.

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  • Fan: "so who's your favourite in 5sos"
  • Me: "oh that's easy it is Ashton because he is such a humble person and he has this amazing smile that could light up the whole room and plus I'm a sucker for guys with curly hair, oh but then Calum can have curly hair which can make it really hard to stay in my lane and plus have you seen how he becomes so happy around dogs like seriously I could hear him scream from across the world when a dog goes near him and omg the tattoos just make him 1000 times more attractive, oh but then Michael has tattoos as well so that makes it hard as well and his so cuddly I want to cuddle him all day and night and seriously he can pull of every hair colour like how is that possible? Oh and talking about great hair Luke's hair just makes want to rip my eyelashes out how it's so perfect flat or up and have you seen him laugh when his whole face scrunches up, like how cute is that?!"
  • Me: "no wait, wait, wait"
  • Fan: "...."
  • Me: "what was the question again?"