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Would you write a smut with Yoongi where he is really dom? Thanks babe :)

Suga x Reader

Genre: Smut

Suga’s hand was covering your mouth as he thrust into you in an even faster pace than before.

You whimpered against his hand as you were grabbing onto the side of the sink for support.

“Shut up,” He demanded.

You nodded your head and bite your lip, trying not to let the moans slip out. Suga began roaming his hands all over your body.

“Oh god, (Y/N), you feel so good,” He moaned as you whimpered even more. Suga lifted your legs up the sink and found his way to your your clit. Gently making circles around your pussy, he shamelessly opened your pussy lips and made you watch him pump his fingers inside you right in front of the mirror.

“Do you like seeing my cock slide in and out of you? Do you like seeing my fingers playing with you as your tight pussy wraps around me?” He groaned, still penetrating you from behind.

With the help of Suga’s dirty talk, you felt yourself getting even close to your release. You knew he wouldn’t like it if you released so soon; you did everything in your power to get out of Suga’s grasp. You turned and dropped to your knees.

Suga raised his eyebrow in surprise, “Babe, what are you doing?” He asked as he saw you kneel down.

“I want to make you cum first,” You said, licking his shaft up and down before taking him whole.

Suga moaned at the sight of you sucking him. His hand found your hair and grabbed a fistful of it, forcing you to go even deeper.

You loved tasting Suga as much as he loved the feeling of being inside your mouth. You let go of his shaft with a loud pop sound.

“Aren’t you going to cum?” You pouted.

Suga chuckled and lifted you up. Finding support from the sink, tou automatically wrapped your legs around his waist as you felt him inside you again.

“I never cum first.” He said bluntly, now kissing down you neck.

You felt him go deeper and deeper which each thrust before you finally released all over his dick.

You screamed as Suga continued to pound into you even after your release.

You then felt a hot liquid inside of you and his thrusts became more and more sloppy.

“God. You’re so hot,” You heard him mumble under his breath.

“Just look at you..” He said, admiring your body.

Suga made you two switch places. You were now looking at yourself in the mirror. You blushed at the realization that you’re fully exposed to him. Suga broke your thoughts as he gave your clit one big lick before inserting his tongue inside of you.

You could feeling another thrill of pleasure, as Suga began fucking you again, only this time with that amazing tongue of his.

After you came, Suga got up from the ground. You saw your juices dripping from his chin as he went up and kissed you on the lips, making you taste yourself.

“I think we need to take a shower.” He said with a smirk.