omg is he actually wearing a vest

Hi! So I wrote a fic loosely based on a post by omg-hawkeye. Check them out - they’re great!

Here’s the post - 

Warnings - very brief mentions of kidnapping but no actual kidnapping.

Clint stared at his wardrobe, a frown spreading over his features. Nothing. Well, nothing that he could wear anyway. Yesterday the team had found his old circus pictures and they would not stop teasing him about his purple costume. This was fine, as sooner or later someone else would goof up and they would forget about it - providing he didn’t remind them. This was where the problem lay – all his clothes were purple. Shirts, T-shirts, vests, dresses, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies and jackets. All in purple.

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anonymous asked:

If he wore a white Henley I probably wouldn't make it. And Aviators? Sign me up. Remember your Jessie in FullHouse post? Well, I was thinking Alex has a similar vibe to him in the Forever (weird) music video. I hope Alex goes slightly more hippy with extremely open shirts and long necklaces like the Humbug one. I wonder if he has chest hair now. Hope so. He changes his look every five minutes though so I just hope we get some studio pictures before it changes.

Ahhhhhhh!! I DO remember that post hahahaha and the Forever video!! Omg. Uncle Jesse’s shirt is barely buttoned. I don’t even think it is buttoned actually. I could appreciate Alex like that. Also, pretty sure he’s wearing a vest with no shirt as well. Alex covered that before, so we know he can pull that look off. 

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I highly doubt that he’s grown anymore chest hair since we saw it last during the EYCTE era… I don’t think the rest of his body is as fortunate as his head in terms of hair growth. That’s okay though. I can ogle Cam’s chest if I need to satisfy my need for a hairy, manly chest hahaha

I hope there are studio pictures and candids for the new album for sure, and I totally want Alex in henleys and aviators. It’s such a good look. And now with his scruffy face and fluffy hair. Yes. Good. I accept. 

Borrowed this little collage from Rodaina when she made that massive post with all of Alex’s henleys he’s ever worn. Just LOOK AT HIM. What a babe.

Favorite Lines from 1x13

Okay, I was doing a re-watch of the season finale and I had to make a list of my favorite lines. Not listed in any particular order.

1. “I’m wearing a bulletproof vest.” - Nicole (Self- explanatory)

2. “I love her.” - Waverly (OMG. She loves Nicole!)

3. “Sorry, but she’s kind of a dickhead.” - Nicole (Ditto.)

4. “Peacemaker is just a gun. Waverly is Waverly.” - Wynonna (Sisters 4 Ever)

5. “Purgatory’s overrun by demon revenants, a.k.a Wyatt Earp’s resurrected outlaws. Bobo Del Rey is their leader. I am Doc Holliday. Yes, that Doc Holliday. And Dolls here, he is just a dick.” - Doc Holliday (Preach on Doc!)

6. “It…Actually, It makes perfect sense. Except for the last part.” - Nicole (Never change Nicole)

7. “Girlfriend?” - Wynonna

     “Um, kind of” - Waverly

     “Kind of?” - Nicole

(A little bit of  humor in a tense moment)

8. “Bunch of crazy hicks off their rockers?” - Nicole (Again, never change Nicole)

9. “Finally picked the smart one.” - Wynonna (Wynonna approves)

10. “See, super smart.” - Waverly (Proud girlfriend)


So it’s been like well over a month, but here are my TorCon photo ops!


Misha winked at me after the top left photo (where I shamelessly asked him to put his leg on me by demonstrating by putting mine on his)

Osric is precious and Kathy had to hold his vest together (it kept popping open)

Gil is a sweetheart and my new fav. (At autos I told him to wear more plaid b/c he looks great and he told me I did too!)

Rob omg he is an actual ray of sunshine, just, love that man.

J2M: What can I say except WOW.  They are all so gorgeous and sweet and I basically was not a functioning human being but somehow asked for this pose.  I got the life squeezed out of me, it was fantastic.  Misha is the best hugger hands down.

(I tried to keep it short and sweet if anyone wants stories just message me!)