omg is he actually wearing a vest

Hi! So I wrote a fic loosely based on a post by omg-hawkeye. Check them out - they’re great!

Here’s the post - 

Warnings - very brief mentions of kidnapping but no actual kidnapping.

Clint stared at his wardrobe, a frown spreading over his features. Nothing. Well, nothing that he could wear anyway. Yesterday the team had found his old circus pictures and they would not stop teasing him about his purple costume. This was fine, as sooner or later someone else would goof up and they would forget about it - providing he didn’t remind them. This was where the problem lay – all his clothes were purple. Shirts, T-shirts, vests, dresses, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies and jackets. All in purple.

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whothehellisaemun  asked:

Librarian Bucky has been done but (pre serum) librarian steve™ though that is an idea I can get behind

  • Steve as a librarian is just as cute as Bucky as a librarian.
  • Because he’s pre-serum, that means the poor guy has to use the step stool when he puts books away
  • You always come into the library to see him, whether it’s to actually read or find a book, or just to chat as he works
  • of course, Stevie develops the hugest crush on you. How could he not?
  • You develop a crush on him too. He’s so kind and sweet and you love how his face lights up when he talks about books he’s read
  • He wears glasses, knitted sweaters, and sweater vests omg. 
  • OH! He eventually starts working out and eats supplements and stuff, then BOOM! Hottie Librarian Steve. 
  • But he’s still just as shy and cute. 
  • You notice that more people start asking for his help in the library and you can’t help but feel jealous and mad because 1) they’re more attractive than you and 2) they’re starting to see Steve now that he’s a hottie
  • But precious Steve doesn’t notice any of the advances…well, he does, but he just awkwardly laughs and blushes
  • He eventually asks you out on a date and he’s just a stuttering blushing mess! It’s so cute! You kiss him to ease his worries and he becomes redder!
  • Ugh. Librarian!Steve is adorable and I love him.
Favorite Lines from 1x13

Okay, I was doing a re-watch of the season finale and I had to make a list of my favorite lines. Not listed in any particular order.

1. “I’m wearing a bulletproof vest.” - Nicole (Self- explanatory)

2. “I love her.” - Waverly (OMG. She loves Nicole!)

3. “Sorry, but she’s kind of a dickhead.” - Nicole (Ditto.)

4. “Peacemaker is just a gun. Waverly is Waverly.” - Wynonna (Sisters 4 Ever)

5. “Purgatory’s overrun by demon revenants, a.k.a Wyatt Earp’s resurrected outlaws. Bobo Del Rey is their leader. I am Doc Holliday. Yes, that Doc Holliday. And Dolls here, he is just a dick.” - Doc Holliday (Preach on Doc!)

6. “It…Actually, It makes perfect sense. Except for the last part.” - Nicole (Never change Nicole)

7. “Girlfriend?” - Wynonna

     “Um, kind of” - Waverly

     “Kind of?” - Nicole

(A little bit of  humor in a tense moment)

8. “Bunch of crazy hicks off their rockers?” - Nicole (Again, never change Nicole)

9. “Finally picked the smart one.” - Wynonna (Wynonna approves)

10. “See, super smart.” - Waverly (Proud girlfriend)


So it’s been like well over a month, but here are my TorCon photo ops!


Misha winked at me after the top left photo (where I shamelessly asked him to put his leg on me by demonstrating by putting mine on his)

Osric is precious and Kathy had to hold his vest together (it kept popping open)

Gil is a sweetheart and my new fav. (At autos I told him to wear more plaid b/c he looks great and he told me I did too!)

Rob omg he is an actual ray of sunshine, just, love that man.

J2M: What can I say except WOW.  They are all so gorgeous and sweet and I basically was not a functioning human being but somehow asked for this pose.  I got the life squeezed out of me, it was fantastic.  Misha is the best hugger hands down.

(I tried to keep it short and sweet if anyone wants stories just message me!)