omg is he actually wearing a vest

Favorite Lines from 1x13

Okay, I was doing a re-watch of the season finale and I had to make a list of my favorite lines. Not listed in any particular order.

1. “I’m wearing a bulletproof vest.” - Nicole (Self- explanatory)

2. “I love her.” - Waverly (OMG. She loves Nicole!)

3. “Sorry, but she’s kind of a dickhead.” - Nicole (Ditto.)

4. “Peacemaker is just a gun. Waverly is Waverly.” - Wynonna (Sisters 4 Ever)

5. “Purgatory’s overrun by demon revenants, a.k.a Wyatt Earp’s resurrected outlaws. Bobo Del Rey is their leader. I am Doc Holliday. Yes, that Doc Holliday. And Dolls here, he is just a dick.” - Doc Holliday (Preach on Doc!)

6. “It…Actually, It makes perfect sense. Except for the last part.” - Nicole (Never change Nicole)

7. “Girlfriend?” - Wynonna

     “Um, kind of” - Waverly

     “Kind of?” - Nicole

(A little bit of  humor in a tense moment)

8. “Bunch of crazy hicks off their rockers?” - Nicole (Again, never change Nicole)

9. “Finally picked the smart one.” - Wynonna (Wynonna approves)

10. “See, super smart.” - Waverly (Proud girlfriend)