omg imagine if he dressed like that for your date

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PLEASEEEE CAN’T YOU SEE IT THOUGH???? Like the two of you just completely surrounded by your family and friends and he’s spinning around your little niece on the dance floor in her flower girl dress and he’s not sure where his place is when it comes to pictures, but your mom always tells him to jump right in, because he’s family now, too. And he’s joking with your dad and brother, who also happens to be the groom, and it’s SO NICE because this is first time he’s spending real time with any of them, but it’s like you two have been together for years. And maybe you’ve never been a dancer at any kind of function, but especially at family ones, but Harry doesn’t need to do much convincing to get you out on the dance floor with him, and he’s being extra and twirling you around and dipping you, and you’re laughing, until he finally just lets you hold each other and sway a bit, and you grin up at him, and he’s got his hands resting on your lower back. And then he leans down to kiss you – nothing dirty or anything, just a few sweet kisses, and you let your fingers drag through the shorter parts of his hair. “I love your family,” he tells you, and you feel your lips tug up a bit and you hold him a bit tighter against you. “I love you,” you reply, and it’s the first either of you have ever said it, but it doesn’t shock him – you know the feeling has been there for ages now and this is just the first time it’s been spoken aloud. “I love you,” he repeats, and when you find your way back to the suite you booked for the night, he hardly manages to get the key in the door before you’re begging him to fuck you. 

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Imagine Harry taking you on a date for the freakin fanciest dare ever and your all dolled up in a gorgeous dress and harry is like mesmerised and wont stop staring the whole night omg

GoodBYE like he’s unable to focus on anything but your body in that dress….

(Please read my story Red Dress)

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ooo…!! So, maybe one Halloween Roxanne dresses up as Evil Queen? Knowing she’s going to get kidnapped obvsly–shameless flirt that she is–god that would make him so happy–and Megs is maybe doing something lightning-themed for the Plan and got the boots to match? *That* would be a fun kidnapping indeed. Maybe he could even wear something more dress-like than usual? And then years later, on a date, they accidentally coordinate with the boots. Imagine the smiles!


Fratboy!Luke blurb thing

Omg imagine your friend setting you up on a date with fratboy!luke and telling you that he was absolutely perfect for you. When you first saw him, your first thought was, “what an asshole.” Not only was he 15 minutes late, but he wasn’t even dressed decently(in a hoodie, jeans and wearing a snap back, while you were dressed up quite nicely) and the first words that came from his mouth was, “sorry I’m late babe.” Like he had the right to call you babe already. But as the night went on, and the two of you ate your shared pizza, you learned that he was an awkward,cute, sweetheart. Him stammering on some of his words when he wanted to compliment you, him explaining to you that even though he was on the soccer team, his real goal was to be in a band and if that didn’t work, be a music teacher. And by the end of the night, when he walked you up to the door of the dorms, wishing you a good night and hoping to see you again, you kissed his cheek lightly before rushing inside where you looked through the window to see him blushing slightly and his hand on his cheek. You totally read him wrong.


Everything - Fred Weasley Imagine

Hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine with a blonde broad short gryffindor girl who is usually confident and funny and best friends with the twins. She has a thing for Fred and when he notices her self conscious about her curves he shows her everything he loves about them. Thanks I would really appreciate it if you could do this I would like to finally see an imagine where girl and guy accept her curves rather than being told she doesn’t have them. Thanks x

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“OMG you guys we should totally go shopping in Hogsmead this weekend!” Your friend, Angelina Johnson, screamed excitedly “Yeah! We should I still haven’t got a dress for the ball yet and a date” I said gloomily “oh don’t worry (Y/n) maybe Fred will ask you!” She giggled; I rolled my eyes “Yeah right!” “You never know” she said laughing.

~2 Days Later~

I ran through the empty corridor constantly looking at my watch because I was running late to meet my friends at Hogsmead. I turned the corner and bumped into a huge solid figure. “I’m so sorry Freddie, I’m just trying to get to Hogsmead on time!” I said panting “It’s okay (Y/n), besides Can I go with you George already made plans without me” he pouted his bottom lip “Um… are you sure Fred? I’m gonna go Dress shopping with my friends” his eyes widened “That’s what I forgot! A tux!” I giggled “We’ll I guess you can come with me” he nodded.

We were walking with the rest of giant group. I was hoping that I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of Fred so I was cautious with every step. I was super tensed and Fred saw that too; so he put an arm around me. I instantly felt better and relaxed into his embrace. “So I’m going to Madam Malkin’s are you going there too?” I asked nervously “Yeah” he nodded “okay” I said awkwardly. “(Y/n)! Finally you came! Oh hi Fred!” Angelina said excitedly, she couldn’t stop smiling widely at me “sorry I know I’m late but I bumped into Fred on the way here and he needs to go shopping too!” I said nervously “okay” she said still smiling.

I’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect dress. I looked through all the racks and couldn’t seem to find the perfect one “Mrs. Malkin’s please tell me you have more dresses!” I said worried “Don’t worry dear I have more in the back, Follow me” she said leading me to a door. When I walked through the door my eyes were immediately glued on this beautiful dress. It was Blue, went down all the way to my feet, strapless, and had a really nice Diamond belt around the waist area. “Oh my god, Malkin’s this is the Dress I’ve been looking for! How much is it?” I asked excitedly “17 Galleons but since it’s your first ball I’ll make it 10 Galleons” she said sweetly “Really? Oh thank you thank you thank you!” I said hugging her.

I went back to the front of the shop with the dress in my hands. Once I was in front of Angelina she gasped loudly “(Y/n)! Where did you get that dress? it’s gorgeous!” She said shocked “I found it in the back and I love it so much I’m gonna try it on right now!” I squealed jumping into an empty fitting room.

~Fred’s POV~

“Hey Fred!” I heard a whisper but just loud enough for me to hear. I looked around and saw Angelina Gesturing for me to come closer. “What?” I whispered back to her confused “Are you going to ask (Y/n) to the ball soon? Because if you don’t Terry Boot is!” She said seriously “I-I was it’s just that whenever I’m gonna ask her she’s always surrounded by people!” I stuttered out “How about I leave and you can talk to her?” She applied “That’s a great idea! Thank you!” I said hugging her “Anything for my BFF!” She replied standing up.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I slipped on the dress very slowly and careful afraid that I might tear it. I was about to look in the mirror but, was interrupted “Hey (Y/n)!” I heard Angelina from behind the curtain “Yeah?” I replied “I have to go family emergency! Sorry!” She said rather quickly “it’s okay; I hope their fine!” I told her “Me too….” She trailed off as I heard the shop doorbell ring. I turned around and saw my reflection. The dress was so beautiful I was about to cry “Oh my god, it’s perfect!” I told myself. I was about to take it off and buy it but there was a huge problem “Oh no, oh no!” I said a little loudly. My curves bulged out of the dress “(Y/n) are you okay?” I jumped at the sudden voice “Fred I thought you went home and no i am not okay” I said gloomily “What’s wrong?” He asked. I moved the curtain aside and stepped out.

“(Y/n) you look b-beautiful! He stuttered "no I don’t” I said looking down “What do you mean?” He picked up my chin so that I would meet his eyes “Look. I’m bulging out on the sides of my dress!” I said sadly “Hey, your beautiful just the way you are” he said softly. “What’s beautiful?” I asked “Everything! Everything about you is beautiful!” He was shocked “you don’t really mean that. You just said that to make me feel better” I looked down once more “(Y/n) I do mean that your the most beautiful person I have ever seen!” He cupped my face “Really?” I asked “Yes really! He smiled and pulled me into a kiss. The kiss was magical and passionate I didn’t want it to end but of course I had to pull back for air. "Oh! I almost forgot! (Y/n) (Y/l/n) will you do me the great honor of being my date to the Yule Ball?” He said smiling widely “It’s would be my pleasure Fred Weasley!” I said excitedly.


🌑Dark Times Lie Ahead Of Us, And There Will Be A Time When We Must Choose Between What Is Easy and What Is Right ~ Albus Dumbeldore⭐️

Under the Table - Michael

request:  Imagine Request? You’re dating Michael and he takes you out for dinner and gets a table at the very back… where he fingers you under the table? Sorry I didn’t give much information but omg Thank you ;) :P

a/n: IT’S 2 AM IDK WHY I WROTE THIS IT SUCKS don’t read it spare yourself

word count: 1096


Michael always loved taking you out on dates. He wasn’t big on getting dressed too fancy, but he’d always try, at least a little bit, for you. He would always like watching you get ready and help zip up your dress for you or tell you that your makeup looks perfect. Everything about you was perfect in his eyes, and he made a point to show you off wherever you went.

Taking you to one of the fancier restaurants in town, Michael actually tried to be a bit more dressy as he wore an all-black ensemble of a dress shirt, pants, and tie. The way he looked in all black always gave you some type of feeling, and he knew just what that was.

“Does this table work?” The hostess asked you and Michael as his hand rested against your lower back.

“Um, you don’t have a table near the back, do you?”

Giving him a slightly confused look for turning down a perfectly fine table, Michael winked at you as the hostess led you farther into the restaurant. She brought you to a dimly lit table with a single rose in a vase in the middle, topped with a crisp white tabletop and silverware.

“Perfect,” Michael grinned, “thank you.”

She handed you two menus as Michael scooted his chair closer to yours, and you smirked. “Don’t get too comfortable, Clifford.”

“And why not? I just can’t get over you in that dress, baby. You look fantastic.”

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