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A reaction to Bts coming home seeing you curl up sleeping with your guys 2 months child on the couch^.^

Omg this is so cute and kind of hard to write lol PLUS I had major feels writing this lmao.


Seokjin : Jin here would be a grinning mess, seeing his two most cherished and loved people curled up into a ball, obviously waiting for his arrival,his heart would totally melt at the sight and he’ll reach for his pocket and fish for his phone to snap a picture or two.

Yoongi : Yoongi would be a little less smiley,unlike Jin. Because the first thing he’d feel is worry for the both of you,he’d worry if both of you are comfortable in your position and how long have you guys stayed like that (im not saying that Jin wouldn’t worry or anything, he too would be worried,but in his case it’ll be after he had stared at the both of you for too long,only then he’d realize lol). Nonetheless, his heart will also flutter at the sight and like Jin he’d snap a picture or two.

Hoseok : Okay I can literally imagine Hoseok pouting as soon as he enters the door and walked in on you guys curled up into a ball WITHOUT him, he’d be like “why am I not invited in the cuddle party? And pout jokingly at you and your baby’s sleeping state,
something like that lmao,but he’d get over it immediately and like the first two members he’d also snap a picture, this time its more than two pics, who knows maybe a couple of hundreds? Lol. Hey, it might came handy when you decided to do a scrapbook.

Namjoon : He’d be super smiley,like his dimple with be so deep af and he would melt at the sight too. Also I could see him being a little emotional about it like, he’d be “ah, I wish I could spend more time with them” or “ Ah, I’m sorry for not being a good husband or father” smth like that, like where did those thoughts came from and all, idk I just kind of imagine him looking at the both of you and he’d feel a rush of different emotions, that he didn’t know was even there wash over him. BUT he’ll definitely took a lot of pictures because moments like this are rare for him to see ,specially with his busy schedule.

Jimin : I see Jimin as a mixture of Namjoon and Yoongi. He’d be so worried too if you both were comfortable and all that, he’d even go to your room to get some pillows to make sure both of you are in great condition. And also like Namjoon he’d be emotional too,maybe shed a few tears?. Jimin can be emotional (? Idk if its the right term to use,forgive me) when it comes to people that he loves and cherish so you might stir a little from causing him to hurriedly wipe his face,fortunately that didn’t woke you up BUT he’ll get over it after some time of talking it out with himself and finally smile at how the two of you look. He’d also take pictures, including one with him on it.

Taehyung : He’d be a lot like Hoseok enough said lol. And also I could imagine him loudly cooing at how cute you guys looked as he snap pictures at different angles. He’d be so loud he’ll wake you and your baby up but that’ll won’t last long because he’d join you and it will now be the three of you curled into a ball,him sneakingly snapping some pictures at your “bonding time”.

Jungkook : Okay I could imagine Jungkook’s eyes sparkling as he stare at the both of you curled up into a ball as soon as he walked in. He’d be so smiley (showing he’s bunny teeth) and he would stare at you guys for sooo long he’d be in such a daze. Everything in him would flutter, long story short he’d be beaming at the sight. And he’d definitely took a picture.

Yey!!! Lol I finished it. Thank you for requesting I hope I did it the way you wanted it,( cause I was a little confused at first if what you meant was curled up into a ball or curled up like in a cuddly type of way? I’m sorry if I’m not making sense) please let me know :( if I got it right or wrong, so I could change it for you if it is :) , anyways, THANK YOU AGAIN :)


Fanart Monday!

Fanart of the week by @boblovesexplosions

I lost count of how many of these I’ve made so far <3

You guys keep being awesome and sending super cute fanarts, so I can’t really do anything about it!! Jeez >u<

Ok I’d like to say something: I’ve decided that I won’t post anything that’s not fanart in here. Because I keep receiving pictures and memes of things that are not realy Underfell or Undertale related at all, and I really dunno what to do with those; I am grateful for the nice thougths, but those kind of things don’t really belong in “fanart” monday. Sorry. I still appreciate them, though.

With that being said, I’ll start <3

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#5- You go camping

”come on y/n, it’ll be fun!!” ash shouted as he tried to get you to go into the lake ”no ash it’ll be freezing and as you can see we’re in the middle of nowhere and i dont want to get any colder than i already am. why have we come here anyway?” you ask him as he sighs and puts more wood on the fire.
”the boys said we should have a romantic night away and so i thought this would be romantic” he said giving you a cheesy smile.
”oh yeah, cause camping in the cold in the middle of nowhere is really romantic” you said rolling your eyes. ‘heyy!!” he said sitting next to you on the make shift chair thing you made so you could cuddle together.
”i thought there would be lots of cuddling and stuff to keep warm” he said winking ”you. are. disgusting” you said whilst laughing ”you love me though” he said then kissed your cheek. ”thats right, i do” you said as you cuddled up to his side.

”so the boys have decided to go log hunting, but ashton or calum will probs get distracted by a bunny or something” you said as you sat back in the tent with luke. He laughed and nodded his head. ”now we have some time to ourselves” he said smiling, you raised your eyebrows and then lay down next to him.
”I wish we could do this more often” you said sighing ”what? camping in a field with a bunch of strangers or cuddling?” you giggled and said cuddling to which he sighed.
”so do i babe, but being in the band is the main priority”he said ”i know, of course it is and you know i support you and the boys every step of the way, i just miss you a lot when you’re away is all” you said hugging him a little tighter. he kissed your head and hugged you close.
”i miss you too. all the time” he said sighing. you looked up at him and smiled ”we’re together now though, and even though we might not have a lot of time together by ourselves cause of the boys, we’ll have a good time” you said then kissed his cheek as you heard the boys come back shouting about how they saw the cutest rabbit on the way back and how michael tripped and dropped all the logs and so they took longer than expected. you didnt care though because the more time you could spend with luke before he went away again the better.

”im glad you were allowed to come y/n” cal said as he unloads your stuff from the van. You had gone on a family vacation for the weekend with cal and his family and at first you werent allowed but once your parents had met calums their minds had changed and they let you go. You were at the caravan site about 2 hours from your local town and calums parents had come earlier in the day to make sure the tents were all set up. Calum was putting all yours and his stuff into your shared tent (( a lot of persuading had gone in to that but they finally let you share a tent)) and you had brought about 3 duvets just so that you would be comfortable and warm, although with calum there there was no doubt that you would keep warm throughout your vacation. Once he had sorted everything out you both went to the lakeside for a walk.
”i’m so glad we get to have a weekend together”you said to him, as you held his hand and sat watching the sunset. ”so am i, ive missed you so much whilst being on tour, but now its finished and we have a month together to do whatever we want” he said smiling down at you. ”you dont unerstand how happy it makes me that i get you for a whole month” you said smiling up at him. He looked down at you and smiled ”alright enough of this romantic stuff, wanna go for a swim?”he said already taking his top off. You giggled and followed suite and jumped into the lake, you already knew this was going to be a great weekend.

”i cant wait for this, omg, my first festival” you screached. ”alright babe calm down” michael laughed at you. ”sorry, just so many of my fave bands will be there, and i love camping out too” you said as you walked towards your tents. You and the boys had decided to go to Reading Festival as they had a month off the tour and were in the UK for a while.
”i cant wait to see you drunk”calum laughed ”hey, who said i was getting drunk, i actually want to remember seeing my fave bands live” you said laughing calum just shook his head as you neared your tents.
”we already shot gun the biggest one” michael said running to it, with you not far behind. ”yeah and we all know why that is”ashton giggled ”shut it irwin” you said as you threw your bags into the tent. You collapsed onto the floor and leaned on one arm looking at michael. ”thank you for this, its gonna be a weekend i surely will never forget” you said as you leaned in and kissed him slowly. ”well we have the night to do whatever we want cause it doesnt start officially till tomorrow, sooo….”he leaned over you as you started giggling and kissed you slowly.