omg im losing control what is this

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(Amaxingdaes) Top 6 Yixing airport looks or Dancing moments

omg yay im gonna do dancing moments !

1. mama 2016 monster dance break this bitch spread it all the way down like shit dude

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2. lose control point dance honestly the amount of silk on his body is only adding to my restlessness i hate his ass

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3. what u need chorus dance he just looks so HAPPY i love this move

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4. artificial love. kill my ass yixing

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5. mym. i swore i would never speak of this i cant believe im willing putting this here But its a staple yixing dance n ive typed this with my eyes closed im not looking at that gif longer than i absolutely have to for the sake of my health

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6. el dorado light dance hes so fckn cute cbsidhvnkjsdvnj

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tldr; its not a yixing dance unless there is a very blatant very obvious and very sensual allusion to his dick

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hey!! can you do a daniel smut/scenario where y/n gives him a bj???

there’d be a lot of hands; his hands in ur hair, cupping ur face, grabbing ur chin to make u look up at him, though he’d be struggling with his usual control because he’d be enjoying himself so much, losing himself to the feeling of your mouth and tongue. he’d be groaning a lot to begin with, saying your name and telling you what to do but by a certain point he’d just be lying back with his eyes closed letting you do as you please. on certain occasions though, if you asked for it, he’d definitely be willing to go rougher, fucking your mouth till tears form in ur eyes. He’d always be caring afterwards though, making sure you were ok and taken care of even if he himself was the one coming down from orgasm.