omg im gonna cry ;v;

  • police: 911 what's ur emergency
  • me: arrest min yoongi bc his cuteness is mixing with his hotness and it's illegal and killing me and i just
  • police: miss we're sorry we are not permitted to -

Credit to lunaticgrin, for the gif. Thank you so much for letting me use it. ; w ;

I will always try my best to update this list and such. ^u^

This order is just alphabetical, as I tried to think of URL’s from the top of my head, and not specific people I put first.

Thank you for reading. ; w ;


50-shades-of-eren-jaeger 50-shades-of-armin-arlert  assfacejean alicethemonstrumologist askhumanitieslasthope anniehardt askzeheichou askirljeanmarco annie-areyouokay-leonhardt askhanjianything askfemlevivoice ask-colossal-coward ask-erens-titan-form annie-leonhardt-the-titan  ask-thetitanwhisperer askarmint askartemiswright actualhousewifeeren alois-the-trancy


blueeyedintelligence bluntkirstein bubbaplease bitterhorseface bloodlusteren  brutallyhonestjean caringwasmyfall christian-renz  childofthefrostandchill  colossal-regret commander-jean-kirsch corporalmochi


dreamsofoutside duketheuke did-someone-say-titan damnnowallroseforyou  eren-jaegersbasement erensaidjustice erenismyhome erenhardheadedjaeger explanitivelogistics erenchansansama


feinddesmenschen flowering-mizuho fromthepantiestotheannie freckles-everywhere freckled-lesbian god–dammit-eren giantskinlessbitch goddess-lesbian


handsome-commander heichou-bitches humanitysmostpowerfulsoldier humanity-strongest-soldier hetastuck-supernatural-jaeger iustitiax  iamthebigbadwolfandive  its-corporal-bitch


just-ask-ymir jeanspookykirschtein kisskiss-fall-in-blood kyojin-senpai


lance–corporal–levi levi-fucking-rivaille little-wings-of-freedom  left-arminrp  letskouswimming morsdecorus mikasa-is-not-sukasa mamahange momkasa-mikasa mafia-rivaille


 outsidethesewalls onefryshortofahappymeal  onetwothreeyeager


property-of-jean picturesofarmincrying potatoesandwolves peptalkrobodt proud-perfection quickthinkingblond


rivaille-obsessed rogue-jaeger steadfastxvigilante stephano-the-duck sebby-cat-chan siemeister


titan-marco titankillingbombshell tatteredscarves thefireatdawn  the-protective-sword thearminarlert tactica-prodigium thatdamnedshifter urdgoddessoflove


 vigilate-canem-and-aranea vindicatory-bocchan valgekarvane  virgin-eren  vincentti whoinvitedbenben


yopandagirl yo-its-eren

I’ll always be updating the list of course, like i already said..I think I said it…*Scrolls back up* ..*comes back* yeah I did.

I’m SO glad I got this done. Sorry for takin’ up your dashes, everyone… ; A ; Bye bye!!