omg im creaming

#bnhainktober day 5: fav quirk goes to todoroki’s icyhot quirk!! (ft. midoriya and iida)

useful in battle? check. making ur friends happy?? CHECK ✓ 

the list of prompts that i’m using: (x)

one time i was playing fire emblem: awakening and i had finished taking my turn but my enemy wasn’t attacking and i was getting super frustrated checking and re-checking to make sure i hadn’t missed anyone and i was this close to freaking out when i realized

i had forgotten kellam

Guys I think I found this special InuKag compilation again! A long time ago, I don’t know where online, but I read that Shonen Sunday had compiled all of the InuKag moments in the manga into one book and I happened to stumble upon this on Amazon by accident! I think It’s only in Japanese though (look how adorable it looks with all the hearts!!!).

Update: It’s on Ebay as well!!! And it’s called Inuyasha to Kagome.

A foxtrot above my head, a sockhop beneath my bed.