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Lazy Days with Chen
  • Him waking up earlier than usual 
  • Him being energetic 
  • Him waking you up by jumping on the bed
  • “Let me sleep more…”
  • “But you said that we were going to spend the whole day together when I woke up…”
  • You not listening to him
  • You sleeping more
  • “Make it yourself.”
  • “I tried but I think it’ll be better if you do it because remember last time? I set the stove on fire, I don’t think it’s a good choice…”
  • Him following you around the house the whole day
  • You making a blanket fort 
  • You taking his phone away because he keeps playing that one game
  • Also he looks at memes
  • “Do you want a back massage?”
  • Him resting his hands on your thigh
  • You laying on his chest
  • Him stroking your hair
  • “Why don’t you wear that lingerie set I bought you last week and do a little show”
  • “Nah, i’ll pass that.”
  • You not being able to say no to him because he keeps doing to :3 face and it’s cute
  • “I didn’t buy them for nothing” *wink wink*
  • The boys texting him
  • “Why are you not answering - Minseok”
  • “Because I’m a guy who has a day off and who has a hot girl by his side.”
  • Taking cute selfies together
  • Playing video games
  • Him falling asleep early while cuddling :3

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“What if MC was a youtuber?”


  • You are a youtuber that did challenges (You know the ones i’m talking about)
  • Honestly didn’t realize that your job was making videos until he saw a video on youtube that you did a few days (while at his place)
  • He then discovered your whole channel and oh boi
  • Not only was he in fits of laughter from your comments and jokes
  • But a while back you talked about your favorite movies in a video
  • And out of the ten, three where movies he’s been the lead role in
  • Once you get home from something (shopping? A walk? Idk you chose)
  • You find zen laughing at your videos
  • Nooo
  • Nooooooooooo how’d he find those
  • “MC! I didn’t know you were so funny!”
  • Insists on being in one of your videos
  • One time you did his make up for a challenge
  • “Zen….you look better than I do”
  • He totally supports the youtube thing
  • And anytime you need a partner/friend for a challenge
  • You can bet your ass he’ll be willing to do it
  • Also your fans are really confused because like


  • You are a gaming youtuber
  • He actually watched your videos
  • Somehow this boy didn’t realize it was you
  • Until he heard you recording a video
  • You were playing some horror game for your channel when a jump scare happened causing your character to die
  • He peered into the room to see what was going on
  • (he accidently go into camera view)
  • Yoosung knew that you played games
  • He also knew you swore like a sailor while playing said games
  • So he didn’t think anything of it
  • But a fews hours later
  • The video was uploaded
  • And he was watching your video when he saw himself???? In the camera????
  • WAIT MC YOU’RE *interest channel name here* !!!!!????”
  • ‘Yea…i thought you knew?’
  • “NO!!!!”
  • Oh boi what are you going to with this child
  • He’s your number one fan
  • Really loves to brag to his LOLOL friends about you
  • And when you ask for him to be in a video with you
  • !!!!!!!! he is ALL over that
  • But he’s really nervous /What if he fucks up?/
  • Your fans absolutely adore him


  • You are a vlogger
  • But you’re fans do get to see her and they like her
  • She didn’t understand what you meant by
  • You ‘document your life everyday’
  • But once you moved in with her and started vlogging
  • She was even more confused
  • You would walk around talking to a camera sometimes
  • “MC…? What are you doing…?”
  • ‘Oh sorry Jaehee! This is just something i do’
  • You respect her privacy and when she doesn’t want to be on camera
  • There is fanart of you and Jaehee because so many of your fans ship it


  • You were a youtuber that made videos whenever you had an idea or whenever you wanted to tell your fans a story (Kinda like Dan and Phil)
  • Jumin got home….earlier than expected
  • As you were filming a video telling a funny story from your past.
  • You were using the living room to film
  • As you started to explain your story
  • Jumin opened the door
  • You didn’t notice
  • He didn’t want to disturb you
  • So he listened
  • Once you got to the funniest part of your story
  • He made a small laugh
  • “J U M I N  WHAT THE…!”
  • You just realized he was there
  • “MC, I enjoyed the story..but who are you talking to?”
  • This fucking guy
  • You turned off the camera
  • And did your best to explain youtube to jumin
  • He didn’t really understand it
  • But he supported it
  • And if you ever did a tour
  • He’d be more then happy to travel places with you
  • Your fans didn’t really realize that you were dating the rich Jumin han
  • Till the tour
  • Your fans didn’t really know how to feel
  • But soon accepted him
  • After you told stories about jumin

Saeyoung(707): (this one is for vine. Rip 2k16)

  • You were a viner but you also made stupid/fun skits on youtube
  • And since your boyfriend Saeyoung was ‘trapped’ in his room all day
  • You took it as a day for yourself and began to plan some skits
  • All was well
  • You were in a costume that you found online
  • Super ready to film this, it was your best idea yet
  • You were going to film a short skit about Christmas
  • You had already filmed the part out of the costume
  • So now phone in hand and reindeer costume on
  • You say your line
  • Then you hear a burst of laughter
  • It was Saeyoung
  • He had left his room for once because he ran out of snacks
  • But now he was trying to breathe because of how much he was laughing
  • After he had calmed down, and you had gotten out of that weird costume
  • You told him about your vine account and youtube channel
  • He knew
  • Of course he knew (that little shit)
  • He always laughed at how creative and funny you were
  • He started to help you do videos and skits (so you didn’t have to do them alone rip)
  • Also refuses to let any hate show up in your comments
  • Your fans thinks he’s just as funny as you are


  • You filmed creative and inspiring videos
  • You had this aura of positivity
  • So you started filming inspirational things to help spread that positivity
  • V had found your channel through a fellow photographer friend of his
  • His sight was bad, but not gone.
  • Still it was hard to realize it was you
  • Once he heard you voice while watching it
  • And the wonderful words you spoke
  • He teared up
  • You were so amazing….did he deserve you? 
  • You came home to see him tearing up looking at a screen
  • “V? Oh my god are you oka-…is that my video?”
  • He explained that his friend sent it to him
  • and he started to explain why he thought he didn’t deserve you
  • A lot of hugging and forehead kisses from you
  • And now whenever he was feeling down, he’d listen to your words of inspiration.
  • The fans don’t know about him, but you have mentioned that you’re dating a famous photographer

Saeran (Unkown):

  • Your channel was a clusterfuck of whatever you wanted it to be
  • From pranks, to music covers, to ranting about this or that, to stories from your life
  • But you were actually really popular somehow??
  • And the day that Saeran and you went for a walk to get ice cream, was the same day a bunch of your fans made a meetup… that same park
  • You had thought it was the next week
  • As you and your edgy bf walked around the park
  • You heard screams, a lot of screams
  • It was your fans noticing that you had actually shown up
  • Saeran was actually afraid (Who wouldn’t be with a bunch of people running in your direction screaming)
  • You stayed for a little bit, saying hi to everyone and getting pictures. All that jazz
  • Once you noticed that saeran was hella uncomfortable
  • You apologized to everyone, and said you had to leave, but still to have fun and make friends
  • You walked up to saeran and he pretty much ran out of there, with you behind him
  • Poor boy was shook
  • You explained that you did youtube and what it was
  • He was confused
  • Once you got home you showed him your channel
  • He didn’t know what to think about it
  • But you were pretty funny (Not like he’d ever admit that to you)
  • Once he saw how creative you were with pranks he came up with an idea to prank Saeyoung
  • And to this day, the video of you pranking saeyoung for a week straight, non stop pranks, but nothing on Sunday just to see how on edge he was. Is still number one most popular
  • Your fans love saeran, they think he’s edgy as fuck, and some of them are afraid of him.
  • But they love him


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He would be cracking up at first and wont stop laughing. The next time he saw P.O he would get in his face and say something like “ My girlfriend can imitate you better than you . what do you think of that?”


Kyung would die of laughter and make you do it again.

“You sound just like him!” “Come on jagi one more time please?”


*GIF* “That’s my girl (;”


Realizes that you’ve been hanging out with P.O too much “ Please don’t one P.O is enough around here.”


“ OMG that was so cute!” *becomes a giggling mess*


“ You got everything down even the way he points his finger!”


At first he’ll be like:

*1000 % Judging you*

Once you finish:

* Gets all excited*

*** Gif credit goes to the original owners**

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1/2 *hugs* I'm sorry things are shit. I hope they get better soon. (yoi headcanon: when Victor and Yuuri are planning their wedding, they get into an argument over whether or not they should get new rings for wedding bands or use the old ones.

thank you and omg this is so cute fuckbgn adorable yes like?? I can imagine Victor showering Yuuri in jewellery to make up for this and also just because he thinks he’l look pretty in it?? and Yuuri is just like?? this is not necessary?? and i do not dress to match this you dingus// and Victor’s like// if that’s the problem we can change that too {:<  kvlhs sorry dangit 

✿ have a lovely day ✿ 


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Name: Havoc
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Favorite fictional characters: Death (Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s versions), Edmond Dantes, Odysseus, Kenshin Himura, Lelouch Lamperouge
Favorite Novel: The Count of Monte Cristo and The Odyssey.
What are you wearing right now?: A T-shirt…
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What do I post mostly?: Mostly whatever catches my eye.
Do I run any more blogs?: Not at the moment. May change that.
Most active follower?: @reading-wanderer. They rock
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aaaaAAAA FRIEND SO MANY IM CRYING. ;W; First off tHANK YOU. *HUGS* Second, I don’t think I have a friend group?? Do I have a friend group omg, I ask myself this everyday. XDD But hey, if you wanna be part of my friend group (eVEN THOUGH I DON’T KNOW IF I HAVE ONE), you can be! You can also join the Awkward Potato Club. (@archervale @artsymeeshee, we got another recruit!)

But ye, message me anytime pal, I’m so up for getting to know you as well! :D

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AN: First fic posted by Georgia guys! Hope you like it! GIF isnt ours but omg *-*

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Prompt: Can u do one in which Pietro looses a bet to Tony meaning that he has to get the tattoo his gf y/n choose which is a tattoo related to Harry Potter! But she adds girly stuff to it just to show Piet a lesson! Which is “Never make bets wt Tony* thanks!

Warnings: None

Writer: Georgia

 I walked into the kitchen the morning after another infamous Stark party to hear Steve and the others teasing my boyfriend for his lack of common sense. “I still can’t believe you thought you could drink the same amount as Tony Stark and still expect to win an obstacle course, which he designed, full of hurdles over half your height and you allowed him his suit.” I laughed at my hungover boyfriend as he hid his face in his hands and groaned. “I know, I know I’m an idiot” Pietro grumbled. 

“You’re the biggest idiot out there, he has a super suit, designed the course and has been drinking regularly for years, I don’t see how you were so easily convinced” I giggled standing behind him wrapping my arms around his torso and pressing a kiss his cheek and he simply rolled his eyes at me. While Pietro was recovering I went in search for the reason of the nights activities before, soon finding Tony in the lab with Bruce as usual. 

“Hey Y/N”
“Hey Bruce, Tony” I smiled jumping up onto one of the counters making myself comfortable.
“How’s Speedy coping?” Tony smirked and I couldn’t help the one on my face.
“He’s getting there. I don’t think he realises the consequences of his actions yet though, he may have forgotten cause he doesn’t seem too worried” I chuckled and Tony’s face lit up in pure excitement before he started bouncing on the balls of his feet and gave me puppy dog eyes. “Oh my god can I tell him Y/N please, please, please, please, please!!”
 “Yeah go for it” I laughed before hopping down and following a giggling Tony to the kitchen where Pietro and the rest of the Avengers were gathered.
“Oi Speedy! Do you remember what you owe me for the bet last night?!” Tony smirked and similar smirks came across the others faces as they realised Pietro couldn’t even remember what he’d gotten himself into.
 “Oh God no. What is it this time?” he groaned rolling his eyes waiting for Tony’s latest idea to embarrass him.
“You my dear stupid friend are getting a tattoo, as chosen by your favourite girlfriend, however I will be checking to see that it is also a beautifully girly and pink and absolutely adorable.” As Tony spoke I could see the realisation on Pietro’s face as his eyes widened.
“No, no, no, no, no, nope, Y/N please tell me he’s talking crap! I’m not getting a freaking tattoo!” Pietro turned to me with a look of utter desperation and I could see the regret in his eyes instantly.
 “I tried to warn you, this is what you get for failing to listen to us all, most importantly your own sister and girlfriend.” Wanda laughed
 “Oh God, I swear I’m never drinking or talking to you people again” 


A few days later I’d finally had an idea for my boyfriend’s tattoo I was happy with and took it to Tony to see what he thought before we had the tattoo artist Tony had picked out come in to do it later that afternoon. Pietro and the others had no idea what the tattoo would look like but I could only hope he wouldn’t hate me too much after it. Tony seemed pleased enough that he was the reason for Pietro getting an unwanted tattoo in the first place so I tried to make it one I could later justify to my boyfriend.
 “Okay Piet please don’t hate me too much for this and remember you have nothing and no one to blame but yourself. And Tony. And alcohol. But really it’s your own fault.” I smirked before placing a sweet peck on my boyfriend’s lips and seeing his pout.
 “Please just let me run away” he tried begging for the thousandth time.
 “Nope. You got yourself into it and it’s Tony, you can’t escape that easily, sorry babe. At least he wasn’t designing it too.”
“Can I see it before it’s done at least?” “Nope again. Sorry babe but it’s a surprise” I winked before leaving the tattoo artist to do their work. 


Once the work was finished and the other Avengers gathered in the living room it was time for the reveal. “Drum roll please” grinned Tony as everyone stomped their feet or tapped their hands on the table while my boyfriend lifted his shirt to show his tattoo to everyone and see it for the first time himself. It was on his side about halfway down so he could hide it easily enough but it was big enough to notice. Daisies, rainbows and other girly things created the shape of the Deathly Hallows sign from Harry Potter as well as a few Pygmy Puffs, also from Harry Potter, so they looked like they were stacked up to create the wand in the deathly hallows sign. Overall it looked like it had been designed by a little girl to please Tony and the others but I’d included the Harry Potter references to try and please my boyfriend. Our first proper conversation was when I was reading it and it led to us talking for hours about our favourite creatures and other things in the world of Harry Potter and he admitted to loving the idea of an adorable fluffy pink creature and our first date involved a Harry Potter movie marathon. The others didn’t realise and just laughed at the bright pink girly tattoo that the Sokovian man would now have to live with and all the jokes started. But I could see the moment of realisation on Pietro’s face when he saw the Pygmy Puffs and that the shape all of the girly doodles made up the deathly hallows sign. Pietro’s glance met mine for a second giving me a knowing smile before we listened to the numerous jokes being thrown at him from everyone. Later in bed with Pietro I snuggled into his side and he wrapped his arms around me and I rested my head on his chest.
 “Thank you for not being as big an asshole as I know you could have been.” Pietro kissed my head affectionately and I looked up at him to see him smiling lovingly down at me.
“Well if you have to live with it I though you’d like something that at least meant something to you. Or to us. But yeah, sorry I was being stupid but please don’t hate me too much for it. You know Tony would have taken over otherwise.”
“I love it Y/N. It’s adorable and sweet just like my beautiful girlfriend and it means the world to me because it was our first conversation, date, kiss and I love it and you so don’t worry about it.” He smiled and I pulled him in for a kiss before cuddling in as far as I could to his side and slowly fall asleep. 

BMP GIF - Princes finding rock/metal music on MC’s Ipod

djacqki​ Request:  *hug attack* I love your work here! I’ve literally just been scrolling through the blog laughing and crying and swooning and giggling. You do suuuuccch a great job! :D I thought requesting something would be fun so here we go: would you mind doing the reactions of the BMP(1) princes to rock/metal music he finds on his MC’s iPod/phone. You can write ‘em, or make it GIF, up to you. I’d love it either way~~ Thankies! 

OMG LET ME HUG YOU *tackles back in hug* I’m SO thrilled that you like my stuff so much, it really touches me :D I’ll do a gif for this one because I feel like you can see their facial reactions better haha Hope you like it lovely!!! :)


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Imagine #28 : Hot chocolate (Luke Hemmings)

Requested : Yes

mylifeisofficiallyover : THE FEELS I HAVE FOR LUKE AT THE MOMENT ARE INDESCRIBABLE…so would u be able to do an imagine where y/n is on her period and Luke looks after you and is so caring and just does everything to make u feel better and safe and u have really bad pains so he comforts you when you cry and omg I can’t cope!

Rating : No smut

“You’re okay? You look really tired?” Luke asked as he entered our apartment after a day in studio and found me lying on the bed, my hands on my stomach.

“I’m not tired, I’m dying” I retorted and he looked at me for a second before cocking an eyebrow at me.

“Period?” he asked and I nodded before closing my eyes in pain.

I felt the bed dip after a few seconds and next thing I knew, he was rolling me to my side and wrapping an arm around my stomach as he pressed his covered chest against my back. My stomach had been burning for the past two hours and I really didn’t know what to do about it. I just wanted to fall asleep and wake up twenty four hours later, feeling good.

“I vote pizza tonight, then we’ll watch a movie with lots of popcorn and halfway through the movie, we’ll pause and I’ll make us both huge cups of hot chocolate, okay?” Luke murmured against my ear and I smiled as I felt his breath hit my neck.

“You don’t have to do that” I weakly answered and he placed his head on the crook of my neck as he started rubbing my stomach through my shirt.

“Did you take some painkillers?” he asked and I bit down on my bottom lip in guilt.

I hated to take painkillers. It was something I just postponed until I was literally dying from the pain. Luke usually got mad at me for being so stubborn but I just hated taking medicine when it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

“It’s okay, I’ll get some for you” he said as he started to stand up but I grabbed his wrist and forced him to stay with me.

“Just stay for now, please” I begged and I heard him sigh before kissing my cheek.

“Okay, ten more minutes, and then you’ll take those pills” he agreed and I smiled at how sweet he was.

He kept rubbing my stomach for a while before getting up and coming back with painkillers and a glass of water. I didn’t have the energy to fight him, so I just took them and waited twenty minutes for them to become effective.

I then turned to Luke, feeling much better and he gave me one of his faces he always did when he wanted to make me laugh. I chuckled and placed my hands on his forearms and my feet on his legs before pushing with all I had and making him fall from the bed.

He sat up and immediately grabbed one of my wrists before pulling me to him and making me fall on top of him. We both started laughing, me lying on top of him and he wrapped his arms around me just as I was about to seat up. I placed mine around his neck and hugged him close as a smile made its way on my face.

I was on my period and I was feeling good; he was there and it just couldn’t be more perfect.

“Thank you” I murmured and he tightened his arms around me in response before hauling me up and getting us both on the bed.

Exo reaction when you show them some jokes from tumblr about them

Sehun: That was not funny and I hope you end up deleting your blog by mistake.

Kai: No one makes fun of my love for chicken or my dogs 

Tao: This is so lame , can this fandom come with better jokes? like you have one job fandom do it right…and plus I’m not even scared of ghosts anymore

Kyungsoo: Why are you looking at me like , that was supposed to be funny?


*after he realized it’s about him* Wait…….

Chen:*his eyes fell on the name of the blog* Okay that’s weird and it makes me me fear for your safe around here…or for mini chenchen

Baekhyun: Are there more of those around here… is going to have a full night and so much fun

Lay:*5 min  after the joke* So this is why I didn’t see chanyeol around the dorms anymore…..kyungsoo what did you do?

Suho: No one takes me serious do they….ahhhh this is so disappointing *kicked puppy mode on*

Kris:*gets offended by the joke* Yah my head is not a big round egg, it’s more pretty than an egg

Luhan: When will these jokes will come to an end, what do I need to do to prove that I’m manly

Xiumin:God save us all and have mercy on your soul

I wasn’t ready for BTS at all like, how do you start to cope with these crazy children?? I’m gonna be so whipped omg I don’t even want to think about it.

Anyways, these two were just too cute this day and omg taetae you can’t just come out wearing that hat and expect me to do nothing about it, right? Also this haircut makes kookie look so handome give me a break please? I just hope they look kinda alike to the real ones (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)

OMG I am just obsessed with the way stiles says lydia. I mean you literally do not even have to hear him say anything else after that just by that one word you can hear all the love he has for lydia oh god when he is frantic and he says her name in a panic it literally tugs on my heartstrings because it is so full of emotion and desperation and when he is trying to make her feel better or comfort her his voice is so soothing and nervous and the same time like i can not help but just totally melt like even if it is just neutral you can still here how much he cares for her like it totally just makes it hard for me to breath GAWD I LOVE STILES AND LYDIA!!

Large groups of girls are sometimes the worst, tbh. Like, they come together and as they walk everywhere, they see a girl alone and decide that, yes, that girl is the one I must tear down to make myself feel better.

Joke’s on you, darling.

I’m kind of an asshole.

“Omg, do you see that girl? Do you see her hair?” And they do that look that girls in groups do where they glance at one another and then, as one, turn to look at you to look you up and down. Now, normally, a girl alone looks away and pretends she can’t see them because there are more of them than her, and tbh it’s scary to be in that situation. If you have anxiety, it’s even worse.

Instead, I do this:

“Hey, it’s cool. If I was in a large group of people I, too, would whisper and talk about my hair and giggle. Please, continue to stare. I appreciate the compliment that you’re somehow threatened by my existance.”

The expression on their faces as they sped-walked away will keep me warm for days.

Girls, be nice to each other. If we really want equality and to break down the walls of sexism, we must first abandon the notion that men have given us: that in order to be as good as men, we have to step on other women to do so. I don’t want to be as good as a man. I want to be better. I want to behave better. I want everyone to behave better. I want to see girls in groups look at another girl and not feel like they’re alpha because there are more of them. I want us to get there, someday.

But that doesn’t mean I have to take shit to get there.