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When They Wake Up Next To You

{g osh my body B U R N S for this request thank you and everything you’ve done ever}

This was a request from @alteaplier I had lost the original ask for it but it has finally been finished!! Hope you enjoy it may be a bit cheesy and sappy but I L I V E for that ~~~~~~~~~~~ [Shiro]

•you and him totally fell asleep holding one another, but your back is against his (godly) chest

•when he wakes up and rubs his crusty eyelids and can actually see you clearly, he’s already setting up a thanksgiving dinner just for an excuse to thank whoever is up there something extra

•it’s only now does he realize he’s awake really early, probably around 2 or 3AM

•it’s only when he feels how sticky he is with sweat and how he’s breathing quite heavily does he realize he woke up from a nightmare that he’s glad he forgot

•and that’s also when he realizes that you’re face and just the fact you are alive and well and breathing was the reason he forgot so quickly

is very hesitant to reach for your face because he feels that it may be a dream that you’re there, and when he touches you…

•you’ll disappear

•once he touches your cheek and nothing happens, he lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding and just laughs

•(oh go sh k i l l me) he leans in and kisses the top of your forehead and then light pulls you closer to him

•kinda feels like crying because you’re so pure and full of love and thinks you don’t deserve him because he feels he isn’t “to your standards” and is imperfect

•but then he swipes that from his mind because if he had said that out loud and you were awake to hear it you would probably smack the back of his head or start crying (+ a long lecture about why he’s perfect the way he is, even if he bites into ice cream) there’s no in between

•falls asleep easily and dreams of something a lot better than usual


•definitely woke up because you turned toward him

•opens his eyes and just smiles but not like a H U G E grin, just, a smile showing he is content and pleased and, happy. yeah, happy.

•the both of you are in his room in the castle, he’s facing toward the wall with his back to the window.

•the way the light pours in, and rests ever so gently upon your face absolutely blows him away

•you know those times when you just think, and realize wow, I’m actually seeing this with my own two eyes, I am living and breathing and my internal body can do wonders beyond the minds of others. That’s what’s happening.

•he’s seeing you, and truly you, in front of him, where your only worries are your dreams and whether they are good or bad

•just the way the light is on you, and his shoulder casts a shadow on it as well, makes him feel so breathtaken (that’s a word right?) and he has no idea why

•rubs his thumb against your cheek and just shuts his eyes slowly and takes it in. Your feel, your smell, everything.

•kisses your forehead, nose, cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, that one very obvious freckle on your face that you clearly despise because of how obvious it is but he just loves it

•I’m getting sappy and I want to cry pls end me

•bruv you open your eyes at the right time and he just sees how beautiful your eyes are with the light on them like that and he just rolls onto his back

•goes “ok woah who gave you permission! Certainly not me!”

•God could he get used to this though.


•I feel like he wouldn’t have known you were sleeping with him in the first place

•he probably had some nightmare and you happened to be awake to hear it happening and your mom instincts came on and you went in his room right away

•his head was under your chin, so when he woke up he was really confused and gently pulled back

•sees you and is just so confused for several minutes

•like, “what? when did u get here? why?”

•100% believes he doesn’t deserve you

•although he believes that, he still cherishes you and doesn’t try to bring you down by telling you how he feels about your relationship with him

•I feel he’s the one to wake you up, whether it’s an accident or on purpose.

•maybe he pushes you lightly and whispers your name a few times and it’s all just so he could thank you politely and properly

•or he noticed how your hair was stuck under your eyelashes and your mouth and he has super short nails so he accidentally pinches you grabbing them

•totally laughs if that’s the case like I’ll fight you on this

•you: “keith ow wtf”

•keith: pffffffffttttttttfffffff


•omg please my pure chil d I love him sm


•holds your hands

•rubs his hands up the sides of your arms and on your waist

•just, gosh my breathing is slowing down and now its speeding up and I can see every math equation

•already knows he’s gonna make you some B O M B A S S b-fast and even if you don’t like it he’ll make it better!

•besides that, he almost cried and he’s just like “ohmygodjdbbd hhhhhhhhhffffff I love you”

•let’s say he has a camera on him, 99.9999999% chance he’ll take a photo of you no matter the flash

•you’ll probably wake up and be like ok tf

•he just looks at you, gently pulls you to him with his hand on the back of your head and kisses your forehead, then rests his own against it

••you’re probably blown away because he’s so wholesome and sweet especially so early in the morning where souls are still asleep

•tells you to go back to sleep

•if u do he’ll play with your hair and if you don’t he’ll play with your hair

•coran walks in at one point and hunk just fukcing stares him in the eyes and coran puts his hands up and backs out “ok ok ok ok ok o-”


•as soon as I saw this request I had Pidge’s planned out RIGHT away

•ok so basically, pidge is designing a new robot that can help create fabrics and new clothes for everyone in the castle, for when they don’t have the time to borrow some from Coran or Allura or go to a Space Mall

•you watch as her brain works through everything and her fingers are moving so quickly as she pieced together each and every intricate part of the robot

•you end up falling asleep on her shoulder and she doesn’t realize until she herself starts drifting off so you both fall asleep against the side of her bed

•allura happens to be checking on you and asks Shiro to help the both of you into the bed

•when Pidge wakes up not only is she confused, she’s also worried

•you two had stayed up so late, that there’s no doubt it’s really late into the afternoon, but when she realizes it’s not, and she must’ve woke up randomly, she sighs in relief

•she kisses your forehead and just continues to look at you

•touch your face again? Never. she didn’t want to risk waking you, or stirring you to the point that you roll over

•everything was perfect, almost all stress was gone from her

•her last thought before falling asleep is “I hope we find Matt soon, alive and well, so he can meet the person that makes me truly feel and truly love.”

•most likely whispers I love you or holds your hand before falling into a lovely slumber

YoonKookSeok in a nutshell pt. 2
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: wow you're good
  • Jungkook: hyu-
  • Hoseok: haha omg haHAHA
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: is anyone seeing this?? absolutely amazing!
  • Jungkook: wh-
  • Hoseok: LMAO ASDFGHJKL this is too fUNNY

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Me: cries because if isak has a broken nose him and even can't eskimo kiss. That's just too rude. I'm suffering

it’s okay! wanna know a secret?

Isak likes this better now (as a temporary thing of course because eskimo kissing his bf is life tbh) but omg now? 

now Isak sits there as Even cradles his face gently, and presses the most tiny little baby angel kisses on either side of Isak’s broken nose, before finishing it off with a soft sloppy one on the top. 

Isak will say “you do know that kissing it doesn’t actually make it better right?” 

Even simply kisses it again before saying “doesn’t mean I am going to stop trying.” <3 <3 

Shit Murdoc would do when he's in love with you

- you already know this crusty thot gon’ be extra with yo ass
- no more than 3 seconds without a kiss
- you hug him a lot and he’s like “k” but deep down he’s like “ *gasps in asparagus* bAby omG fUccKkK”
- BiTCH he spoils you so damn much
- “did I tell you I loved you today??? Cause yeah I fuckin love you”
- he actually sobs when you compliment him
- oop he kissed you again
- the simple things make him K.O “I love you Murdoc ❤” “babe I just had a heart attack”
- cares about you more than you think, low-key watches you sleep
- sex isn’t just sex; it really means something to him emotionally
- you cry and watch vampire movies
“That ones cute” “I can suck your blood better than they can smh”
(Should I do more like these bro gimmie themes I got an ask box Y'ALL)


random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better

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Headcanon that Jack needs glasses from doing art late at night but doesn't realise it and just thinks it's normal not to be able to read big billboards and stuff until Davey tricks him into wearing Specs's glasses and he can see better..?

Omg okay on the one hand I support this because it’s cute but on the other I feel the need to spread accurate information about glasses because I wear them (well, contacts usually) myself. Since you can’t get bad eyesight from eye strain and trying on someone else’s glasses rarely makes your vision any better because of different prescriptions, allow me to propose some alternative glasses head canons:

  • Jack’s eyesight slowly gets worse and he doesn’t notice because it’s so gradual but eventually he’s holding things really close to his face to read them and Davey notices and is like??? what is my idiot of a boyfriend doing now???
  • So Davey makes him go to a opticians and get his eyesight checked
  • He’s incredibly short-sighted to not have realised earlier and Davey jokes that it’s because Jack is always stuck in his own little daydreams
  • Jack has to get glasses because he really can’t see much and it’s not safe
  • When he gets them he has a ‘whOA the world isn’t actually blurry’ moment and his surprised expression is so cute that Davey can’t help but laugh
  • But when he actually sees himself Jack hates how he looks in the glasses and is really self-conscious about it. It takes a couple of days of everyone, prompted by Davey, telling him he looks great, and Davey explaining that the glasses make it easier for him to see and do art, for him to start to acclimatise.
  • When Davey admits he thinks they make Jack look hot, that helps a lot too

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It looks like Allura and Keith bonding over Keith being a Galra is a popular topic but all the headcanons for it so far are sad and angst, like I get why, but also please consider:

- Allura turning purple to make Keith feel better.
- Keith being all like “oh yeah well my purple is more purple” and he fully changes into Galra because apparently there’s a dumb competition now over who can get more purple
- Allura countering with “Okay but can you do this?!” and she gets like 2m tall
- rip Keith

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So recently, I found your tumblr and I must say, your art and animations are drowning me in so much awesomeness! No to mention, you're killing me with all of those fabulous shop items, I need every single one of them!! I'm not sure if this was asked before, but what anima software do you use? It's hard to find a good one to animate on... I hope it's not a bother for you to answer this question >^<

Awww qwq Thank you very much omg …
Don’t buy every single one!! I don’t want people to starve D: .. you can’t eat prints or charms … well maybe you can .. but still!!!
But thank you q0q!!!

Ah I use Clip Studio Paint EX for both art and animation :)!!!
And am trying to get around with OpenToonz to make better camera movement, as this is not possible in Clip Studio xox;;;
But still i looove this program as I have used it before the animation possibility haha x3

Blackpink headcanons on their under 5ft S/O

Requested by; anon

Omg those short head canons are so cute. Could you please do one for BLACKPINK having a gf under 5’ (rip me I’m only 4'10 and already 21 ha) thanks lovelies! 💖


  • would compliment you every single minute of the day
  • cuddliest big spoon ever to exist
  • clothes sharing!!
  • “let me kiss your cute face, this height differences makes it even better!”
  • happiest when she’s with you


  • can be very stubborn but tries to get less stubborn around you
  • matching oversized hoodies
  • loves cuddly movie nights
  • brings you to practice
  • “work that pose! that’s my baby! show off those legs!”


  • small pair
  • “let’s fight anyone who mocks us, I’m ready!”
  • giggly as hell!!
  • kisses, hugs, kisses, hugs, kisses and more hugs
  • proud as hell of you


  • “let’s get matching outfits and gross everyone out with our cuteness!”
  • playfullest girlfriend ever
  • teaches you Thai
  • appreciates everything you do
  • takes photos of you when you’re killing an outfit

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Em we need you. Joseph talk about Klaroline today and he said that he doesn't want Klaroline so isn't he wants drama, conflict fire before that. Can you make a gif set with his words. Here are the videos: twitter(.)com/zoetribbiani/status/868458373485912065 twitter(.)com/dobsleydiary/status/868396265524011008

OMG. Y’ALL JOMO WANTS KLAROLINE TO HAPPEN BUT IF THEY DO HE WANTS CONFLICT, DRAMA, AND IF SHE DOES COME SHE NEEDS TO BE ANGRY WITH HIM OR HE NEEDS TO BE ANGRY WITH HER. IM CRYING. thank you so much for sending me this!! if and when there’s better quality of the footage i will of course do my best to gif it! i would gif one of these versions of the video right now but i don’t have time (my ass is supposed to get ready to go somewhere already LOL) but askjdskndfkjv i’m literally cannot w/ what he said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boyfriend Haechan pt.2

this is all for you @brokentingkerbell ;))

  • honestly you’d be blessed yet unfortunate to have lee donghyuck as your boyfriend
  • blessed because he treats you like no one has ever treated you before
  • unfortunate because you’re stuck with this idiot probably for the rest of your life
  • more towards the bless side because honestly who can resist him
  • okay on to the couple things and moments
  • knowing him he’d probably steal and take your phone away a few times a week just to take ugly and random selfies
  • and when you threaten to put it up online ,
  • he’d get all whiney and angry
  • “ No everyone thinks i’m handsome , i cant let you ruin my reputation online ”
  • “ Donghyuck please you’re the only one who thinks you’re handsome ”
  • “ Cut the crap and keep the photos to yourself ”
  • “ If only … You promise to do your homework on your own for once and not copy mine ”
  • and he’d groan and roll his eyes at you
  • but later that day he’d do his work seriously and you’d stare at him because you admired him when he was all serious and hardworking
  • one moment he’d be like
  • “ ew don’t touch me skinship is gross ”
  • the next moment he’ll be clinging onto you like some leech and pecking you on your cheeks until you finally give in and hug him back
  • when both of you become partners in crime and try to prank the other members you’ll succeed and then both of you would laugh about it for the next few days
  • “ Omg doyoung hyung you should’ve seen your face when you drank it HAHAHAH ”
  • “ YAH OPPA YOUR FACE WAS PRICELESS * high fives haechan * ”
  • and doyoung would glare at both of you , trying to stop himself from hitting yall
  • and just nice , winwin would appear and he’ll look confused ,
  • but when he saw the cup in front of doyoung he’d take it without any doubts and drink it
  • then both you and haechan would laugh your asses off again while winwin’s trying to spit the drink out
  • “ Lee donghyuck i swear one more time you and your girlfriend pulls a prank on us you wouldn’t get any lines ”
  • and donghyuck would stop laughing and act like nothing happened but when the two walked away both of you would break out laughing again
  • you little shits
  • sometimes when you get all emotional and sad ,
  • donghyuck would notice straightaway and ask you what’s wrong
  • while you spilled your heart out he’ll be listening attentively , not interrupting at all
  • he’d be holding your hand and patting your back
  • if he could he’d sing you songs to cheer you up
  • and damn his vocals would be ringing so loudly in your ears you couldn’t help but kiss him on his lips
  • he’d be shocked at first but slowly return back the kiss
  • when you guys go out to watch movies though , if he has watched the movie before he wouldn’t hesitate to spoil all the parts for you in the cinema
  • “ This is the part where he dies ”
  • “ Babe you didn’t have to tell me that ”
  • he’d ignore what you said and continue watching the movie
  • “ he screwed up the whole mission later on with this mistake babe ”
  • and you’d smack his forehead and stuff his mouth with popcorn
  • he’d glare at you but wouldn’t want to let go of your hand
  • when he gets jealous he gets even more cocky and bitchy
  • “ This is my girl and only i can look at her like that , you can’t beat me ”
  • and the other guy probably wanted to start a fight and haechan agreed
  • but you stopped him just in time
  • when yall got home he’ll become a child again , he already is one tbh
  • “ Baby why did you stop me you should have seen the look on that man’s face ”
  • “ Yours was no different from his , hyuck ”
  • “ what do you mean , i look better than him ”
  • and you’d shake your head saying nothing else ,
  • donghyuck probably running to your side to hug you
  • he can be really annoying and childish at times but that’s what you love about him
  • you wouldn’t want to lose him because he makes your days better ,
  • like how you brighten up his days too
  • i hope you liked it omg

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85 + 101 omg can u pls do thigh riding with jungkook 🙃

Jungkook + 85 (Making Out) + 101 (Thigh Riding)

It started out as an innocent study date – going to his place after class to work on some assignments and quiz each other with hand-made flashcards – where open textbooks and loose-leaf papers are sprawled out on the floor around you messily. But when boredom kicks in after comparing notes for so long and the two of you have nothing better to do, it turns into you straddling Jungkook’s lap on his couch – lips abusing one another as you exchange an array of sloppy, wet kisses – with the thought of studying all night long already out the window.

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Lazy Days with Chen
  • Him waking up earlier than usual 
  • Him being energetic 
  • Him waking you up by jumping on the bed
  • “Let me sleep more…”
  • “But you said that we were going to spend the whole day together when I woke up…”
  • You not listening to him
  • You sleeping more
  • “Make it yourself.”
  • “I tried but I think it’ll be better if you do it because remember last time? I set the stove on fire, I don’t think it’s a good choice…”
  • Him following you around the house the whole day
  • You making a blanket fort 
  • You taking his phone away because he keeps playing that one game
  • Also he looks at memes
  • “Do you want a back massage?”
  • Him resting his hands on your thigh
  • You laying on his chest
  • Him stroking your hair
  • “Why don’t you wear that lingerie set I bought you last week and do a little show”
  • “Nah, i’ll pass that.”
  • You not being able to say no to him because he keeps doing to :3 face and it’s cute
  • “I didn’t buy them for nothing” *wink wink*
  • The boys texting him
  • “Why are you not answering - Minseok”
  • “Because I’m a guy who has a day off and who has a hot girl by his side.”
  • Taking cute selfies together
  • Playing video games
  • Him falling asleep early while cuddling :3

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season is finally getting better and funnily enough it's when noora isn't in as much clips forgi me sjsjjdkfkrkdk And lol after this clip I'm woke as hell there was so much evak let's start a petition–even for season 5. idc if skam is over i will make an even s5 myself

hahahaha omg PLEASE DO IT

MAKE EVEN S5 ANON doooooo it

Okay but can you believe Isak was in every single clip apart from the home one this week??

Isak has become the new Noora lol

and we saw EVAK’S LOVE SHACK

I am so happy ahhhhhhh

“What if MC was a youtuber?”


  • You are a youtuber that did challenges (You know the ones i’m talking about)
  • Honestly didn’t realize that your job was making videos until he saw a video on youtube that you did a few days (while at his place)
  • He then discovered your whole channel and oh boi
  • Not only was he in fits of laughter from your comments and jokes
  • But a while back you talked about your favorite movies in a video
  • And out of the ten, three where movies he’s been the lead role in
  • Once you get home from something (shopping? A walk? Idk you chose)
  • You find zen laughing at your videos
  • Nooo
  • Nooooooooooo how’d he find those
  • “MC! I didn’t know you were so funny!”
  • Insists on being in one of your videos
  • One time you did his make up for a challenge
  • “Zen….you look better than I do”
  • He totally supports the youtube thing
  • And anytime you need a partner/friend for a challenge
  • You can bet your ass he’ll be willing to do it
  • Also your fans are really confused because like


  • You are a gaming youtuber
  • He actually watched your videos
  • Somehow this boy didn’t realize it was you
  • Until he heard you recording a video
  • You were playing some horror game for your channel when a jump scare happened causing your character to die
  • He peered into the room to see what was going on
  • (he accidently go into camera view)
  • Yoosung knew that you played games
  • He also knew you swore like a sailor while playing said games
  • So he didn’t think anything of it
  • But a fews hours later
  • The video was uploaded
  • And he was watching your video when he saw himself???? In the camera????
  • WAIT MC YOU’RE *interest channel name here* !!!!!????”
  • ‘Yea…i thought you knew?’
  • “NO!!!!”
  • Oh boi what are you going to with this child
  • He’s your number one fan
  • Really loves to brag to his LOLOL friends about you
  • And when you ask for him to be in a video with you
  • !!!!!!!! he is ALL over that
  • But he’s really nervous /What if he fucks up?/
  • Your fans absolutely adore him


  • You are a vlogger
  • But you’re fans do get to see her and they like her
  • She didn’t understand what you meant by
  • You ‘document your life everyday’
  • But once you moved in with her and started vlogging
  • She was even more confused
  • You would walk around talking to a camera sometimes
  • “MC…? What are you doing…?”
  • ‘Oh sorry Jaehee! This is just something i do’
  • You respect her privacy and when she doesn’t want to be on camera
  • There is fanart of you and Jaehee because so many of your fans ship it


  • You were a youtuber that made videos whenever you had an idea or whenever you wanted to tell your fans a story (Kinda like Dan and Phil)
  • Jumin got home….earlier than expected
  • As you were filming a video telling a funny story from your past.
  • You were using the living room to film
  • As you started to explain your story
  • Jumin opened the door
  • You didn’t notice
  • He didn’t want to disturb you
  • So he listened
  • Once you got to the funniest part of your story
  • He made a small laugh
  • “J U M I N  WHAT THE…!”
  • You just realized he was there
  • “MC, I enjoyed the story..but who are you talking to?”
  • This fucking guy
  • You turned off the camera
  • And did your best to explain youtube to jumin
  • He didn’t really understand it
  • But he supported it
  • And if you ever did a tour
  • He’d be more then happy to travel places with you
  • Your fans didn’t really realize that you were dating the rich Jumin han
  • Till the tour
  • Your fans didn’t really know how to feel
  • But soon accepted him
  • After you told stories about jumin

Saeyoung(707): (this one is for vine. Rip 2k16)

  • You were a viner but you also made stupid/fun skits on youtube
  • And since your boyfriend Saeyoung was ‘trapped’ in his room all day
  • You took it as a day for yourself and began to plan some skits
  • All was well
  • You were in a costume that you found online
  • Super ready to film this, it was your best idea yet
  • You were going to film a short skit about Christmas
  • You had already filmed the part out of the costume
  • So now phone in hand and reindeer costume on
  • You say your line
  • Then you hear a burst of laughter
  • It was Saeyoung
  • He had left his room for once because he ran out of snacks
  • But now he was trying to breathe because of how much he was laughing
  • After he had calmed down, and you had gotten out of that weird costume
  • You told him about your vine account and youtube channel
  • He knew
  • Of course he knew (that little shit)
  • He always laughed at how creative and funny you were
  • He started to help you do videos and skits (so you didn’t have to do them alone rip)
  • Also refuses to let any hate show up in your comments
  • Your fans thinks he’s just as funny as you are


  • You filmed creative and inspiring videos
  • You had this aura of positivity
  • So you started filming inspirational things to help spread that positivity
  • V had found your channel through a fellow photographer friend of his
  • His sight was bad, but not gone.
  • Still it was hard to realize it was you
  • Once he heard you voice while watching it
  • And the wonderful words you spoke
  • He teared up
  • You were so amazing….did he deserve you? 
  • You came home to see him tearing up looking at a screen
  • “V? Oh my god are you oka-…is that my video?”
  • He explained that his friend sent it to him
  • and he started to explain why he thought he didn’t deserve you
  • A lot of hugging and forehead kisses from you
  • And now whenever he was feeling down, he’d listen to your words of inspiration.
  • The fans don’t know about him, but you have mentioned that you’re dating a famous photographer

Saeran (Unkown):

  • Your channel was a clusterfuck of whatever you wanted it to be
  • From pranks, to music covers, to ranting about this or that, to stories from your life
  • But you were actually really popular somehow??
  • And the day that Saeran and you went for a walk to get ice cream, was the same day a bunch of your fans made a meetup… that same park
  • You had thought it was the next week
  • As you and your edgy bf walked around the park
  • You heard screams, a lot of screams
  • It was your fans noticing that you had actually shown up
  • Saeran was actually afraid (Who wouldn’t be with a bunch of people running in your direction screaming)
  • You stayed for a little bit, saying hi to everyone and getting pictures. All that jazz
  • Once you noticed that saeran was hella uncomfortable
  • You apologized to everyone, and said you had to leave, but still to have fun and make friends
  • You walked up to saeran and he pretty much ran out of there, with you behind him
  • Poor boy was shook
  • You explained that you did youtube and what it was
  • He was confused
  • Once you got home you showed him your channel
  • He didn’t know what to think about it
  • But you were pretty funny (Not like he’d ever admit that to you)
  • Once he saw how creative you were with pranks he came up with an idea to prank Saeyoung
  • And to this day, the video of you pranking saeyoung for a week straight, non stop pranks, but nothing on Sunday just to see how on edge he was. Is still number one most popular
  • Your fans love saeran, they think he’s edgy as fuck, and some of them are afraid of him.
  • But they love him

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Can I request mysme peeps helping MC pick out a outfit? New to your blog but I love it already! Thanks a bunch!

Thank you!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me



  • MC was in a towel, now you’re looking for something to use, but you’re having a tough time.
  • You called Yoosung, you need help here.
  • When he was there, you showed him some outfits, asking him which one was better.
  • And then when you looked at him, he’s looking at you.
  • Drooling.
  • He hasn’t even seen the clothes, you yell his name again.
  • He got scared because of that, noticing you looking at him.
  • He’s blushing now “I’m sorry MC…!I promise that i’m not a perver—" 
  • "Yoosung, it’s ok, do you want me to show the outfits again?”
  • Ok, this time his eyes will look at the outfits.
  • Let’s go, concentration.
  • Oh the temptation…


  • “Zen…I don’t know what to use…” He run to you
  • “Your knight will save you, princess!”
  • He starts to look at your clothes and pick one dress “This is so cute!I think you should wear this one!” When you were about to pick the dress from his hand, he puts the dress in the wardrobe again “Never mind, you’ll be too cute, those beasts will look at you!”
  • He picks another dress, a red one “Oh…This is a sexy one…I think you should…No no…Forget that, let’s see another one”
  • “THIS ONE! Oh no…It’s too short…People will see your legs…THIS ONE…No, it’s too long, i wouldn’t see your legs”
  • You’re in the bed like: (ง°ل͜°)ง
  • “Zen, get out or i will cut that rat tail!”
  • He opens his mouth, with a sad face “…You want help in the makeup then?”
  • You aren’t  crazy.


  • You two are always helping each other.
  • Sometimes you pick one of her outfits, and she does the same with you.
  • Everything is fine.
  • Jaehee would sit on the bed while looking you in each outfit
  • After that, she says which one was the best, she has patience with you.
  • Baehee
  • And you would do the same with her if she wants, but sometimes Jaehee already has a plan of the outfit.
  • She thinks about everything.
  • You just know one thing: You two are stunning.


  • What?He already has chosen one outfit for you.
  • He always does that, he buys some dress and let it for you.
  • If some miracle happens and he forgets about that, or simply let you make a decision(!)
  • He would look every detail of each outfit, he looks like a critic right now.
  • You look stunning in every one of them, he never thought this would be so hard.
  • After some time, he decides, was hard, but he did.
  • The criteria were simple: 
  • Which dress can he take off easily when you two get home?
  • Don’t trust him.


  • “Saeyoung…Which one?”
  • “I don’t know, do you want me to try it?”
  • No, stop stealing my dresses.
  • He’s never serious about this, asking him to help is asking him to make jokes.
  • He would put a lot of outfits too, to you see which one is better.
  • “Saeyoung, please…I’ll look better in which one?”
  • “Naked”
  • Omg, this man is impossible.
  • You have two decisions:
  • Stay it home after what he said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Or be grumpy at him, and then he’ll pick one of his dresses
  • He has some pretty ones, you don’t even want to ask about that.
  • “Oh MC…This is not fair, you’re prettier than me in this dress”
  • Get rekt


  • This is going to be hard.
  • You need help, he’ll help you.
  • He can’t see very well, please have patience with him.
  • He cannot see the details, but he can see the color, it’s all blurry.
  • You are beginning to think this is not a good idea.
  • “The blue one.”
  • “Are you sure V?”
  • He laughs “I can’t see that well, but i know you were stunning in every one of them. But the blue one made be want to see you in this pure perfection”
  • He’s so cheesy sometimes, lol
  • But you love him.
  • You don’t know about those outfits, but you know one thing: V deserves better.


  • This is going to be hard 2.
  • Is it black? Then this one.
  • Has it more than one black dress? What is the difference?
  • No black dresses? What is wrong with you?
  • This is so confusing, he wants to die.
  • He only agreed to do this to see you changing, let’s be honest here.
  • “Saeran, please…I can’t go if you don’t say anything!”
  • “Be naked”
  • “You know i can’t go to somewhere naked Saeran!”
  • He laughs and stood up, with a malicious smile on his face
  • “Who said that we were going somewhere?”
  • Oh shit.

shulkie  asked:


Oh my god.
Shulkie, this can seriously go on for ages, because honestly: I love you so much ???

You’ve been one of my absolutely favorite writers ever since I found your works, I’ve screamed before about how wonderful your dialogue, your humor, your way of representing real situations all are; you know I’ll do it again every chance I get. I know you work so so hard at your writes, and as a reader I appreciate it so much, I always have a wonderful time reading (laughing crying grinning screaming at) your writes. Your ideas are all so amazing, and I will regularly bring up how great your stories are to friends who don’t even understand the concept of “fandom”. They just know I have a friend who writes really really cool stuff, and that once they get me started they can’t get me to shut up.

Your sense of humor goes beyond your writes of course, you’re so much fun to talk to! I’ve been struggling to make much time to chat lately, but I can’t wait to be able to be around more often because I genuinely miss you <3 You’ve got a gift for making people comfortable, you share your stories in the funniest ways, and are always a great listener in return. You’re also 100% supportive of those around you, and that is #goals.

I also have so much respect for the maturity with which you answer people coming to you for advice: you’ve received asks of absolutely all sorts, and have been able to help those who really needed it. As for the others, congrats on giving firm yet polite answers :p (some asks are seriously puzzling, and I feel you always give very respectful answers -imagine how much nice the tumblr experience would be if everyone did the same x) ).

You try so so hard to pull the whole fandom UP all the time: you spread fandom positivity, through both encouragement and example, constantly churn out quality content, refuse to get involved with negativity… I hope you know we really do see all the effort you put in to make this fandom a better place, and we all truly, deeply love and respect you for that. You’re amazingly strong, and I only hope the fandom gives back to you as much as you give to it <3