omg idiots

ok so, can we take a moment and think about one little thing: tattoo artist!R.

he is, like, the personal tattoo artist of les amis.

so, after an argument with his previous tattoo artist, enjolras needs a new one (because he has tattoos, thank you very much). and he goes to grantaire.

and he ends up going every few weeks for a new tattoo because they actually talk? like normal human beings?? and enjolras is so fascinated because holy shit grantaire is so talented???

and then, after years of oblivios pining he realises that he loves this beautiful mess that is R????

but he is an idiot and he can’t ask him to go on a date so yeah, eponine organizes a date for them because she is so done and because if enjolras keeps going to the studio only to be tattoed he could become a canvas to be exhibited at the louvre