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During little league as kids, Ian had a little crush on Mickey. When they were young and Mickey still acted tough with everyone, Ian would keep to himself and just smile shyly, watching the little punk. (I imagine it's the smile similar to when Mickey sits next to Ian and Mandy on the couch when they first started hooking up.)

OMG imagine little Ian with his first crush, never expecting it to be anything more than thinking Mickey was fucking cool and now look at them.

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The next time you watch FOTR, I highly suggest putting the subtitles on after Gandalf enters Bag End so you can read what Bilbo is saying in the background.

Gandalf: *discovers the map Bilbo has treasured for 60 years as a remembrance of his life-changing adventure*



I was just watching this video and omg in the video they show a clip of Spencer in the doll house and she flips over her chair and looks at the barcode 

in the video they said to read the product number backwards and it blew my mind i never would have thought of this

the number backwards says B26 and the first song that Aria and Ezra listen to is called B26 which ends up being Ezra’s passcode for his cabin 

this at least shows that Ezra was involved in the dollhouse somehow if he’s not Uber A i can’t get over it i never would have noticed 


here’s some lockscreens i never posted bc i thought they looked ugly lol but ehhh someone might like em