omg i'm sorry this is such a dean blog

Me 25 yrs from now:
  • Daughter: hey mom i really like this tv show
  • Me: omg i'm so sorry
  • Daughter: sorry?
  • Me: i'll call your teachers
  • Daughter: why will-
  • Me: its all downhill from here
  • Daughter: what are you talking ab-
  • Me: want me to help you with your blog?
  • Daughter: i don't have a-
  • Me: you will
  • Daughter: but-
  • Me: shhh you can't stop it now

r-ickgrimes  asked:

i think i'm in love with your blog omg. all those imagines, they're just perfect. simple as that. you're definitly a good writer. also, could you do an imagine when the reader is sam and dean's little sister (she's 18), its her senior year and even if she hunts with them she have to go to school, but one day they found out that she's bullied, they found out because the football players have beat her and they fix it with those guys (fluffly pls)sorry for the english again, i am french, thanks :)

Hi! Thank you so much. You have no idea how much that means to me!



You walked through the corridors with your shoulders hunched and your head hanging low, trying not to draw any attention to yourself. Even though you were a hunter, your brothers made you go to school regardless. They said it was because they wanted you to have the life they’d never gotten. And you didn’t blame them at all, because you could totally see where they were coming from. It was just…well, you hated school. But it wasn’t the teachers or the homework or the gross cafeteria food or anything like that. No. It was the other students, and in particular, the football team.

They were always calling you horrible names and fixing crappily photoshopped pictures to your locker. And while you did have your own little circle of friends and were fairly well liked by a number of your peers, it didn’t stop you from hurting whenever the football team chose to attack again.

Of course, Sam and Dean knew none of this. As far as they were concerned, school was just peachy for you. And you wanted to keep them in the dark about it, because if they found out, they would take serious action. And somehow, you didn’t know if it’d be strictly legal. Besides, it was your senior year. In a few short months, this would all be over, and you’d be free to travel with Sam and Dean, leaving the petty politics of high school behind.

Feeling a buzzing in your pocket, you pulled out your phone, seeing the screen lit up with a text from Dean. ‘Just got back in town. We’ll pick you up from school this afternoon,’ it read. You smiled, hardly able to wait until you could see them again. When they were around, you felt safe. You felt like you could forget all about the bullying, even if for just a few hours.

“Hey, wonder what’s got Y/N all happy,” Dan jeered. Looking up, you found that while you’d been checking your phone, the football team had found you, forming a loose circle around you. Glancing around, you realised with a sinking heart that the corridors were empty aside from them, with everyone else in class.

“Let’s find out, shall we,” Nate grinned, snatching the phone from your hand. “Ooh, a text message from Dean! Who’s he? Your boyfriend?”

“As if!” Liam exclaimed, while around him the team collapsed into laughter. “Look at her. Do you think she’d ever be able to get a boyfriend?”

“Please give me my phone back,” you said quietly, fighting to keep your voice from shaking.

“Oh, you want it back, do you? Well, here you go.” Nate held out his hand with the phone in it. But just as you reached out to take it, he snatched it back out of your reach. “Got you that time!” he laughed.

“Please,” you pleaded, jumping up to try and take it back. Tears pricked your eyes, but you forced them away, knowing that to cry now would only make this a thousand times worse.

Whenever you faced monsters, you felt strong, totally in control. Fighting was something that could be taught, and you knew that Sam and Dean were the best teachers in the world. But facing these guys in the school corridor…they made you feel weak. This was a different kind of battle, one that couldn’t be fought with a bit of research and the right technique. This was a battle that you had to fight everyday, and knowing how futile it was, you had simply stopped trying to fight it.

“You know,” Dylan said thoughtfully, analysing your features with his arms crossed over his chest, “Y/N’s nose doesn’t quite match up with the rest of her face.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right,” Chad agreed. “Here, let me fix it for you.” Before you could even register what was happening, his fist had smacked into your nose, and you felt blood trickle down to your lip. You stood frozen in shock as Troy reached out to punch your cheeks as well for good measure. Never before had they resorted to physical violence, and you had no idea how to react.

You felt their eyes sizing you up again, but before anyone could take another swing at you, the bell rang, and you got the hell out of there. Their voices called after you, taunting you, but you blocked them out, heading to the front of the school where you knew Sam and Dean would be parked with the Impala.

You slid into the backseat, keeping your head down to hide your face from them. “How was school?” Sam asked.

“Just drive, please,” you answered, close to tears. You wanted nothing more than to be as far from that school as possible.

“What’s wrong?” Dean asked. When you didn’t reply, they both turned back to look at you in the backseat. “Y/N?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” you whispered. Dean’s hand reached out and took a hold of your chin, tilting your head up so that they could see you properly. There was a sharp intake of breath, and Dean said through gritted teeth, “Who did this to you?”

“No one! Can we please just leave,” you said through the tears that had started to fall. But your eyes unwittingly flicked towards the football field, where the football team was warming up before practise.

“The football team?” Sam asked. You nodded, knowing that there was no use trying to hide things from them anymore. Through your sobs, you told them everything, beginning a few weeks ago with snide comments, and ending with today, when their fists had joined in on the fun.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Sam asked gently.

“Be-because I was scared!” you whispered. “They made me feel so weak.”

“You just wait here, alright?” Dean said, getting out of the car.

“Where are you going?”

“Where do you think?” Sam responded, climbing out of the car himself. For several minutes, you waited there, not daring to look out the window for fear of what you might see. But finally, Sam and Dean opened the doors and got back into the car.

“Here you go,” Dean said, passing your phone back to you. As he withdrew his hand, you noticed that his knuckles were slightly bloody.

“What did you do to them?” you wanted to know.

“Let’s just say that they won’t bother you anymore,” Sam replied.

“That’s right,” Dean added. “No one makes our sister feel weak and gets away with it.”


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*20 years from now*
  • Daughter: So I like this show-
  • Me: omg I'm so sorry
  • Daughter: sorry?
  • Me: I'll call your teacher
  • Daughter: why are you-
  • Me: to let you know your grades will be dropping
  • Daughter: what are you talking ab-
  • Me: and you might want to say goodbye to your friends
  • Daughter: but I-
  • Me: want me to help you with your blog?
  • Daughter: I don't have a-
  • Me: you will
  • Daughter: but-
  • Me: shhhhhh.. It's already done. No turning back