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T h e   B r i g g s   T r i o

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Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.


All season long on DirecTV’s MMA drama Kingdom, something has been eating away at up-and-coming fighter Nate Kulina (Nick Jonas). Then, in the season finale, everything finally came to light: Nate is gay. While it had been hinted, the Dec. 10 finale threw the doors to Nate’s glass closet wide open after he was rejected from a gay bar and drunkenly found solace in the arms (well, mouth) of another man.

“He lives in a world of fear — fear of disappointing his father, both in the cage and outside of the cage — and he carries that pressure with him in so many ways.” Jonas said.  I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to. I think it would be ideal if Nate could just live in his truth and be exactly who he needs to be and be OK with it, but the reality is that, for him specifically, it’s tough. There’s a journey he has to go on, and I hold that with a lot of responsibility and I’m thrilled to get to tell this story.” x

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omg!! i just read a text post on protectmarkjin and it was about 2jae when JB did a sexual hand gesture and Youngjae reacted to it. and now i'm wondering if you know about it because i didn't and i'm freaking out!

Hello, my dear!!

I had actually only been vaguely aware of this exchange until I came across this beautiful gifset that shows the exchange with explanations!! Honestly, I cannot get over it because do you SEE Youngjae’s face?? He is so fake scandalized and amused, and Jaebum looks so proud of himself!!

[GIF by mjbm]

Like, honestly, I just love this moment because, like Danielle pointed out, it could be interpreted as either just them joking around or it could be Jaebum lowkey confessing again, but either way I just love the way it shows how playful they are together! The fact that they make dirty jokes to each other just delights me for some reason, haha! It’s like my lowkey obsession with this moment from the first episode of GOT7ing.

I just get so incredibly amused by this entire exchange, and I find the way Youngjae actually turns to Jaebum and then they share their amusement at the dirty reference together to be just really… is it wrong to say adorable??? I’m just so fond of the idea of the two of them having inside jokes and references, and if some of them are dirty, well… perhaps there’s a reason based on 2jae’s history of, well, a certain level of interactions! ( x x x )


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