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  • Emma: Today is the worst day ever.
  • Julian: Is it because your mom and dad were betrayed by somebody you thought was a friend, resulting in their murder?

Elijah asking about Hope and smiling when Hayley was gushing about her though.

Friendly reminder that I only started shipping Haylijah when Elijah stopped Klaus from losing his temper with her and protected her because she was carrying the next member of his family.

And I still laugh at that line btw cuz…

So remember when I called this plot the BABY BOMB OF FUCKERY! I couldn’t believe this is what they were using to kick off the pilot, and Klaus was all…

And now I’m crying over because Klaus was shook when they threatened to find and kill his DAUGHTER tonight and Haylijah is ready to go rescue Klaus and reunite them all as a family!

And knowing that Alaric will be showing up later in the season which is literally just paving the way for Caroline to stroll into NOLA like…

You could say I’m a bit excited for this season!

witchverse story #1

Naima, Baba and the Secret Tree House

Naima was eleven the first time she made the biggest mistake anyone, as she had been told, could ever make. She left her home without a light.

She hadn’t done it on purpose, but she hadn’t turned around either, once she’d noticed. It was okay, right, as long as she stayed with her best friend? Baba had a light with her, and they always were together anyways. 

But as she tugged on her wide-rimmed hat, pulling it further down her forehead, her granny’s voice sounded relentlessly in her ear, so much Naima almost expected her to be standing right behind her if she turned. ‘Never be without a light,’ the voice said, as it always did. It was a greeting and a farewell on the Edge, the parts she called her home; it always had been. Even before she was born, even before her granny was born. For a child of eleven, anything that came before their own life seemed barely tangible or thinkable, let alone a life in which there were no grannies. 

Eleven was also an age where any child deemed themselves wiser than they were: they no longer believed everything they were told, they asked and doubted and noticed. And so Naima wasn’t at all convinced that it was really bad to be without a light. It was just something nobody ever did – but maybe they had never tried? Maybe it wasn’t so bad to be without a light. Any maybe, if only she’d finally get her own wand, she wouldn’t have to remember to take that stupid old lamp with her all the time!

Naima was stomping now, her lips puckered in defiance. 

They were all just scary stories, the kind that adults told children. She knew that with all the certainty of an eleven year old. (It was a lot of certainty, at least in that moment. The certainty of eleven year olds has the tendency to change by the second.)

“Naima,” came the exasperated voice of her best friend, “What are you just standing there for, come on! We don’t have all day! Remember the plan?”

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How would y'all feel if I wrote a well thought out 40k Married At First Sight zimbits AU 👀👀👀

*coughs* I made a bendy-

Dear Reyna,

I don’t think I could face you long enough to say this out loud, and I’m not sure if you could listen to me without giving me a well-deserved punch in the face, so written form it is. Here we go.

I’m sorry that this is the handwriting you had to look at in the principia for eight months while I was missing, and I’m sorry that I went missing at all. Granted, it wasn’t exactly my fault or choice, but maybe if I’d heeded your warning on that last night when you dragged me away from Octavian things might have turned out differently. I’m not sure.

I’m sorry that for those eight months, you had to run the camp on your own on the verge of a brewing war. I know I meant a lot to you - as much as you meant to me - and doing that with your colleague and best friend missing must have been hell.

But most of all, I’m sorry for New Rome. I’m sorry for acting like our friendship never existed, as if our praetorship never extended beyond the boundaries of a shared burden, because it did. I remember. It’s blurry, sure, almost dreamlike, but I remember the hot chocolates and the movies and the times you patched me up and the times I did the same for you. I remember our friendship and I treasure those memories, though I acted selfishly and put romance before that friendship and never looked at myself from your point of view.

Basically? I was a dick. By hiding behind my pen and caving to my reluctance to apologise to you in person, I’m proving to myself that I still am. But I can’t let you live anymore with that pain or its ghost - I loved you, Reyna, and even if I’m starting to see past my obliviousness and suspect that it wasn’t in the way you wished it was, I have to say something.

So yes, Praetor. I’m sorry for abandoning you and the place that was my home for twelve years.  I’m not going to be arrogant enough to ask for forgiveness; asking anything more of you after what I’ve done would be a new low for me, and I’m now aware that that’s a hard record to beat. But, if you’re up to the challenge of raising a phoenix from the smouldering ashes I’ve left, you’re always welcome to come to Camp Half-Blood for a bit.



jungkook likes to hold hands with jin and hobi

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  • Someone: *makes a completely nonsensical ship analysis post and puts it in the MAIN tag
  • Someone else: that's incorrect.
  • The original person: omg stop bullying me, why can't you leave me in PEACE, why can't you just let people enjoy themselves, like omg? fandoms are so fanDUMB, I'm leaving lol
  • The original person: *does it again a day later
  • Same thing: *happens
  • The original person: oh my god, stop bullying me-