omg i'm so happy this actually worked!

Another icon collab between me and @fonbella, this time I did the coloring and she did the sketches<33 And I loved coloring her adorable doodles, not to mention how excited we are for Sun&Moon and seeing our fave gay trainers again!!<33 (Please note these were made for us, so do not use~)

omg man i actually hit 7k followers???? yeah i still can’t believe it i mean how much ppl adore my blog *or nah* but btw i just want to say thank you so much and let u guys know i’m very proud of my work and glad you like it as much i like yours. thanks for follow me even if i change my url 5/7 and sometimes i’m annoying ilyilyily

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ps: obvsl i forgot someone bcs i did it faster as i can so i’m sorry but for sure ily too (i follow you so ofc i do don’t forget)

today was the most uneventful birthday ever…
went to work (business as usual), had dinner with my mom, got two presents, skyped with my boo, am gonna watch an episode of something now and then go to sleep.
I’m getting old, I swear :D sometimes I miss the good old days when I was a child and birthdays were the best days ever…

politicalmamaduck  asked:

This is not a question on the list, but which of your fics is your favorite? :D <3

Ah thank you so much for this question :D <3 

I actually do have a fav and it’s “A Black Letter” ( )  because it was a delight to write and also it just flowed out of my head and on to the keyboard so naturally without being all that bad, considering it’s one of my first works, and I’m pretty proud of it tbh 

thanks again so much for asking <3