omg i'm so happy this actually worked!

Another icon collab between me and @fonbella, this time I did the coloring and she did the sketches<33 And I loved coloring her adorable doodles, not to mention how excited we are for Sun&Moon and seeing our fave gay trainers again!!<33 (Please note these were made for us, so do not use~)

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When I first saw your blog, I never though my opinion of HealingArrow would go from 'Eh, it's cute but i'm not sure I ship it.' to one of my OTP's. Honestly can't wait for more of the comic! :D

Omg! I’m so flattered! Thank you so much!

I… was actually in the same boat as you when my love for this ship started developing in my silly brain, and then I started to draw doodles of the two of them together…

…And then I suddenly couldn’t not deny what my brain was making me draw (plus many personal feels intermingling).

I’m so happy you’re excited for the comic! I am, too! I eagerly await the day where I can start working on the pages I’m really looking forward to. XD

They may or may not include this:

(I mean come on… Would you really consider this a spoiler? ROFL!!!!!)

“So take care of yourself.”

reading admin lana’s latest updates made me kind of a little concerned  👀 i’m not good with words but i wanted to show my support somehow, so i thought i’d use tsukki convey my message! this goes to everybody who feels overwhelmed by school. even just for a few seconds, i hope this takes your mind of your homework, good luck!! (also i hope it’s okay to submit this)

Omg, no bloody way. I can’t-oh goodness. I’m just so-woah. I’m at a complete loss for words at the moment. I have never been filled with such love and happiness than I do now. It baffles me as to how I have such amazing people in my life that genuinely care about me, and even take the time to check up on me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for this. It’s such a beautiful work of art, and it means a lot that you even took the time to do this for me! I love you so much, and I hope that you are happy and healthy because you deserve the world. <3 (This is my new screensaver btw.)

-Admin Lana

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omg this is so sweet!! i’m sorry that things didn’t work out with that show, but be patient and keep trying. it takes time, but it all becomes worth it !! thanks for your message!

Omg, turns out the work I thought was due tomorrow is actually due next week, thank GOD. So technically I don’t really need to do anything tonight… BUT I got the old laptop semi-operational, and I’ve decked a glass of wine, so why not?

Originally posted by tofupoo

I already thought I had to do it tonight, and now there’s wine so I’m happy… Well, happier than 30 minutes ago when I realized I left my charger at work and hadn’t had wine yet. And since I’m not procrastinating that means I deserve another glass of wine…

  • N: Taekwoonie~! *hugs Leo* Saranghae~
  • Leo: Tch. Get off me, Hakyeon. You're annoying. Where's Ken? *removes N's arms*
  • N: So that's the way it is, huh? If I hug you, it's not fine with you. But if Ken hugs you, you don't mind at all.
  • Leo: ...
  • N: You know what, Leo? I'm tired. I'm tired of caring for you all the friggin time. I thought that someday, you'd love me back. But I'm a fool for hoping. I'm sorry Leo. But I can't go on anymore. I wish you best with Jaehwan. Goodbye.
  • N walks away and Leo stood frozen. Leo was too shocked to do anything. So N continued to walk away while he's crying.
  • While N was crying, Ravi saw him and Ravi immediately ran to N and then hugged him. N cried wordlessly in his hug while Ravi caressed N's back.
  • N: He doesn't love me, Ravi.. He doesn't..
  • Ravi: Shhh don't cry hyung.. I'm here for you.
  • Ravi is worried about his hyung slash best friend. Ravi knows that N has loved Leo for so long yet Leo doesn't seem to appreciate that. So Ravi's mad at Leo for hurting his precious Hakyeon.
  • Leo saw Ravi and Hakyeon hugging and he don't know why but he suddenly stormed up to them and he took Hakyeon away from Ravi. Both looked surprised but Ravi can't do anything when Leo dragged Hakyeon somewhere.
  • N: Hey Leo! Let me go!
  • Leo: No. You're coming with me.
  • N: I said let me go!
  • Leo stopped and removed his iron grip on Hakyeon's wrist.
  • Leo: What the hell is your problem?! Why are you suddenly hugging that guy?!
  • N: So what, Leo? You're the only one who has the rights to be happy with someone else yet I can't? You know what Leo? Maybe you should stop being selfish. If you think I'm annoying then ignore me and let me be! Go back to Ken and---
  • *Leo placed his soft lips to Hakyeon's*
  • N: W-What
  • Leo: I'm not shy around Ken because he's my friend. I let him hug me because it doesn't affect me one bit. But if it's you who hugs me, I can't ignore it. I feel flustered and my heart beat so fast. I'm in love with you, Cha Hakyeon. I love you.
  • N was stunned.
  • Leo placed his lips on Hakyeon's again.
  • N: I love you too, Jung Taekwoon.
  • *the happy couple kissed again until their kisses became more urgent and they headed to the dorm to get some privacy*
  • Meanwhile there's the other VIXX members hiding behind the bush and spying on their hyungs.
  • Hyuk: Waaaah! Eomma and Appa will finally create my baby brother and sister!
  • Ken: OMG our plan worked! Hakyeon hyung actually got jealous!
  • Ravi: Oh my gosh my ship is sailing~~
  • Hongbin: Oh gods. SPG content. *covers Hyuk's eyes*

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Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎊😊 awww you share the same birthday with Tsukishima Kei. May today and all of your days be amazing. Thank you for your amazing works, I feel blessed that you draw all of my otp(s) ❤️

lol thank you thank you! It was actually yesterday but omg i didn’t know today is tsukishima’s bday! Thank u again for the compliments and i drew a quick thing for his bday cuz I just had to ;A;

go for it tadashi! ◟ʕ´∀`ʔ◞

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I have a question dealing with your old blog askthenewteentitans can you explain conteast's story because she's a lively character thag i have fallen in love with.

Omg yess I will explain. Not now, but soon. :>

I actually plan to revamp. Which means I’m working on reviving the blog. Why? because I remember how much I loved the characters and how happy and proud I was of them like wtf.

Making outfits is hard to narrow down. :o

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OMG!!! I just fell in love with your Doujinshi! It's gorgeous! How long have you been drawing 1st part? I like that you draw all minutiae (I'm lazy draw even BG) and can 100% imitate Mashima's art style. I want to see next parts! :D

AHHHHHHH! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m actually a big fan of your drawings and of your NaLu doujinshi\comic!! I feel so happy to know that you love my work!! ˉ̶̡̭̭ ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) ˉ̶̡̭̭

It tooks my around 3 weeks for the first part… And I’m hoping that the next one will takes less time!! ( I hate BG, it,s what tooks me most of the time to do! 

; ̄Д ̄  )

I’m already on the next part!! :)

this update was everything I needed and more:

  • first of all, the halo thing was a perfect way to start & end the season. like, god that song is so perfect for them and I’ll never again be able to listen to it without BEAMING
  • also: when bitty is sad he FOLDS OTHER PEOPLE’S CLOTHES because it makes him feel better to CARE FOR OTHERS. he can’t deal with his own feelings so he tries to deal with other people’s!! how is he so giving! what a mom friend!
  • but he can’t completely avoid his feelings anymore. jack is gone, and he can’t help crying. his little “lord” is so heartbreaking bc you KNOW bitty has been sad about jack before, you know he’s spent months drafting up speeches and pining and feeling like he had no chance of his feelings ever being requited. but he can’t keep it pent up anymore! he has to cry — and not just cry, he has to weep, he has to sob, no matter how hard he tries to distract himself or stop
  • and jack! running into bitty’s room, yelling his name! his heart must have sunk completely, feeling like it was too late and that he’d wasted his chance. he must’ve felt like such an idiot for that second and then—
  • he sees bitty in his room! because of course, that’s where bitty belongs, in the space where jack has felt the most comfortable, in a space so representative of what he’s had and of what he’s leaving behind. 
  • but also, of course jack didn’t know where bitty would be. because jack can never completely anticipate bitty & his place in his life. bitty keeps sneaking up on him, surprising him — happy surprises, but still. he keeps wriggling his way deeper into jack’s life & heart and jack just! never realized! and he’s only now beginning to understand!
  • and bitty’s shock when jack grabs his arm! you can feel his panic, his worry that jack knows he’s been crying, that jack knows he’s been crying about him. you know bitty’s embarrassed about being walked in on but
  • it was so worth it!!! because god, jack looks at him and he’s so focused, more focused than he’s looked since playoffs, and his eyes are completely fixated on bitty’s lips, not listening to a word he’s saying. and bitty’s heart must have been beating so fast, he must’ve wanted so badly to hope but he couldn’t let himself, he couldn’t let himself and then
  • jack kissed him!!!! and the height difference!!! jack leaning all the way over, leaning all the way into bitty. and it’s particularly poignant to me when you compare it to their hug, where jack wasn’t leaning in as far and you know bitty was standing on his tip-toes to get closer. that was bitty trying to work up his courage to tell jack how he felt, clinging to his last chance, and this is jack actually taking that chance! and his hand is so big over bitty’s face!
  • also, I am so happy for bitty!!! after all these months of unrequited love, he’s finally being validated! after years of singledom and bad dates and feeling like no one was ever into him, he gets to be with his hockey robot bf! ugh!!!!! 

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prompt: Ransom is having a Bad Week and has been super avoiding the Haus for whatever reason. Cue Holster freaking out that Ransom is mad at him, trying to figure out what he did, and then trying to fix EVERYTHING to get his bro back

holy shit ok this might not be what u wanted but here’s almost 2k of anxious pining ransom with a happy ending this was supposed to be a drabble dear god i’ve gotten carried away
warnings for anxiety and mentions of panic attacks
pairing: ransom/holster

Ransom’s logic was this: He was anxious about homework, and he usually did homework at the Haus, so in order to avoid his homework and therefore anxiety, he’d need to stay away from the Haus. Right?

Turned out that was not a very viable plan.

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I'm Here. ~Sunggyu ~ ✷

Request: hi! please write an infinite scenario where i comfort Sunggyu because he was feeling down because he took the teasing of the members to heart. and please add that he gets drunk at some bar and i have to pick him up and take care of him thanks! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BY THE WAY!! :)

Comments: So basically my heart broke when I heard Sunggyu speaking about this…. because he just doesn’t deserve something like this at all. So, I got a little emotional with this request, I guess, since Sunggyu means so much to me. I really hope you like it because it’s probably a favorite of mine. Thanks for requesting & thanks for the birthday wish~        

“Where is he?”

         All the members fell silent as soon as the question left your lips. They awkwardly shuffled in their places and looked down at the ground, not bearing to meet your eyes.

         At the sight of this, you grew more worried and even more furstrated. “Where is he?” you asked a little more forcefully. “Guys, I know something is going on here, but the only thing I want to know is where Sunggyu is. Please, someone just tell me where is he!” Your voice cracked at the end, since by now the tears had already completely built up now and were ready to fall.

         For the entire day, Sunggyu hadn’t called, texted, or communicated with you at all, which was completely out of the ordinary. No matter how busy he was, he always found time to check in with you, since he always worried over you so much. He practically couldn’t go to sleep at night without being sure that you were safe and healthy.

         But today was different. He didn’t contact you at all, and that made you nervous. Every time you tried to call or text him, he didn’t answer either, and that made you even more nervous.

         The one thing above anything else that Sunggyu usually did was call and say ‘I love you’ every night before you went to bed. Every single night; no excuses.

         When you didn’t receive his call, you knew something was wrong.

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We all know Calum's a bit of a health freak & he likes to exercise & stuff right? Can u do a blurb where you're both really into the healthy lifestyle and exercise all the time and the sex is really energetic because omg. But then one day u try to convince him to try go vegan with u (This is me btw, I've tried like 80 million times to go vegan but I'm eating yoghurt rn.) and he pretends to like it to make u happy but all he really wants is a fkin cheeseburger.


omg though like okay so imagine, like, working out together and going for jogs and shit. UGH this would actually be so cute tbh. Like, imagine, you’d be at the hotel gym and he’d be doing weights, and then you would be on the treadmill and you’d both kinda be facing each other. And he’d be trying to show off by lifting really heavy shit but you’d just laugh because he could barely do it. And then randomly he would just stop and just stand there and stare at you while you’re running, and his arms would drop by his side and his head would tilt to the side and you’d see him just subtly lick his lips. But his eyes wouldn’t be staring at your face, they’d literally be just gazing at your tits

And then as soon as you noticed you’d like grab your boobs and be like, ‘CALUM!’ and he’d just snap out of it and wink and have this massive grin. And for the rest of the session he would barely do any work, and he’d end up dragging you out of the gym asap and in a hurry. And when you asked questions he wouldn’t even reply, but he’d be pulling your hand away and when you were in the lift back up to your hotel room, as soon as the doors shut he would juST SLAM YOU UP AGAINST THE WALL AND PRESS HIS WHolE body against yours and make out with you so aggressively and grabbing your hip in one hand and boob in the other and, 'I hope you’re not too tired from all that running, baby,’ and you’d be so breathless but so ready to get into it like, 'never.’

and hell yeah, every time you had sex it would almost be a competition of who could keep energy levels up the most. And some nights you two would just go for hours and hours and holy shit.

OMG anyway so the next day after that specific night, he’d wake up early and wanna go for a run and you’d be keen as well, but then you’d really be struggling and part way through you’d have to stop and you’d put your legs apart and hands on your back like a pregnant lady lol and he’d go all like, ‘are you alright? We haven’t done one km yet,’ and you’d whine, like, 'Cal, I think you fucked me too hard last night,’ and he’d just burst out laughing so loud and stick his tongue out and, 'baby, I could go so much harder than that.’

but then he’d be nice and cute and instead of running you’d go for a nice stroll and he’d have his arm around your waist and kissing your forehead or cheek every so often bc he did feel a little bit bad

anyway so, like, yeah. One day you’d ask him, 'if I went vegan, would you consider doing it with me?’ and without even hesitating he would be like, 'yeah of course.’ and then he would seem just as enthusiastic as you. Like, he would go shopping with you to get vegan stuff and he’d help (mainly just watch you and lick spoons and grab your ass) while you were cooking meals and stuff 

bUT LIKE BOTH OF YOU would secretly not be coping very well with it all. But neither of you would wanna say anything because you thought the other was so into the whole fruit and veg 101 thing. And then om f g you’d have to go out with a group of friends and everyone would be ordering really meaty dishes and you and calum would have to get some salad or some shit and both of you would be looking at everyone elses food and craving it so baDLY BUT THERE WAS NOTHING YOU COULD DO

So then when you had to go to the bathroom or something, you’d come back AND CALUM WOULD BE THERE TRYING SOME OF SOMEONE ELSE’S STEAK OMG. AND YOUR MOUTH WOULD DROP OPEN AND HE WOULD FREEZE AND OMFG  and he’d just be like, 'fuck, babe, I was just- I just- can- I-’ and you’d laugh and just, 'I need to try some too.’

and by the end of the night you both admitted that you were so not okay and you would just go to mcdonalds on the drive home and pig out bc yolo and tbh you’d burn it off when you had sex later anyway