omg i'm so excited to hear what they are working on ;;

NO BUT this is gonna be Killian thinking he’s seeing her face for the last time, and thinking he’s hearing her voice for the last time, and thinking he’s kissing her for the last time, and he’ll probably say something cheeky and stupid to make her smile through her tears so he can see that for the last time too.

And there is no “there’s not a day that’ll go by I won’t think of you” and an answering “good” to fill his heart with hope. There is no heart and there is no hope. There’s just Killian failing to do what he’s done for hundreds of years, and Killian unable to keep his promise that Emma wouldn’t lose him, and Killian preparing to die alone at the hands of the monster who murdered his first love and hates his guts. And no one will ever know, because the Crocodile will probably cover it all up to save his own ass and make himself the hero and Killian the villain, and Emma will move on, and the heroes will keep fighting.

And maybe when he and Emma part for what he believes will be forever, a little bit of him even wonders if this is what he deserves, after all.