omg i'm so excited to hear what they are working on ;;

a thing i’m thinking about today:

harry potter, aged 23, visiting teddy and andromeda for his normal weekly cup of tea and w/e, and andromeda is in the kitchen and teddy’s run upstairs to fetch harry the latest game he’s obsessed with, and harry notices a leatherbound photo album half-sticking out of the bookshelf in the living room that he’s never seen before, and sort of idly takes it down, and it’s full of photos of the malfoys

photos of narcissa: standing stiffly next to andromeda, the two of them not touching, looking very dubious, and teddy’s ruffled head in the bottom left corner of the picture as he tries uselessly to leap up and wave; sitting very still in a high-backed armchair looking quietly pleased and possessive with teddy six months old and asleep in the crook of her arm; frowning intensely as she pushes rune cards towards a blithely chattering 3 year old teddy.

but most of the photos are of draco. draco asleep on the sofa with teddy curled up and asleep on his chest – there are deep grey circles under draco’s eyes and he’s waxy pale with exhaustion even in sleep, and teddy can’t be more than a couple of months old. draco looking horrified and holding a squirming pudgy teddy at arms length as teddy gleefully spits up what looks like some of his first solids on draco’s crisp white shirt. draco reading a copy of the daily prophet with a 2001 date while teddy crawls up over his back and hangs off around draco’s neck and blows spitballs in his ear. draco and teddy posed solemnly in andromeda’s back garden, draco straddling a broom, teddy next to him and almost beside himself with excitement on the toy broom harry got him for his fourth birthday. draco and teddy playing exploding snap. draco walking in a park next to andromeda with a fast asleep four year old teddy scooped up easily in his arms, snoring on his shoulder. draco in dark jeans and a soft, worn thin looking t-shirt laughing up at the camera while teddy advances on him with hands covered in brightly coloured paint.

harry had no idea narcissa and andromeda were in touch, let alone draco. when he hears teddy thundering back downstairs, he quietly closes the book and replaces it in the cupboard. it doesn’t have to mean anything. he testified at both of the malfoys’ trials. he doesn’t care about them anymore. he’s not even angry.

only that monday at the ministry, when he’s heading for auror hq, draco malfoy wanders past in his buttoned up formal robes clasped tight around his neck, frowning and haughty as ever over a file, shooting harry a swift venomous look as is his habit, and harry’s heart suddenly kicks into high gear.


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Request: Hey, I was hoping that you could write an imagine for me💙 I was thinking about an sebastian stan x reader where the reader has just become famous and is always talking about their crush on Seb when she was younger, and then he notices and starts having this one night stand type of relationship with the reader, until he starts to have feelings for her. Can the reader be a really ironic, strong and unreliable person at the beginning, who doesn’t believe in true love, that at end falls in love and changes her mind?

A/N: Hiiii, sory for taking so long! I wrote a few other versions of this but decided to settle with this one. Hopefully I made the right choice. There will be a second part, probably quite a few more parts. When is the second one coming? I have no idea. Hope you enjoy reading this!

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 4,308

Warnings: none??

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anonymous asked:

Can we also talk about how Bakugou went from "weird haired guy" to "Kirishima. Change of plans". Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed the anime *cries*

BOI CAN’T WE I just spent the whole morning crying over seeing the moment Bakugou recognizes Kirishima as an equal animated nbd at all r i p me - I think this might be the first time Bakugou calls anyone by their name, actually, and I just!!! that’s because Bakugou heard Kirishima’s words and recognized him as a good partner and a worthy hero and someone whom he could respect and I’m gonna be grateful for chapter 133 for the insight on this for the rest of my always I !!!!!! have feelings g a h

Anon said: ok ok ok ok but but listen what about BAKGOU AND OCHAKO they are the most popular couple and the most cutest , i think you should try to draw them once i would love love to see this !!! of course just if you want hehe thanx

Ahhh sorry anon but I really don’t ship that - I mean, it’s true that I ship Bakugou with a bunch of people aside from my main two, but if they’re part of Deku’s group you can fairly assume they’re not between my Bakugou ships? And I only romantically ship Uraraka with Deku, Tsuyu and Iida anyway so! You’re probably not gonna see any romantic baku/ocha from me, sorry o<-<

Anon said: Since we know what Bakugou’s parents are like, what do you think Kirishima’s parents are like?

I have a similar ask somewhere asking about Kaminari’s parents as well, so I guess I’ll answer both here?? As a general rule I don’t really like making headcanons over stuff I’m sure the manga will give me in the future, so I can’t say I’ve thought about this too much - there are a few things I work under the assumption of while drawing, like for example I’m taking for granted they both have at least functional families, considering Aizawa personally visited their homes to ask their guardians about allowing them back to school, and if anything had been weird he would have noticed

I like to think Kaminari got his quirk straight from one of his two parents with no mixing happening, and got the Kaminari surname from them as well, but that’s all I ever allowed myself to settle on as far as Kami’s family goes, everything else changes based on what I need for the current scenario I’m thinking about… I do often end back on him being an only child, though - in the same way depending on how angst or lighthearted I want it to be my ideas for Kirishima’s family change a lot, but generally I think I mostly fall back on the idea of him having a big family? In a scenario like that his parents are kind and love him a lot, but having many children and needing to split their attention on all of them might cause them to overlook him a little (it would explain his obsession with being flashy, for me) then again, who knows? I don’t know how canon you can consider the infos SMASH gives, but in one of the strips Kiri mentions working part-time, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have problems with money kinda makes me believe he might be independent from his family like that (unless he’s a rich kid, also very entertaining as a possiblity)

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about both of these guys’ families and possibly being related to villains, that would be cool too, though I’m not sure how much I believe it

I’m sorry this ended up being little to no useful at all lol as I said, I just shift between scenarios a lot - imagine settling on one and growing attached and then having to let it go once Hori proves it wrong, that’d be terrible for me

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HI!! blog post

HI!!! i’ve been dead and i’m still dead HAHAHAHA school is following me through summer :(( i should really learn how to say no to these extracurricular projects (i feel like a big pushover T_T). since i accepted them, i don’t have the right to complain HAHA :((

i’m planning to quit the newspaper team next year though, and i hope that lessens the workload, because i felt like i didn’t do well academically this year T_T

also i got a haircut!! at my not regular salon. so it’s kind of weird for me HAHAHAHA why are haircuts only nice on the day they’re done T_T i don’t have the time/skills/effort to blowdry my hair every day HAHAhuhuhu

so far, i haven’t felt the summer vacation vibes at all because i still go to school for extracurricular work :(( AND IT’S ALSO REALLY HOT ALL THE TIME why are we so close to the equator, my life is on fire, i’ve never used an umbrella outside so much while it isn’t raining

but!!! !! !! i’ve found some ways to relieve stress!! which is playing music!! <3 (even though i’m not the best at it HAHAHAHA) i might get a condenser mic soon!! and i’m going to play with it forever (and maybe i’ll share a link to my really bad soundcloud) HAHAHA

also, my nerd music friend (portrayed as a bucket here, because drawing him takes too much effort) reintroduced me to a lot of john mayer videos and now i think i have a crush on john mayer. why is he so perfect with his god guitar hands and voice (nerd bucket has also been trying to play john mayer songs. he’s very angry and is fascinated with john mayer’s thumb)

i’m hoping that after majority of my work is done (my big deadlines are near the end of this month) i’ll be able to practice more music and drawing!! though i still have to study for college entrance exams (i’m honestly so nervous HAHAHA T_T)

oh!! and i’ve been helping out in this game called Golden Hour (if you haven’t seen it, check the devblog out here!!! I’M REALLY EXCITED FOR IT) as a part of their junior squad (i’m the maknae huhu)!!! <3 it’s really cool and i’m in love with all the characters HAHAHA sweats nervously

i’ll still be posting some art from time to time here!! i recently tried the whole grayscale painting and overlaying color thing (HAHAHA I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S CALLED T_T) and it’s got me procrastinating on work :(( drawing is one of the only stress reliefs i have nowadays

I ALSO RECENTLY DISCOVERED ARTSTATION AND OMG IT’S ART PARADISE I AM NOT WORTHY i just lurk around and occasionally post illustrations there HAHAHA

that’s all!!! here’s to more posts in the future! and here is a doodle of me kicking nerd bucket (i know ur reading this) because he’s mean. but he’s good at music. so i forgive him

orcinace  asked:

Omg your last ask about Slytherin made me wonder if you've ever made a post about what Hogwarts houses the Megamind cast would be in (if you talked about this in the past I must have missed it :'D) But anyway. I headcanon Megs as a Ravenclaw and Roxanne as a Slytherin personally, but I would love to hear your thoughts! I'm a huge fan of your work btw, you would not believe my excitement every time I see you post a fic ;u; Thank you for being awesome!

!!! I did respond to someone else about this a long time ago BUT I IN NO WAY PROTEST TALKING ABOUT IT AGAIN :DD (also, thank you for the lovely compliment! <3 )

So! My sorting headcanons:

Megamind is Slytherin.

He is smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, certainly, but I think the most important aspect of his character is the way that he wants things. He wants attention, he wants success, he wants the city, he wants Roxanne.

He wants so badly to be great–even if the only way to be great is to be ‘evil’–if he’s the bad boy, then he’s going to be the baddest boy of them all.

Megamind, for all his intelligence, makes all his really important decisions with his heart, not his head. Slytherins will plan and plot–Megamind can make an evil plot with the best of them–but then his emotions get engaged and he’s liable to throw all his plans away based on his feelings.

Slytherins are like that; Narcissa Malfoy went behind the Dark Lord’s back and lied to his face because she loved her son more than her social standing or her own safety. Regulus threw away his place in the Death Eaters because he cared too much about his house elf. Snape was one of Voldemort’s favorites–a half blood, considered lesser by wizarding society but finally he had the social standing he’d worked so hard for and wanted so desperately–and then Lily was threatened and all of that went right out the window.

Megamind works so hard on his plan to train Titan and give himself the professional rival his ambition craves–but when he has a chance to be with Roxanne instead, he says “I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore”. 

Slytherins fight in a really personal way. It’s not so much “this is wrong” as it is “I HATE YOU PERSONALLY AND SPECIFICALLY” (Megamind’s feud with Metro Man is deeply personal)

He’s also cunning, as Slytherins are–the disguise watch, lying to Roxanne so that he can date her–deception and trickery.

Roxanne is a Ravenclaw. 

She’s so extremely intelligent. The ‘look back’ coded message to Megamind during the fight with Titan; she comes up with that in a split second. 

She figures out Megamind’s idea cloud. The utter brilliance of that moment just–it’s really quite amazing to me. And her breathless excitement at finding the idea cloud, the way she looks at this huge complex riddle and goes “Wow,” in that awed voice–and when she gets home she copies the idea cloud and reassembles it oh my god she reassembles the gigantic idea cloud in her living room and she researches things at the library trying to understand it and she just cannot leave it alone until she figures it out.

Also, she’s the kind of person who gets so distracted by figuring out a mystery that she forgets to change out of her fuzzy slippers and into real shoes; Megamind might be the mad scientist, but Roxanne has the most absent-minded-professor moment in the whole movie–she forgets to put on shoes for god’s sake, forgets because she’s too busy trying to think her way through the riddle of the copper.

Metro Man is a Gryffindor.

Although I do think that he went about his retirement from heroism in the wrong way, changing your life so completely like that does take a lot of courage. Also, the way his childhood bullying behavior is framed by him and by society as heroism, the way he seems to do a lot of it for the adulation and gold stars that it brings him–Gryffindors are like that. They don’t just want to win–they want everyone to say they deserved to win because they’re good people. 

(Whereas you’ll notice Megamind is beyond shocked when people try to thank him after he defeats Titan. He’s not expecting anyone to praise him or thank him or tell him he’s a good person.)

Hal is Slytherin.

He is also motivated by emotions and by the things that he wants. Hal agrees to be the hero because he wants Roxanne and thinks this is the way to get her. When he turns evil, it’s because he’s angry with Roxanne–the fight is personal for Hal. 

And he loves power. A love for power is not intrinsically evil; abuse of power is. Tom Riddle is not evil because he desires power; he’s evil because he uses the power he has to hurt people. Same with Hal. It’s Slytherin–but not evil–that he wants to have power. What is evil is the way he abuses his power.

The way he’s so enraged at being told that he’s just a villain and not a supervillain, that he has no presentation, no style, is very telling: that insult is a denial of the greatness that he desires.

And when Hal is taunting Megamind, he tells him that “no matter which side you’re on, you’re always the loser”–this is an insult that strikes at Megamind’s desire for greatness, too.

That whole exchange is very much, I think, an exchange between Slytherins.

Minion is a Hufflepuff.

He is so hardworking and loyal. After his fight with Megamind, he goes back to the Lair and finishes the Black Mamba for Megamind anyway–the collar wasn’t done when Minion left, so he had to have gone back to finish it. And he’s the one that has to pick up the slack during Titan’s training, when Megamind is so distracted by spending time with Roxanne. 

He’s unselfish and nurturing and supportive–the offers of food, the way he asks Roxanne in such a reasonable tone to scream for Megamind, the way he is so quick to tell her that Megamind is the real hero. 


THOSE ARE MY SORTING HEADCANONS and I hope you enjoyed them! Thank you so much for asking me <3

Things I adore about Wonho
  • He has the most loveliest smile x x x x x x x x
  • He can’t stay still, he always has to be playing with something or moving his legs x x x
  • I don’t understand how he can be so adorable and yet incredibly sexy x x x x x x
  • Ramyun!
  • The way he runs is so cute x x 
  • Dark hair Wonho is seriously a blessing omg x x x
  • Okay but I live for how happy and proud he looked when they performed How About U, it seriously warmed my heart x x x x x
  • His rapping got Changkyun and Jooheon SHOOK x x
  • LISTEN he has got to have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen x x x x
  • Don’t even get me started on his fashion sense, I love how he dresses so much damn x x x x x x
  • He is the true king of fan service x
  • He does late night walks and runs and he catches pokemon and plays with rabbits and he is so cute god x
  • He is so adorable when he wakes up or when he’s tired x x
  • He is actually a child you honestly wouldn’t know he’s the second oldest member x x x
  • That one time he got excited to see the beach he shouted so hard he almost deafened Kihyun x
  • He has a beautiful singing voice, I could make an entire post on how beautiful his voice is BUT like his speaking voice? Idk there is something about the tone of his voice when he speaks that is so nice to hear x x
  • He has the most precious laugh ever x
  • We all know he’s probably the most sensitive member but the way he cares for them in his own way is so special x x x
  • His solo dance in Stuck PLEASE
  • Yo grape juice.x
  • He is the king of cheese, literally most of what comes out of his mouth is cheesy af but the way he loves Monbebe is so cute x
  • Okay him + chokers = absolute sexiness, but THIS x
  • I love his tattoos and the idea behind them, the ones on his thigh and feet anyway since I have no idea what his butt tattoo is x
  • He has an unhealthy obsession with Changkyun’s butt, actually his relationship with Changkyun in general is amazing x x x x
  • His opening dance for KCON LA omg x
  • Once thought it’d be a good idea to put his choker on a stuffed toy and proceeded to pretend to walk it idk x
  • This outfit x x
  • It’s amazing how him and Kihyun are always together in the studio, all the way from the No Mercy days x
  • He invented suits I swear x x
  • Idk who keeps giving him toys in fansigns x
  • One of the most important things to consider is that he’s not had it easy, and I’m not even gonna link the No Mercy interview because it’s too sad for me to watch, but the fact that he made it into the group with hard work and perseverance and is just such a happy and positive person despite everything is so amazing to me. He’s a literal bundle of joy and I’ll remain forever grateful that he made it into Monsta X.
you can set yourself on fire || kidge week day 1

A/N: so so so i actually saw @88bulletsart​‘s kidge week prompts but i really wanted to write for @kidgeweek​‘s prompts as well so here you go. super late. i really hope none of you mind! 

i’ll be writing for both weeks tho, so expect a hell of a lot more of my writing! title is from crazy=genius by p!atd. and yes, i will base my story titles off p!atd songs and lyrics coz i’m panic trash 

Prompt: Burn

Summary: Pidge may or may not have accidentally singed herself in one of her technical endeavors but lucky enough Keith was quick to help out.

It was no secret that Keith was the most observant of all the paladins of Voltron, second only to Shiro who somehow managed to pick up on…well, everything. The only real difference between the two of them was that the older paladin would rely on this skill when in battle and rarely outside of it. Meanwhile Keith can’t help but notice all the little things in their daily lives.

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wesnest  asked:

I really love your guys' responses (the bird one is a personal fave : >) and I'm in a Ghibli mood! So how about some scenarios based on the RFA+V and Saeran watching their favorite Ghibli film with MC?!

A/N: AAAAAAA I LOVE STUDIO GHIBLI’S! LET’S HAVE A MOVIE MARATHON!! (Also thank you very much! I had so much fun on the bird one ^^) ~Admin 404



               -MC wants to watch a movie?

               -“LEMME PICK LEMME PICK LEMME PICK!!!!!!” okay yoosung jfc fINE

               -He picks one that he thinks is as cute as you!!!

               -Kiki’s Delivery Service!!!!

               -Come on! It’s got an adorable cat familiar and a witch who works as a delivery girl!

               -She has to overcome a hardship to get her powers back!!!!


               -He’d try to cuddle you close but he’s kind of like a little kid!! He still gets really excited like it’s the first time he’s watching it!

               -“MC LOOK, WATCH THIS PART!!!!!!!”

               - okay i would if i couLD HEAR IT YOOSUNG PLS CALM DOWN


               -It has a princess in it….

               -You’re HIS princess…..

               -IT MAKES SENSE okay sure it does oppa,  so he turns on The Tale of Princess Kaguya!

               -Vows if he ever finds a small child in bamboo he’ll take care of the child like in the movie

               -Love love loves that she refuses the multiple guys advances

               - Take note MC, ALL MEN ARE WOLVES

               -Forgot to tell you it was sad

               - okay but whY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THIS TO ME

               -Holds you close at the end and consoles you when you cry

               -“What? MC! I’m not crying! There’s…something in my eye. DON’T LAUGH AT ME!!”


               - are you sure we can’t just watch one of zen’s dvds

               -Also picks a cute one!

               -Come on MC the fish turns into a human for love it’s cute

               - okay but is Ponyo NOT like the Little Mermaid??

               -Though she really likes this movie, she’s always the type to make mum comments

               -“They’re much too young to be in love. Who thought of this?”

               -“Why was this little boy not freaked out at the fact this fish turned into a girl?”


               - baehee pls omg

               -“Why is this boy’s mother not concerned about all of this, ridiculous”


               -The Cat Returns.

               -Did you expect anything different

               -it’S GOT SO MANY CATS!!!!!

               -He’s seen it so many times, that he doesn’t need to pay much attention

               -So he puts Elizabeth the Third on his stomach as he lays his head in your lap

               - jesus christ MC pls run your fingers through his floof

               -Quiet throughout the whole movie

               -If you ask him a question about it, he shushed you and tells you to just watch it

               - but juju i am watching it i just need an answer to oNE QUESTION PLEASE

               -He actually falls asleep in the middle of the movie and gets embarrassed about it


               -It’s a movie about how you have to work hard to be free!!!

               -It’s literally the same theme as his life! rip why did i do that to myself lmao

               -Spirited Away!

               -He likes to tell the back stories to all of the spirits shown in the movie!!!

               -You just sit and listen to it no matter how many times you see this movie because he gets so excited!!!

               -He’ll get really dramatic with his gasps, grip the edge of his seat, the works

               -No-Face is his favourite!

               - totally doesnt cosplay as him and stands over you the moment you wake up just to hear you scream

               -If you actually want to watch the movie without him jumping around, you have to sit on his lap- he’ll calm down and rest his chin on your shoulder, but still makes silly sound effects against your ear


               -Grave of the Fireflies!!!

               -Loves the history in the movie

               - secret history nerd how cute

               -The hardships that these children go through break his heart ;A;


               -The little boy’s love and dedication to his sister inspires him so much

               -He loves to bundle up in a blanket and hold you close when you two are watching it

               -Has history fun facts ready to tell you cutecutecute

               -Will hold you close, rub your back, and whisper sweet words against your head when you cry over it okay listen MC is emotional beCAUSE THESE MOVIES CAN GET SAD DONT JUDGE ME

               -Every time he watches this movie, he gets fired up and wants to immediately leave the house and help people in need sweetheart its midnight i appreciate your fire but itll be better to help in the morning


               - the sootballs represent his soul

               - what a fuckin edgelord

               -My Neighbor Totoro!

               -Honestly wants to own one of the forest spirits

               -Who is he kidding, he wants his own life-sized Totoro, cAN YOU IMAGINE SLEEPING ON ONE MC?!?!

               -Pouts when he mentions that this is his favourite movie. Don’t call him cute. He’s allowed to enjoy a cute little movie with no violence in it. LET HIM HAVE THIS

               -“It’d be dope if there was a real life Catbus” “Saeran you’d be way too suspicious to actually get a ride from it” “OKAY, AND?

               -He’d rather watch the movie from a laptop, so the two of you can stay in bed

               -Sits criss-crossed and makes you sit in his lap so he can put his chin on your shoulder

               - gets distracted halfway through and ends up kissing the back of your neck and shoulder, but you keep ignoring him so he falls asleep instead

majoringinsarcasm  asked:

I love the countdown series so much. A new one seems to always pop up when I'm having a bad time, and it gives me something to help motivate myself.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! T_________T This makes me so happy you don’t even knowwww.

I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling so great, but I’m happy I can make a difference in your day! Writing this series has been really cathartic for me, too. If anyone looks at my works on AO3, you can see that basically before Haikyuu!! I hadn’t written anything in quite awhile. Finding Haikyuu!! and all the really, really great people that follow it kind of opened a dam. I try to write almost every day and I try to stay engaged with the people I’m ‘meeting’ and stay open and excited even when it’s hard.

Countdown is like, a CONCENTRATED EFFORT to change the idea of fluff into something that’s substantial and important. Not filler. Not just happy, nothing happens, uninteresting, JUST kisses and butterflies and smiles (although there’s plenty of that). Sometimes I get a little miffed that people call this genre “fluff” when it’s about two young people who are falling deeply in love and they’re dedicating themselves to figuring stuff out and to each other even though they have NO IDEA what they’re doing…

That’s not fluff, or “filler.” That’s real life, just when it goes well. 

Like, not hating on the real, dark stuff that people write to help us all get through the tough things too… but I think depicting the characters we hold dear in idyllic situations is just as valuable. I want them to be happy. I want them to feel love without having to worry about what other people think… because I want that for other people, my friends and myself. TBH.

I’m SUPER SUPER pleased that you get a bit of happiness (and MOTIVATION - omg that flighty bastard) from reading my poorly conceived fic. omg. My inbox is always open when you want to talk about fic or real life too. 

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anonymous asked:

OMG I can't tell you how happy I am that you opened up your request box again! I love your writing so I'm so excited to finally request something from you! BTS written reaction to their Asian adopted sister that's not Korean saying she feels like throwing up (queasy/butterflies in stomach) because she's so stressed and anxiety isn't helping with school work and learning Korean at the same time and she just needs someone to comfort and understand her emotionally. Thank youuuu <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

OMG this is long! Hope you enjoy it! <3 

Jimin would instantly become so worried that you wouldn’t be able to do anything for the rest of the day without him appearing in front of you and telling you that whatever you’re doing he can do it for and that you should just rest a little. He would even make you something to eat  not without a few crashes in the kitchen though and would bring it to you in bed. After you eat he would lie there with you asking to hear about what’s troubling you but he would be more focused on making you forget about the stress and getting to hear your laugh again  which you surely do after his passionate performance of ‘’Up&Down’’ Expect him not leaving you alone for a whole day!

Namjoon would make sure you don’t do anything that might trouble you more or make you even more stressed that day. After you calm down a little he would ask you to tell him everything, from school work that’s giving you problems to your knowledge of Korean which you’re still not satisfied with and also about your fear of not making any progress. When he hears about the root of the problem he would sit with you, no matter how long you need, until you two find a solution together. Since he know how important that is he would help you organize your time better and also make sure you understand that  he’s also BrainMon he’s there if you need any help with your school work.

Taehyung would, after telling you that you need to take you mind of school work and everything, do anything to make you forget why you were feeling bad. He would announce that now is not the time to think about ‘’what my score would be if I circled answer A instead of answer B on that last test’’.  He would drag you to the living room and make you sing along to ‘’Good Boy’’ while giving his all to imitate Taeyang  almost ripping his shirt off before you stopped him  and you’re left there being GD and to be honest that’s actually helping and that’s the first time you’re not thinking about your problems in days…And while you two are bowing and thanking ‘’the estatic crowd’’ pair of chairs with Tae’s shirts on  he say something like. ‘’Next time when something is troubling you come to me earlier.’’

Jin would give you the biggest hug ever before letting you go but only so he can explain it to you that it’s ok to let it out and cry sometimes! He would tell you that he understands how hard and stressful it must and he would probably wish that you told him how you were feeling earlier. After helping you calm down a little you two would have a long talk but only after Jin ordered take-out claiming that there is nothing favorite food can’t fix. It would be that kind of talk where you start from what’s troubling in and while talking about how to make it better you somehow end up discussing who really broke that lamp a few month ago and was that pizza from yesterday really that good or you were to tired too care. In the end you still feel better than ever because you’re pretty sure it’s not food but Jin’s encouraging words and squeaky laugh that can fix everything.

Hoseok would , after he makes sure you’re feeling ok, tell you to follow him out. You could probably notice that he’s really worried but he would hide it since the only thing he is focused on now is helping you relax and forgetting the huge weight of stress. And how does he do that…simple! Getting ice cream and wandering around the city just doing whatever seems interesting to you at the moment. When he’s sure that you’re feeling a little better than before you two go home and you’re kind of tired since you were walking a lot that day so you just lie on the bed and Hoseok encourages you to talk to him about what’s troubling you only now when you’re calmer. And after a while he’s like ‘’Shouting and screaming can help sometimes!’’ And soon you two are competing in shouting ‘’I want chicken’’ and no you’re not winning and the only thing you’re worrying about now is if the walls are really soundproof

Yoongi would tell you to get some sleep immediately since you look like you really need it and you can’t really function if you’re that stressed and tired. Even if you start complaining that you don’t have time to rest and that there’s no way you’ll ever get to do everything on time he would say something like: ‘’Ok, you don’t have to sleep but you have time to hang out with me for a while, right?’’ So you two end up lying somewhere  of course  and you start talking about school and your problems with Korean and he’s only listening carefully at the beginning and only after you finished telling him everything he’ll speak up. So he starts with telling you that you should slow down a little and do things in a more enjoyable way and he suggests learning some phrases through Bangtan’s songs and that he would of course be there to help you. And he’s like ‘’You have to relax sometimes! Take more naps. Learn from me. And there’s no way you can’t feel better after hearing him talk calmly like that.

Jungkook probably wouldn’t know what to do at first. He would need some time to think about how he should react. The best he could do at first is like putting his arm around your shoulder and offering his support like that. Noticing that you’re still upset about it he would try to make you feel better and more relaxed by, for example, organizing a movie night  even telling you to pick a movie instead of just playing Avengers or playing games with you. He wouldn’t keep pushing you to talk to him because it would probably be awkward to him but if you do start talking he would be there to listen! He might not be able to come up with something that can help you with school work and everything but you would still feel better after letting everything out and knowing that he’ll awlays be there to listen to you.

heiressofravka  asked:

Hi! First of all I wanted to tell you that I love your blog and your fics, I'm so hooked up on Pietro x Reader! And you are one of my favourite writers! So here is my prompt: You work as an assistant for Tony and Bruce. You really like learning languages and, when the Maximoffs arrive you ask them to teach you Sokovian. Sometimes Wanda teach you and sometimes Pietro. Eventually Wanda would start making excuses so Pietro and you would be alone.

Omg Yes!! I love it! And I know how you feel lol I’ve been reading too many of those fics! And thanks for the compliment! Here ya go: 

You had been working as an assistant for Tony and Bruce for as long as you can remember. About a year to be exact. You knew a lot of languages so you were very helpful to them to get their scientific knowledge spread across the world. Except the one language you didn’t know was Sokovian. So when the Maximoff twins joined the team, you were shocked that you couldn’t understand their native language, and you immediately had a burning desire to learn it before the team found out and teased you about it until you died, like poor Steve when he shouted ‘language!’ ironically to your situation.

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anonymous asked:

I'm not too late for the halloween requests right ?? Ho would the RFA + Saeran react to Mc , who happens to be a huge Final Fantasy fan , dressing up in a super detailed, self-made goddess! Lightning cos (that armor Lightning is wearing in FFXIII 2) Bonus: Mc made a huge secret out of what she was going to dress up as and everyone really just finds out when they see her on Halloween)

This is perfect tbh let’s have some gaming nerd MC 


  • Oh. God.
  • He has never felt so in love before
  • Like it’s not LOLOL but
  • MC ???? in Cosplay??? MC cosplaying a game character ???
  • The moment he sees you he just kind of 
  • Yoosung.exe has stopped functioning
  • Can you hear him stuttering and staring at you, all O___O ? 
  • Of course you can. Everyone can
  • He’d been so excited to see what you chose to cosplay and now he’s just,,,
  • He is totally cosplaying a LOLOL character
  • and while it’s different games the two of you just kill it
  • Totally the best costumes ever
  • People keep mistaking it as a couple costumes thing because it looks like the two of you coordinated it
  • You just roll with it and pose for pictures together
  • Yoosung tries to look badass in the pictures but he keeps staring at you all lovingly


  • He doesn’t really recognize your character (of course he doesn’t)
  • but he was curious and kinda surprised when he heard you’d be making the costume yourself
  • and tbh kinda skeptical
  • but now that he’s seeing it
  • oh boy
  • “oh my- Angel, you look incredible”
  • He has a whole new perspective on gaming right now
  • Like when he heard you were into games it really shook his view? 
  • He’d always just associated it w/Yoosung honestly
  • but now….omg
  • Low-key excited for you
  • Really interested in seeing what the game is about now actually
  • When you’re playing he’ll go over and watch 
  • He thinks you’re so cute when you get into the zone 
  • “Elizabeth come look at this-”


  • Cosplaying is his jam
  • And holy heck he’s practically drooling over that armor 
  • “O- o H MC!! I had no idea you could do that kinda stuff!!” 
  • When he heard what you were doing for Halloween he  200% matched up with you
  • He’s played the game too and he’s currently so excited for what’s to come
  • “MC!!! We can make cosplays together more often after this!”
  • Will suggest you two play together when you get home
  • Probably calls a certain person and screams about you over the phone
  • Also so so so protective rn because he’d see why anyone would want to steal you from him -hiss- step away Yoosung
  • He actually thinks you look cooler than any of the actual Final Fantasy characters and won’t take any of your protests to that


  • He’s like a blubbering mess right now
  • How ??? Could you make video games that attractive ?? 
  • He’s surprised but also kinda like “of course you could do this kind of thing”
  • So excited about you rn 
  • He actually feels like you just became his knight in shining armor? 
  • Forget being protective of you he sees now that the opposite is pretty neat too
  • He’s just beaming with pride the whole party
  • “My love, seems like I’ll be counting on your protection for the remainder of this party~”
  • He’s thrilled
  • He’s 100% dressed as a prince too so it looks like you’re his knight as well
  • The two of you definitely crush the “best costume” category 
  • Holy heck you two look hot together I think everyone’s a bit in love
  • Paparazzi go insane when they see you two together
  • Zen probably lands a role for a fantasy movie just because of the pictures tbh


  • She’s ???  So impressed? ? 
  • Like she’d seen some stuff you’ve made before 
  • Because skills like those don’t come from nowhere
  • but your current costume just makes her so excited and happy
  • Isn’t into the game but will study your costume to see how you’ve made it and stuff
  • Tons of questions
  • “Did you sow this part? How did you-” 
  • Really interested in the technicalities of it
  • “Can you teach me how to do this, MC?” 
  • She just thinks you’re so cool she probably talks about your costume to everyone at the party
  • “Did you see my S/O’s costume ?? MC made it themselves!”
  • By the end of it there’s no one at the party that hasn’t heard of you
  • Rambling about other things you should do with your skills all the way home like omg she thinks you could do this professionally 

The next one contains spoilers for Mystic Messenger Unknown, be cautious lolol


  • He doesn’t really react at first
  • Like he’s just staring at you a bit? All poker faced? 
  • But when you turned around you could swear you heard something
  • Was,,,was that a tiny squeal??
  • You turn back to him and he’s looking very strained
  • He’s covering half his face with his hand 
  • Wait is he blushing or
  • “Oh my… MC, this is..”
  • He isn’t too good at coming up with compliments but that’s okay
  • it’s actually more than enough seeing him unable to suppress a smile the whole party
  • the RFA members are actually a bit surprised seeing how happy he seems to be?
  • He’ll be holding your hand and low-key glaring at anyone who looks at you the wrong way
  • Because gosh if you don’t look like paradise should right now and he wants you all to himself
  • Saeyoung breaks out laughing at one point and wonders what exactly you’ve done to his brother
  • because Saeran just walked over and asked him for tips on how he is supposed to deal with this
  • RIP Saeyoung after that he isn’t seen until an hour later when he shows up with a new costume mumbling  about how hard he worked on the last one
  • By the end of the night Saeran asks you to make him a matching costume (though with more black
  • He’s so in love and his expression says it all even if he has trouble saying it out loud

anonymous asked:

Dex/Nursey - Derek comes to visit Dex in Maine summer after sophomore year because they got dibs on the attic and need to figure out how they're going to live together and of course D needs to work and N has nothing to do so he drives up one weekend but then turns into an honorary babysitter for all the little Poindexters (I feel like Dex has like 4 younger siblings and maybe one older) because he's a new person and D is just like "I give up, stay however long" and of course they kiss.

Oh, Nonster, this took me so long to write… and I’m so sorry for the delay, but I finally did it! While this isn’t your prompt to the letter, I hope it’s close enough that you can still enjoy it. <3 <3 <3

Many, many thanks to the lovely @dizzy-redhead and @raspberrycordial for helping me work out the kinks of this fic - aka what feels like the shortest slow-burn I’ve ever written. Sheesh. XD

Originally posted by dailyhappylife

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anonymous asked:

So... I have a prompt but I don't know if you are still talking them, and I figured I may as well try: Jonsa+"But time makes you bolder, children get older and I'm getting older, too"

omg I couldn’t sleep until I wrote this out. I hope you like it!!! A bit mature.

When Sansa asks Jon for their first babe; she’s nervous. She fiddles her thumbs and picks at non-existent flaws upon her gown. She’s no stranger to their marriage bed and she adores the time spent there, but she can always sense the invisible line Jon has drawn between them. He always tells her that it’s fine, that she’s his lady wife and their time together is well spent. But she knows there’s a part of him deep down that can’t get past the fact he considered her his sister for so long.

“It’s been nearly two years, Jon. I think it’s well past time we started actually trying.”

Jon grumbles something into his ale but Sansa doesn’t bother asking what he’s said. “Please, Jon. I want to be a mother. And you’ll be a wonderful father.”

Jon glances at his wife only a moment before he smiles that beautiful half-grin of his. “Alright,” he says, “Perhaps you’re right.”


It doesn’t take long for Sansa to fall pregnant, her feet barely touching the ground as she realizes. She beams when she tells Jon, no longer nervous, but excited. Jon smiles but she can still feel his hesitation; to which she smooths out with gentle kisses and quiet whispers of what she wants when they retire to bed that evening.

Jon touches her growing belly everyday, carefully, like he might break her if he caresses the bump too hard or for too long. Sansa loves these moments when she feels her husband’s hands on her in the middle of the night, sneaking beneath her night shift to feel her skin. She pretends not to hear what he says.

The babe comes in the spring, a little boy with Jon’s black curls and startling Targaryen violet eyes. Sansa is surprised, but loves him no less, cradling the baby under her chin and humming a soft lullaby. He’s a fine weight, Sam says, completely healthy with rosy cheeks and a set of lungs a grown man would be jealous of.

Sansa beckons Jon into their rooms, making room for him on the bed before she hands him their son.

“What do we call him?” She asks, stroking the baby’s chin and holding one of Jon’s arms. “I thought I’d leave that up to you.”

“Oh,” he says, gazing quietly at his son before looking at Sansa with silent tears in his eyes. “I’d like to call him Robb.”

Sansa smiles. “A fine name,” she agrees. “Little Robb.”

“I thought he’d have your eyes,” Jon says, stroking his fingers over the baby’s cheeks. “I don’t know why.”

“Well,” Sansa laughs, “There can be no denying he is your son.”

“Our son,” Jon corrects, kissing his wife.


Robb grows into a fiery toddler, rough and rugged, always crashing into things and sneaking into his parents’ bed when he’s not supposed to. Neither of them have the heart to turn him away.

On Robb’s third name-day, after the festivities and everyone in the castle sleeps, Sansa lets down her hair and climbs into bed next to her husband. “Another one,” she says.

“Yes,” Jon replies, grinning as he rolls Sansa underneath him. He kisses her neck, trailing his lips to hers as he nods. He runs his hands along her legs, pulling one around his hip as he kisses her once more.

Sansa’s pliable in his hands as he works her shift over her head, lips grazing her breasts and her stomach, his hands tracing everywhere his lips can’t reach. She arches into him as he mouths at her cunt, tracing circles and moaning at how good she tastes and how much he loves to do this. She falls apart in minutes, hands in his hair and yanking Jon up by the curls as soon as she’s come down.

She flips them easily, sliding off his small clothes before she teases herself over his cock. She’s warm and wet and everything Jon’s ever dreamed of when she finally sinks down over him. She intertwines their hands as she moves up and down, slowly, so she can keep her eyes locked on his. They’ve only fucked like this a few times; but this moment is different. The wall that Jon built falls as soon as she lifts her hips; their first son has made them bold and a different kind of love has grown.

Jon keeps her steady with their fingers locked, eyes half closed with pure pleasure as he feels his wife clench around him. “No, Jon, look at me,” Sansa pleads, swiveling her hips.

He smiles as he sits up, wrapping his arms around her waist and pushing his hips up to meet hers every time she falls back down. It’s slow and sensual, perfect really, Sansa whining in the back of her throat and Jon mumbling against her chest. Sansa catches Jon by the jaw, looking into his eyes before she kisses him, nipping his bottom lip. “Come, Jon, give me another babe.”

He’s only half-sorry that he follows her command without giving her pleasure once more before he spills inside her.


Jon’s with Sansa as she gives birth. It’s harder this time; the babe gets stuck half way through labor and Sansa curses every god she can think of before it’s over. Jon loses his temper with Sam, commanding him to fix it, to do something, but by the end, a baby girl comes quietly into the world.

She’s not loud like her brother, but no less healthy or beautiful. She has Sansa’s burnt auburn hair and those Tully blue eyes Jon loves so much. The little babe settles easily against her mother’s chest as Jon cradles Sansa in his arms. “What would you like to call her?” He asks, gently touching the babe’s full head of hair.

“Lyanna,” Sansa says. “For your mother.” She smiles as she looks at him, searching his face for any signs of doubt, but she finds none. She finds nothing but kind eyes and love.

And as Jon looks at his daughter and hears his son rumbling up Winterfell’s stairs, he knows their will always be more children and he’ll never regret marrying Sansa Stark.

anonymous asked:

I'm just getting into blockb (omg bastarz!) & I'm trying to figure out their individual l personalities & was wondering if you could tell me some things about them? I've started watching shows but can't figure what they are truly like.Tysm in advance

Omg hi! Welcome to the fandom, new BBC friend! <3 Block B is the type of group that will always surprise you, especially if you think there is nothing left for them to do. lol I’m sure you’re gonna love them, each second more and more! :3

So, I’m gonna tell you what I  think about them, what I’ve seen and learned from them since I’ve became a bbc, a few years ago. I apologise for my English in advance.

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the rising sun & the moon

Title: the rising sun & the moon

Summaryprompt: school au where Phil is really into astrology and only dates someone if their zodiac sign is compatible to his; Dan secretly pines for Phil and always tries to subtly mention how compatible geminis and aquariuses are

Word count: 806 

A/N: i’m sorry this is so short omg i tried i just loved the prompt so much. and yes i’m still filling prompts from phanfic bc i have no imagination lmao, if u love me send me prompts!!! anyway yes hope you enjoy!!

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akkutagawa  asked:

OMG OK COOL UMM maybe AU where Kise works in a coffee shop that makes LIKE THE BEST COFFEE WITH THE PRETTIEST PATTERNS AND DRAWINGS and idk fluff would be nice :D TYVM AND GL ON THE REST OF YOUR IB EXAMS!! (I'm thinking you probably have math and languages left??)

[ a little bit of coffee can make for a sweeter day ]

Fandom Meme 2
AU: Coffee Shop AU, College
Pairing: Kise x Reader (Platonic)
Genre: Fluff
Words: 662
A/N: Oooh, another coffee shop AU. And thank you sweets! I only have mandarin, math and chemistry left.

Just fantastic. If the day hadn’t started bad enough already, the text you received just made it worse. You were supposed to introduce your boyfriend to your parents today but nope, that asshole decided to abandon you. It wasn’t even to abandon you for schoolwork, no. It’s for another girl! Thanks a lot, really thanks.

Now, your parents were just going to nag on and on about how you should be looking for a suitable husband. You sighed and paid the cashier. “Hi, ____-chi!” He greeted you. You frequented this café so you were already familiar with Kise Ryouta. He was pretty well-known too in the school since he was part of the basketball team and modeled and acted as well.

“Hey, Kise.” You smiled weakly up at him and slid your phone inside your pocket. “The usual please.”

He raised an eyebrow at you as he input your order. “You look down, what’s wrong?”

“Aside from the douchebag who just broke up with me through a text when he’s supposed to be meeting my parents, there’s also the fact that the shower and stove in my place broke down. So, yep.” You handed him a few crinkled bills and he smiled sadly at you. “But, forget about it. I wasn’t that into him anyway.”

“Still was a jerk for doing something like that,” he sighed and handed you the change. “You know what, I’ll personally make your coffee today.” He beamed down at you. You grinned thankfully at him. Everyone knew Kise made the best latte with the most beautiful and intricate latte art designs. He winked at you before switching with his friend.

You settled by the window and glanced out, waiting for the moment of truth. Your parents were bound to show up anytime soon and you were just so exhausted you wanted to get the meeting over with.

“____!” Your mom’s voice rang across the shop as she moved towards you. “Oh, it’s been so long, darling. You should call us more often. And your dad couldn’t make it today unfortunately. But never mind that.” She beamed in excitement. Cue the question in 3… 2… 1… “Now, where’s that boyfriend of yours?”

You sighed, “Well, mom, the thing is—“

“He’s right here.” Kise appeared beside you carrying two steaming cups of coffee. “And you must be ____-chi’s mother. It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Kise Ryouta.” He put on his charming act and took your mother’s hand, placing a kiss on the back. You could just hear the women in the store swooning and some seething in jealousy.

“Oh my,” your mom’s eyes twinkled as they flew back to you. Aw, shit. “You didn’t tell me how handsome he is, darling.”

“Mom, please don’t. Don’t inflate his ego even more.” You winced.

“Nonsense,” she chided. “It’s always good to be confident especially when you’ve got things to be confident about!”

You looked at Kise and shook your head at the shit-eating grin on his face. The meeting went by uneventfully and Kise had to go back and forth between the counter and you and your mom. Afterwards, your mom gave you a pat on the cheek and smiled. “He’s a keeper!” She announced in excitement and you could hear the wedding bells ringing in her head.

“Mom, alright, go. Don’t you have to meet dad for dinner?”

“Alright, sweetheart, so pushy.” She clucked her tongue. “I’ll see you soon and it was nice meeting you, Kise-kun.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you too,” he grinned.

After she left, you breathed a sigh of relief to Kise. “Thank you, I owe you big time for that.”

“Hey, we’re friends. Friends can do nice things for each other.” He smiled and wrapped arm around you. It was good sometimes to have a guy friend who could watch your back. “Now, how about we take revenge on that ex of yours?”

You groaned, “Yes please.”

- All the Right Moves , by @cherrystreet : This is the third game in a row that Harry has been distracted by the noisy boy in the stands, five rows back.There’s really no reason that he should feel compelled to stare into the audience as frequently as he is, but he can’t help it. This boy is a nuisance. And he’s loud. Even from basketball court with nine other players running by him, shoes squeaking on the shiny hardwood floor, and thousands of cheering college students, Harry can hear this boy nearly shrieking, his laugh more like a cackle than anything.It’s seriously obnoxious.

Larry Uni- Basket-ball AU (17k) : a kind of Hate to love relationship, funny and cute,  with great smut (bottom Louis).

- Once every day your life starts again , by blackmustache : Somewhere in a non-specific not-too-distant future, Louis gets a mild case of amnesia and forgets he’s dating Nick. Nick has to remind him how the hell that happened.

Tomlinshaw amnesia AU (6k) : Really cute and nice fic, about their secret relationship . No smut.

- the magic that is you and me , by @mytinylou​ : This man who was a complete stranger only a few hours ago – who still is a complete stranger, really – has taken over his heart and mind and he wants to understand the way they orbit each other, the way they fit after barely any time has passed.  He feels like he’s just come alive, like a new part of him he didn’t know existed has suddenly been awakened, and he wants to feel this forever, wants to ride the high for the rest of his life.Or, the AU where Harry works at Jason Mraz’s avocado farm, Louis works for BuzzFeed, and they’ve only got a few hours to fall in love.

Larry AU (18k) : fluffy (oh god this end made me smile so hard), funny, no smut at all. To read for sad days !

- Love You (Goodbye), by @smollest-louis​ : an angsty 5+1 where harry and louis try to do goodbye all over again, but this time right.

Larry break-up AU (11k) : sooooo. Angsty yeah. Sad too. “bittersweet end” and all that. I didn’t cry (I did). (bottom Harry for the smut).

- Dust on the Road. , by Velvetoscar : Louis is definitely fine and Lottie is definitely crushing on her French teacher, and these two things have nothing to do with each other. Except they do. And Louis is not fine.

Larry Coffee-shop AU (18k) : Teacher Harry and artist Louis in a coffee-shop, add Lottie with the biggest crush ever, no smut … (but : I HATE IT WHEN FRENCH IS USED WITHOUT SOMEONE CORRECTING IT, this is absolutely awful, I want to cry).

- Ache To Know The Song He Sung , by anonymous :  Ogling hot men is a part of his job that Louis thoroughly enjoys. That is, if the ogling hadn’t been reduced to a bare minimum the second DJ Harry Styles set foot into Funky Payno and ruined every other man for Louis, ever. Or: Louis is a bartender and Harry is a DJ in a club in Barcelona. All they really need to do is get their shit together. Of course, that’s not what happens.

Larry clubbing AU (14k) : Jealousy, pinning, (OMG so much pinning), and dancing. Great smut (bottom Louis) and very fun ! (also hello side Ziam, I love you!)

- baby got blue eyes , by bottomlinsons (grimgrace) Harry has been working on a mural and has been struggling to find the right shade of blue. Until he meets Louis. (Essentially, a very silly take on what could have otherwise been an incredibly romantic tale!)

Larry Uni AU (5k) : funny and cute, with artist Harry, pinning, and no smut.

- Giving Me Excitations , by @juliusschmidt: Gemma’s BFF Louis joins the family on a beach weekend. Harry likes him so much.

Larry teenage AU (6.6k) with a lot of awkward boners and pinning, and no real smut. Funny !

Like always, you can find all my fic recs in my Masterspost!

NO BUT this is gonna be Killian thinking he’s seeing her face for the last time, and thinking he’s hearing her voice for the last time, and thinking he’s kissing her for the last time, and he’ll probably say something cheeky and stupid to make her smile through her tears so he can see that for the last time too.

And there is no “there’s not a day that’ll go by I won’t think of you” and an answering “good” to fill his heart with hope. There is no heart and there is no hope. There’s just Killian failing to do what he’s done for hundreds of years, and Killian unable to keep his promise that Emma wouldn’t lose him, and Killian preparing to die alone at the hands of the monster who murdered his first love and hates his guts. And no one will ever know, because the Crocodile will probably cover it all up to save his own ass and make himself the hero and Killian the villain, and Emma will move on, and the heroes will keep fighting.

And maybe when he and Emma part for what he believes will be forever, a little bit of him even wonders if this is what he deserves, after all.


I’M HOOOOOOME ( ◜ ◉▽◉)◜

And I even brought a souvenir for all of you!

(my being dead is not something that is about to not keep happening)
(It’s just the norm by now, at least until I finish school)
(drop in - drop post - drop out: repeat once a month or so)


Also the first properly blue-blooded one! I guess we’ll finally see how being royalty might affect the life of someone who’s (presumably) not perpetually high and soul-rendingly lonely (probably)

…Looking at their username, I’d wager they’re… not entirely adverse to using their status to their advantage
or at least, someone else’s disadvantage

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