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Hey. Your professor is an ass and doesn't know jack shit about you. The only ones who gets to decide if you are law school material is the law schools you apply to and yourself. I'm kinda struggling with the same discouragement with aiming for med school, but I've got this little mantra to keep me up: if it's meant to be, it's up to me, and even if I fall, I aimed high and will still land high. It's hard to not let that kind of discouragement get you down, but at least don't let it linger.

Hsjdfkshj this honestly made me smile so much thANK YOU FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT MY FRIEND!  I totally agree, and I actually get told by people a lot they don’t think I’ll make a good lawyer because I’m ~too nice.  (Which in and of itself I think speaks more to assumptions about lawyers as a profession than it does to me as a person but I digress).  I use it to fuel me because !  I want to get into international humanitarian law, you need compassion and kindness to be able to do a job like that.  I CHANNEL MY INNER ELLE WOODS WHEN WARNER TOLD HER SHE COULDN’T GET INTO LAW SCHOOL.  I’m definitely not going to let one douche canoe get me down, and thanks so much for the encouragement sjdfh.

I’m also sO HAPPY that you’re not taking crap from anyone either because you’re so right, you are the only one who gets to decide whether you’re med school material or not, and I’m so sorry that people are discouraging you but ! SO GLAD THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT ATTITUDE like go out there and kICK BUTT.  CHANNEL YOUR INNER OLIVIER AND TAKE NO PRISONERS.  (Although maybe don’t kill a man).  Reach for the stars, land in the clouds!

Accent Challenge
Accent Challenge

ooooomg it took me forever to upload because I had to compress the file and didn’t know how to do it. (again, thank you @mamzelleluciole for helping me <3)

Also I am so sorry for english speakers because I totally murdered your beautiful language.
U.S. Book Haul - I spent the last 3 months in the U.S. and got some books there. Soooo I thought that this is the perfect oppurtunity to finally make a video. :D

This is it. This is my first BookTube video. 

I hope you’ll enjoy it! ♥