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1.6k celebration: art requests now open!!

thank you @phanperra for making this banner for me<3

so we somehow reached 1.6k, holy crap this is so much for me, and thank you for supporting and appreciating me. the only thing i can do for you is make better art for you guys, keep on improving and creating.


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  • send in an ask suggesting 
    1. digital or traditional art
    2. content (composition, art style, colour theme, etc)
    3. palette; expression; pose challenge
    4. character/ person

*I’ve been considering this for so long and i still haven’t found the perfect timing to do this, so i’m going to post this now. Considering april is my exam month, i may not be very active here soon. Please put up with the time required and don’t expect i can do yours quickly. This is the first time i do this and idk what to expect. The art request will be open for long, unless this flops.

Master and Foreteller Gula (unmasked)

I have an exam soon, so I drew him at the same time as Invi xD.

Yep, I’ll make one picture after another until E3. I’M SURE WE’LL HAVE SOMETHING NEW FROM KH III ! C'MON! >D

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OMG I'm so scared/anxious about Blade Runner 2049! I hope it keeps the same mood the original had! Like, I don't want it to be like some king of cheap fan service without meaning or any profound ideas and everything the original movie gave us!!! And of course the amazing conclusions you can build around architecture

I am trying not to raise my hopes much. Blade Runner is one of my top 5 movies ever and I doubt they can improve on the original. All I ask is that they don’t change my impressions of the original with this sequel by telling us something new that changes the past.

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Accent Challenge
Accent Challenge

ooooomg it took me forever to upload because I had to compress the file and didn’t know how to do it. (again, thank you @mamzelleluciole for helping me <3)

Also I am so sorry for english speakers because I totally murdered your beautiful language.

a quick sketch, sorry for the quality

I wanted to draw Samuel Vimes and Sybil Ramkin from Discworld at a ball, with Sam wearing one of those stupid duke attire. Vimes hates those noble things, and I think Sybil doesn’t really like them either.
I imagine one of the nobles have made a racist comment so that’s why Sam and Sybil are so done. Sybil has to hold her husband’s hand otherwise he will probably kill someone (didn’t draw it tho).

I love them so much

Hello, Mob Psycho 100 fans!! DailyMP100 is now open and ready to share all the amazing content that the fandom produces with you to make it more easy to find. We also hope to make MP100 more popular on tumblr!

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it has been a lovely 12 months (+few days). thank you all so much for being on board with me. i don’t know how to do psd packs or icon packs etc to share but i do love me a ton of kit harington and making gifs of him is an utter pleasure so for this month of may, if anyone would like anything made, i’m open (i take requests all the time though but this is a birthday thing heh). xoxo Q

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I'm literally so stressed about college I'm 17 and it's my senior year I've been taking college classes since the beginning of my junior year, I have over a 4.0, I've worked hard done well on my tests done my extracurriculars, yet I still feel like a failure and like I'm not good enough for any colleges and I'm so stressed out trying to pick which is best for me and which state I should move to and what's best for me and my fam and my BF and my future and HELP I'm so anxious omg

Look at it this way, before I dropped out of high school, I had a 2.4 GPA (the year before I only had 3-3.2), and I am still getting offers to go to colleges.

I am nowhere close to being able to be called a ‘failure’ due to my work and if I can do all those above and still not be considered a failure then you are not a failure.

Your GPA is fantastic, far better than mine was, and you are actually finishing high school - you have a better chance than I do, and I now I‘m not a failure, so I know you aren’t.

For picking where to go:

Education, Work, and then relationships and family. There is no reason to keep your relationships with other people at the forefront of decisions that directly affect you. Holding onto relationships for the pure fact that they are relationships are what cause failures later. Do what you need to do, not what your BF needs, not what your family needs, do what you need to do.

You’ll do just fine, and congrats on the GPA!