omg i'm really pretty!


mystic messenger characters + symbols // insp.


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco

Red hair Jimin (●´∀`●)

I love his hair ;;;;;; so much omg

Also his makeup was so on point


*:・゚✧ Please pick your favorite Matsu✧・゚:*

There is a significant lack of Obi-Wan ships.
I have fallen into Star Wars Shipping Hell and I literally can’t find anything Quinlan Vos/Obi-Wan OR Kit Fisto/Obi-Wan - my two favorite new ships.
So, expect more of this in the future. |’D;;;


Ok well. @onewiththestarcult asked so here’s that video of me dancing to shit that I somehow still remember from 6 years ago >.>

The quality is shite and I’m an embarrassed noodle and wow look u can hear my voice!!!!! but yeah idk have that

anonymous asked:

OK you think rey is Han and Leias daughter but how does that add up? Can you elaborate on how you think this could work?

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sorry again for being so quiet as of late! with art stuff, i’m either working on commissions or sketching and then scrapping stuff;;; i’d like to work on some projects so bad so once i finish up some loose ends, i plan on doing so!

in any case, here’s a fluffy little animation i did nice and quick just now!  ๑•́ ₃ •̀๑


Nehemia stated she has two younger brothers. On Sarah’s Pinterest board, she posted these two pictures of boys with the surname Ytger!! Welcome to the fandom, Kharis (right) and Deji Ytger!!

(shuffle&write) - 02 - DiaMari

02 •• Meteor shower, Owl City

Pairing → DiaMari
Plot → Mari left during their first year, and it’d secretly destroyed Dia. Takes place right after episode 3.

[01] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07]

She came back.

Dia thought she was dreaming when she stepped in the principal’s office, ready to greet the new headmaster and introduce herself as the current Student Council President. She froze right away, not because the three annoying second years led by Takami Chika were here, but because she heard a voice she hadn’t heard for almost two years.

Her voice.

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“Sugar and spice and everything nice, they’re made of this and that.”