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since you got that jily aura going around, can you please please make an AU where they kiss in the rain? i'm so sorry i'm basically trash for cheesy, cliche, and fluffy AUs!!

so am i, anon - so am i.

Catch Me if You Can

“You’re going to catch your death!” She’d yelled the words from the edge of the pitch, hands cupped around her mouth, but by the time they reached James’s ears they were faint, most of their volume tossed away by the wind.

He flew down to hover just in front of his girlfriend, who didn’t look all that pleased about being out in the rain. Lily’s cloak was soaked through, a few strands of her dark red hair were sticking to her face beneath the hood, and her lips were pursed.

“I haven’t got this play right yet,” James said.

She visibly sighed. “There’s no point practising it in this weather.”

“It’s not meant to be any better on Saturday, so it’s good to get used to the conditions.”

She raised an eyebrow and he flew back a few inches. “You won’t make it to Saturday if you stay out here.”

“Is that a threat, or…?”

“The weather will get you before I do, James.”

He flew in a circle high above her head, tossing the quaffle from hand to hand. He probably should head in, he knew, but he hadn’t stuck this play just yet and they needed to win the match on Saturday. 

“Just five more minutes!” he called down.

She tossed her head back, squinting up at him through the rain, and folded an arm over her chest. “James Potter, I’m not taking care of you when you get the flu!”

“How quickly you forget the sacrifices I make for you, little zombie!” he teased as he flew past her.

She reached out for him, but he was far too fast. She shook an empty fist at him as he looped back.

He smirked at her and said, “If you want me to come in that badly, catch me.”

“What?” Her eyes widened.

“You heard me!”

“You’re insane!”

“And faster than you!”

She narrowed her eyes and started trudging across the muddy Quidditch pitch, chasing after her boyfriend. “James!” she called, narrowly missing the edge of his robes. “You’re such a prat!”

He laughed loudly as he flew in a circle above her head. “Quite good on a broom though, you have to admit.”

She reached for him again, laughing in spite of herself, and he wondered how it was possible for her to look so good even as she ran around in the rain. He lost focus, and that was a mistake.

She managed to grab the hem of his cloak and hold on tightly, pulling him off balance. He wasn’t going fast enough to tear away, so instead he slipped sideways off the broom and toppled into the mud. The quaffle fell from his hand and rolled away, lost from view as he tumbled over. Unfortunately for Lily, she was holding on so tightly that she was pulled down with him.

The two of them rolled through a mud patch and Lily ended up lying on top of him, soaked with rain and mud and swearing. She was shaking, and at first James was worried - until he realised she was laughing.

“Caught you,” she whispered, breath warm as it hit James’s lips. 

He brushed the tip of his nose against hers and smiled. He lifted his head and felt her smile against his lips as he kissed her. Her hands curled into the front of his robes and he held onto her waist, arching his back as she deepened the kiss. He gasped when a raindrop landed square in the middle of his forehead, cold water running down the side of his nose.

Lily pulled back, laughing. “You have to come inside.”

“Will you help me get cleaned up?” James asked, pecking her lightly on the lips.

“Only if you can catch me!” Lily crowed, jumping to her feet and taking off running.

James gaped, struggling to get a foothold in the mud. When he stood up he saw her at the edge of the pitch, looking back at him and laughing through the rain.

He shook his head, scooped his broom and the quaffle up off the ground, and took off after her. 

He caught her right in the doorway, looping an arm around her waist and spinning her around. Raindrops flew from their robes and hair across the Entrance Hall, and they almost fell over again in the puddles they’d made. James was too busy rubbing in his victory and Lily was too busy insisting she’d win the next round to care, though.

Mirror!May probably wouldn’t actually be a coordinator, she’d probably want to be a trainer from the start and have a lot of knowledge from things her father has told her about Pokemon beforehand.

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I had a crush on a boy in my class who was korean. He was very nice to me and was always helping me with my homework and staring at me. I really think that he liked me too. But when I was going to ask him out I went to my friend for advice and she said " no offense but he won't like you because you're black." That really got to me so I chickened out of asking him out and talking to him all together. Now he has a girlfriend that's black and I'm feeling really dumb about all this.

omg girl! I’m so sorry to hear that, that’s sad :( this is why I wouldn’t suggest anyone to take negative people’s advice, never, ever!

I would always go for it! Because at times when a guy is beyond nice to you, stares at you and go out of his way to have a conversation with you, there’s a big chance he likes you! So anyone who wonders if a guy likes you or not, don’t get discouraged and think ‘‘…well, maybe he don’t like Black girls…’‘ You never know unless you ask, or it’ll just be up in the air and you will never know. And please don’t take negative people’s advice! and a friend would not say something so ignorant as ‘‘he won’t like you cause you’re Black’‘ you need to run away from people like that!

I hope that doesn’t stop you from wanting to be with a guy from the opposite race, as you can see he’s dating a Black girl, so your ‘‘friend’‘ obviously didn’t know what they were talking about.

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honestly people need to stop caring about other peoples sexuality because its really no big deal its just your opinion on something and i think pride parades are great and stuff because they help spread awareness that everything is normal but seriously people need to stop "celebrating" their sexuality because its not a big deal and no one else should care about your sexuality except you and your partner and omg I'm sorry i had to rant

okay its really fucking hard to be not straight you face so much discrimination and hate like people are kicked out of their homes and murdered for being LGBTQIA?????? i think its fucking wonderful to be proud and celebrate it because youre rising above all that

its different for straight ppl theres nothing to be proud of like its not bad to be straight but you face no discrimination therefore theres no need to like celebrate it i guess??

my point is, you say that no one should care about sexuality, and i think this is a common thought. but the fact is, there are so many homophobes that DO care and theres no way to change their minds. like, you cant just be like “oh idc about sexuality” and act like that changes everything because there are still people who will commit hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQIA community.