omg i'm laughing too damn hard

emi010  asked:

Hey! I think this is the blog that recommended Performance In A Leading Role for the Johnlock inductee? Yeah, I'd never heard of it before so I figured 'why not I love long fics lemme see' aaaaaaand now I'm obsessed and my life is ruined. So. Just wanted to let you know and beg you for any other long fics you may have hidden away because holy damn.

Firstly, I’m laughing so hard at “now I’m obsessed and my life is ruined”. Ain’t that just the way.

Secondly, omg yes PIALR is so good. So so good. Have I mentioned that it’s so good?

Thirdly, ohhhhh boy I love long fics too! So. Amazing long fics, ordered from “ones you’ve probably heard of” to “how long ago was this written?”:

  • The Gilded Cage (omegaverse, angst angst angst with bits of fluff stuck in the middle and so much plot and worldbuilding it’s unbelievable)
  • A Study in Winning (tennis au!, lovers to boyfriends, sherlock knows french, cute but at the same time often puts you on the edge of your seat)
  • The Bang and the Clatter (baseball au, a genuinely fun fic, everything’s alright and there is a lot of happiness overall)
  • Be Here Now (post-reichenbach break-it-even-more fic, angst angst angst, BAMF!everyone)
  • Colors (you get color vision when you meet your soulmate au, very romantic, i remember crying once or twice while reading)
  • The Edinburgh Problem (:D, post s3 fix-it, case fic all the way, amazing OC, little bit of sherlock case study, fluff and smut)
  • A Vintage Exceptionally to Your Liking (oh. oh my god, parallel universes au, s3 fix-it, super slow build, warning: the plot causes a cascade of emotions, one of the few WIPs I’ve ever followed because of how fantastic it is)
  • If It Were Otherwise (criminal sherlock!, so much stuff happens, battling with morality, ahhhhhhh)
  • Guitar Man Series (asexual!sherlock, john used to be in a band, many guitar/violin duets are had, amazing plot happens after that for 300k words and I cry so so hard everytime I read it)