omg i will see this couple in a movie

boyfriend!mark lee

• adorable laugh
• you never get tired of hearing it !! bc !! it’s !! so !! cute !!
• really precious
• sort of intense
• but only because he really likes you and wants to be open with you
• and it’s his first relationship he doesn’t really know what he’s doing
• always paranoid he’s gonna scare you off
• but it’s ok you feel the same as him

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  • hollywood: we'll open with the couple being in love and happy. and the hero will propose
  • me: she's going to die, is that what's going to happen?
  • hollywood: nO. well, maybe. perhaps. go see the movie
  • me: she's dead and that's what pushes him to be a hero

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I think all of your hcs are so cute^^ can I request one of what the RFA might do if they take MC out on the first nice day of spring? You can add Saeran and V if you want but you don't have to. Thank you!

thank you so much! this is such a cute request awww

First Day of Spring


  • This lil bean was so excited for the days to warm up so he could take you places
  • So when it did he toOK YOU EVERYWHERE
  • The park, the movies, the city, you name it
  • Your date started off with brunch at a cute cafe that Jaehee recommended to him followed by a stroll in the park
  • He’s so enthusiastic about everything tbh
  • “MC, look at the squirrel over there!” “That couple over there is having a picnic! We should do that next time, okay?” 
  • he’s so precious omg i can’t
  • You’re just giggling watching your precious dork of a boyfriend
  • When you guys go downtown, you’re looking at all the cute little shops and everything
  • When you guys see the candy shop though
  • Oh man
  • You both go ALL OUT
  • The shop was nearly empty by the time you were done lol
  • Later on after hours of walking and coming down from a sugar high, you were getting tired and decide to go home
  • “Today was so much fun, MC! I can’t wait to take you again!” Yoosung says as he kisses you on the cheek


  • This man wanted to take you on the most romantic date ever
  • He had the entire day planned out
  • He cooked lunch for you and as much as he wanted you to enjoy it, he made you hurry so you could start your date
  • Zen was trying so hard to not show how excited and giddy he was but you still saw the big smile on his face as he drove you to a lake
  • There was a single boat at the dock and he told you that your date was going to be on the lake
  • He went all out with this
  • There were rose petals and candles everywhere omg
  • It was honestly so romantic
  • You two spent the day relaxing on the lake it was so peaceful
  • Lol you ended up falling asleep
  • But when Zen woke you up, it was already nighttime
  • You started to apologize for wasting the day but he just shushes you
  • At that second, fireworks start shooting up in the sky
  • He smiles at you and you both end the day watching fireworks while wrapped up in each other’s arms


  • You wanted to take advantage of the nice weather so you suggested to Jaehee to go on a picnic 
  • It was the first day of spring and the weather was so warm and sunny out so of course she agreed
  • After getting ready, you waited by the front door but she was taking a long time for some reason
  • When she came out, she had bags upon bags of food in her arms
  • “Jaehee, we don’t need this what”
  • “I didn’t know what you wanted so I brought everything
  • When you arrived at the park, you found a really pretty spot under a big tree for shade
  • “MC, put on sunscreen”
  • “Jaehee, please it’s not even that hot out”
  • She still put sunscreen on you lol
  • You both ate pastries and cakes she brought as you observed the others in the park
  • The entire time, you two were just cuddled up with each other and talking about nothing and everything
  • It was honestly one of the happiest days she’s ever had
  • So when she looked over at you with your head in her lap, she couldn’t resist leaning down and kissing you
  • You looked up at her and smiled fondly, never wanting the day to end


  • Jumin was ever the busy man
  • You wanted to spend the day outside
  • He had a business deal to take care of with a winery
  • So he decided to kill two birds with one stone by taking you along the trip to one of his favorite vineyards while still dealing with business
  • As he had a short meeting with the owner, you decided to talk a walk around the area
  • Since Jumin worked so deep in the city, being out by the countryside and in the fresh air felt so good
  • Eventually, he joined you on your walk after his meeting
  • He was in good spirits as it went well 
  • He held your hand as he led you around the vineyard, showing all the really pretty spots
  • There was one part with a garden that he showed you and you ended up spending the majority of your time there
  • The poor giraffe tried to take photos of you but of course they were blurry af
  • You teased him a little bit when you saw the photos
  • But Jumin was really happy that you were enjoying yourself and even more happier that you were there with him


  • He decides to take you on a drive for the day
  • “Just name a place and we’ll go there.”
  • “Hell.”
  • “MC, no.”
  • Lol but really though he takes you anywhere you feel like going for the day whether it’s shopping or to the movies or to a restaurant
  • But after a while you run out of ideas and now he gets the chance to take you some places he wants to go to
  • At first you think it’s gonna be some weird cat convention or something idk but he starts driving up a mountain
  • When you ask him where he’s taking you he just smiles without answering
  • It’s nearly nighttime but heventually he stops at the top of a cliff and tell you that you’ve arrived
  • You’re confused at first but he leads you to the edge of the cliff and you look at the bright lights of the city in awe
  • But then he stops you to tell you to look up
  • Bam
  • You can see pretty much the galaxy since you were in such a secluded area
  • You can feel him wrap his arms around your waist from behind as he kisses the top of your head
  • “Let’s married up there. Okay, MC?”


  • As soon as it’s nice out, he takes you to the city to go sightseeing
  • He shows you all the cool landmarks and areas with pretty views
  • Tbh this is a photoshoot as much as it’s a date
  • Of course V’s gonna take advantage of the perfect weather with the pretty sights and an even prettier girlfriend
  • Basically the whole day is you both walking around like the amazing couple you are while taking super artsy photos
  • Honestly goals
  • There’s this one spot he’s been dying to show you the entire day and he tells you it’s his favorite place in the entire city
  • It’s a little far but you two make it before sundown
  • He leads you to a small private park with a large fountain in the middle of it
  • He tells you to wait because the best part is about to happen
  • Just as the sun sets and it gets dark, all of the lanterns in the area light up at the same time
  • You gasp because the view is honestly so breathtaking and really grateful that he was able to share this spot with you
  • V snaps a photo of your reaction and it’s automatically his most favorite picture he’s ever taken


  • It took a little convincing to get Saeran out of the house
  • Don’t get him wrong, he liked being outside he just didn’t like the idea of being around so many people
  • But he caved eventually as long as he got ice cream out of it 
  • In reality he just wanted to make you happy but he wouldn’t let you know that
  • You guys walked around town for a little bit to window shop
  • You were so excited that he was struggling to hide his smile
  • After he got tired of walking, you finally took him to the ice cream shop
  • When you got your ice cream cones, you went outside to sit on the bench and just enjoy the treat and the weather
  • You decided to mess with him a little bit as you smeared a little ice cream on his nose
  • He immediately gets so flustered and you start laughing at him
  • Saeran looked so cute being all blushy and trying to wipe the ice cream off his nose
  • bless him i would like 12 of him pls
  • Your heart was so overwhelmed with emotion that you kinda just blurted out “I love you so much, Saeran”
  • The boy FREEZES
  • What did she just say?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
  • He stared at you in surprise and becomes even more red
  • “I… I love you, too, MC.”
EXO reacting to you getting a lead role in a movie

Suho: “I am so happy for you, jagi!…but please tell me there will be no kissing scenes…or nudes”

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Chanyeol: “AKSJDAKSDGKSJHDGAJH OMG IM SO EXCITED” *spins you around before leaving kisses all over your face*

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Baekhyun: “Yaaaaayyy I will get to see you dressed as a princess!”

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Chen: “Nooooo waaaaay! I am singing the title song for that movie BUT THATS NOT IMPORTANT, we need to celebrate this!”

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Xiumin: “Really!? awwee I am so happy your dreams are coming true so fast, my future oscar winner”

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Lay: “I knew Jackie Chan was going to cast you! I knew it! Come here baobei *he hugs you* I am so proud of you I can’t wait to see you on the big screen!”

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D.O: “What?! we’ll be in a movie together!” *gets all squishy but is dying of excitement*

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Kai: “Wait…they chose you to play the lead?! omg this is amazing, congratulations Y/N! Let’s go eat some chicken to celebrate!!”

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Sehun: “ARE YOU FOR REAL!? *gets up from his seat to hug you* I’m so happy for you! I can’t believe we will be the lead couple for the movie!”

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Omg since harry is so private I bet he would just casually call you his wife in an interview and then the interviewer would be like wife? And he'd just casually be like oh yeah I got married a couple months ago with a huge smile on his face

Christ, yes. I can actually see this happening during some kind of huge radio interview he has when he has to do promo for something; a new movie, a new single, a new album… Like, he’d just blurt it out as if it was common knowledge and the whole studio would go silent. Eyes widening as everyone inside looked at one another, which Harry would be completely clueless towards.

“I’m sorry to stop us here, but, did you just say ‘your wife’, Harry? Are you hiding something from us. huh?” The interviewer would laugh, watching as Harry’s cheeks blushed and his own eyes would widen, a tight-lipped smile on his lips, “you did, didn’t you? For the benefit of the radio, Harry is currently blushing and smiling like a mad man. The Cheshire Boy is now the Cheshire Cat.”

“Accidentally!” He’d cry out, “that was an accident.”

“Did you get secretly married, huh? Are you a married man? Off the cards?”

“I, uhm,” he’d look down to his lap before looking up, almost hearing the anticipating silence from every listener tuning in to the radio, “I did, yeah. Only a couple of months ago. It was intimate and kept hidden, surprisingly. I’m shocked my sister never blurted it out.”

“Oh, wow. That’s incredible. Congratulations are in order,” the interviewer would smile, reaching across to shake his hand, “that’s great news. Congratulations to you both, Harry. I just hope, for your sake, that she doesn’t rip your balls off when she finds out you told us.”

“No, no. She said we can tell everyone when the opportunity arises and presents itself,” he’d smile, shuffling a little more comfortably in his seat as he adjusted the headphones on his head, “I guess blurting it out on the radio today kind of meant we were ready to say something about it. We couldn’t hide it for much longer, could we? Some of the fans have, amazingly, kept up with new rings and such that I wear and get given so speculations would soon be starting when they see the wedding band on my ring finger.” xx

College AU! Kuroo
  • major: biochemistry
  • minor: kinesiology (learning about anatomy and how to be healthy, etc.)
  • clubs / sports: vice captain of the volleyball team
  • he would take in another club but he has already has to juggle kinesiology, biochemistry, and volleyball.
  • speaking of kinesiology, he would much rather take that as major than biochemistry, but he has to because he can’t really afford to switch just yet.
  • he can barely get himself a full meal every single day, so yeah he can’t really afford it right now
  • he has a part-time job at a gym though that helps him gain money to eat.
  • however, he is very good at biochemistry. his professors compliment him because he sets quite the example despite his looks (he comes into his morning classes with the peak of his bedhead, and a straw in a pot of coffee).
  • as for kinesiology, he excels at it. those professors love how attentive he is during class and his papers are very detailed. what they don’t know is that he likes to study ahead of the class and decides that if what they’re learning is something he already knows, he naps in class.
  • since he’s got the smarts in kinesiology, he applies it to volleyball practices. it’s what makes him vice-captain.
  • the team loves him so much because he’s always so helpful especially when they need to plan what kind of workouts to train with.
  • mr. ushijima (as kuroo calls him) praises him for being so helpful as well. kuroo loves the small moments when he’s complimented by him.
  • but anyway, back to the kinesiology/biochem ace, one day he sleeps throughout the whole analytical chemistry class because of some late training the previous night. the professor doesn’t seem to notice, but you, the person sitting next to him, do.
  • you knew him, his face at least. the professors smile at him all the time when he walks in. however, you don’t think the professor will be smiling when he finds out he’s sleeping in class especially in one you’ve seen him somewhat struggle in.
  • you decide to do him a favor because 1.) you don’t want to see this specific professor yell at him 2.) he probably needs the help. also his cute sleeping face was kinda distracting you, but thA t’ S not importan T right now.
  • so you see that he has post-it notes next to his notebook, so you slide over and start writing.
  • skip forward 15 minutes, kuroo wakes up just as class ends and everyone’s packing up. it was then he realizes he missed a lot of info on chromatography and he’s flipping out. just before the light leaves his eyes, he spots a notebook with a post-it on it saying ‘saw you sleeping in class, thought these notes would help! it starts pg. 72. just return the notebook tomorrow on the back desk closest to the door. from a helpful person’
  • so he leaves the room, stranger’s notebook in hand, reading away. in his head, he’s just thinking ‘this person’s handwriting is really neat! better than mine..’
  • once he’s done with all his classes, he heads back to his dorm, copying the notes into his own thinking. he hears bokuto slam the door and stomps behind kuroo, obviously looking over his shoulder. bokuto’s all like ‘dude, who’s notebook is that? it certainly isn’t yours because your handwriting’s like chicken scratch.’ cue kuroo elbowing him “lightly" in the gut.
  • next day, he heads to ana-chem again and places the foreign notebook on the back desk closest to the door as instructed. he sits down at his normal seat, which thankfully wasn’t too far from the door because he wanted to see who this ‘helpful person’ was.
  • he waits and waits and waits, until the professor finally walks in through the doors near the front of the class. the helpful person finally walks in. he stares up until the professor starts the lecture. kuroo could barely face forward, but sadly,,, he needs the notes,,
  • class finally ends and kuroo’s walking towards you and in his head, he’s like ‘how the fuck do i thank them,, what approach should i go for?? polite and subtle, or should i thank them quickly?? well they’re right there so here goes buddy’
  • you close your notebook that was returned to you and as you stand up, you see sleepy head right there in front of you. he’s so fucking awkward because he doesn’t know what to say without sounding like an ass, so he just stands there staring at you for what seems to be a century. and you’re there like ‘o h GO D he’s so much cuter when he’s awakE oh fucking hell i need to stop’ in your head.
  • you finally start by saying ‘so.. were the notes helpful?’ and, he’s so flustered because he was supposed to be the one starting and was in the middle of planning out the entire conversation and in his head, he’s like ‘fucK MAYDAY MAYDAY THIS IS NOT HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO’, but outwardly, he’s like ‘oh yeah, very helpful. you saved my butt there yesterday with the chromatography notes. thank you.’
  • you nearly chuckle at how awkward he actually was. an awkward cutie. uHG FUCK STOP THAT.
  • ‘oh yeah, no problem, no big deal.’ you smile at him and he feels his heart skipped a beat, but in his mind he’s like ‘fuck fuck fucking calm down, they’re just being nice stop’. while he’s having this small inner conflict, he ends up staring at you.
  • so then mid-stare, you realize that you’re the only two in the classroom since it is technically lunch right now, so then you’re like ‘uh, it was nice talking to you’ and head out of the classroom, but rather than leaving too, he just goes off to follow you because he still doesn’t know your name??
  • you’re confused for a couple seconds and are like ‘you didn’t look in the notebook for my name?’. for a couple seconds again, you manage to leave him blank, as in ‘oh’ blank. then suddenly he snaps back into reality like ‘i’m kuroo tetsurou’. you nod with another bright smile and leave, saying ‘nice to meet you kuroo’
  • this time he doesn’t go after you
  • but by the time night falls, by god, he wished he did. bokuto too because he can’t handle kuroo just sweetly smiling at his notebook anymore.
  • so then a couple days (and hours of kuroo thinking about you) later, when bokuto is finally free from studying, he secretly follows kuroo into the lecture hall to finally end is his odd daydreaming about his notebook. (and by secretly, i mean he rolls around in the school lawn while hiding behind bushes and attracting so much attention)
  • ‘bokuto, what are you doing?’ ‘ssssHSHHH AKAASHi, I’m following kuroo’ ‘Okay, I’ll be on my way to my class then’
  • kuroo enters and sits down in the second row from the back, and bokuto army crawls in, hoodie on his head, face mask on, sunglasses on and sits in the seat behind kuroo.
  • Moments later, enter you. kuroo waves. bokuto finds his target.
  • In a flash, bokuto has unsheathed from under his disguise and is bombarding you with questions.
  • ‘Hi!!!’ 'uh,,, hi?’ 'did you lend a notebook to my BEST friend over there by any chance’ he says as points to kuroo.
  • Who, by the way, still hasn’t processed the entire situation yet.
  • ‘kuroo? yeah i di-‘ ‘great! will you go on a date with him?’
  • kuroo’s like !!! !  ! ! !  ! BOKU TO WH  AT AR E YO U DOING???? !!! and he’s basically climbing over desks to get to you two, with his face so red, and you’re like what. wHAT. WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS. bo’s just staring at you with pleading eyes like holy shit, you can feel that he really means well with this, so then by the time kuroo’s trying to hold bokuto back, you’re just like ‘yes. i mean, yeah sure. i wouldn’t mind a date.’ but inside you’re exploding like yeS THE SLEEPY CUTE BOY WANTS TO GO ON A DATE, and then you realize that you’re not even sure if he’s okay with it,
  • but judging the dorky smile on his face, it’s probably an okay
  • so then a couple days later, you both go on a date at the movie theater. you both bicker for a little bit about what movie to watch, but then you come to a consensus with Finding Dory, who wouldn’t? you’re all laughing at the movie and you are very much focused on the movie. kuroo on the other hand, he wants to make a move? like he’s fucking sweating out on what he should do
  • should i hold their hand? should i just barely brush our shoulders together? shouLD I LEAN IN A LITTLE?
  • all the while he’s shitting his pants over what he should do, you notice his staring because yes, he was staring. once again, super you has to come to the rescue to save the distressed kuroo. very casually, you slide your hand into his.
  • kuroo has little meltdown because omG WHAT HAPPENED I WASn’T EVEN payiNG ATTENTION?? so then, he’s trying to focus on the movie this time but youR HAND WAS LITERALLY IN HIS????? again, you sense this and give his hand a little squeeze. he relaxes and the rest of the movie goes without a hitch.
  • after the movie’s after and he’s driving you home, he’s got his cat-like smirk on his face and you have this weird feeling because you’re used to seeing a dorky boy, not some hoT GUY like fuck when did he have muscles??? so then, he sneaks a look at you a couple times.
  • okay, more than a couple times and you’re just ‘what? what is it? do i have a popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth?’ and he’s shaking his head, ‘nothing, nothing. it’s just that you started holding my hand in the middle of the movie. a little forward, wasn’t it?’. he was full on cheshire cat grinning at you, so then you were like ‘kU ROO TETSUROU, SHUT UP OKAY AND FOCUS ON ThE ROAD’
  • this ensues a little chuckle from him (not the full on laugh because that sounds like cats scratching a black board), but holy shit,,, it was like hearing angels sing,,,,,,
  • and you’re just looking at him like, that’s so fucking ethereal,,, and he catches it, causing ‘what? are you falling hard for me? hm? hmmm? hmmmmmmmmm???’ ‘SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP’
  • so you both go on roughly 2 or 3 dates after this one, because you loved his presence. he made you feel relaxed.
  • one day, you’re both walking around the campus a few hours before the sun sets. it wasn’t an official date. he just happened to see walking back to your dorm and just wanted to walk around with you. but anyway, the whole time, neither of you don’t talk. you’re both just walking around, enjoying each’s company, holding hands.
  • until at some point, kuroo’s like ‘oh right, i have a game tomorrow.’ and you’re like ‘game????’. he’s like oh yeah,,, forgot to mention, i’m the vice-captain of the volleyball team.
  • you just stop walking. and he’s like i’m sorry i didn’t tell you sooner… but your eyes are practically glowing as you step up to him. as in there’s only a 3 inch space between your faces, and you’re like ‘can i go to one of your games??’.
  • he doesn’t realize but his heart is beating out of his chest because out of all the previous people he has dated, you’re probably the only one who was very enthusiastic about volleyball. yes, of course, most of them were supportive, but none of them were truly intrigued by the game. so then his only response is ‘yeah, sure. i wouldn’t mind having you cheer me on.’
  • and then when you smile, he feels his heart skip a beat because omg,, that smile can kill. but of course, he needs calm himself down, so he says ‘did anyone ever tell you that you have stars in your eyes?’ ‘sappy,,,’ ‘HEy!’
  • so fast forward to the next day, you arrive there for their warm ups. you walk up to the railing of the bleachers and start waving at kuroo, and he looks up at you with a smirk and a nod. at thiS POINT YOU’RE TELLING YOUR HEART TO CALM DOWN BECAUSE JFC.
  • and bokuto sees you in the stands and he’s just like “AKKASAHI KAKASAShI !!!! THAT’S THE PERSON I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT !!! THE PERSON I HOOKED KUROO WITH!!!!” and then kuroo’s embarrassed like bRO WAHT THE F UC J ARE YOU DoING
  • and you’re there slowly going down in your seat and even though you don’t know this Akaashi person that well, other than Kuroo mentioning him a few time, you could tell it was the person bowing toward you and telling Bokuto to be quiet.
  • then after warm ups, they start the game. they’re apparently going against this college in miyagi?? but anyway, your college’s team is in the lead by 2 points and it’s the second set with the score being 1-0 so far.
  • and you’re sitting there with so much interest and happiness, but also at the same time, you’re sweating out of your shoes??? because the look in kuroo’s eyes is so alluring??? anD HIS MUSCLES?? AND LIKE SWEAT?? ON HIS MUSCLES?? WHAT THE FCUKC?????
  • he looks so happy and you feel so blessed?? like yes he’s happy on dates with you, but you still treasure all his genuine smiles and what the fuck is he doing to you???
  • AND THEN WHILE YOU’RE CHEERING, KUROO LOOKS UP AT YOU FOR 13896237TH TIME AND AFTER HE’S FACING TOwARDS THE CROWD TO GO THANK THEM FOR BEING THERE TO WATCH THE GAME, HE WALKS UP TO THE STANDS (which aren’t like the stands in the series okay? imagine lower ones, metal ones, school ones.)
  • so he climbs up slightly so his face is a little over the railing and you stand up and he’s telling you to lean in so then he can tell you something. so then you bend over a little more, theN HE LEANS UP??
  • his lips are so soft?? and even though you wanted the kiss to last longer, kuroo had to pull away to go change from being sweaty. and like, you’re standing there stunned.
  • btw, bokuto’s hollering, akaashi’s smiling but also trying to keep bo quiet, and one of the other members, daishou is scowling?? like the fuck is his problem? whatever though, it ain’t yours so it doesn’t matter.
  • after he’s changed, you wait for him out in the main entrance and you see your team’s jerseys and your eyes are just searching for kuroo, but ofc you easily recognize him because of the messy hair. it’s not that hard to miss.
  • so then, there you are. in front of like at average 180cm+ people that you have never met. so then kuroo realizes this, so he’s like ‘oh um, this right here is ushijima wakatoshi. you’ve met bo. this is akaashi.’ and he goes on but like skips one member for the very end.
  • he gestures to daishou, ‘and this is jackass’
  • BUT ANYWAY, you meet the team and oh gosh your face is still pretty much flushed from the kiss and only does it hit you that everYONE WHO ATTENDED MOST LIKELY SAW THAT??
  • so while walking out and going to dinner with the team, kuroo looks at you with that playful smirk and arm around your shoulders
  • ‘red looks great on you’ ‘shUT UP OR ELSE I’LL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE SO YOU’LL SEE RED’
  • okay enough about you both being cute in public, now for you both being cute in private.
  • movie nights every single saturday.
  • actually when kuroo first purposed this, he was like ‘wanna watch a shitty movie with me later?’ ‘sure’
  • now it’s a tradition.
  • there’s also a lot of popcorn throwing, scary movie or not.
  • and some saturdays you’re too lazy to move so then you sleep over at kuroo’s and bo’s. bo doesn’t mind, btw. he’s very chill about you (meaning he’s excited over you). he did bring you two together.
  • bo loves you, almost like a sister, but he will draw on both of your faces. which then ensues you and kuroo just chasing bo around the dorm with markers.
  • there will be a lot of third-wheeling with bo and you want to spend time with kuroo but you don’t want to hurt bo’s feelings.
  • ‘i don’t know if this is going to work’ ‘what do you mean’ ‘i can’t snuggle with kuroo if you’re gonna lay on top of us’ ‘*sniffle* okay okAY finE, I GET WHERE THIS IS GOING’ ‘bo wait don’t go into the corner’
  • there’s a lot of dorm adventures as well.
  • and oh god, other times when you’re at his dorm, he’s like ‘can you go get the bag of chips in kitchen cabinet?’ and you’re there like ???? wow, such athlete, much healthy. but he then suggests after you both finish the bag to go for a run.
  • and honestly, even though you’re supportive of his “healthy” lifestyle, he has to drag you out the door. but you end up running anyway because guess who drops you halfway out the door, so you run after his dead ass.
  • you end up running through the entire campus and college town until at some point you both coincidentally find yourselves in front of the building you both first met in. by that i mean, you stepped on the back of kuroo’s shoe it came off.
  • as you stare it the building, kuroo’s staring at you with his shoe in his hand. of course, you notice it because you feel it?? you know what i mean?? you can feel when someone’s staring at you.
  • so you look at him in the eyes and he gives you the most sincere and genuine smile?? it’s so touching to see and it’s not often that people see this side to him. they always see the provocative and dorky kuroo.
  • so you break the silence, “what?”
  • he points to the inside of his shoe, “you’re my SOLE mate” and he starts running again (but with one shoe) and then you finally understand, “THAT’S IT, I’M PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN”
  • which leads me to telling you both tell puns. you’re pun masters.
  • like ever since that match kissing dealio that went down many weeks ago, the entire college views you as the cute volleyball couple that “”””jog”””” around campus, but like the team and friends know you’re both huge dorks who just tell way too many puns with each other.
  • you’re both on a coffee date at this cute little cafe kuroo’s really close friend, kenma, works at, so kuroo starts ordering first like,, hmm,,, and takes so much time before he actually chooses something and you’re there like ‘better latte than never’ ‘wow,, you’re really the one for me. where have you bean all my life?’ and that starts a constant back and forth.
  • and kenma’s there like,,, god fucking dammit, there’s two of them now. and he just wants to walk away but he knows that he won’t hear the end of it from his boss if he leaves a table without an order so he has to endure it until you order.
  • you also write him little motivational puns on post-it notes that you stick in his notebook, like you draw an postage stamp and envelope saying ‘i’ll always stick with you’
  • he keeps all the post it notes. all of them.
  • kuroo seriously loves you so much and you make any biochem class really fun as much as he hates the classes. he wouldn’t say this because it’s too sappy, even for him, but in his mind he calls you the light of his life.
  • but to sum up, you and kuroo are the “”healthy”” college couple that make too puns for anyone to handle other than yourselves.

anonymous asked:

There is so many costumers that are gay couples that come to my store that I'm surprised sometimes. Yesterday two ladies came in with their adopted black son and daughter to buy some coloring books for the whole family. Same day two husbands and later two butch girls with shirts that said "she is mine" came in. I know about the whole "act normal" thing and stuff but omg it was so cute. It makes me feel better knowing that in my area there is more queer people than I thought lol

I agree! It’s SO fun and comforting in a way when you see other queer folks in ~the wild~! :) We have a few same-sex couples and parents that come into the movie theater where I work and it just warms my cold dead heart lmao. I’m so glad you get to feel and see the community in your area! ❤ 


kaidoscopes  asked:

What do you think about this Pann's Blind item gay idol blahblah rumour? I myself think it is not kaisoo but there is a big possibility for it to be kaisoo. It could be lesbian couple though, the article didnt hint any gender

Okay first im gonna put a warning bc I don’t want people to bitch at me

I aint native English speaker so pls do forgive my English – and since we are on interwebz im gonna write shit liek dis to show y’all what a mature human being I am

And since I’m fucking cruising this “I aint believe in sm bullshit” ship, obviously this post gonna sound “delu” to people who obviously on different boat.  

So istg if I see people fucking complaining about this on my fucking post, I’m gonna have a bitch fit like not-Brittany Wilson from ‘White Chicks’ movie (it’s a damn good movie)

tbh I don’t see the logic behind this, ‘omg this is so delu im gonna write a comment on it and fucking reblogging it’ so more people gonna see it. 


it’s heightening the chance of the post to be more exposed…. common sense much?

im impressed really, such a brilliant way of thinking, must be a noble prize winner in the making.

besides, it’s clear these theory posts are for kadi shippers who ship kadi as legit couple

so my brain can’t fucking compute why these people who disagree (of the idea sm is a liar) keep reading shit like this, and after reading it they get pissed and then end up bitching about the damn post… fucking why?  

they also only say the fucking same thing over and over like a broken record without giving proper argument. it’s getting boring.

Now let’s move on to the real shit, sorry about the small rant above (nah)

Please do remember that the pann post is only rumor, it might be not true. (but im gonna make analysis anyway to piss some ppl off with my deluness hahahaha)

I personally think it’s them.

And it’s not because I ship them, but because the descriptions match.

If they didn’t match I wouldn’t point my fingers on them.

Let’s analyze some shit;

“An A-list idol group member ‘A’ is said to have fallen in love with none other than fellow member ‘B’. They’ve apparently been dating for five years now and the scandal is expected to be huge especially considering that they’re idol members from the same top level group.

A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year but came to a compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles. A and B are still continuing their relationship.”

– this pann article was posted on April 25, 2016

Then we have this comment;

1. [+58, -4] So they’ve been dating for five years… but you honestly can’t be sure that it’s an idol group that’s been around for five years because there’s also a training period, which most go through for 2-3 years. That includes groups that have been around for 3-4 years too then.


“The numbers bolded lines mason, what do they mean!”

 You see, my fucking beautiful otp has known each other for five years.

Kyungsoo got scouted by SM in 2010.

In 2011 EXO was created – obviously it means during that time he got put inside the group.

And it also means during that time (2011) he met the rest of EXO members – including Jongin.

EXO itself is only 4 years old, because they debut in 2012.

Also, fans (shippers) have started feeling anxious since last year.

Oh boy, were the fans worried after that W magazine photoshoot happened – why? because the sudden lack of KADI moments

People were worrying what was going on with them because it looked like they were being distant, the skinship wasn’t that intimate(?) unlike before 

But they did still stay close and look at each other a lot.

In Sept 20, 2015 EXO suddenly took vacation to Fiji – fans also claimed Kyungsoo looked pissed off (unhappy) during that day and we’ve seen a video of him (it’s dont-talk-just-suck’s theory post) being patted in the back by manager and fellow members

The next day after their departure D.O x Irene news was out.

We also have this.

That person on that FB post wrote -yixinqins- as creditthis account is an active twitter account that often updating about exo’ s current news (but since im too lazy to dig up her post just to find the original version, I use this person post instead) – the name of FB owner isn’t mentioned bc obv i dont feel comfortable posting other ppl fb account here

“…Her uncle chatted a bit with Chanyeol in English. Her uncle asked “holiday?”

Chanyeol shook his head and said “no no no” but then a second later said “yeah yeah yeah”…”

Before you say stuffs about ‘oh PCY prob don’t know eng that’s why he did that’

I’m not a native eng speaker, I’m surrounded by people who aren’t fluent in English but it doesn’t mean they won’t be able to understand such simple words such as ‘holiday’, ‘no’ or ‘yes’.

PCY is surrounded by Eng comments everyday on his IG – and OP’s uncle question is very easy and basic.

It’s just one word question. Why PCY said no [we’re not on holiday] then changed his answer into yes?

Perhaps it’s nothing but who knows…

Tbh the first time i heard about this fiji news I was really confused because “why the hell these dudes go to Fiji to have vacation? I thought they are busy doing LMR Japanese version???”

My friend said that maybe they were filming something 

But until this time I’ve never seen such thing besides their personal photos/videos [IG]

So what’s the purpose of them going to Fiji suddenly?

The original article about the gay couple was posted September 17, 2015 on – 3 days before EXO departure.

Reminder, the additional pann article was published April 25, 2016.

“They’ve apparently been dating for five years”  

You honestly can’t be sure that it’s an idol group that’s been around for five years because there’s also a training period”

That includes groups that have been around for 3-4 years too then.”

“A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year…”

The description matches.

Now think, why after recent DP news, kaisoo being distant?

“But why are you so sure it’s EXO? There are a lot other famous group!”

Well, yeah. That’s true.

But judging by circumstances other groups don’t have ‘alarming’ pairing in their group right now.

As for Infinite Myungjong couple (I know people are talking about them regarding about this matter) – they were actually being rumored too in 2013, but then suddenly L had a ‘girlfriend’ – even though the way the gf being revealed was odd.

(Lots of people actually think this girl is/was a ‘beard’ gf)

Their relationship got revealed through twitter fight, as far as I remember.  

Where did I know this? Onehallyu, I sometimes lurk around bc im just a little fucker who curious about stuffs

– I can’t give you any link tho, since it’s gonna be useless, the thread is 500+ pages and I don’t remember in which page I read this… (don’t question why did I even read that long ass thread)

In 2013 SM bought Woolim (Infinite’s company).

5. [+29, -0] Dispatch talked about this before in the past, that they were going to reveal a male idol group who had a gay couple and that they were adults.. but after a couple of days, all of the articles disappeared and Dispatch went quiet about it. That was around 2013, I believe?

I’m implying that the gay rumor in 2013 is different with the rumor in 2015-2016. 

Also, remember the previous rumor?

This current Apr rumor is only additional  – I wonder why they don’t post the entire rumor, why they have to post it separately [the original (sept/march) + the additional (now)]

And why the Sept rumor is never translated into Eng?

“Impending news of an idol coming out of the closet?

One news media outlet has an exclusive report on evidence they’ve collected of a same sex couple within an idol group.

It has been customary for reports on celebrities coming out of the closet to be banned from being reported but after waiting on the piece of news for months, the outlet has decided to break that custom.

The same sex couple that they will be revealing are two members in the same group and are trending idols that are expected to cause a ripple in the industry.

The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report.”

Who do you think gonna cause ripple in the industry? Sure, there are many top A-list groups… but who? Who has the ‘it’ factor to hype shit up?

7. [+24, -0] This is just my guess… but I’m thinking it’s an idol group that already has a public relationship going on. The company probably came to a compromise with money but also under the condition that they would offer another member’s scandal to bury the gay couple’s scandal… Dispatch lucked out on this. Either way, the rumors never specify whether they’re a male or female couple.

“…A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year but came to a compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles. A and B are still continuing their relationship.“

This sentence is weird, is it because it’s a translation? But I doubt netizenbuzz would do half-assed translation…

The paparazzi who caught the couple was never being named / given initial

Company C is the one who buried the articles.


Company C didn’t make the article disappear, company C only buried it.

It means company C concealing it.

With what?

Oh probably with another scandal that could debunk the gay rumor – you know like making one of them to date a girl? bc majority of people always assume ‘dating a girl’ = straight

So who was the paparazzi?

Idk who, i dont have info or anything i can analyze currently about this, I guess we’ll just have to wait. 

But if the couple had to come to company C for help it means the paparazzi doesn’t want to give up the article.

They did say this after all in the March rumor

“…It has been customary for reports on celebrities coming out of the closet to be banned from being reported but after waiting on the piece of news for months, the outlet has decided to break that custom

The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report…”

So assuming that company C is the one who has caught the pairing is actually a bit odd…


Because the media outlet who’s caught the couple is preparing – they don’t give a shit.

They did say they’re gonna break that custom (keeping gay idols in the closet)

Idk why they do such evil shit, coming out is a HUGE deal, these people are assholes.

Idk what exactly happened during those months that made them chose the option to keep outing the couple 

”…but after waiting on the piece of news for months"

It if it were company C who caught the couple  

Why would they let go this rumor so easily then? 

Even though they had declared such thing ‘i aint afraid of suing’

And why the rumor comes back again even tho after they compromised?  

These things imply company C and paparazzi are completely different parties. 

And now about the alleged couple (KADI)

They were fine before the news happened.

They still did 'fanservice’ on stage.

They still laughed while facing each other.

But why now they were acting weird?

What’s exactly happening here?

If they are indeed just 'bros’ why they react like this with each other?


Why they were being emotional over 'sing for you’ lyrics?

Why Kyungsoo’s smile falter when Jongin sang his line on lotte secret night? 

“It’s kind of funny, I only have you. But sometimes, I’m worse than a stranger to you”

Why Jongin looked like he was holding back his tears when Kyungsoo sang his line during kpop top group concert in Shenyang [CH]?

“The way you cry, the way you smile. Do you know how much you mean to me? Words I wanna say, words I lost” 

Why Kyungsoo’s eyes were teary? There’s HD picts of it so don’t pull out bullshit like “you’re just delu and imagine shit” card on me.

Why on Secret Night when Kyungsoo caught Jongin was staring at him, Jongin looked away?

Why they shared lots of awkward eyecontact on stage after this scandal?

Why on Kpop Group Top concert Kyungsoo looked away too when Jongin turned his head to face him?

Why Kyungsoo went out with his mom twice after this scandal?

Most fans didn’t even know about his mother – and the close bond they seem to share – before this scandal.

They’re just 'bros’ right? Why such reactions?

It’s odd.

They look so melancholic, especially Jongin… what exactly it is… is he waiting for something bad to happen?

But the scandal is over already, people don’t really talk about it, the hype has died down, at least knetz don’t say shit about them anymore… 

So why? What makes him act this way?

What are they being so cautious of? Thus make them unable to look “close” anymore on public / stage.

They couldn’t even look at each other’s eyes on stage/public anymore, but it’s clear that they actually want to look at each other (those stolen glances, staring but then look away if they share eyecontact)

Conclusion; yeh i think it’s them but i know nothing, as always just take my words as a grain of salt…

again, sorry for bad english (nah not really)

captainhallow  asked:

wait he called you hot I need the full story omg

Okay okay so Josie was spending the night at my house and we were watching 80s movies and she was snapchatting this guy. (The guy she likes, he’s pretty cute) anyway, I took her phone and sent him a selfie and captioned it “hey it’s Josie’s hot friend” but I was tOTALLY JOKING but he responded with “woah you are hot” and he was making like,, that face you make when you see a really attractive person™ (keep in mind that this was a couple months ago and Josie’s still salty that the guy she likes thinks I’m hot)

        "I saved you m'lady.. don't you see, I saved you."

… I love spiderman a lot okay? like- I grew up lovin’ spidey. he is my favorite superhero of all time ever. hands down. <3 And I just watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 for the first time a couple days ago (idk why it took me this long to see it anyway ) and I loved it. I knew about Gwen Stacy’s death before hand because I read the comics (and a ‘friend’ of mine spoiled it for the movie) but that wasn’t even enough to prepare me for the emotions during that one scene  ;^;
so i just- and hiccstrid spiderman!au.. and…wow..

..everything hurts..

some going-to-the-theaters related aus for your otp because i can

  • “my so called ‘friends’ took me to the premier of an horror movie and i’m a total scaredy-cat and of course I’m the one sitting beside a perfect stranger and I’m so sorry I yelled into your ear and I sticked my nails into into your arm“ au
  • “we’ve both been kicked out of the room because we were the only one finding the movie totally atrocious and you kept laughing at my whispered commentary“ au
  • “we’re both crying over that stupid documentary about those stupid dying polar bears and thank the gods you have tissues could i borrow one?“ au
  • “you just yelled at that woman for her ill-behaved kids that kept on talking and kicking our seats and omg that was so hot, you’re officially my hero“ au
  • “there’s that couple snogging in the front row and i’m not finishing that pop corn, how much do you thing it’ll take before they stop?“ au
  • “i really want to see that chick flick movie but don’t want to be judge for it so i went at an early representation the last week it’s being showed and why the fuck are you here too?“ au
  • “i really love that movie so it might be the *cough*tenth*cough* time i’m seeing it and i think you must like it too cause i keep seing you in the room“ au
  • “we’re the only adults for that animation movie and we need to stick together or we’ll end up killing every single ones of these kids“ au
  • “you blurted out a spoiler for the movie i’m about to see when you were leaving and omg i’m going to kill you and why are you smiling, omg you were only kidding, you’re such a dick“ au
  • “it’s valentine day everyone is snogging except the two of us, but you’re kinda hot wanna have a go at it?“ au

anonymous asked:

I would like to contribute to your new blog! Could you please write about what dating Astro would be like? ((You can call me pledis anon, if you need anything!))

aw! thank you pledis anon! I think this is what you want!


- lazy mornings

- lazy afternoons

- lazy days in general

- he’d probably be really affectionate

- he’d also be really chill with dates

- like he’d just prefer a movie

- chill, chill, chill


- omg ok minions

- couple items

- he’d prefer more active adventurous dates

- but he’d also like watching movies like

- dont get me wrong

- he’d really like cuddling 

- but hes a noodle so hes going to like drape his body over you

Moon Bin:

- Ahh he’s so cute so expect a cutee blush on his cheeks a lot

- He’s the type to give you his oversized sweaters

- and then you both have sweater paws, but his are a little longer

- i see him as the type of guy to hold ur hand 24/7 

- also he’d like aegyo… even if u dont do it good he’d die inside

- hed just be really cute

- and he’d like to impress you so you’d be all “oppa~~~<3″ over him


- The Happy virus would obv. make u smile all day every day

- His main goal would be to make you laugh at least 10 times per conversation

- I see him liking backhugs.. like no matter who’s hugging who he’s down

- he would def like to cuddle but not all the time

- it would be more like a special thing

- he would also prefer more active dates like going to an amusement park, rather than staying at home

- but on rainy days… hed be down for staying home, just expect a lot of laughing fits and running around


- Ohohoho… this nerd would probably try to impress u with his mad dancing skills

- but then he’d fall and you’d think it was cute, causing you to fall for him

- he’d be one of those guys that tries to put their arm around their partner, but can’t decide if he wants to put it around their shoulders or waist

- but he eventually decides on the shoulders

- I actually can’t tell if he would prefer active dates like an arcade or just walking around a park/ going to a cafe.

- but he’d like to take care of u

- he is the definition of an oppa lol


- my little son ok here we go :,)

- a lot of people think he’d go for a noona, but others (me cough cough) think he’d go for a younger girl

- like he just strikes me as the type to have a younger partner thats mature, but still has a fun side (and if you put up with his aegyo omg congratz dude youve won sanhas heart)

- He’d lOVE cuddling

- like he doesnt give a shit about where u are

- cuddles will happen


can u tell I’m sanha biased?

anonymous asked:

more Kuroo hc for sleepover their perfect omg

Hey! So I’m doing this on mobile and a scenario will be out tomorrow! Format will be fixed later

- Would actually be the sweetest most loving boyfriend in the world like this dorks heart is so big

- Every single Valentine’s Day or big event he would surprise you with flours or a big stuffed bear that’s almost your own size “it’s for you to cuddle with when I’m not there”

- I can really see him liking chocolate milk idk

- He would totally want to do stupid couple things like wearing matching clothes or going on those loveboat rides at fairs or sharing food/drinks

- Movie night with him is always very predictable. If it’s a funny romcom, he’ll be totally into it and you’ll both be laughing so hard you can’t breathe, if it’s a generic action movie, he didn’t invite you over to watch a movie if ya feel me

- Pictures from his childhood are posted all around his house and his mother is very caring

- Total mommas boy

- Memer who always rocks his Damn Daniels™

- He doesn’t get jealous very easily, but can seem almost malicious to the other person when he does

- I mean just bc he’s a total dork doesn’t mean he isn’t a++ in the bedroom like idk what to tell you he’s just a natural

- Languages are a really cool subject for him, and he’s self studying on the side. Either Spanish or Korean

- His sweet spot is like right where his neck meets his shoulder toward the back u kiss here and he’s g o n e





ALEC BENDING OVER TO PLAY POOL (Magnus, if you don’t casually take a peek at his ass, I’ll be dissapointed in you. Same goes for you, Alec. Like, that’s the perfect setting for that. It’s like the most clichè thing to see in movies with het couples where pool is involved, so like. Just. DO IT.)

MAGNUS GIVING ALEC BEER LIKE “You should like this” AND ALEC BEING LIKE “I’ll take your word for it”.





I’m not gonna tag anybody in this bc spoilers, but if anybody feels like fangirling, feel free to reblog and add comments here.

Originally posted by divergxntfour

I love this scene, as it shows how precise the animators got Zootopia.

In the DMV scene, look at Judy’s face in the video when Nick makes his camel joke. She goes from “Sloth-and-fox-are-pissing-me-off” look to “OMG-what-a-shit-joke” look within a couple of milliseconds, just by her eyebrows. I couldn’t see it in the movie, but when breaking it down it made me realize how hard they had to work to make these small reactions which nobody might ever see.

But what makes this scene particularly heartwarming for me is that Judy’s reaction is EXACTLY my mom’s reaction whenever my dad makes a really cliche or bad joke as well. Wilde and Hopps are turning into an old married couple, and it makes me so happy… Idk how to explain it well hopefully @zootopepo , @meimeithewhiterabbit and @helthehatter can help me with this analysis, haha. What does everyone think?

Also, Nick face at the end makes me burst out laughing every time.

Cnetz Reactions to Chanyeol's Movie Theme Song

[+673] his pronunciation is really accurate

[+677] omg, Chanyeol’s Chinese is incomparable

[+645] Chanyeol’s Chinese improved a lot. Thumbs up(≧▽≦)/

[+507] eotteokae I want to watch this movie so badly

[+461] our Chanyeol is the voice (tn: of exo)

[+430] Chanyeol’s Chinese improved a lot.

[+300] our Yeol’s pronunciation is so good

[+315] Chanyeol’s Chinese pronunciation is great, and his voice is so pleasing

[+267] wuli Chanyeol got an OST too

[+270] Park Chanyeol ahhhhhhhhhahhahhhahahhah this song is great

[+218] damn it give me my golden dog food (tn: this is a joke among cnetz. When single people see couples showing off their love, they say they are dogs, and need to be fed with dog food)

[+211] I hate you but I miss you

[+196] this was unexpected! Chanyeol’s Chinese is so good?! Woah!

[+238] Chanyeol’s Chinese!!! ahahahahaha!! omg! he shouldn’t have only been allocated with rap lines in the new album

[+190] Yeol!!so sweet! 100 marks for his Chinese!!!

[+186] this is the first time I listened to Chanyeol singing in Chinese, his pronunciation is very accurate, I’m really shocked!!! well done

Translated by: Genie

1 Am thoughts

I have been thinking about it later, and can somebody tell me please why are homosexual shamed and insulted? Like, give me 1 reason, just 1 fucking reason why?

But dont come with the excuse of religion! Thats like i cant marry the someone the same gender as me, bc of YOUR religion, then you cant eat cookies bc IM on a sugar free diet!

It sounds stupid right? But its pretty much that! I ll take back all i have said if you show me 1 non-religious reason why we cant marry the people we want despite of her/his gender.

acception of Homosexuality and all types of sexualitys, is something that i think the new generation beats the old. Bc now, when in a book or in a movie you see a gay or lesbian couple for example, we dont say “eww, thats gross, they shouldnt date!”, some of us say: “OMG OTP i shipp it! Im gonna shipp them until im dead!

So, if you have some reclamation to do. Go on! Not like i care!

But if you insult someone bc of their sexual orientation listen here you dumbass chicken:


Bye sweet hearts!

Me before realizing I was a lesbian: god I never wanna date someone!! I hate couples they are so boring!!! I don’t need a fucking boyfriend I don’t want to be with someone ever I mean I don’t! need! love!! I don’t need a boyfriend!!! I can I can be alone, I don’t need someone to fucking complete me gosh I don’t need a boyfriend to be whole!! *seeing het couples irl or in movies or just anything* 😑💤 I’m sorry but they are so boring!! Just! stop!! I don’t need love god why do everyone have a boyfriend i mean it just seems so boring I don’t understand?? Really not to be mean or anything but I just DONT UNDERSTAND?? And why does everyone hype about making out? I kissed a boy but wtf was so special with that??
Me now, a lesbian: oh… oh !!! !! Okay it wasn’t love I didn’t want it was just MEN I didn’t want… Oh!!!! ! ! Okay and no I still don’t need love to be complete and whole or to live my life but GOD love is the most amazing thing?!! !? Fuckkkk I just wanna meet someone and kiss and makeout all day💘💘💘 And I wanna fall alseep in her/their arms and I want to hold hands and FUCK I WANT TO LOVE AND BE LOVED!!! Can someone just look at me with love in their eyes?? Can somebody please just love me and talk to me about everything and push me against a wall and kiss me rough?? *seeing wlw couples irl or in movies or just wherever* !!!!! 💓💕💖💘💖💓! 💘💘💕! ❤️💕💘 !!! Omg they are so cute and I love you!! Omg!!! Just- 😭 yes!!! Keep! Going! Darlings! I love you!!! You give me life!! Omg they are the cutest thing ever!! 🌟🌟💫☀️💖💓❤️💕