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NCT 127 reaction to finding out you’re working as a elf for Santa

Taeyong: he would be quite surprised but for a different reason than you imagined, ‘’How is it possible that I find that green cap so cute?’’

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Taeil: sees you, tries to get close to you to ask you what you’re doing, disturbs the kids when he cuts the line, does aegyo to make up for it, fails miserably, makes kids lol, gets offered a job as an elf 

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Jaehyun: ‘’Jagi, when will I get the present?’’, ‘’OMG Jaehyun, no!’’

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Yuta: gets asked by a kid waiting in the line why is he blushing so hard and soon you’re being informed by the whole crowd of kids that the boy who’s in love with you came to see you

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WinWin: he gets overly excited about the idea of working with you that he almost lands himself a job as Santa’s elf two days before NCT’s comeback

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Mark: ‘’How much is a photo with Santa’s elf only?’’, ‘’MARK!’’

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Haechan: get’s to your place only so he could tease you about your obscure elf shoes…at least that’s his story everyone knows he’s there for Santa photos

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Exo reaction to you coming home wet from the pouring rain


*watches you walking into the house and into your room*


*worried for your health*
“are you sure your okay, I can make a nice hot bath if you want?”


*pouts cause he feels bad that he wasn’t their to help you*
“you should have called me”


*you were wearing a white shirt so now you can see your bright blue bra popping out*
“this women is gonna be the end of me”


*really worried for you*
“wait why didn’t you call me, I could have picked you up?!?”


*hugs you tightly until you feel warmer*


*probably makes a bunch of jokes about it, but eventually comes around to helping you dry off and sit warmly near the fireplace*


*his precious heart hurts seeing you in a miserable mood, so he cancels all his plans for that night and spends it making you feel better*


*crazy mama mode*
*wraps you in a billion blankets*


*he’d be quick to embrace you worried for your health*


*he’d open the door not knowing it was you and when he saw you drench he would stare blankly unable to believe his eyes*


*He rushed quickly trying to get you into some dry cloths and even made you some tea, but would keep on making sure you were doing alright*

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omg the BE-hates make me want to hurl. They are so GLEEFUL about the idea of Enzo dying and leaving Bonnie alone and miserable. I thought they were Bonnie fans who HATED the way the show constantly made her miserable? Now they're egging for it. Wow.

I know. The anti’s have morphed into some weird, hateful group of people calling Enzo names and reveling in his death. They don’t care about the pain it would cause Bonnie because they assume their fave will be there to fall in love with her. It’s almost like they want it as a trophy of some sort, rather than caring about the development of their “faves”. 

Thank god the group of anti’s isn’t that big. Tbh, it was much bigger at one point but I think a lot of people have moved on. The ones left now are the most concentrated group of hateful people so that’s… fun.

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i just watched 11x23 for the first time and i just realized how sad the cemetery hug actually was ... omg

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“is that a reaction or an example”

Anyway yeah it’s something else when it comes to DeanCas hugs >.> Possibly the second saddest is the Purgatory hug but only when you zoom right in on Cas clenching his lil fist like “Aaaaaah conceal don’t feel” in the face of surprise hugging… 

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With this one it’s all out there: they’re SO MISERABLE to be parting like this. 

I am really just assuming we’re talking the DeanCas one because of this blog’s main purpose but the Sam and Dean one is actually weirdly empowering and makes me emotional for totally different reasons because it’s concluding the whole Carver era arc as best it can while obviously leaving a few loose threads because we can’t solve it all when there’s a new season afterwards - especially as I was rewatching my way through season 8 before it and have watched the last part of season 8 and to the middle of season 9 since… It does feel conclusive in a way, and not just narratively, which of course it delivers in spades, but for Sam and Dean themselves, they both have waaay too much experience with having to watch the other one die (Sam especially comes to mind just because I’ve also re-watched season 3 in the last month as my rewatched shifted gears to drag my mum into this show :P) and Carver era pokes and prods at their issues with that extensively, as the main cause behind all their drama, at every turn the root of their current argument is something to do with them letting go or not… So to me that scene between Sam and Dean had a sort of acceptance to it which was very hard won through the drama we’d had to go through in Carver era, and the set up was very deliberate to give them that platform…

(christ, DeanCas shippers ruin friggin everything I can’t find a gif of the friggin Sam and Dean hug, all the friggin gifs in the episodes tags are Destiel or Cas WHAT A NIGHTMARE - i’d say this is an algorithm thing but Tumblr is always suggesting I follow J2 and brothers blogs so apparently this is just what you get when you do the search :P)

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Anyway yeah, it’s all grim resignation and a deep understanding that this is what they do, they always do it, and their change has come from a deep internal place on how they relate to that fact. Their lives SUCK, because they’re always having to do the sacrifice and they’re always dying, and it’s a very different thing between them, especially with the 4-season long emphasis on coming to terms with that in some way or another, because the opportunities to watch each other die and lose each other KEEP COMING.

But oh, no, Cas… He doesn’t get in on this drama in the same way. He has unfinished business with Dean - he has a need to be with Dean. “I could come with you.” The story that’s going on between them hasn’t hit a point of acceptance or understanding or resolution - it’s as open and desperate as ever between them and this “ending” between them reflects that. Like, yeah Sam isn’t very happy to lose Dean /going for the understatement of the year thing here, but there’s finality in that parting hug. And Dean and Cas don’t have that. Their conversation in the car is interrupted, Cas still says he could go with Dean which suggests there’s still basically a ~journey~ they need to take together, and they don’t have the words for this conclusion. 

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I scrolled past something on my dash this afternoon and unfortunately can’t remember what or where now because I only half-read it while nodding and agreeing, but it was pointing out Dean’s platitudes there:

DEAN: [accepts the hug good-naturedly but then looks sad]



All right.

Like, who’s he even reassuring there… Between him and Cas there’s less the sense that this has to be done, because it’s not the story between them: when Cas loses Dean he doesn’t cope too well:

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He kind of just sleeps and misses Dean as far as we know for this chunk of time. 

Dean isn’t much better without Cas…

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but these losses might upset them hugely but they don’t twist the story around them like Sam and Dean losing each other into obsessively trying to recover the other - they just give Dean or Cas a REALLY rough time dealing with the other being dead (the closest it came on either side was Dean dealing with Cas being left in Purgatory/trying to get him out, and Cas being pulled into the save Dean plan at the end of 10, but given a careful remove from the way Sam was handling it, becoming part of the plan after it was too late in many ways)… 

But I don’t think they’ve ever been given a chance to say goodbye like that. Not calmly and knowing full well what’s about to happen and just feeling helpless and out of time. It’s just… I dunno, excessively personal. We’re watching them have this moment and it’s not telling us anything except for how much they don’t want to say goodbye to each other, and the history contained in it is just the history of how much they love each other and how much they’ve lost each other already… 

*still sobbing about this the entire length of hiatus later*

My nana invited me over to her house to bake cookies after I told her I failed miserably at making them yesterday. We listened to the Struts CD I gave her yesterday, that she’s been dying to get. Once it ended I was expecting it to go back to track one but instead “Welcome to the Jungle” started playing and I was so confused?? But then I realized it was her Guns N’ Roses Greatest Hits CD, and we ended up listening to that one too. My nana is so rad omg.  

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"omg why wont you guys just lets us be excited for once" uhm sorry boo yall lost that privilage this time last year when all you guys could talk about was how fanservicey and ooc clexa was and called it abusive and said it was gross that we sexualized girls- (theres so much more i lost track) so no, i wont let you have this, ive stuck around for pure spite to make sure yall are miserable

whenever someone talks about lexa they say “shes dead move on from your white lesbian fave” like ??? you bet your fucking ass WHEN blarke doesn’t become canon im being a fucking petty bitch

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Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blogs. I follow them specifically because you seem to have so much fun with them. I live vicariously through them remembering when I used to have fun with Rp. (I got to a point where people made me feel miserable about it, because of various reasons that make me sad to think about. I don't do Rp anymore because it.) Anyway I appreciate how much your blogs make me smile and giggle. ♥

Omg. Thank you so much, this really means a lot to me <33 
Getting messages like these is just priceless ♥ That really made my day ~

You know what bothers me? when in the Les misérables fandom people make grantaire call enjolras “Apollo”.. It doesn’t bother me much in itself (cause I’m shipper trash) … but I can’t get out of my head that not only R never called enjolras Apollo, but he canonically did call someone that… Marius. He called fucking Marius “Apollo”. I can’t. Omg. I’m so done.


Jeongcheol strip.


yeah, Jeonghan is seventeen’s angel (you know that). He didn’t mad at coups after all, haha..he just happy that coups came and seat on his lap..(*OMG) hahaha..

I’m sorry if it looks miserable..and the body ( I can’t make perfect body )

P/s: Mingyu is one of Jeongcheol stan..look on how he smiles. Wonwoo just can’t stand on what the hyungs are doing, he cringes so much..

cr: to the gifs and videos about ISAC. xD

the 1st part

Note: this is just one of my imagines and random. ( ⌯◞◟⌯)♡

My vibrator just owned me....

So hubby got me the new hitachi (it’s awesome, has a ton of settings and a cordless feature!). Anywho, one of the settings works so that it revs all the way up and all the way down, allll the way up and all the way down…… It’s a miserable tease.

I always see these kink videos of girls tied up with a hitachi fixed to their cunt…. Realistically, most girls would go numb before cumming on a steady unrelenting hitachi being held there for that long.

So back to this new setting…. You can’t go numb. It makes you think it’s gonna let you cum… Then revs back down… Fuck…. Back up omg yes yes yes as and back down argh!!!

I tried it earlier today and only had enough willpower to withstand the tease for a few minutes before switching the setting and cumming HaRD (esp from the tease) within seconds.

Just now I decided to make myself hold out longer. Revving up and down edging my pussy closer and closer with ever Uprev but back down every time t went down. It took some serious willpower to hang out on this setting as it kept making me desperate to cum but wouldn’t quite let me get there.

Just as I was considering giving in to a different setting to just fucking cum already I noticed that the burst of vibrations had me so close that I actually, in fact, was going to cum… I got more and more excited with every Uprev, my pussy just gushing as I allowed myself to get closer and closer. Then came that burst of vibrations that shoved me over the edge into that beginning of orgasmic bliss… And like clockwork… That motherfucker downrevved and completely ruined my orgasm!!!!!!! Now I’m all sensitive and twitchy and I can’t stand to take anymore… I… I’m speechless. Ruined orgasms are fun to give but receiving !?!? Bad hitachi! I was just tortured and owned by my own device…. Haha It will be interesting to see how it works in someone else’s hand 😝

Lion is on the amazing atheist level of funny and embarrassing and too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

I don’t like how she treats my friends for obvious reasons but like. every goddamn comment she makes makes me laugh because imagine being so pathetic that you spend your miserable life insulting mentally ill/queer/colored teenagers.

Get a life omg