omg i was so excited when i got this

Back from the concert

This is going to be really weird and incoherent but I just have to get it out. So, the concert was great. Amazing. We were close to the stage and omg I dont know when the last time I was this excited was, when I first saw Brian I squealed and it still hasnt really sunk in that BRIAN AND ROGER WERE JUST IN FRONT OF ME. I did see them in Denmark on the last tour but then I was at the very back (still bawled my eyes out afterwards) and now I was at the front 😭 Brian looked reeeaaaally good and healthy and I got a nice look at Roger as well, after a while they carried his drum set out a few metres from where I was standing so I could literally see the individual strands of hair in his beard😣😣🙊and the locks of brians hair!!

I loved the set list!!!! Also am pretty sure I was in Brian’s selfie film?? I jumped like a maniac

Also BRIAN SPOKE SWEDISH AH I diEEd it was the cutest thing ever fucl i love them sl much, also SHIT I MISS FREDDIE AND JLHN WHY CABT THEY ALL BE PERFORMING TOGETJER

“Naughty Boy”

While I’m still totally emotional about the revelation of the twins in the latest chapter, I’m also laughing so hard because something incredible happened today. I usually totally suck at making chapter predictions, but this time I actually managed to predict one of real Ciel’s lines in this chapter, namely this one of all things:

悪い子だね (You’re a naughty boy)

This is my “Let’s predict real Ciel’s lines in the coming chapters BINGO” I posted on twitter back in June after ch129 was released

and in the square marked in red I had indeed written

悪い子だね (You’re a naughty boy) [*Note: It’s exactly the same phrase real Ciel said to our Ciel in this month’s chapter xD]

Like I wrote in this post, to me real Ciel somehow had that super (yandere) oniichan vibe so all I did was actually to put a lot of creepy, stereotypical yandere-ish phrases in that BINGO, and voila, I already got one right haha xD

I’m like so fucking excited for EXO to be on party people because like they’re gonna be chillin there on jyp’s leather couch sipping on champagne and they’re probably gonna talk about what it’s like being the top boy group after debuting for 5 years and then they’re gonna dance power and kokobop and Chansoo are probably gonna perform an English cover with yeol on the guitar and it’s just gonna be so chill and EXO are gonna talk about themselves and probably do some exposing and like I’m just so excited because jyp really does know what fans want and he really has respects for the artists that appear on his show and ahhhh IM SO EXCITED LIKE IVE WANTED THIS SO BAD AND I CANT BELIEVE ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING

Too busy to put it away? Have fun putting them ALL away!

So I’m leaving the grocery store recently and loading the items I purchased into my vehicle when I notice an entitled woman (EW) nearby. She’s on the phone and has her empty shopping cart in front of her.

I finish loading my groceries and put my cart in the designated place like a decent person, get in my vehicle and begin to move forward when I see EW lightly shove her shopping cart in my general direction. It stops in front of my vehicle, blocking my path, but EW is already marching back toward her own vehicle, completely oblivious. I’m angry but try to keep my cool.

Me: Excuse me, could you please move your cart out of my way?

EW: (on phone) Hold on, someone is bothering me. (To me) Move it yourself, I’m busy! (goes back to talking on the phone)

Me: (internally) Oh, hell no!

I put my vehicle into park, get out, and do as she suggested - I move her cart. Right behind the vehicle she’s getting into.

But I’m not done, because I’m fuming now. I take the entire line, train, whatever you call it of about 15 more carts that were in the little cart docking area nearby and slowly shove it over behind her vehicle. I separate a few from the line and begin putting them around her vehicle in a sort of semi-circle before she notices and starts getting out.

EW: (on phone and agitated) I’ll have to call you back. (to me) What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Me: I moved your cart like you wanted me to. (shrugs shoulders) Turns out I had so much fun, I guess I just got excited and moved a few more.

EW: Move those out of my way this instant! I’m in a hurry!

Me: Move them yourself, I’m busy!

EW: (unintelligible scream)

She tries to shove one of the carts my way but I drive away from that section of the parking lot too quickly. I can see her literally shaking her fist at me when I look in the rear view mirror. I smile and drive on.

svt hi touch experience in chicago

they had to divide us into sections after the concert was over so we could enter a red room where they were all lined up on our left side.

dino: PICTURES DO NOT DO THE BOY ANY JUSTICE !!!  HES SO HANDSOME IRL?????? he was smiling so cutely at me and i grasped his hand the longest out of all of them cuz he was the first one in line and all i can remember about dino is his cute lil smile!!! and his soft hands!!! hes quite small, but hes still a lil taller than me. i think hes like 5′6. 

***note: i was sitting at in aisle seat over at the vip section, and i popped out of my seat n desperately tried to get one of them to notice me by waving my arms around, and he was the only one that noticed n waved back at me :’’))) i love u my son

joshua: i’m sorry, but i couldn’t remember his face that well at all, but i grasped his hand rlly tightly n he also has rlly soft hands n hes so lanky too!! hes also taller than i thought!! 

mingyu: minGYU GOT ALL UP IN MY FACE! he literally leaned over to greet us!!! we made eye contact and he has one of the most friendliest eyes ive ever seen!!! they practically twinkled *____*!! i rlly think hes a lot cuter in person!!! like yea hes handsome as fuck but omg he has very cute round cheeks when he smiles! hes got a big head too lmfao 

seungkwan: i honestly cant get over seungkwan!! i literally left the concert as a seungkwan stan b/c we made eye contact w/ each other the longest and i didn’t tell him that i loved him like i planned to cuz i was being rushed at this point by pledis staff ://, but i did say “thank you so much!!” super excitedly (he was one of the members i was rlly excited to meet!)  and he said it back!!! and he smiled so big and his cute apple cheeks formed !!!! hes so beautiful n wonderful. when he looks at u, he looks at you w/ such happiness n love!!! hes also so handsome irl!!! i miss my boo :’’’(((

s.coups: b/c i got so flustered about seungkwan, i didn’t get to make eye contact w/ sCOUPS, MY BIAS!!! like i saw scoups looking right at me W/ HIS BIG DOE EYES from the corner of my eye cuz he was literally leaning over but my dumbass couldn’t focus on him. i just looked at his nose n lip (which were bEET RED BTW) area the whole time. then i looked at my hand w/ his (which i was grasping so tightly :’’0 ) but he was already looking at the other person behind me, so i just had a quick glance of his side profile n his right ear w/ the dangling earrings and let me mention how gorgeous his side profile is in person and his nose is so prominent too ??? like??? thats a God’s nose :o he’s also rlly pale n sorta has rosy undertones in his skin, like the tips of his ears were pink if i can remember correctly. 

woozi: OK I THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA BE SMALLER THAN ME. i’m roughly about 5′5 and i was wearing flat sandals and was literally face to face w/ him. hes A LOT more handsome irl :(((( and i had a quick glance of his side profile too cuz he was looking at the person behind me. at this point, the staff was rlly rushing me and i couldn’t focus too much on him or even say anything to him :(( hes also rlly pale and i think he might be the palest out of all of them tbh. 

wonwoo: don’t even remember wonwoo that much at all :((( but my friend (@hanniesgf) said hes RLLY HANDSOME!!! and she couldn’t get over it!!! shes a wonwoo stan now.

jun: i cant rlly remember jun either :/// . all i can remember is that hes hella tall n i think he was wearing a jacket to cover up his arms lmfaooo

vernon: cant remember vernon either :/// but @hanniesgf said he had this big ass grin when he looked at her and it practically went across his whole face jdkkdldjcj

dk: i REMEMBER DK SO VIVIDLY??//? along w/ seungkwan, he was the member i also had the longest eye contact w/ even tho i was being super rushed at this point!!! i made eye contact w/ dk and it literally felt like time had stopped cuz i got a good glance at his face and oh my gosh…hes just!!!!! hes super smiley n friendly!!! his cheekbones n hiS PERFECT NOSE !!! he waved at me when he saw me coming over to him!!!!!! bless this boy :’’)))

jeonghan: i only got a glance of his oatmeal colored hair :((( but he was a lil taller than i imagined him to be and i remember he had some rlly big eyes!!! 

the8: he was also covered up cuz he didn’t hav sleeves. he has some big ass hands too!!! hes rlly lanky and rlly thin!! just like mingyu, he looks a lot younger in person too!! 

hoshi: he didnt come to my concert b/c he was sick and i was rlly sad, but i hope to meet him someday if i have the chance!

ok here are the best parts of the bmc boot imo

  • ok More Than Survive was so good and here’s why
  • the choreography, esp the head banging on “is my macbook pro hard drive” and “in how to stay alive”
  • Jeremy’s encounters with the cool kids were so funny
  • Brooke? was just especially great and i can’t pinpoint why but do i really need to?? No
  • Christine doing the Absolute Most for the “Christiiiine” parts
  • Michael
  • the “boyf riends” reveal y'all
  • Michael egging Jeremy on to go sign up for the play
  • the rest of the cast moving all dream-like and then breaking that as soon as Rich says “GAYYYY”
  • the end! was so cool and energetic
  • ok the bit before I Love Play Rehearsal
  • “i’m joking!” “oh!.. well, i’m Jeremy.”
  • Jer hanging his head in shame after that
  • (the virgin jokes. they were funny come on)
  • alright now i liked Play Rehearsal before but seeing the visual has given me So Much More Love for that song
  • Stephanie Hsu is so amazing??? like Wow
  • ((can someone make a video with Play Rehearsal like that one vine with the ted talk but it’s just the guy inhaling))
  • Jeremy just looking dumbfounded and enamored the entire time
  • “there’s also a part of me, that wants to this! *THE THING™* SO I DID!!”
  • she’s literally all over the place i love it
  • and then after when everyone else shows up and the music plays upon their entrance
  • Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake
  • his fist pump when Mr. Reyes mentions the frisbee golf team (and those arms! wow! anyway)
  • Christine Needing A Hug after the Shakespeare thing
  • Jake trying to be all soft and deep when he talks to Christine and doing a Great Job
  • but then, “parting is such sweet…” “…sorrow.” “whatever!”
  • Jeremy’s Lament
  • okokok The Bathroom Encounter
  • Rich’s numerous hip gyrations were a big mood
  • Rich’s Lisp And Voice Cracking!!! idk if the voice cracking was done on purpose or not but either way,, Yes
  • when u heard that “FRESHman year” and u had to restrain urself from singing cause u had to Focus
  • Rich being genuinely sad about how lonely his penis was lol
  • when he was slowly rising from the floor while saying “then then then then then”
  • ((but did anyone else memorize the hand motions for the Squip Explanation part? no one? ok))
  • Jeremy’s high-pitched “what??” after Rich Explains
  • ok but i did not expect Rich to do that knee slide while he said “iiiiIIIT’S FROM JAPAAAAAAN” but honestly i should have
  • the Explanation again but more intense
  • Jer slowly realizing that he wants one of those Better Than Drugs
  • Jeremy repeating the Explanation
  • (i would like to take this moment to state how much i love Will Connolly’s voice!! omg)
  • Michael throwing himself backward/forward when they lost/had to pause
  • “oh. hi Michael.”
  • “will you be too cool for m- … video games?”
  • the Scary Stockboy is my dude tbh
  • “WE’RE SOLD OUT!” “…of shoes?”
  • “right this way, Miss, we just got in a lovely pair of pumps.”
  • what a guy lol
  • Michael getting all excited about crystal pepsi awww
  • Jake getting away with straight-up lying about meeting the rest of the cast bc he’s Jake Dillinger and who can be mad at him? not me, that’s for sure
  • ah, i love The Squip Enters. the way the Squip just *clenches fist* frickin Enters
  • no but fr it’s such a cool sequence man
  • #SaveJeremy
  • the cast going “aah! aah! aah! aah!” really adds to the drama of it all
  • I WAS Afraid the boot would end before the Squip would say “…your Squip.” but it didn’t! Bless
  • that part is so cool cause Jeremy is just like WHAT just happened and the Squip is just standing up there like “hi i’m here to ruin everything”
  • one more Best Part of the boot: ,, its existence. i’m forever grateful omfg

this was so long but feel free to add on!

You are dating Tom Holland but you have a crush on Tom Hiddleston | headcanon

requested: nope, but recently I have been falling deeply in love with Tom Hiddleston because this man is just too attractive for me.


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I dedicate this to @muffinfangirl28 because I love her and she Always supports my weird ideas

You are dating Tom Holland but you have a crush on Tom Hiddleston:

- You have been dating Tom for a while now are your relationship was really strong;

- You knew everything about each other and you visited him every time you could;

- Never missing important events;

- Paparazzi loved taking pictures of you;

- Everything is super great, but there is just one thing that Tom doesn’t like very much: your crush on his colleague Tom Hiddleston;

- And we all know Tom is jealous and can be really whiny in these situations;

- It all started a few months ago when Tom asked you to watch Thor since you had never seen it.

- Oh boy, how much he regretted that day;

- “That actor who plays Loki is really attractive” you stated after fives minutes;

- Tom tried to snuggle a little but you complained because “Shhhh, Loki is in this scene”;

- “Come on, Baby. We can watch it later”;

- “But I want to see him”;

- At first, he made fun of it, but then everything got worse;

- You googled him and found out that is name is Tom and he is English just like your Tom;

- “I have very specific tastes in men” you joked;

- Since then, you wanted to watch every movie starring Tom Hiddleston;

- “Babe, why are we watching this movie? It’s not your genre”;

- “Because Tom is playing a role”;


- “I don’t care”;

- Watching the whole movie just for five-seconds-cameo of Tom Hiddleston;

- “Damn, he is so attractive” you whispered;

- “Uhm… hello? Your boyfriend is here and he needs affection! You staring at the wrong Tom”;

- For Christmas he gave you a necklace with his name and you were really emotional because Tom can be really cheesy sometimes;

- “I’ll think of the both of you every time I wear it”;

- “T-the both of you?” he stuttered;

- “Yeah, my two Toms” you joked;

- When he told you he was going to act in “Infinite War” you got so excited;

- Then you realized that Tom Hiddleston is also playing in the same movie so you begged him to take you with him;

- Also begging him to introduce you to Tom;

- I bet it went like this “Tom, MY beautiful and very taken girlfriend Y/N,. Y/N, this is Tom but you already knew this. Sorry Tom, we have to go now, right, Love?”

- “Omg Tom can I take a picture with you?” You fangirled a little;

- Tom would be very bothered when you handled him your phone;

- Talking non-stop about how charming, attractive, clever and friendly Tom Hiddleston is;

- “And oh my God, Tom. Have you heard his accent? It’s just so beautiful”;

- “Yeah, I’ve heard his accent. It’s just like mine”;

- I bet Robert and Jeremy would make fun of him all the time;

- Tom Hiddleston is fluent in five languages so if you are bilingual or know other languages he will speak in that language and this would make Tom even angrier than before;

- One day during a break Tom (Hiddleston) came to you while Tom was doing some flips with the stunt and when he saw laughing he became super jealous and he didn’t say anything all day long;

- “Babe, can you tell me what’s wrong?” You asked him once in your hotel room;

- “I just… don’t like the way you look at him”;

- “What?”

- “You are always talking about how good looking Tom is, how charming is accent his, How he is fluent in your mother language and fuck, I’m jealous. All right? Sorry if I don’t speak your language, if I didn’t go to Eaton or if I don’t have a degree in classics”;

- “Awww Baby. You don’t have to be jealous” you cooed as you hugged him close “it’s just a crush, he can’t replace you. I’m so truly, madly, deeply in love with another Tom”;

- “Please don’t say it’s Tom Felton, now”;

- You giggled and kissed his cheek “No, it’s Tom Holland. Have you heard of him?”;

- Tom turned around and cupped your cheeks with his hands “Uhmmm, maybe” he kissed you softly “Would you like to show me how truly, madly, deeply in love you are with him”;

- You can imagine what happens next ;);

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Omg how about the four times Betty and Jug didn't get caught doing inappropriate *things* and then the one time they did - you can choose by who!

hey anon! I got quite excited when I saw this here! I’m sorry it took so long for me to get around to it and I hope this is something like what you hoped for!

Ps. Part 6 of And Just Like That is coming I promise, but this has been in my asks for a while and demanded my attention haha xx

warning: smut, sin, smut, more sin, and oh did i mention smut?


1. Alice

“Juggie Stop!” Betty squealed through her laughter as her boyfriend’s hands crept up her sides, taking advantage of her ticklishness.

“Sorry Betts, this is my vengeance,” he replied casually with an evil grin, his hands moving under the hem of her shirt mercilessly to make her squirm.

Betty thrashed as she continued to protest in vain through her laughter, too enthralled with his playful side to regret stealing his last fry.

The takeout container lay abandoned on her nightstand as he continued to make her laugh and kick on the bed.

After keeping up his assault for a while longer, Jughead finally relented, stilling his hands.

“Fine, you’re forgiven,” he sighed dramatically, leaning his weight on his forearms as not to crush her form that was now beneath him.

Betty’s giggle died in her throat as she assessed their new positon. Their bodies pressed together, legs tangled, breaths mingling, his strong arms caging her in. She bit a lip, loving the sight of his wild hair-free from the beanie which must have fallen off during their tickle fight- his sharp jaw line and darkening blue eyes.

Jughead swallowed, his Adams apple bobbing with the movement. Unable to resist the stunning vision of her beneath him with messed up blonde tresses fanned out over the pillow, sparkling green eyes and flushed cheeks, he moved his lips down to meet hers in a firey kiss.

Betty wasted no time slipping her tongue between his lips and Jughead groaned as she skilfully entwined it with his. His hands stroked the skin on her rib cage tantalizingly, drawing out a breathy sigh from her.

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Could you do the RFA + the minor trio reacting to an MC who gets hit by a car infront of them but gets up right after claiming they're fine then it turns out they have a broken leg and fractured rib thank you! P.s. I love your blog

OMg!1 Thank you so much anon! Of course!! I giggled a bit when writing this, here you go. It’s kind of long~

You guys had planned a date in the evening, and were going to meet up at a restaurant. On your way there you both saw each other at opposite sides of the street and they were already at the venue, so obviously you’d be the one going to them! You pressed the button and waited for the light to change. Your excitement probably got the best of you and you literally went a second too early…then a drunk driver comes speeding down the street like a mad man, hitting YOU AND YOUR BODY LITERALLY GOES OVER THE CAR IN THE AIR DOING A 360 TURN AND YOU LAND FACE FIRST IN THE CEMENT

Here’s how they react.. (the italics is them and the bold is mc)


  •  Yoosung sprints towards you and shouts “SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE CALL 911 SGJK”
  • *smacks your face*
  •  “NO DON’T LEAVE-“
  •  Your eyes shot open and then you smiled up at him
  •  “oh hey yoosung that was some wild shit lmao”
  •  “shall we go get dinner now” you said as you stood, dusting yourself off
  •  Yoosung.exe has stopped working
  •  He was speechless for the rest of the night, besides asking you if you were okay and you swore that you were, until you got up after you were finished eating and..
  • Oh
  • You collapsed on the floor then were rushed to the hospital
  •  You had a broken leg and a fractured rib cage lmao
  • Now whenever you fell or hit yourself or anything yoosung just rushed you to the hospital lmao


  • It’s like a scene from a movie whatelsedidyouexpectfromhisdramaticass
  • He jets over towards you and drops to his knees, scooping your limp body into his arms
  • *rain starts to pour*
  • *looks up at the sky*
  • “hey why are you screaming”
  • *rain stops*
  • “ are you alive?”
  • “uh…idk. That kind of stung.”
  • Mc what
  • “lets go get dinner now! Being hit by a car sure makes you hungry.”
  • Oh I see now
  • “LETS GO”
  • He yanks you up to your feet but you immediately collapse down
  • Oh shit
  • Later you guys found out about your arm and ribcage
  • “hahaha well you may not have the healing powers of a beast, but you sure can take hits like one!”


  • Literally judo kicks and punches everyone out of her way as flips and cartwheels over to you like a fucking superhero
  • Godthiswoman
  • Has her phone out ready to call the fucking government
  •  *eyes flutter open* “im fine”
  •  “um no youre not”
  • “yes”
  •  “no”
  •  “yes”
  • “im taking you to the hospital”
  • *throws your body over her shoulder*
  • Turns out she was right
  • When is she ever wrong tho like
  • Scolds you while she takes care of you but she promises its out of love


  • Doesn’t really know why you wanted to walk there so much when he could’ve just sent driver kim for you
  •  He tried to convince you but you said it was good to get fresh air and enjoy the scenery sometimes
  • Whatever mc
  •  And when he sees you get hit by the car, the first thing he says
  • Is about to come over to you then sees you stand up
  • Doesn’t even question it, neither of you say anything about it and just continue with your date as planned
  • Over dinner you talk about traveling and stock prices lmfao until then you feel a slight sharp pain on your torso
  • you put your hand over it
  • then suddenly your leg goes limp
  • oh dear
  • “what is it honey”
  • “I think I broke a few bones”
  • “oh my okay well let me call up the helicopter so they can take you to the best doctor in the world who is in Singapore”
  • “that’s a good idea or..OR… we can just go to the one a few minutes away”
  • Lmao you’d get treated and that’d be the end of it


  • He’s actually on snapchat because he wanted to record you crossing the street
  • He filmed you crossing then at the last 3 seconds you get hit and all you hear is him screaming “OHG MYGGOD” before it cuts off
  • *accidentally puts it on his story*
  • Zips over to you immediately
  • It’s a dramatic scene, just like Zen
  • “uh..UH!!!”
  • *starts giving you mouth-to-mouth CPR*
  • “Saeyoung stop im fine” you suddenly speak as you push him off of you
  •  “well actually I did enjoy the kiss tho”
  • “OH..but that is kind of cool tho”
  • doyouwantmorecpr
  • You guys end up making out in the middle of the street
  • Until he puts his hand on your ribcage and you start screaming
  • “IM SO SORRY I-“
  • “NOW!!!”
  • This is such a mess
  • “hey if you didn’t feel a car hitting you I wonder what else you won’t feel… wanna try lolol”
  • “lolololol”
  • thisfuckingsadist

Minor trio below!

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Important things I just remembered

So at the Broadway Flea market this year a lot happened

• My friend and I got a picture with Kara Lindsey and she looked at my friend and got really excited and called her Elsa because my friend had her hair in a side braid (Kara is so pure omg)

• One of the Guys who was selling Newsies things had a hand full of those trading cards from the musical and Kara walked over and saw them. She got really excited again. I think she forgot those existed because when he asked if she’s seen her card she shook her head and laughed as she looked through the cards

• Ben Tyler Cook apparently calls people ‘Love’ platonically because when I went to get a picture with him he was like “Come here love!” And it was Pure™

• Ben Fankhauser was taking pictures with people and someone asked him to riff and he did it. Sadly I missed this but apparently it was amazing

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Hello!! I absolutely ADORE you twos' writing and it caused me to wonder, is there any way you could you write how the RFA members (as well as V and Saeran) would react to finding out MC's gift for them under the tree was a box with a (positive) pregnancy test in it? I hope you enjoy writing this when you get around to it (or if you decide to).

A/N: HOW CUTE IS THIS OMG!! No worries anon, we definitely decided to! (sorry it’s after Christmas though ;A;) Thank you for your kind words!!!!! ~Admin 404

Hi I adore you <3 ~ Admin 626


-He’s so excited for Christmas!!

-He knows he got you so many gifts! He really hopes you like all of them!

-You got him multiple gifts as well! But there’s one that you’re really nervous to give him…

-You decided to save it until the end! After all the presents and clean up from the wrapping paper, it was time

-”Hey, Yoosung? I um… I think there’s another present for you in the tree.”

-???? He looks in the tree to find a cute small box, wrapped up with a bow

-When he opens it, the first thing he sees is a piece of paper that says, “Player 3, joining the game.”

-Under it, he finds a pregnancy test.




-”MC, is…is this for real? Are you… are we going to….”

-The moment you assure him that yes, you are pregnant with his child, he hugs you so tightly you were worried for your health yoosungie pls let me go i cant breATHE

-He’s so hyper the rest of the night! Takes care of everything! Makes you rest!

-Constant reminders that he loves you, and that this is the absolute best present he’s ever gotten on Christmas


-If you’ve ever said something vague, like, “Oh, hey, that dress is kinda cute”

-Bam, it’s now under your tree

- you need a bigger tree to cover all the presents he’s gotten you

-You try SO HARD to get him gifts but he!! Never!!!! Lets you!!!!

-”It’s alright MC, all I’ve ever wanted is you. There’s no reason to give me anything. If I wanted something so material, I’d simply buy it for myself.”


-It’s time to play, Who’s the Most Spoiled: You or Elizabeth the Third?

-He didn’t expect any presents from you because he’s already told you a million times he needs nothing

-So when he finds one, he’s super confused?

-Why is this here? What could it be?

-Of course he didn’t wait for you to come back from the kitchen to open it

-When he saw the positive pregnancy test, he immediately felt like he was soaring flyyyyyin’

-Stared into the box with tears in his eyes, so when you walked in you immediately froze

-Was he upset??? Did you make a mistake???

-When you spoke his name, he looked up at you with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen him make in your time together

-”MC, this… this is the best news I’ve ever gotten. I… We…. You… a baby? All I’ve ever wanted was to have a child to call my own. Thank you. So much.”



-Y E S

- his longest yeah boy ever

-Not only bought you a TON of gifts, but also handmade you a lot of things!

-Wakes you up early by jumping on the bed like a little kid

-Since it was his first real Christmas, you decided to buy him as many gifts as you could!

-Though, there was one gift that you couldn’t figure out how to give him…

-Later that day, after all the gifts were opened, and you two had time to relax and unwind, you tell him you have to go do something

- okay that’s not vague at all MC???

-You were gone for a very long time, so he went to go find you

-When he got to the bedroom, the only thing he found was a small, wrapped box in the middle of the room

-He saw that it was labelled to him, and opened it

-”…Wait. Is… is this?”





-You came out from behind the door where you were hiding and call out to him

-You braced yourself for a tackle but it didn’t come?

-When you opened your eyes, you saw him drop to his knees in front of you and wrap his arms around your hips

-He laid his forehead against your stomach and through tears started to talk to your guy’s child

-”Hi there little man or princess. You’re gonna have the best Christmas’ from now on, I can promise you this. You’ll have the childhood I never got to have.”


-The two of you were more of a “Here’s a gift let’s just watch movies and nap the rest of the day” kind of couple

-So that’s what you did

-You exchanged gifts and cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie

-He sat cross legged, and you sat on his lap

-He reached for the remote but…. That… isn’t a remote?

-It was a rectangle box, with a bow on it

-But, you two already exchanged gifts? Was this one from another RFA member?

- lowkey gets a little jealous

-Until he notices it has his name on it?

-So he holds it up in front of you and asks about it

-”MC, what is this?”

-”I dunno maybe it’s from Santa”

-”Yeah, whatever”

-He keeps it in front of you and opens it to see the positive pregnancy test



-You keep quiet because you want to let it sink in, and wait for him to speak first

-He doesn’t though. No words come out. The only reason you know he moved was because he crossed his arms over your chest and grabbed your shoulders, pulling you closer

-After kissing the back of your head, you heard him sigh before resting his chin on his hand, lips close to your ear

-”MC, I love you. I really do. I’m so scared of being a terrible father. But knowing you, this kid’s going to have a fantastic mother, and I can’t imagine having a family with anyone else but you..”



-Omg this boy goes all out on christmas for you!!!

-Jewelry, books, video games, etc

-Anything you wanted, he got you

-He thinks he’s gonna beat you again this year


-He’s so confused when he sees only one box for him under the tree?

-Not that he’s ungrateful, he’ll love anything you got him! But last year you got him tons of gifts

But oh my god when he opens it, hE DROPS THE BOX AND PICKS YOU UP IN EXCITEMENT

“We’re gonna have a baby?! Like an actual baby?!” oh my god this poor boy is about to cry, he’s so excited

“Do we know the gender? How many months are you? When’s the next appointment?!” omg Zen pls calm down MC has a baby she needs to relax

-He’s so happy though

-He never thought he’d have a family

-But now he has you and a child on the way <3

-He vows to treat his child with all the love in the world; he will never make his child feel the way his parents made him feel

-The rest of the night he just can’t stop kissing you

-It’s either your lips or your tummy, but this boy will not stop attacking

-Hell, he does this the entire time you’re pregnant

-You’re going to have his child, of course he’ll treat you like a goddess


-Ever since you came into her life, this lil lady is always so hyped about Christmas!!!

-You two don’t really give each other presents because Jaehee sadly never has time to get gifts

-But you two snuggle and watch Christmas movies on Christmas day and nothing could beat that <3

-But Christmas morning, she sees that there’s a box underneath the tree? MC wtf you two didnt agree to gifts this year

-She knows you’re super excited for her to open it though because you even whipped out your camera

-When she opens it, she’s really confused…?

-It’s a bunch of baby items???

-But then she opens the card, and she sees the positive pregnancy test taped to the inside

-“We’re going to be Moms, Jaehee!!!”

-This girl loses it

-She’s crying so much and she’s hugging you so tightly

-You two have been trying for so long and it was taking a toll on you two because treatments were expensive

-But it finally happened!!!

-She’s going to have a family with you!!!

-She spends the rest of the night nuzzling to your stomach and talking to the baby <3


-Christmas with V is really chill

-You two agree to one gift, and one gift only

-And then there’s so much snuggling thisboydoesn’tletyougo

-Well since this lil boy can’t see, you can’t exactly place a box underneath the tree and hope he sees it

-So you hand him the pregnancy test and a card that’s in braille for him <3

-He has no idea what the stick is but he figures you’ll tell him?

-But in the card, you don’t tell him you’re pregnant

-Instead you tell him he should get the surgery

-“We’ve been over this MC, I’m not getting the surgery” he really doesn’t wanna have this argument today of all days


-“Fine, but when you don’t get to see your child when they’re born, don’t blame me”

-“That’s fine, but-”

-W A I T



-“You’re holding a positive pregnancy test in your hand. I think you’d hate it if that was the picture of our baby’s first ultra sound though and you didn’t get to see”


-V’s gentle though, he doesn’t pick u up, he doesn’t start sobbing

-He slowly strokes your stomach the entire night and comes up with an entire plan for your pregnancy

-Which includes getting the surgery because there’s now way he’s missing out on seeing his kid <3


Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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Okay guys I apologize in advance for this long post. If you read any part of it, thank you so much! I’m not sharing this to brag in any way at all. I won a Spidey contest and it was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me and I really wanted to share with you guys <3

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EXO Reaction when they break the news to his fans/media that he and his wife are expecting a child

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Trying to be a little dramatic* “Well… I have something very important to discuss today….” *But fails miserably* “I’mgoingtobeafather omg”


*So proud of himself* “So… I’m bringing a new little creature to the galaxy. The family of superman is growing”


“So we’re are expecting a little Lord Oh, I hope you guys take care of him as you take care of me” *He looks like a baby no matter what XD*


*You can see from miles away how happy he is with the little panda’s news* “I really didn’t expect it, when my baobei told me I got so excited that I wanted to share it immediately with my family and fans”


*He’d probably be laughing like the whole time but.. you know like a nervous laugh* “So ehh… I guess we’ll be seeing a little Jongin soon… dancing around… are you guys excited? I hope you are kekekeke I hope he likes chicken”


*He’s too shy but he really wants to share it with the world* “I’m really excited about this… I hope out fans are too. Do you think he will look like me? I’m sure EXO-Ls will find him very cute…”


*Everyone’s discussing about the baby’s future xD* “Oh come on guys! I haven’t decided who’s going to be the godfather…. why not letting Aeries decide???” 


*Uploads a cute message on instagram* “Are you watching guys? Ahhh thank you for being here~ I’m not recording my cats today. I want you to see my baby~ please treat her nicely!”


*So happy with his life* “YAH! EXO-Ls! Are you excited? Do you want to see a Chen to the square… because that is going to happen! We’ll have Chen Chen Jr soon!”


*Probably he’ll be very shy when staring talking and end up pretty overwhelmed with the boys’ comments* “Ahhh… this is all so nice and everything but I’m not leaving my baby with Baekhyun, you never know what he might learn xD” *Just kidding*


*For today’s show a very important guess will be joining us. Our most beloved unicorn and his little baby unicorn.*


“So I’ll be happy to announce that this time… with the comeback… a new member will be joining our big family…” *Leader-father goals*

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Power Couple~✨


Also they’re aged up here, I couldn’t settle on a specific age, but I imagine somewhere between 17-20?? Maybe?????? 12 year olds ain’t got no business going into battle.

EDIT: omg you guys keep reblogging this with “this and this character fought a whole war when they were 9! Let Steven and Connie fight!! Lots of young kids fight in fantasy stories!!!” Guys. It was a joke. I’m simply being the overprotective mother hen. I look forward to seeing these guys in battle as much as the next person!! 

*pushes this drawing over your way* i used your paps design for the empty, desolate idea i had of a little shop of horrors au

*dabs* hope u enjoy some cute bois in my terrible art style *double dabs*

Drawn by: @mettatons-of-fun

AAAAH! ;u; They’re so cute! And it’s Little Shop of Horrors which is hella great! Thank you so much!

internet friend!donghyuk

this is for u @cryinggoutloud luv u bab

i should be doing homework lmaO NOPE

- okok so

- u and dongyuck r internet besties

- yAll met bc yaLL were in a gc together w a bunch of other ppl


- “weirdo”


- ‘wow sassy ass bitch”


- “if y'all gonna b like this just create a private chat” - everyone else

- so ya did

- “hey biHHH’

- “ew wait i didn’t think you would actually-”

- start of a wonderful friendship

- y'all video chatted the minute you got home from school to the minute you went to bed


- you guys always texted each other

- lmao u get in trouble a lot 



- you guys roast each other a lot FUCKSKSKSK

- somewhere in between all the roasting n shit, you guys actually started to like each other 

- like - like like each other ya feel??

- you guys didn’t tell each other though lmao

- it was a secret for a very long time




- “uhhh who’s this?”

- ‘its- uh-”

- “im her dada nice to meet u ;))))))”


- when u got it again you see you have

- 14789 new texts messages, 653 calls, and 355 facetimes


- he rly missed u ok ;(

- anYWAY


- cause hyuk is,,,so,,,good,,,looking 

- aND yOU aLMOsT foRGot abOUT hiS bEAuty

- tbh y'all were blushing and stuttering???

- youve never done that before?

- super awkward?

- loL 

- once u guys were having a ft sleepover and u fell asleep first

- so he was just staring at u

- cause you were so beautiful?

- he would’ve stayed up all night and watched u sleep (lol creep) if it wasn’t for the fact that he was super tired like he’s not usually this tired bUT

- you woke up first and

- “is this what it would be like to date him? if so sign me the fuCc up”



- moving on lol



- “guess what”

- “wha ugli”

- “w0w ok i guess u don’t want 2 know”


- “OK,,,,,so,,,,,i got tickets to visit u!”

- cue u screaming and yodelling @ the same time


- you guys started counting down the days omg it was so exciting hahsjhsjhsjhs

- “4 daYZ!!!”

- u couldn’t keep yo shit together omg 



- like u were waiting and bAm!!! thErE hE iS!! 

- u squealed and like ran up to him

- he like dropped his stuff and engulfed u in a hug


- everyone around y'all were cooing

- tbh u were cooing

- n like u pull apart and he just???pecks??your???lips??

- your faces were so red omgomgomgomg 

- so like u guys were pretty much a couple

- so while u were touring him around u guys would hold hands n be all mushy and he would be so sweet like giving you gifts

- u liked him so much but ugh he would have to leave soon :(

- time skip to the day he was leaving

- like both of y'all were crying

- and clinging to each other

- it!was!so!sad

- but he said he would visit again sOOn when he finished school


- anyway imma end it here cause i don’t have any other ideas

- but donghyuk loves u and y'all will work thru long distance relationships just fine




The Cop and the Twink

-a request that was given quite a long time ago. Thanks for the pictures and idea Dan!

Once upon a cool Friday night there were two people who made the same desperate wish. “I wish I could lead a different life,” said Officer Jason Rex and college freshman Leo Marks. You see Officer Jason was always so stressed about his work life and wished he’d chosen a different career path, while Jason had just been rejected by his crush and wished he’d find someone to love.  A certain story teller was listening and managed to write their dream into reality. 

The following morning Jason woke to a bit of confusion. He remembered being on a stakeout and falling asleep from pure boredom. Only this place he was now in, was not a police car. Instead it was a college dorm room. His immediate instinct was to examine his surrounding. He got up with an ease he hadn’t felt in years, but found himself face to face with his answer. 

“That’s me?” he said instinctively taking out his phone. “I’ll have to make sure I document this or else no one will believe me and… man I have such a tight body. No where near as bulky as my old one, but being this cut is kind of cute.” Before he could examine his body any closer there was a knock on his door. He made his way to the entrance and opened the door revealing a stunningly beautiful dark skinned young woman. “Leo! I heard the news. I don’t know what that guy was thinking rejecting you! You helped me get over Raul, so if you need ANYTHING just let me know ok?”  Jason was stunned, both by the ranting girl in front of him and his immediate boner. “I’ll tell you one thing you could do,” he smirked. The girl immediately blushed. “What!? Leo!? I thought you were-”

“You thought I was blind? Because I’d have to be to miss the most amazingly beautfiul girl in front of me.” Before another word could be spoken Jason leaned in to kiss the girl. Initially surprised, she eventually leaned in as well. She didn’t know what got into Leo, but she was going to like it.

Meanwhile across town a startled Leo wakes up in a police car. 

“W-where am I?” Leo mutters to himself. “Why am I wearing this uniform and how’d I get in this car? Am I dreaming?” Leo then looks to his side and notices a perplexed officer sitting next to him. “Jason. You’re talking crazy. Why don’t I drop you off and you can tell me if you’re dreaming or not.” Leo just nodded. He was never good at talking to guys he found attractive, and this cop next to him certainly was. Tanned, 5 o’clock stubble, and a square jaw. Leo had to do everything in his power to not drool. 

“Here we are! Just take care of yourself. I’ll pick you up later and we can head to the station together. Okay partner?”  “P-partner?” Leo asked blushing. The cop just rolled his eyes as he drove off. Leo was now standing on his front steps, realizing just how much his body had changed. He was a lot taller from this perspective. He stumbled his way into the small house in front of him, reached for unfamiliar keys in his pocket, and made his way inside. 

The interior wasn’t anything to brag about. “Uh, typical. A straight bachelor pad is just so… boring!” Leo made his way through the lack luster house and found himself in the bedroom, where he was finally greeted with his new appearance. “OMG!? Is that me?” He quickly took off his exterior shirt leaving him only with a standard police undershirt. 

“I have GOT to snap a picture of this!” he said, doing his best to hold back his excitement. That excitement faded when he realized that his new phone didn’t have his instagram, tumblr, or even his facebook. “How am I gonna show off these pictures!” he groaned. At that point he received a text from his partner. “You ok?” Leo gave a wry smile and sent the picture. “I’m doing just fine, sexy.”

There was a pause before another text came in. “I’ll be right over. Told the captain we’d be busy.” Leo’s newfound confidence shocked even him as he couldn’t get over what he’d just said. Then he glanced one look in the mirror. He wasn’t the nervous kid he was before. He was a buff dude, with stubble, and a hot guy coming over. He gave a quick flex to the mirror and ran his hand through his short cut hair. He heard the door bell and ran over. He was about to have a great night.