omg i was laughing really hard though

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Omg #3! Such a violation! Destroying someone’s art is an act of violence. :( I cannot even imagine how horrible that was.

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 I agree with Feather about #2. It’s awful. I laughed so hard though when I read #1!                

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 how awful some people can be!  #2 made me so sad :( #1 is something I would totally do with my niece!                

thank you, dears…it really was devastating and disturbing. i tried to console myself by saying they were only words. but yeah, that didn’t help. and over the years i’ve tried to recreate some of them but i just can’t get them right so…meh, maybe someday my charred muse will return to me full strength. for now, i just scratch out a few lines when they come to me.

and i’m glad my amusements for my niece brought a smile and a laugh here, too! it’s fun being an aunt, even though she’s older now, we still goof off together.