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his tense-ass neck is superb but its the intensity in merles eyes that's making me flood my basement, it's identical to when daryl glared at bob

OMG ANON SAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!! The infamous Rooker Stare™ does the most horrible and pleasurable things to me. And because I’m a film nerd I think one of the main reasons is that he just doesn’t blink. In film and movies in order to convey a certain unsettling or sexual tension filled moment, the actor doesn’t blink to ensure that they hold the mood of the scene.

I’m sorry I highjacked your thirst post with my nerdiness but like Michael is such an amazing actor and the fact that just a stare from him does such things to me (and to you too hehe) is so amazing and just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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omg everyone’s doing super cute mood boards !!! (ㆀ˘・з・˘)

i wanna do some too !! if you would like one done could you like this post ?? ♡

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I made myself laugh (it may only be funny to me) because I was imagining someone's reaction to Merle having a significantly younger s/o and then someone thinking it's weird and confronting them about it but Merle is in one of his moods and just yells back "oh you're right! Our age difference is so much more interesting than the GODDAMN APOCALYPSE SHARON!" And then storming off and Shane and Daryl shrugging and saying "he's got a point..." because Shane and Daryl ain't too judgmental like that.


Evening Ball - Sam Drake x Reader

Request: Omg yeah! School’s over :) anything with sam drake would made my day because the fandom is so empty i wanna cry!!! Am i still the only one person who still loves sam and uncharted ? 🤷🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️ - anon

A/N: Let’s go for a little bit of fake dating turned real, hey?

 There was something about walking into a marble room, with the ceilings high and the crystal chandeliers, that gave a special kind of buzz. Perhaps it was the mood lighting, perhaps it was the illusion of living the rich life, or perhaps it was acting as arm candy for a dashing man. Whatever it was, these rare occasions did not go unappreciated.

 "You see them yet?“ Sam asks, voice deep as he murmurs into my ear. I inhale, smoothing out my formfitting black dress, my shoulders bare.

 "Not yet.” I reply, scanning over the room. It’s full of people with too much money, sipping champagne as they listen to deep, almost sensual music. It was a simple task, to just chat up a rich archaeologist with too much time and too many leads in order to give us more information to work with.

 With my arm linked with Sam’s, we waltz on through the dimly lit ballroom.

 Our conversation is kept to quiet murmuring as we eavesdrop on the surrounding chatter. After slowly making our way around the hall, I catch wind of a hopeful name, and gently pull Sam in that direction.

 "Sorry to interrupt, but you wouldn’t happen to be Dr Hammond, would you?“ I interject during a natural lull in the man’s conversation. The older man chuckles and confirms what I said to be true. “Well, fancy meeting you here. I must say, I’m a fan of your work.” I smile, holding out my free hand to shake.

 "You should have heard her after your recent excavation in Peru,“ Sam joins the conversation we’ve weaselled our way into. "The name’s Samuel, and this lovely lady is Y/N.”

 "The pleasure is all mine, and please, call me Ronald,“ The older man beams at us, shaking our hands. Huh, he genuinely seems like a kind soul. "This here is my darling wife, Vanessa.”

 With the introductions made, Sam and I easily stir up a casual conversation with the couple, patiently waiting as they continuously sip at flutes of champagne.

 "So, how long have you and Sam been together?“ Vanessa asks. I laugh softly, glancing up as Sam.

 "God, a while now,” I say, raking my brain for any dates that come into mind.  "We’ve known each other for many, many years, but we’ve only been dating for… how long is it now? Four years?“

 Sam catches on. It’s actually how long we’ve been working together in this cutthroat business.

 "Vanessa’s love of life is what drew me to here. I suppose she’s quite the opposite of me, as I make my living dwelling in the past.” Roland Hammond tells us, looking fondly at his wife. Sam chuckles heartily in response.

 "I know what you mean,“ He says. I look at him curiously. "I’ve known Y/N for nearly as long as I can remember,” That’s bullshit, but the sentiment’s nice. “And I feel like I’ve known her passion for history for even longer.”

 "Well, I mean, we do share some of the same interests. You sure you’re not mistaking it for your own love of history?“ I joke with him, getting a laugh out of the couple opposite us. "That being said, it was my interest in history that brought me to your work, Dr Hammond. If I may, could I get you to tell me about your current work…?”

 The man took the bait, happily telling us all we needed. I feel almost guilty for it, actually, but a job’s a job. For some reason, I still promise to keep in touch with the couple.

 We finally leave the party, taking in the fresh air and twinkling stars above as we think about the new information at our fingertips. Sam loosens his bowtie, but his arm stays linked with mine.

 "I enjoyed myself.“ I say, a skip in my step as I pull myself closer to Sam to stave off the cold.

 "Of course you did, you three got on like a house on fire.” Sam laughs.

 "Nah, I also enjoyed your company.“ I assure him, a teasing smile on my face. He grins at me as we continue to walk in silence.

 "I think we made a pretty good couple back there, too,” I continue, thinking about Roland and Vanessa’s comments. “Hell, Vanessa wants an invite to our ‘inevitable wedding’.”

 Sam hums in response, glancing at me. Huh. Not really the response I was expecting.

 "That being said,“ I say, slower now, testing the waters. "It was probably the highlight of the evening. Something I could get used to, y'know?”

 "What are you trying to say?“ Sam asks.

 "I’m saying,” I bite my cheek. “That maybe an ‘inevitable wedding’ wouldn’t be too bad.”

 Sam laughs. “You’re forward.” I roll my eyes at him.

 "Oh, screw you.“ I say, flicking him, but I don’t bother hiding my smile.

 "Sully’s gonna have a field day when he finds out,” Sam murmurs. I hum. His slow pace comes to a stop. “I’d say it’s long overdue, though.”

 I look up at him, eyes wide. He doesn’t meet my gaze, but a grin still slips onto my face.

 "Oh, come here, you massive history nerd.“ I pull him down to my level and kiss him.

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Wait...let me get this straight, you're being chastised for your opinion on a poll??? I mean, isnt taken a poll the definition of an opinion being asked?? Wtf?? So what you voted for Seven! Omg people chill! I love this fandom but sometimes I think we forget that they are not real people lol. Vote for whom ever you want love. Its your blog. 💙💙💙

I literally couldn’t have said it better myself! I’m not trying to persuade anyone to vote for Seven, I just wanted to say who I was voting for. I know that I made this blog specifically for Mystic Messenger writing but I do share my opinions from time to time. So I thank you, and many others, for understanding and respecting my opinions!! Seriously thank you, you definitely helped lift my mood a whole lot! ❤️

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literally every medical source ever: PLEASE i am BEGGING you to get a normal sleep schedule, it's the basis for mood stability!!! Me: lol new phone who diss 😂😂

this is literally me omg 😂

*McCauley Culkin Home Alone Scream*

OMG!! Guys I am 69 away from 1000 followers!!! That is so awesome!!! Thank you guys so so so much. So what would you like me to do when i reach 1000!!! 

1. Character Appreciation Week 

2. Mood Board Requests 

3. Fic Masterlist 

4. A Challenge (A Backstreet Boys one has been on my mind)

5. Fandom castings. @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse and I did this when we first were on Tumblr. We casted Star Trek characters in Pride and Prejudice and Emma I believe. We have plans to do Twelfth night. I just need to read it first.   


let’s try this again since I’m in a writing mood for once

Like this for a starter?

also I’m rly sorry I didn’t get to the last batch but if I don’t get anything on this one I’ll just make those even though it’s reaaaaaaaaallly laaaaaaaate I’m so sorry omg

Fill-a-Page February day 23!

I was in a Kuroo kind of mood today. His hair is such a disaster zone omg.

Love hurts like a bullet shot right through the heart, burning all the hopes, bleeding my whole soul. They say it won’t kill me, they say it will make me stronger, but I wonder if they are wrong…

somebody please stop mE

More ow here ♥

Ed Sheeran ÷ breakdown

Eraser: guitar is just wowowow,, some ed raps that just make u want 2 listen its gr8. Also has 90s soulful pop ballad type of mood 2 it. 8/10

Castle on the Hill: okok there’s a reason this was a single i mean,,, it’s sweet and sad and ed. 8.5/10

Dive: guitar melody is similar to thinking out loud. lyrics are more than good, they’re grrrreeeaaat. THE CHORUS OMG. SWEET GUITAR SOLO TOO. 9/10

Shape of You: this is a bop, obviously it was a single what do u expect? strong song on here. bell things remind me of rugrats tho. 7/10

Perfect: this is going to be a popular choice for the first dance at weddings it’s perfect for that. get it? perfect? 6.5/10

Galway Girl: honestly??? SUCH A BOP. that lil irish jig throughout it? perfect. a song about a galway girl and a perfect night how could you NOT like it? honestly this song is the bee’s knees. my fave for sure. 20/10

Happier: sad sad sad who left ed? who could leave this ginger angel? omg I guess it’s ok for u to rip my heart out. it’s not a vital organ or anything. the hey ya’s are beautiful. majestically sad. 9/10

New Man: haha he wears a man bag on his shoulder but i call it purse. nice. A+ lyric. ed doesn’t want to know about ur new man. the record scratches at the end r nice. 8.5/10

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: another ed classic to be at weddings. wonderful lyrics. second chorus it picks up. THAT BRIDGE THO. 6.5/10

What Do I Know: easily my second fave. money and success aren’t everything, love ur neighbors people. Guitar has a nice groove. Very ed. Good message. 10/10

How Would You Feel (Paean): I feel like i should be laying in a summer field of flowers with my true love. OOOOO that guitar solo,,, so sweet and melodic oh my WOW. 7/10

Supermarket Flowers: DON’T CRY. Just a piano and ed and his heart wrenching lyrics. WHY WHY WHY THE CHORUS AVOID IT UNLESS U LIKE CRYING. 9.5/10

Barcelona: (heavy breathing in the beginning) Feels like I’m on vacation this is awesome. Saxophone solo? Idk i can’t tell, BUt I like IT. 9.5/10

Bibia Be Ye Ye: means all will be well (ur welcome). instruments r gr8, lyrics gr8. another winner ed 10/10

Nancy Mulligan: About his grandparents so sweet and is another song with a lil irish jig in it, I’m loving this. 10/10

Save Myself: wow ed is feeling neglected, but the message is good. 6.5/10

Me with NCT 127 since their debut
  • <p> <b>NCT 127:</b> *Debuts with Fire Truck*<p/><b>Me:</b> Omg nothing can top this.<p/><b>NCT 127:</b> *Comes back with Limitless*<p/><b>Me:</b> Omg okay THIS TIME nothing can top—<p/><b>NCT 127:</b> ...<p/><b>NCT 127:</b> ...<p/><b>NCT 127:</b> ...<p/><b>NCT 127:</b>*Comes back again with Cherry Bomb*<p/><b>NCT 127:</b> You thought<p/></p>
Realistic Study Moods

the “i accomplished something” mood:
you decided to be productive that day but at night you realise you haven’t accomplished a single thing from your to-do-list. stressed you get yourself a cup off coffee and sit next to your desk really unmotivated and exhausted. half an hour later you’ve solved one math problem. you smile, you have done something.

the “i’m so fucking motivated” mood:
early morning. you get out of bed right after the alarm goes off. well-rested you brew yourself a cup of write your to-do-list. after that you take a seat in your bed and start reading trough the textbook of your fave subject. “i’ll succeed today” you think and take a sip of your tea.

the “oh i’m so gonna prove you wrong” mood:
“you can’t do it”, they say. determined you start working early. you read, you write notes, you revise, you discuss, you watch videos. on the test day you walk in with confident, take your test & fully ace it. proudly you turn your back to those bastards.

the “why do i not understand this” mood:
papers scattered everywhere, several coffee mugs on your desk. you’ve been doing that same problem the whole day and still can’t solve it. you’ve looked trough the theory, asked your friends & even your teacher. frustrated you pick up your phone and hope someone else has asked the same question on google.

the “omg i get it” mood:
you’ve been reading the same theory over and over again, you’ve watched several videos on the topic and googled everything about it. still, you can’t get the hang of it. frustrated you put your book down. later that day you pick up it again and start reading it. slowly but surely you realise that “hey i understand this! it isn’t that hard after all”. excited you read through rest of the theory.