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I often find so much negativity about Sam y destiel blogs... why is that? and if you could lead me into some sam positive blogs...

Hi! This confuses me, everyone I know loves Sam too :D

The only thing I would say is that we meta writers in the Destiel side don’t have a blind martyrising view of Sammy, we view him flaws and all, as we do both Dean and Cas and everyone else, so if you want OMG SAM IS AMAZING HE HAS NEVER PUT A FOOT WRONG HE IS TO BE ADORED AND WE MUST IGNORE ALL HIS MISTAKES then I would say we are not for you. 

We pick apart all the characters and their flaws as well as their amazingly positive points and tbh we focus more on the positive, because why would you want to bring the mood down when the show is something we all love and seems to be in itself going down a more positive route these days? 

Sam at the moment is having some awesome plot points that are going to get really relevant going forwards for his arc, which I call his self forgiveness arc (whereas Dean’s is self acceptance and Cas’ is self worth).

Sam’s story is getting really interesting and much more relevant to the mytharc again after seasons 6-12 have been, lets be honest, very Dean focused, not solely of course but still, and I think it is going to pick up massively in season 13 so if you want positive but not blind meta and general stuff about Sam as well as Destiel and TFW in general then I would say take a look at me, @amwritingmeta, @postmodernmulticoloredcloak, @mittensmorgul, @elizabethrobertajones, @margarittet, @godshipsit, @obsessionisaperfume, @bluestar86@nerdylittleshit, @grey2510, @k-vichan for a start :)

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So I'm in the process of writing a love story, but I don't want it to be too clique. Can you give me some tips on how to make it both believable and unique?

So if you don’t want your love story to be like every other love story in existence as well as believable, there’s a few things you can do:

1. Read other love stories. What are the patterns? What makes you roll your eyes at the cheese? Rooting out these clichés will help you avoid them. Plus, reading, amiright?

2. Develop the romance. So many stories have no romance or flirtation or sexual tension to them. It’s just bam one lips hit the others and it’s I’M IN LOVE MARRY ME. This is not how it works. Attraction happens and needs to be hinted at and developed.

3. Good vs bad tension.The worst kind of tension in a written relationship is one that could be solved if the two characters bothered to just sit down and talk to each other like normal goddamn people. This is not exciting. It’s stupid and you’ll annoy the shit out of your readers because it’s so damn contrived. (Unless it actually fits with a character and their background, but don’t overuse it.)

4. Keep them apart. I’m a huge fan of keeping your little loves apart for a very long time. Letting them almost come together only to rip them apart. Your readers love this and they will hate you for it. It gives you a way to develop those attractions and a chance for the reader to long for them together. Make your reader want to push together their heads and whisper “kiiss.”

5. Don’t put the clichés in your book. That simple. You’ll need to keep your eye on it, but you don’t want clichés, don’t write them. Don’t have her say “omg yes a thousand times yes” or him “I love you more than the the moon and stars.” All cheesy bullshit. You’ve heard it before. Not only is it cliché, it’s also lazy. Not every character will say this, so attributing it to them just because they’re “in love” is bs.

6. Show your character’s vulnerability. This is what readers love. It’s makes them feel for a character, remember their own loves, and how hard it is to open yourself up. It’s human, it’s relatable, it’s realistic. It’s the key to romance and you’ll have your readers squealing about their babies.

Happy writing!

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ok I'm 15 and i love the peter parker's smut. i could understand you if we're talking about someone of 25 y/o reading that, but it's normal read that kind of things, and write them too omg. i don't get what's the problem with it

Okayyy pal, I’m gonna have to stop you right there. As a 15-year-old, you’re considered a minor. You shouldn’t be reading smut of any kind for any character, it’s illegal for someone of your age to be viewing porn, no heed paid attention to the fact that it’s literary or not. If you’re wanting to learn more about sex, there are other places for you to do so that are safe. Tumblr is not one of them. 

Asking a writer for Peter smut is putting them in the position of writing what is legally classified as child pornography. They are writing about a minor having sexual relationships. Also, the legal age of consent in any given country doesn’t matter as Tumblr regulates according to US law. 

Being a minor yourself and writing about Peter having sex is still child pornography. Legally, a minor isn’t supposed to view adult content. That’s why adult content on sites like Reddit and Tumblr is blocked before you answer whether you’re 18 or over. If you are a minor writing smut for other minors, you’re sharing adult content to minors. Which is illegal.

And writing about a minor, even if it is fictional, is child pornography. 

And Peter Parker is a child. I’m not sure why there’s even smut for him in the first place because children should not be having sex.

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don't get me wrong, i love everything abt your art, but you dipper in particular is perfect. people tend to make him fit a particularly submissive, plain stereotype for some reason, which sucks bc his characters is so much more than that. your design for him is gorgeous and distinctive, though, and i adore it so much~ thank you for sharing your hard work!!

omg this is so refreshing thank you!! I’ve put a lot of thought into my design for Dipper, and I wanted to stay away from that “uke/protagonist” (idk what else to call it) stereotype as far as possible! Dipper is one of my favs from GF and he has a lot of character and I jst want to convey that as best as I can asdfgghh 

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your lockscreens are so good!!! what the fuck they're so good!! how do u make them?

hi omg thank u so much !!! the process is really simple tbh, like i just start with a blank canvas of 540 x 960 and then i usually put in some typography type wallpapers which are super easy and then i usually make wallpapers of just the characters that someone has requested because most of my wallpapers are for requests etc. and then i add some adjustments and thats it. oh also i usually google colour combos to make my wallpaper sets have a solid theme throughout. i hope this helped <3 if you want more in depth then just shoot me another ask !

Make You Feel My Love: Chris Evans.

Warnings: Chris tries to be romantic and cute but reader’s all like no I need to be fucked. Dom-ish reader. Rough sex at first, sweet and sensual following. Pet-names, praise, dirty talk dirty dirty diiiiiiiiiiiirty. Like this is a lot of sin but then it gets a lot….less sinful. I definitely wouldn’t say holy, that’s for sure, but it does get pretty fluffy and cute like omg. Crying bUT IT’S OKAY IT’S NOTHING CHRIS DID OR READER. Bathtub sex. I am Chris Evans trash so expect more fics about him (and his characters) from me, and I’m not just talking about one-shots. Stories are in the works, y'all. Honestly I don’t even know what this is but I think I like it?

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This has been fought over so many times. Tired of it really. Just live and let ship.

I’m not anti-otayuri but…

I just don’t see otayuri happening in canon yet but the fandom says it’s basically canon at this point because of WTTM (Idk if it’s fanon or really canon but I’ll stick to fanon on its way to becoming canon). But I just feel like there could be a lot more development among Otabek and Yuri character-wise before putting them into a relationship (omg especially Otabek, I don’t want him to become popular solely because of the ship ;__;) . I do like them as a ship but I wish there could’ve been more. It would feel rushed to go ahead with canon on this ship. I think while we see moments of maturity and mature thoughts from Yurio, we end up forgetting that he’s still young and still has much to learn and a lot more to show for that matter. I’d rather they explore the dynamic between the two characters before anything else. And I’d really love to continue seeing Yurio grow alongside Otabek. 

And the thing with Mila?? We’re talking about teenagers. They are allowed to explore and I think it would be weird if they didn’t actually. While Kubo  sensei teases about Mila wanting to date Otabek it could all just be a fling?? I don’t get why some people immediately think that dating in canon immediately leads to the pair becoming endgame. A lot can happen. And we honestly don’t know enough about Otabek to predict his actions in the future. We’ll never know really but I believe that whatever the creators plan, it would always have a reason. 

Tldr: I want them to be slow burn but with the confusion and slight teenage angst mixed in basically to put it bluntly

More Fig Chatter!

I have lots of questions to get to, but first a quick thing:

for those that were wondering what’s going on with my heath, right now it seems I won’t be able to get to see a doctor until mid January at the earliest due to insurance issues, so i won’t know for sure what’s going on until then. Fingers crossed that everything turns out to be ok. I’ll let you all know what’s up as soon as I know what’s up. ^_^’ Thank you all so much for your kind words and patience!

And Now On to the Q/A! :)

Sure! It’s called Orenda and i just poked around at the custom settings a lot! :)

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"alt!" [ need ta know omg

Send me “alt!” and I’ll introduce you to a character I’ve rped in the past, want to play in the future or are currently playing somewhere else!

Status: accepting! | @somecrazylads

Yi Cheonhyang

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Leave real-life athletes, artists, etc. out of your fandom commentary.

These are real people, not anime characters. They put in more work than you could even fathom to get to where they are, and I’m sure that “omg i ship u with ________ lulz” or flooding their social media accounts with fandom vomit is the last thing they want, and the last things their fans want.

If you’re a fan of someone because of a character inspired by them, fantastic. They are NOT that character though. What you’re doing can not only reflect poorly on them and their fanbase, but also negatively affect their publicity as well. 

Have some respect for these people and yourselves and leave your damn fandom commentary out of it.


The sequel to this

I am so grateful for the existence of @incorrectfeaquotesAwakening templates; I know they’re for inserting other quotes from other sources, but I’m going to put whatever text I want in them like I did before with the Fates text generator, only now it’s with Awakening characters, so it’s much easier for me because Photoshop, and a game I’ve actually played.

I hope you all find this funny! I thought this specific dialog I came up with would be a funny way for Chrom to react to Lucina!Morgan’s existence. And Ophelia from Fates shows up, too, which causes Chrom more (enjoyable) suffering.


Hey there, here, have more Male!Elsa, aka Elias arting XD This time as “Ice King”

I wanted to keep a plain design, just like Elsa had in original story, ice motives will clutter all the plain lines anyway ^^; I think I mentioned that he’d probably have a pirate themed castle, with a pole he can jump on and gaze horizon and feel awesome!! XD So his clothings resemble, loosely a pirate’s(veeeeery loosely), puffy sleeves fixes everything!! I wanted to add a cape but then ditched the idea…. At some point he might decide to put on a cape though :P I like how he turned out ^^

And omg, designing rest of the genderbend cast is so much fun! Anna’s design is something between Hans’ and Elias's royal outfits. Thought Male!Anna would want a more fun tux/suit for the ball =D Will upload more when I have time to work on them. Aaaaaand at some point I might add color to them too. ^^;;;

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You are not a bitch, Bev. If you are going to write fan fiction, you should have more than a basic knowledge of a character. It is not your job to do their writing for them. You have every right to refuse to help them or to feel like you're being used. If they can't do it themselves, than they have NO right to write those characters and no right to demand your "help." They need to put in the time and do the work themselves. The rest of us have.

OMG thank you, babe. I was so frustrated about the whole situation. I wanted to help but when they started asking all of this of me, I got pissed. And yes, we have dedicated our time in studying these characters, KNOWING them, and then to have people demand we tell them how Sam and Dean should react to their OC’s situation…it just made me mad. Thank you for easing my mind, babe. *hugs* 💜💜


theyavril sent me a beautifully written letter (it made me bawl okay) and she had some questions for me and I am going to answer them!

Q 1. Do you ship Destiel?
A 1. I’m not against them but I don’t ship them to death like some people. xD I feel I am that fan that ships myself with the character ;)

Q 2. Pie or cake?
A 2. Slushies

Q 3. Is Crowley a good husband?
A 3. Hell yes…no pun intended. He gives me gifts and I have a hellhound.

Q 4. What’s your favorite color?
A 4. Blue. :D

Q 5. What’s your favorite episode of Supernatural? 

Q 6. What’s your favorite female character on Supernatural?
A 6. Ooo. I think it’s gotta be a 3 way tie between Ruby, Charlie, and Ellen.

Q 7. If you were a hunter, what would be your weapon of choice? 
A) a gun | B) a knife | C) special powers | D) other
A 7. D) other! ANGEL BLADE! (I really want a replica omg)



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I really like you Mer!stuck AU and I was wondering if you have another account for just Mer!stuck.

thank you! ;v; but no I’m keeping just an account, I think somebody mentioned creating separate acocunts for fanarts or rps tho? but I’m not sure if they did in the end ahh

Anon: Your art is gorgeous! (i especially love your merstuck, winkwonk) I can’t wait to see more! QuQ

thanks a lot!  I’m going on with it when I can eheh uvu

Anon: you planning to do any johnxroxy merstuck?
Anon: more Dirkjake merstuck!

hhh maybee? but I don’t know whe n

Anon: Would Strideer or Flashlight girl be in merstuck?

for now I just want to figure out how to put together the backstories I have in mind for the main characters, but I’m not sure I’ll feel like expanding the au too much characters-wise so probably nott

Anon: your merstuck is the best thing ever because i just love all merstuck AUs but yours ITS JUST SO PERF OMG CAN YOU STOP BEING SO PERF

Was just talking to someone about what Ben said to Elle regarding “Who would you rather shag.”  This is pretty much what I had to say.  Sharing it here because I’m interested in other thoughts too. ^^

What Ben said was a little disappointing. You always want to feel like the actors are in on things with you.

In the end, I have to remember, myself, that this is a show that is basically fanfiction, written by men. They’re taking a canon story and bending it to how their fantasies work. Most guys are going to write something flashy, and they’re going to put the flashy hero with the flashiest woman they can. I feel it’s a little over done, but it’s their story, their hero, etc. To them, there’s nothing fun about the reliable girl when your world and characters revolve around cartoonishly extraordinary circumstances. :\ I hate to be one of these people, but it’s pretty typical male storytelling. Girl next door = boring, good friend.  Femme fatal in leather who is supposedly ‘ungettable’ = omg the hero man must have her. Girl next door getting the hero is a more feminine fantasy.  We want to believe there’s more for women like us out there.  That the world doesn’t only reward the femme fatals.  Alas, if we want that reward, we have to be the ones to write it.  Men are not going to write that for us, lmao, not when there’s ungettable babes in leather & lace to be had.

As for what Ben said, don’t take too harshly to it. I feel like the whole Elle interview was him being very playful. It’s much more titillating to talk about Irene Adler in that way than it is to talk about Molly that way. One other thing to remember, Irene Adler is nearly a stranger to Sherlock’s character, whereas Molly is much closer to him. Benedict also seems to know Louise and have a reasonably close tie to her. He may be uncomfortable talking about a character/woman who he knows personally? It’s like how your boyfriend or girlfriend will talk all sorts of lascivious drivel about someone they don’t know. But when it comes to you, they’re much more respectful. Just a thought.

That whole interview was played up for yucks though, I wouldn’t take it too badly.  We all have a tendency to take what the cast says WAY too seriously.  Nothing is set in stone until it’s said by the writers, and appears on the show itself.  And even then, screw it…think what you want ^_~.