omg i want to hold him so badly!!

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I really love your imagines! Here's one: Old!Noctis and sassy s/o queen. During a council meeting, where s/o is absent, a foreinger ambassador rudely complain about the queen, pretending an apology by Noctis because she humiliate him after seeing him treating badly a young maid, suggesting Noctis to control his wife.

OMG SHORT DRABBLE TIME! :D This one’s gonna be fun~! This kinda strayed a little from the original request BUT it still holds the main concepts you mentioned :) Sir Luddenham belongs to me *HAHAHHAHA, Luddenham- it’s a place in Sydney somewhere and I’ve always wanted to name a dodgy OC after that suburb cos the name sounds so hilarious HAHAHA*

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Excuse you, Sir.

As King of Lucis, Noctis had to deal with a few rather difficult individuals. Sir Luddenham was one of those rather difficult people. In fact, if you were present in Council that afternoon, Noctis was sure you’d probably call him a ‘bag of dicks’. Noctis barely held in a snort of amusement at the thought of you calling the unpleasant council member juvenile names. Feeling Ignis nudge him from his right hand side, Noctis sat up a little straighter and pretended that he was actually interested in what Sir Luddenham had to say that day in Council.

Seriously though- what kind of a name was Luddenham?

It sounded made up and foreign.

Noctis quickly shook the irrelevant thought out of his head and zoned back in on Sir Luddenham’s concerns. Trying to refrain from rolling his eyes at the topic of the rather pudgy council man’s discourse, Noctis merely leaned forward and bore his deep blue eyes down at the older man with a neutral expression on his handsome face.

“Your Majesty, I apologise for my lack of tact, but I must raise this matter with you now, or forever hold it in my consciousness…” Noctis frowned and nodded, giving his silent assent to let the man go on with his complaint. What Noctis really wanted to say was ‘keep your pity party to yourself’- he probably would have said so if you were in attendance with him. You probably would have been the one to shut Sir Luddenham off yourself!

That would have been funny.

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“he doesn’t exactly have the highest image of himself either i think he’s been alone most of his life under the boot of someone bigger and meaner…” OMG I JUST WANT TO CRY AND HOLD HIM AND PROTECT HIM

Honestly though? Like Reyes is 100% a problematic character and I want his background to R E F L E C T that so badly. Give me sad, unhappy Reyes who leaves the Milky Way for something better and struggles to figure out how to do that in Andromeda. GIVE ME UNSURENESS. GIVE ME GOOD AND LONG CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FOR REYES VIDAL.

omg i’m at uni and theres some generic dude sitting at the table next to me and he’s holding an incredibly boring pseudo-philosophical monologue for the girl he’s with and omg men are so fucking pathetic and uninteresting, i want to punch him so badly……

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MakoHaru as heirs of friendly countries and engaged (marriage) since before birth. They've been exchanging letters since they can remember; and they know each other so very well at this point, but they officially met (for the first time) when they're both 18 and honestly all their portraits really don’t do their justice so they just stand there looking mesmerized at each other for some time without saying a word until a maid comes and interrupts them and they're all awkward and embarrassed. sobs

OMG THIS SOUNDS SO CUUUTE!! Makoto would fill his letters with so many stories, like his life and kingdom and the twins! :D and Haru isn’t very good at talking, but maybe with these letters he can say all the things he usually holds in, or instead he paints/draws and sends those to Makoto instead (or both :D) ^-^ So by the time they meet they’re already in love, and then they see each other and its likE DAMN I THOUGHT YOU WERE HOT BUT YOU’RE BREAAAATHTAKINGLY DELICIOUS-LOOKING, like omg can you imagine the IMMEDIATE sexual tension?! *-* And Makoto would want to take things slow and according to formal rules etc (like no intimacy until marriage? ;D) and it would drive our Haru-chan crazy, because Makoto in prince attire makes him drool. But of course Makoto wants Haru just as badly, so even the slightest bit of contact they have, like their hands brushing would overwhelm them! Ooh and maybe when Makoto and Haru meet, the twins come as well and take an immediate liking to Haru, and Makoto would just watch Haru proudly while having fluffy thoughts like wanting to start a family with him C: OMG YES THIS AU IS PERFECT, IT CAN BE BOTH FLUFFY AND SMUTTY AND SOMEONE WRITE IT PLEASEEE~~ :D <3 

so I was just about to publish this but then I thought it would be even more adorable if there was an added sourin with maybe sousuke and rin being makoto and haru’s bodyguard/knights?? And the knights could be super protective of their princes together, CAN YOU IMAGINE MAKOHARU GETTING ATTACKED AND SOURIN JUMPING TO SAVE THEM LIKE MY OVARIESSSS. *-*  the princes and their respective knights falling in love - CUUTE! :D