omg i want to hold him so badly!!

Omg I just noticed that they fell at an angle lol. Also, notice that He Tian’s face was already buried in Guan Shan’s body before they even had time to settle on the ground. That only showcases and reinforces again how badly he wanted that close physical contact with the boy he’s so desperately in love with. It really must be so damn difficult for him to hold everything in to the point where these feelings are just so overwhelming. 

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fight my way is giving me such feels .. i like scream at every episode.. and i am one of those people that it takes a lot to loose my cool. Like the part at the end when she was all curled up in a ball at the fight because she knew he wanted her to be there but she couldnt because it kills her to see him get injured in any way. and then him with his little line about her crying. OMG CAN SOMEONE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY ... I love Park Seojoon so much. I dont think he has it in him to act badly.

its honestly so warm and sweet!!! 

i cannot believe their friendship though, like even though she couldn’t take it, she still went to support him and i cry

and then theres him - and even when his life is fallign to pieces he puts everythng on hold if shes not okay and i just !!!!!!!!

i really do love them tbh 

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MakoHaru as heirs of friendly countries and engaged (marriage) since before birth. They've been exchanging letters since they can remember; and they know each other so very well at this point, but they officially met (for the first time) when they're both 18 and honestly all their portraits really don’t do their justice so they just stand there looking mesmerized at each other for some time without saying a word until a maid comes and interrupts them and they're all awkward and embarrassed. sobs

OMG THIS SOUNDS SO CUUUTE!! Makoto would fill his letters with so many stories, like his life and kingdom and the twins! :D and Haru isn’t very good at talking, but maybe with these letters he can say all the things he usually holds in, or instead he paints/draws and sends those to Makoto instead (or both :D) ^-^ So by the time they meet they’re already in love, and then they see each other and its likE DAMN I THOUGHT YOU WERE HOT BUT YOU’RE BREAAAATHTAKINGLY DELICIOUS-LOOKING, like omg can you imagine the IMMEDIATE sexual tension?! *-* And Makoto would want to take things slow and according to formal rules etc (like no intimacy until marriage? ;D) and it would drive our Haru-chan crazy, because Makoto in prince attire makes him drool. But of course Makoto wants Haru just as badly, so even the slightest bit of contact they have, like their hands brushing would overwhelm them! Ooh and maybe when Makoto and Haru meet, the twins come as well and take an immediate liking to Haru, and Makoto would just watch Haru proudly while having fluffy thoughts like wanting to start a family with him C: OMG YES THIS AU IS PERFECT, IT CAN BE BOTH FLUFFY AND SMUTTY AND SOMEONE WRITE IT PLEASEEE~~ :D <3 

so I was just about to publish this but then I thought it would be even more adorable if there was an added sourin with maybe sousuke and rin being makoto and haru’s bodyguard/knights?? And the knights could be super protective of their princes together, CAN YOU IMAGINE MAKOHARU GETTING ATTACKED AND SOURIN JUMPING TO SAVE THEM LIKE MY OVARIESSSS. *-*  the princes and their respective knights falling in love - CUUTE! :D