omg i used to have these all the time as a kid

Single Mama Poindexter

Everyone knew The Poindexters. Tara and Broderick Poindexter were so in love and their kids were all so cute. 

Kathleen was born first. She got Tara’s freckles and Broderick’s blue eyes, and red hair. 

Rory and Ryan are born three years exactly after Kath and she is not the happiest to share her birthday. Technically it was Rory and Sara but they don’t use that name anymore. 

When she finally sees them she stops sulking enough to pose for pictures with them. They both have Tara’s amber eyes and her auburn hair, but only Rory got her freckles. 

Reagan comes a little over two years later and looks more like Broderick than any of them. Red hair, blue eyes, no freckles. He was almost like a carbon copy of Broderick. 

Then the ‘Irish Twins’ came along four years later. Maeve was born in early November and William was born that next October. Because of Maeve’s too-late and Will’s late-but-not-too-late birthdays they were in the same grade, Maeve one of the oldest and Will one of the youngest. 

Will was barely a year old when Broderick died. Tara was left a single mom to six children, from a twelve year old down to a not-yet-one year old, and mourning his husband. 

She raised her children to be strong and independent. The teachers and principles from their schools hated to see a Poindexter in trouble because it meant dealing with Tara. 

Kath liked to fight bullies and never believed in hiding her ‘swear words’. Rory never met a teacher he didn’t talk back to, and Ryan didn’t respect anyone who didn’t give him enough decency to call him by his name. Reagan might have looked liked Broderick but he took after Tara, and that includes her temper. 

Maeve and Will were the worse because they never did like being talked down to and that’s what they got, a lot. Between Maeve’s ADHD and Will always asking questions that his classmates and teachers deemed ‘unimportant’, they weren’t taken very seriously at school. 

When Will, and Maeve, started high school they had the best teacher ever. Miss Jacob, the art teacher who had degrees in art history, computer science, and education. In short, the kids loved her. Tara did too. 

Will and Maeve were juniors when their mom got remarried, to Miss Jacob. 

No longer Single Mama Poindexter, but now two Mrs. Jacob-Poindexter’s. 

Weird four am fever dream stuff?

I had like some weird Guzma head canon ideas/dream thing while I was trying to fall asleep @ four am like, Guzma making his grunts go places in pairs so they don’t get lost they gotta have a buddy at all times if they not in a group. Also idk but also thought of Guzma giving his grunts a talk about safe sex?? Like he was doing that thing where u put a condom on a banana to show how to put one on and he said some shit like “Ok I’m using a banana because I am sure you kids don’t want your boy wiping his dick out.’ idfk but also Plumeria helped with the safe sex talk too n stuff. It was weird.

Another thing was Guzma having to help his Grunts with different problem’s like one of em was gay but nervous to tell his crush his feelings and Guzma noticed him being all weird an he just ‘Do ya like that guy kid?’ and he just ‘WHAT NO-’ but they ended up having a talk and Guzma ended up convincing him to just say his feelings and he did and it went all good cause the other grunt liked him back and they became a couple.

The other one I really remember too was Guzma having to deal with one of his grunts self harming? He wasn’t pissed off he was just worried and they had a long talk and it was all emotional n stuff? Just reassuring her it was ok and that the team skull fam is there for her? And just be careful n stuff. He gave her one of his bracelets to tug on or snap if she felt like she needed to cut again.

And the last thing I remember before I had to get up was the two Gay grunts where older and gonna get married and they invited everyone in team skull to their wedding and they were worried that Guzma wasn’t gonna show up for some reason but of course he showed up to his kids wedding, he was very proud and the wedding went great.

my rambly thoughts on Desperate Times

- doug go offff
- “FUCKING secret rooms”
- im getting gunpowder treason and plot vibes
- o shit did eiffel actually memorise a protocol
- nevermind lmao
- my kids l a u g h e d i have never heard something so pure
- yess the return of team whats wrong with handcuffs
- omg renée and doug are talking about their feelings im so alive
- “i felt like i was just those mistakes” “youre not” AHHHHHH
- “friends?” “yes sir” FINALLYYYYYYYYY
- “d'awwww” hera is us
- “nobody do anything TOO stupid” is a good motto
- the calmer Kepler sounds, the more angry he actually is
- The Blunt Force Trauma Face™
- oh god its all going to shit
- plan B is a large wrench, of course it is
- well, shit. kepler was a step ahead yet again
- no nonononONONO
-im shook.. im not going to recover in time for part 2

Omg no. Like one day Alfred points out Damian needs to be in a car seat, and of course this gets him some teasing from Steph and Cass and Tim. (Dick’s trying to be the adult, but he’s snickering off in a corner). Anyway, in comes Jason, and he sees they’re all poking fun at Damian, which he is definitely all for and he’s like “ooooh what did the brat do this time?” When in walks Bruce with one of those older kid car seats. And the blood just drains out of Jason’s face. It’s a waking nightmare walking towards him in slow motion.

Dick’s like, “Something you need to tell us Bruce? What do you have a car seat for?”

Bruce opens his mouth to speak, but Alfred, saint that he is, cuts him off like, “Bruce was a child once too, Master Richard.”

Except Tim’s like, “Yeah that thing’s old but there’s no way it’s that old.”

And Bruce is like, super tactfully, looking everywhere but at Jason and it’s a room full of batkids so it takes like 2.4 seconds before everyone notices him not looking at Jason so they all look at Jason who is bracing himself and glaring and then Cass starts giggling and the levees break. 

“NO FUCKING WAY,” Steph yells (totally worth the dollar in the swear jar).

And Jason’s like “I was a really late bloomer, okay?” And Dick doesn’t have to try to be the adult anymore bc Jason’s also an adult and thus fair game so he’s howling with laughter and already sending off texts to Roy and Kori. 

And Steph is like “YOU ARE FUCKING WITH ME YOU’RE LIKE 900 POUNDS.” (another dollar in the swear jar for her.)

And because it’s clearly a day for sensitivity and tact, Damian goes, “Grandfather must put some sort of growth hormone in the Lazarus Pit,” and Jason’s like, “Jealous much hobbit?” Which sets them off bickering and Tim is on some sort of middle child Cloud Nine while Steph curses like three more times as she’s laughing until Cass puts her hand over her mouth to save her from going broke bc of the swear jar rule.

And Alfred was a little worried that the size thing would be a touchy subject for Jason bc there are obviously reasons Jason was so small as a kid and Alfred didn’t want him to have to be reminded of those issues, but it seems like he didn’t need to worry bc Jason and Damian are about to go for each other’s throats in the middle of the dining room, so Jason’s too busy to be thinking about anything but keeping Damian’s pokey little fingers away from his weak points.

And Bruce is messing around with the car seat trying to remember how he connected it to the batmobile so that it’d still be safe to deploy the ejector seat bc it’s like car seat producers didn’t even consider a child might need to eject themselves from a moving vehicle, or something.

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Can you do headcannons for GOM + mayuzumi as husbands?



  • He is the early riser in the relationship, and on Sunday mornings, you can always expect him to wake up early, make some coffee, and sit at the breakfast table reading his newspaper. 
  • He always gets you jewelry to profess his love (like a really nice ring) or maybe roses OMG, yes AKASHI DOES ROSES ALL THE TIME UNNECESSARILY for anniversaries and just random days where he feels like you’d want flowers. 
  • He doesn’t like coming home late, and when he does, he always sleeps in the next morning with you, curling around your figure in the blankets. 


  • At first, the whole husband aspect really confuses him bc he’s like “What am I supposed to do differently??” but once you have a kid, he becomes more mature and very fatherly. vERY fatherly.
  • He uses marriage as an excuse to have sex more frequently bc this is AHOmine. “hey babe, we’re married so i don’t need to ask you if we can have sex right?” “baaabe, i’m basically tied with you FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.” 
  • Aomine attempts to cook and is actually decent at it. He prefers tossing salads for you though instead of cooking. although when you’re in the mood for bbq, he has to handle the stove. 


  • He pampers his spouse and is SO SO proud to be their husband like, the childish personality of Kise has only mildly settled down. 
  • Still insists on going on weekend dates, and this only changes once you have children so your schedule gets a bit more busier. 
  • After he married you, he stops modeling for any shoots that require him to be intimate with others. He prefers solo shoots and if he can’t get any of those, he says he’s fine being a hand/feet model LOL. 


  • Your house is full of lucky items and sometimes you find like a random sock puppet in your  bed but you’ve grown to not question it LOL. Midorima usually brings you your lucky item as well, and he just quietly places it in front of you every morning before you go to work to show that he cares. 
  • On top your bedroom ceiling, Midorima attaches these glow in the dark canvases that have constellations and stars so that you can always stargaze together at night in the comforts of your bed. 
  • Before you go to sleep, Midorima always reads magazines or novels and you just lay on his chest while he reads peacefully. 


  • His appetite for sweets has yet to quell, although with your help he has eaten a lot more healthier. Your house has separate cabinets for his junk food and treats and then you have your REAL food.  
  • No matter what, he always wears your ring. He always admires it in the light (as you were the one who proposed) and he just has this dorky smile whenever he focuses his attentions on the engravings of your initials. 
  • To your surprise, he doesn’t become a potato couch husband. Although he does eat a lot and sit around, he will help around the house if you boss him around aND HE WATERS THE PLANTS DAILY.


  • He doesn’t have coffee in the morning, but rather hot chocolate. He has different flavors of hot chocolate for every mood he’s in (ex: peppermint, french vanilla)
  • Becomes a lot more dominant in your relationship since the marriage. He feels like he should take on a lot more responsibility as he is your husband now, and goes out of his way to show that he cares. 
  • You both walk Nigou together until you have kids and then your kids fight over who to walk him. 
  • Your house is one of those homes with matching plates and table cloths because matching sets make Kuroko happy and he always drinks his hot chocolate with the same dorky mug that says “husband” on it o m g, 


  • He reads to you a lot. You have a lot of work from the office, and some mornings, he just sits around and reads a passage from the morning news for you while sipping on his tea. 
  • He’s like an old man after he got married. He starts giving you tender forehead kisses, calls you “my dear” and it makes you cringe until he gets really passionate UNDER THE BLANKETS. 
  • Chihiro laughs a lot more when you move in. He’s no longer alone anymore and he enjoys your company. He always tries to come home early to spend some time with you, whether that be having dinner together, watching a movie, or playing board games. 

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Hi lovely person, You've been tagged to post your top five OTPs of all time, using gifs if you want to!

OMG 5?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I honestly will go with the first 5 that come to mind or else i’m fucked lol But yay gifs :3

1 - Klaroline (from TVD - look at these fucking assholes!! i hate them)

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2 - Adrienette/Ladrien/Marichat/Ladynoir (Miraculous Ladybug - yaaasss 4 ships in one, like what kinda magic??? I was this close to gif all 4 of them…but ok i won’t!)

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3 - Hakyona (Akatsuki no Yona -  Princess and bodyguard?? Where the princess becomes a badass and the bodyguard is a strong dude that totally loves her? HA!)

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4 - Bangel (BTVS - I mean I also like spuffy and cangel, but this was like the OG sooooo y’know!!)

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5 - Shawn Spencer x Juliet O’Hara (Psych - honestly I tried to find their ship name but didn’t try that hard tbh lol Anyway I love this show and I love their relationship so ofc I had to include them!!)

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Ok let me stop before I keep thinking of ships and die because I’ve only been asked for 5 *cries* thank you for sending me this though :P

  • Agatha: you took hundreds of kids from their lives for your own sick purpose so it's only natural that you die
  • Sophie: i'm not sorry to say i've only ever used you because no one is going to ever love you for who you truly are
  • Tedros: the only way I can get some sleep at night is to dream of stabbing monsters like you repeatedly - preferably in the face
  • Hort: in case you didn't get the memo - please do us all a favor and crawl back to whatever hellhole you came from
  • Lady Lesso: you've forgotten the true meaning of Evil and i'd rather take the Brig than call you Master one more time
  • Merlin: your desires can never be attained due to your nature so i suggest you drop dead and leave us all alone
  • Rafal: i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
MONSTA X REACTION To having to babysit a little kid.

Hey there! I had to post this in the afternoon, but I slept and almost forgot.. But here I am! So sorry….



I think he’d be kind of lost at first, but when he gets used to the lil kid, he’d try his best to make him everything he wanted.


Wonho already said that he wanted kids, so, I think he’d be quite comfortable with the baby. Although he’d maybe need some help from the baby’s mom and the internet a couple of times, so his cellphone would be his best friend.


I think that he’d be the most happy with the lil kid. He’d be playing around and doing funny stuff just to see the lil kid bright smile all the weekend.


“Omg.. how can a little person like you get someone so tired.. And it’s only Friday yet..”


“Who wants Ice Cream???” He’d be that kind of person that stuff the kid with sweets and then, after the sugar rush, he’d take a nap with him\her.


All the weekend would be like “messing around time”.


He’d play around with the kid, like little play fights or shooting each other with toy guns.

But if the kid starts whining, I.M would imitate him to make him stop.


Today I’ll make another VIXX update.. Keep in touch to our new opening coming very soon!

Gif Credits To Their Original Owners! 

~ADM Pandacchi

also let me tell y’all about the AU i was thinking about while falling asleep last night

imagine if nico ran into jason and thus the roman camp shortly after the end of The Titan’s Curse while he’s out on his own still learning how to demigod. like 13 year old jason stumbling across teeny 11 year old nico while out on a quest or something and at first being like “oh tiny fledgling demigod i must help”

and of course that quickly turns into an awkward “wait you’re greek???” thing followed by more awkward greek vs. roman explanations and jason is having a really hard time deciding what to do about this because yes greeks are the enemy but??? this kid clearly isn’t working with the greeks and apparently he’s pretty damn pissed at them himself and i can’t just leave him out to fend for himself jesus christ he’s apparently trying to teach himself how to fight using ghost tutors??? also hot damn another kid of the big three omg??

meanwhile nico is still a miserable angry suspicious little child but that’s still a pretty new development and he’s not quite settled into the whole loner thing yet and yeah he’s pissed at pretty much everyone and everything to do with camp half-blood but apparently the romans are different and they’ve got nothing to do with all that and it would be kinda nice to not be running from monsters all the time…

long story short jason brings nico back to camp jupiter all “can i keep him” and makes a big fuss arguing with everyone about it and in the end they won’t induct the kid into the legion or anything because he’s greek and not tested by lupa or anything buuuut okay fine he can stay as long as jason’s keeping an eye on him

rest of the series can carry on as normal but nico has a place to return to other than the underworld and a friend he can absolutely rely on and asdjhsakjsafl

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANA! I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing day, that your cup of coffee refills automatically, and that you have the best time with your kids ūüíú now let us pretend I made you something on MS paint ‚ĚĄÔłŹ‚ėÉÔłŹ‚ėēÔłŹ‚ö°ÔłŹ

Gaby omigod, thank you sooooo much! My coffee ALMOST did refill automatically today (in that I totally made an extra pot because hey it’s my birthday I do what I want!) and it’s been such a relaxing, lovely day. And omg, I can’t even draw stick figures on MS paint. <333

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Emma I just found out the cutest thing earlier today, the owner of the used bookstore I go to is married and has two little girls, we're pretty close and freindly and were talking about his yougest making messes and I brought up bath tub crayons (if you've never seen them they're literally big crayons that you're supposed to use to draw in the bath, but if you aren't extremely carefull they'll create the biggest mess EVER) anyway he told me he and his wife actually use them to leave notes 1/?

to each other all the time, and I just..,imagine domestic, parents!Sterek who have a bunch of lil babies and end up using the bath crayons WAY more than the kids do, they leave messages on the bath tub for each other whenever one of them goes into the bathroom for anything, they range from stuff like “You have the prettiest smile” and “Your butt looked especially good today” to doodles of Spiderman and “OMG X-FILES IS BLOWING MY MIND” to jokes and limericks and when the kids are asleep they play their favorite risky game “How many dirty jokes/comments can we leave before a child finds one?” and inevitably if either of them left something that the other didn’t see before one of the kids gets up for the bathroom and they find it then whoever left the dirty message has to do some stupid chore like walk the dogs for a week or be the poor looser who takes the kids to the dentist the next day or whatever.

Obviously they only play that game when all of the kids are too young to really read, the older their oldest gets the more creative they have to get with their words so they don’t ask questions, but by the time the oldest child gets to a reading level where they can identify their first cuss word they have to stop playing because it’s only a matter of time before she figures out what “I wanna tap that booty like a game show buzzer” means (incidentally that was the comment that made Stiles lose and have to clean the kitchen a few months ago). 

BUT ALSO here’s the thing about those crayons, if you don’t wash them off fast enough- or if you mark them on anything that ISN’T the bath tub- they don’t come off, they stain HORRIBLY. I was that kid that took the black crayon and drew all over the walls with it and I don’t think my mom got it all off for MONTHS, so just imagine that sometimes they don’t get to a message fast enough or they decide the message is so nice they don’t want to wash it off, so slowly the bathtubs become covered in little stained messages, like a real-time memory album, moments captured that are actually pretty insignificant and that makes them BETTER because it isn’t like looking back on dance recitals or anniversaries, it’s remembering when the new Beauty & The Beast movie came out and Stiles wrote a Sterek version of “Tale As Old As Time” on the tub, it’s remembering when one of the kids got stung by a bee and Stiles freaked out so much he cried and Derek comforted him, it’s remembering that Derek loves strawberry ice cream and that Stiles’ hair looked especially fluffy that one day, it’s remembering that it’s Derek’s turn to do the laundry and that Stiles was so sleepy one night he wrote a long message of incoherent words that fifty years later still stump the entire family as to what he was trying to say. 

And slowly the messages encroach over every bathtub, every shower, even the SINKS because they run out of room, they add on a new bathroom at one point with the excuse of having too many kids but everyone knows it’s just so they can fill it up with more messages, they spent twenty years sharing the two or three bathrooms they had in the house WHY ADD ANOTHER ONE //NOW//? But just imagine all of the really RANDOM messages that get left there and aren’t washed away in time because life gets in the way, “Why did I ever like Fred Flintstone? He’s such a poophole D<” “I'msosleepydereksendhelpnomoreslumberpartiesplzsleep”, “I’m craving pizza thanks to your big mouth Stiles- DON’T WRITE SOMETHING DIRTY”, “Abby learned that bad word she wasn’t supposed to know and now Mrs. Miller is mad at us” “What word?” “The one that makes Scott sad” “There are like 3” “The bad bad one that you didn’t know till you were 9 IT’S YOUR TURN TO CLEAN THIS THING STOP WRITING BACK”. 

It’s like the “leaving messages in steam” thing only cuter because you have the option of saving them!! 

I don’t know why I’m crying, because this is so damn amazing and happy. BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I‘M CRYING. Can I please have this? Just…yes. This is it. This is the headcanon I want. This is the Sterek pokemon I choose!!! 

random question tag

rules: complete the questions and then tag some other people

i was tagged by @fleurbelacour, thank you!!

  1. Were you named after anyone? nope
  2. When was the last time you cried? like 1.5 hours ago lol
  3. Do you like your handwriting? it’s alright
  4. What is your favourite lunch meat? turkey or roast beef
  5. Do you have kids? no omg, but one day maybe?
  6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? yes i wish i had a friend like me i treat my friends so good and want it in return
  7. Do you use sarcasm? not at all
  8. Do you still have your tonsils? i got them removed when i was like 6 but apparently they grew back????
  9. Would you bungee jump? nooo
  10. Do you think you’re a strong person? physically i’m alright, mentally not really
  11. What is your favourite ice cream? brownie 
  12. What is the first thing you notice about people? hair? not sure idk
  13. What is your least favourite physical thing you like about yourself? nose, hair texture (frizzy), lips, i could go on lol rip
  14. What colour pants and shoes are you wearing right now? black leggings and no shoes or socks
  15. What are you listening to right now? my mom is playing like soft pop acoustic type music upstairs?
  16. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? pastel pink or pastel blue
  17. Favourite smell? no idea tbh
  18. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? my manager from work
  19. Favourite sport to watch on TV? i don’t like watching sports
  20. Hair colour? orangish-brown
  21. Eye colour? brown
  22. Do you wear contacts? nope
  23. Favourite food to eat? brownies or anything chocolate rly
  24. Scary movies or comedy? comedy
  25. Last movie you watched? moana!!
  26. What colour shirt are you wearing? it’s tie dyed pink/blue/white/purple
  27. Summer or winter? summer,,,but neither tbh give me fall or spring
  28. Hugs or kisses? i’ve never been kissed so idk,,,hugs?
  29. What book are you currently reading? the raven king - maggie stiefvater 
  30. Who do you miss right now? not rly anyone
  31. What is on your mousepad? i use a laptop i don’t have one
  32. What is the last TV show you watched? the fosters
  33. What’s the best sound? no idea
  34. Rolling Stones or Beatles? uhhh neither
  35. What’s the furthest you’ve travelled? orlando, fl
  36. Where were you born? ontario, canada

i tag: @barneswilson, @edgarapoe, @faeheys, @kankenbee, @kavinskiies and anyone else who wants to do this!!

@fadingtoruin omg you’re so strong! You go! Definitely after all that negativity having your kid not want to eat you did what was right for her. You’re totally right. I need to just to with what works for us. If he self weans around 1 or after then so be it and if he doesn’t we’ll go from there and see what our next step should be. Because he’s been refusing actual food at times. Like on and off and it worries me but like you said formula and breastmilk is what he needs. And he’s taking pumped milk in a bottle luckily so I’m not as worried about him not wanting to join us for actual meals for now. He eats some solids and has a time where he did eat lots of food now he wants very little of it and more milk now

Thank you for the support! It means a lot especially from someone who had such a strong journey herself with breastfeeding 💪


The visit of Rafa|07.12.2016.

Hello there! What’s up? C:

Today to us came one of the best friends of Mary - Rafa. They were playing in the back yard and in the house. They also played a video game, it was fun! :) I also cooked for them milkshakes and cakes. In the backyard, they played a lot, too, playing on the playground and other games. They have a lot of fun!

Then they went to a small park, which is next to our house, they rode bicycles there. I went with them, too, Jean was at home take care of the twins and Grace.

And… Look at these two cuties! OMG! <3  And I think that someone fell in love for the first time haha! :3


This was all for today!
I hope you enjoyed it! :3
Have a wonderful day / night.


The Signs Getting a B on an Assessments
  • *use your mercury and sun*
  • Aries: *turns it into a competition, comparing scores*
  • Taurus: "B? Cool, I don't even remember taking the test..."
  • Gemini: "Wow...could have been better...but omg?"
  • Cancer: *Relieved to have their score back*
  • Leo: *tells everyone but tries harder next time*
  • Virgo: "A b? Are you kidding? I didn't spend all week studying for a b! How do you expect me to get into a good college with these dreadful results? Sir, I think there is something wrong with the marking..."
  • Libra: *Shoves it to the bottom of their bag and forgets about it*
  • Scorpio: *Glances at everyone else's score to find out who they 'beat'*
  • Sagittarius: *Too busy talking to everyone else and doesn't take any notice*
  • Capricorn: *Kills anyone who got a better score*
  • Aquarius: *doesn't*
  • Pisces: *To themselves* "I wonder why the teacher gave me a b... Do they not like me? Did it suck? Idk"
Smoak Song.

You can find this on AO3 and, and under the cut…

Summary: Damien Darhk uses the one thing Oliver never expected against him and the team. But how far is he willing to go? (based very loosely on Captain Swan in 5x11 hence the title too)

A/N: Hey guys!¬†If anyone watched Once Upon A Time midseason finale then they probably know which heart breaking scene I‚Äôm going to be using here, I‚Äôm sorry but you can totally blame @fangirlfromthenorthcountry‚Äč (I‚Äôm kidding it‚Äôs totally on me!) This happened thanks to a conversation where I was like OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS AS OLICITY! So I‚Äôm sorry, but my muse wanted this *shrugs*, also have some tissues just in case‚Ķ

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Smoak Song.

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reasons why i have the same taste in pop culture as five year olds
  • That time one of my students gave me spoilers on the Flash, but I was too far behind to realize. 
  • That other time one of the kids was talking about the episode of Supergirl I had just watched the night before. 
  • Me: *starts singing You Are the Music in Me from High School Musical 2* Five Year Old: OMG HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL
  • Little Girl: I was born with the force. For real life. 
  • Small Child: *talks about girl meets world.* Me: OMG did you know that there was actually this show called boy meets world when I was younger and Riley’s mom and dad and Shawn, his best friend, they were the main characters and-
  • Little Boy: You are Kylo Ren!!! Me: Han Solo is the worst! I love Darth Vadar! ANGST!
  • “…and that’s the story of how Steve Rogers used teamwork and bravery and his heart to stop those bad guys all those years ago. Okay, now close your eyes for nap time, and you can think about how Steve Rogers was a scrawny boy in Brooklyn and how he wanted to save people and how he met Peggy Carter who was an amazing leader.”

Yes I do spams, and don’t worry, I’m always in need of some chanbaek (Or baekyeol? I don’t really know what the name is) Anyways…-

[Omg the height difference tho]

[I get that this is cute and all, but whAT IS SUHO DOING?]

[What even?… Still cute tho]

[The way they look at each other, they could at least try to hide it]


[Why was that so in sync???]

[At least they tried…]

[THEY HELD HANDS!! It’s official Guys, they’re getting married]

[I have no words…]


btw, this is my first spam, so I’m sorry if it’s not that good.

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