omg i tried to do clean lineart



omg this pic is huge you’re going to have to open it in a new window to see its full size

I’ve officially decided that I will never do a TFP pic with clean decent lineart/shading. It will forever be stuck in sloppy lines and flats because I don’t have time for that

BUT YEAH. Collars, skirts, and glasses on robots. We need a LOT more of those things in this fandom. I tried to make this one mostly just soft, a nice moment between these two. Sometimes its nice to just settle down and read while listening to some soft seeker purring. And for Star, I suppose it’s less of a dominance thing and more of a trusting someone enough to let them take control for a while thing. Still based on the same rp between rahkai and I that the last collar pics were based on, which is why KO is a seeker.

Please don’t repost or delete my commentary, thank you~ >3<