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How do you write Connor so well? Could you share some writing tips?

That’s really sweet of you to say. Honestly, it’s just me trying to pick up on every little thing we actually know about Connor and filling in my own interpretations of what they mean. We really don’t know that much about Connor. He’s only in the beginning of the play then throughout you get little snippets of his life from other characters…but it’s not that much to go off of. Even then, it’s how they saw him which can we a warped version of what he actually was. When I’m writing him, I try not to focus on Evan’s Connor because he’s only a projection of Evan’s own self. It’s important to remember that he’s not Connor. He’s Evan. That’s Evan’s mind talking to him using Connor’s face but it’s not Connor himself. He’s not a ghost coming back to talk to this random kid he’s interacted with once or twice. He’s 100% Evan’s mind projecting.

So then you have to focus on what you actually know about him. I’m gonna dissect it because I literally love analyzing characters it’s my favorite thing in the entire world. You didn’t ask for this but I’m doing it anyway yolo (im sorry).

The first time we meet Connor is at the breakfast scene. What do we know about that scene?:

  • Connor doesn’t want to go to school.
    • It is the very first day of his senior year. Not many people skip the very first day of school. It’s supposed to be a fairly easy, chill, exciting day to most people. Getting to know your teachers, seeing friends, catching up with people, not much work etc. I’m going off of my own school experience to analyze this bit: Skipping/Not wanting to go/Having anxiety over going doesn’t mean you’re lazy and don’t like work. It generally means that you feel uncomfortable, anxious, lonely, scared about having to navigate the world of school and your peers. Connor doesn’t have friends. Going to school, sitting in class, doing group projects, eating lunch, doing anything in school alone and without friends is fucking hard. It’s awful.  It’s not a surprise he doesn’t want to go.
  • Connor is high.
    • Judging from typical school days, it’s probably somewhere between 6 - 7 in the morning. That’s early. That’s someone who wakes up and immediate gets high. AND it’s the first day of school. That’s someone who needs something to help them cope just to get through the day. He needs something to help him take the edge off of life because doing it without anything is a daunting thought.
    • Cynthia also says “I don’t want you going to school high Connor. We’ve talked about this.” Which implies that this a fairly regular thing for him.
  • Connor reacts negatively when Zoe speaks but ignores Larry.  
    • Okay so I love this bit because my psychology loving self adores this kind of shit. It’s amazing and beautifully done and asdlhfal;ksd
    • After Cynthia tries to get Larry involved with making sure Connor goes to school. Larry says, “What do you want me to do? He doesn’t listen. Look at him. He’s probably high.” Connor stays quiet. Then Zoe confirms Larry’s statement and says, “He’s definitely high.” And Connor responds with a “Fuck you!”
    • Every time Larry speaks Connor stays quiet. His body language in the scene involves Connor resting his arm on the side of his head and, by doing so, is putting some sort of physical barrier between his facial expressions and his dad sitting next to him.
    • If I recall correctly, I don’t think Connor ever once actually speaks to his dad??? Larry talks at him but Connor never responds. No words are ever spoken from him to Larry. (I think, I could be wrong)
    • SO the point here is that Connor doesn’t say shit when Larry is nagging at him but the second Zoe opens her mouth to do the same he immediately responds with a big “fuck you” and puts his head down on the table.
    • The way I analyze that scene is that the fuck you was really meant for Larry, that he was pissed off at his father, but he took it out on Zoe. He redirected his anger onto his sister because it’s a lot easier to take advantage of a younger sibling then the head of your household.
    • Judging from how Zoe speaks about him later in the play, he probably redirected a lot of his anger onto her and it really messed her up.
    • Him not speaking up to Larry could also mean that Connor is potentially afraid of him?

The second time we see Connor is at school with Jared and Evan:

  • Connor cares what people think about him and he’s bullied. 
    • Jared says, “Hey Connor. Loving the new hair length. Very school shooter chic.” Connor responds by staring at him with this perplexed look of wtf dude seriously. He was just nagged at home, forced to go to school when he’s clearly uncomfortable about doing that, and then he gets there only to be antagonized by Jared who pretty much refers to him as someone who slaughters innocent people.
    • His ‘wtf dude’ look is totally justified in my opinion.  
    • Jared then says that he was just kidding and that it was a joke. To which Connor replies with “Yeah no it was funny. I’m laughing can’t you tell.” His tone starts out light and sarcastic. When Jared doesn’t respond, he steps closer to him and voice raises. “Am I not laughing hard enough for you?” He’s clearly offended by what Jared said.
    • Jared calls him a freak and walks away.
  • He gets bullied by Jared so he turns around and becomes the bully to Evan.
    • Like he did with Zoe, Connor redirects his pain onto people he know won’t fight back or who he views as weaker than him.
    • Evan nervous laughs when he’s left alone with Connor. Connor can probably see that Evan is scared of him and uses that to his advantage. He says the whole, “What the fuck are you laughing at? Stop fucking laughing at me?”” Stop laughing at me. Not laughing at what Jared said. But specifically laughing at Connor himself. Connor doesn’t want people laughing at him because he cares what they think about him. “You think I’m the freak? I’m not the freak. You’re the fucking freak.” He yells at Evan and pushes him to the ground.
    • People have all obviously analyzed all these scenes before. I’m not close to the first one to say it, but obviously, these are words he wishes he could say to Jared and Evan is the surrogate for his rage.

And finally we have the very last scene that Connor is in which is the computer lab scene:

  • Connor is apologetic after he loses his temper.
    • He sees Evan, who has clearly been crying. I think it’s unknown how long Connor was actually in the room with him/if he overheard the phone call with Evan’s mom. I’m assuming that Evan wasn’t actually speaking out loud when he was writing his letter, that it was more for the audience to know what he was writing. So if Connor had been in the room and listening, he could have heard Evan’s side of the phone call and seen him quietly crying on his laptop while writing something then print it out. Since he was near the printer, he took the paper to give to him. He didn’t have to do that. He wanted to.
    • I think he wanted an excuse to talk to Evan again after he pushed him. He probably felt bad. I feel like he views Evan as someone who’s harmless and unintimidating, which is why it was easy for him to channel his anger onto, but then he started to regret that choice, so he tried to reach out.
    • He never actually apologizes with words and instead tries to do it through actions. I bet you that Larry does the exact same thing too but Connor probably never realized or picked up on it. (I could do a full character study on Larry too omg he’s a great specimen to take apart and a fantastically flawed character like everyone else in the show its beautiful fuck)
  • He’s got a dark sense of humor.
    • When finding out Evan broke his arm from falling out of a tree, he replies with a “That’s the saddest fucking thing I ever heard.” But he doesn’t say it in a mean way. He smiles and laughs under his breath.
    • HE WAS TELLING A JOKE. He was trying his best to be nice to Evan and lightly joke around with him but I doubt they have similar styles of humor. I think it’s the only time Connor actually genuinely smiles too??
    • And Evan doesn’t really laugh. It’s more of a nervous “plz don’t hurt me again ur a lil scary” kinda laugh. So Connor backs off and changes the subject.
  • He’s observant.
    • He notices that no one signed Evan’s cast. 
    • He noticed that Evan has no friends hence the “now we can both pretend we have friends” line. 
    • He noticed Evan’s sad and alone so he’s making an effort to be nice to him. 
    • He noticed that he printed a piece of paper and that it would be a good ice breaker. 
    • He’s quiet and he notices things. It’s subtle but it’s there. I bet you Connor secretly knows everything about everyone. 
  • The boy just wants a damn friend. 
    • He’s lonely. Evan’s clearly lonely. Why not try to befriend him?
    • He’s signs his cast super big so it takes up the whole arm. For one, it gets a laugh out of the audience. But two, he kinda knows that no one else will sign it so he makes his name extra big so everyone will see and know that both of them aren’t alone/friendless.
    • This is also interesting to me because I wonder if Connor knew he was going to kill himself then. Often times suicide is something people plan out ahead of time. I wonder if he knew what he was going to do and I wonder if writing that on Evan’s arm was a secret way for him to leave something semi permanent behind. A way to be sure that someone would remember him when he’s gone. If that’s the case then that was some powerful shit to slip in and it hurts my soul.
  • He’s angry and paranoid and suicidal.
    • So obviously Connor reads Evan note to himself, thinks it’s about him, freaks out and leaves. That’s the last time we see Connor.
    • I’ve looked at this scene in a few different ways. The first way I see it is that Connor could of had symptoms of paranoia. He sees his sister’s name and his first thought is that Evan did this in a malicious manor. He views people as out to get him. It doesn’t take much to set him off. He’s got a lot of anger inside of him that he doesn’t know how to release in a healthy way so it ends up with him blowing up over the slightest little bumps in the road.
    • The second way I view it is a little different. If I’m thinking about my point before (about him already having plans to kill himself) then I wonder if he was just using the paper as an excuse to get angry and leave. He had already made his mark using Evan’s cast. His name was there. He technically didn’t need Evan anymore. Thus he “freaks out” over this paper and it helps fuel his desires to end his own life. As someone who has been suicidal in the past, I understand wanting to find every excuse you can to help end things, to justify what you’re doing, and to push people away. It’s a super fucked up way of thinking but, when you put yourself into that mindset, I don’t think it’s that crazy of an idea.
    • “Is this about my sister? You wrote this because you knew I’d find it.” (Hinting at the paranoia point) “Yeah you, uh, saw that I was the only other person in the computer lab.” (Mentally trying to convince himself to believe that Evan did this on purpose, even though it goes against everything he already knows about Evan) “So I could read some creepy shit you wrote about my sister and freak out, right?” (here comes the anger) “Then you could tell everybody that I’m crazy! Right?! Fuck you!” (cue the storm off)
    • And then we hear from Evan that Connor hasn’t been in school for three days.
    • And eventually we find out why.

From everything that Connor, himself, has told us he’s deeply hurting. He’s quiet. Observant. He’s got many unchecked mental health issues. He doesn’t feel heard. He’s lonely. He uses coping methods to get by. He has little to no self worth. He carries around a lot of guilt. He acts out on people he know won’t fight him back. Probably because he needs to feel superior because everywhere else in his life he feels stepped on. He is both a bully and bullied. He had little regard for strong authority aka Larry. He craves personal connections but doesn’t know how to obtain them or keep them. He’s broken. So that’s how I try my best to write him.

THEN we have what everyone else tells us about Connor. This should all be taken with a grain of salt because everyone views people differently but their words shouldn’t be totally disregarded either. (Yes I’m going to go on longer even though you never asked for this I’M SORRY I CAN’T STOP NOW) So let’s see what little Connor character traits we can find out from other people that could be potentially used for writing him in the future.

The scene during For Forever tells a lot of about Connor through his family:

  • Zoe: Connor wasn’t very nice so that makes sense.
  • Cynthia: Connor was…a complicated person.
  • Zoe: No. Connor was a bad person. There’s a difference.
    • In response to finding out Connor pushed Evan. Zoe is shown to have no sympathy for her brother’s actions while Cynthia continues to make excuses for him. I see that as Connor having no mercy on his sister but probably playing his mom to his advantage with what he knew he could get away with.  
  • Cynthia: Did Connor tell you about the Harris’? We used to go skiing together, our families.
  • Zoe: Connor hated skiing.
    • Not a sports, activity kinda guy. Doesn’t like things involving social gatherings. Not friendly.
  • Larry: Somebody had to be the bad guy.
    • In response to reading Connor’s emails. This one is a little iffy in regards to Connor’s character. It’s more a Larry thing. Because I don’t know if Connor was actually aware that his emails were read or not but either way it shows that he was completely not trusted by his family. Also that pointing out again that Cynthia was probably a push over when it came to Connor and he knew that.
  • Cynthia: We used to go to the orchard all the time. We;d do picnics there. Remember that Zoe?
  • Zoe: Yeah I do.
  • Cynthia: You and Connor had that little toy plane that you would fly. [to Larry, with sad laughter] Until you flew it into the creek.
  • Larry: No that was an emergency landing.
    • This is big. Things weren’t always hell in the Murphy house. There were good memories. Sadly though good memories are often overshadowed by the bad ones. Connor seemed to cast a huge shadow over this family. But it is important to note that Connor and Zoe used to play together as children. Things. Aren’t. Always. Awful. Connor wasn’t a reckless beast. He can be written to be playful and funny and sarcastic and sweet. Just balance it out with the angst. People are complicated and have tons of depth so try to write them that way if you can.

Other things said at random points throughout the play…


  • “Connor Murphy is batshit out of his mind. Remember when he threw a printer at Mrs. G in second grade because he didn’t get to be the line leader that day? 
    • Connor has had anger issues since he was a child too.


  • “Still can’t believe the terrible news about @ connormurphy. I wouldn’t say that we were friends exactly. More like acquaintances. We were in chemistry together. I’m pretty sure. Also he was in my English class in 10th grade. Almost positive. Yeah he was definitely in my English class. Three days ago Connor Murphy was here and now hes gone. If Connor meant something to you please retweet or private message me if you just wanna talk. At time like thees we could all use a friend.”
    • Honestly, this says way more about Alana’s character but it still mentions Connor so I’m adding it.
    • But what I do get from this was the Connor has/had a twitter (or some form of social media, but I’m assuming twitter since the “retweet” bit) and Alana followed him on it?
  • “He was one of my closest acquaintances. He was my lab partner in Chemistry and we presented on Huck Fin together in 10th grade. He was so funny. Instead of calling it, well, Huck Fin…[fades off]. Nobody else in our class thought of that.”
    • Again, speaks more to Alana’s character than Connors. But I also wonder if this is actually true or if she made this up in a similar fashion to Evan in order to put herself in the story…since she didn’t even recall if he was in those classes or not earlier.
    • BUT assuming that this was true, Connor doesn’t seem to care much for school. Or he could have been trying to make jokes in order to gain friends. If he worked with Alana on projects, her personality would have steam rolled over his. I think she would be the type of person he would sit back and let take control and tell him what to do then just go along with it.


  • “Just because Connor isn’t here, trying to punch through my door, screaming that he’s going to kill me for no reason, that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden we’re the fucking Brady Bunch.” 
    • I mean…yikes.
  • “After all you put me through. Don’t say it wasn’t true. That you were not the monster that I knew”
    •  This shit just breaks my damn heart. You are not the monster that I knew is one of my favorite lines in the entire play. In Zoe’s story, Connor is the villain. He hurt her. He abused her. And no one did anything about it to protect her or stop him. I haven’t really had a chance to write too much of Zoe into my writings yet but I know that if/when I do, Connor is not going to be a kind character to her.


  • “We didn’t think Connor had any friends.” 
    • All they found with Connor was Evan’s letter. I wonder how many times he reread it, if at all, before he died. Do you think he calmed down and looked at it again through a different light? This time maybe seeing how depressed and unhappy Evan was too? I wonder if he found comfort in that at all and that’s why it was still in his pocket. Of course that’s purely speculation on my part. He could have just shoved it in there and forgot it was there. That’s the beautiful thing about this play, there’s a lot that the viewer can piece together and take away on their own. Things are never fed to you. They present them simply and let you take what you need from it.
    • Anyway, yeah, Connor had no friends. That point was already kinda clear though.
  • “I gave you the world. You threw it away.” 
    • Connor grew up in a well off family. They were rich. He literally could of had anything he wanted but he didn’t. I take that as Connor not giving a shit about material items. He probably has little regard for things. You could write that as him throwing and breaking near by items if he’s mad or simply tossing things around and not caring abobut them. Whereas someone who grew up poor, would be more likely to take care of their things because they know they can’t just get more.
  • “I didn’t realize Connor meant this much to people.” 
    • In his father’s eyes, Connor didn’t mean very much. He was probably able to pick up on that and it would affect his attitude and behavior to other people. If he felt he didn’t mean much to his own father, then why would he ever be special to anyone else?
  • “He left it in the bag with the tags still on.”
    • Larry’s weak attempt at reaching out to his son with a baseball glove. It was probably obvious to everyone that Connor was not a sports person. He probably hated baseball. But Larry likes it so he tried to force his hobbies onto Connor. It was received by Connor not even opening the gift. From Connor’s perspective, he could have taken that as a ‘wow my father knows literally nothing about me wtf’ where as Larry would have viewed that differently but this is not about Larry asd;kfja
  • “Your dad must feel pretty lucky to have a son like you.” 
    • Another great line in this play! It hurts my soul. Connor is a disappointment to his father. Larry wished Connor could have been something more than he was. Once again, this shit would weigh on Connor’s mind and fuck him up.


  • “I don’t remember the last time I heard him laugh.” 
    • That shit is dark yo. Connor doesn’t laugh around his family. He’s unhappy there.
  • “Connor didn’t get invited to any bar mitzvahs” [paraphrasing that quote]
    • Cynthia always had hope for Connor. I like to imagine Connor not being as nasty to his mother than everyone in the family. She really loved him and I hope he could feel that deep down.

And, of course, Evan: 

  • “Over the summer I found this yearbook thing that our class made in 8th grade. Most people did collages of their friends. But Connor’s was a list of his ten favorite books.”
    • One of my favorite bits I like to write into stories is that Connor liked to read. For a middle school kid to have ten favorite books, and care enough about them to put them into a yearbook, is kinda of special. Books are methods of escapism to many people and I like to think Connor is included in that group. 


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HI RI and others! <3 i hope it's okay to send a request! i don't /think/ you guys have done this before but ? ?? i sincerely apologize if i missed it. BUT it's actually my birthday today, so maybe some super fluffy HCs/scenarios/what have you for MC's birthday? ;w; just w/e RFA would do for it, be it a party or quiet day in. you don't have to do everyone if you can't/don't wanna, honestly as long as seven is involved i'm happy! thank you guys so much for your amazing work<333

omg vesp you know i’m weak for you bab ;^; I received your request at like, midnight, but I tried my best!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I adore your art and you’re always so sweet (and oops I just realized I still haven’t replied from weeks ago I’m bad at that aAAH) AND I’M SO SAD I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS YOUR BDAY SOONER ;v; I’m also so damn honoured you’d request here ;v;

Oooooh Happy Birthday! Dropping in to collab because I wanted to give you birthday wishes as well. I would offer fried chicken and beer, but that’s out of the question atm. Tehe~
I hope you got to spend a really happy birthday! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Request Killing: 16/30

A Birthday Date - 707 x MC [Fluff]



MC : Guys? Are you there…?
Yoosung : Oh, hi MC! I just logged out of LOLOL to check the chat room for a bit. What’s up?
Jumin Han : Good evening, MC. Did you need anything?
MC : Ah, well, I was just wondering if any of you are free tomorrow?
Jaehee Kang : Hello, MC. Mr. Han has a full schedule, while I might be working till late into the night.
Jumin Han : But if it’s urgent, I can always have Assistant Kang clear my appointments in the afternoon.
Jaehee Kang : (╬ Ò﹏Ó) Mr. Han!
MC : Oh no, Jumin, it’s fine, you don’t need to do something that extreme ;;;;
ZEN : Hey~ Mmmm I have a rehearsal in the morning, but I don’t know if my manager has anything planned for the afternoon. Is there an occasion tomorrow?
Yoosung : I’d love to accompany you, but classes go on until 7pm tomorrow. Oh! Could it be your birthday?
MC : ….. yes. (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)
ZEN : Happy Birthday, MC! (◕‿◕)♡
Jumin Han : It’s in my calendar, but I seemed to have missed it. I’m sorry, MC. And Happy Birthday. (♡˙︶˙♡)
ZEN : LIES. You totally don’t have it written down, Trustfund kid! (#`Д´)
Jumin Han : I do, you can even ask Jaehee.
Jaehee Kang : ;;;;;;;
V : Hello. Happy Birthday, MC. I’m quite busy as well, but if you want to celebrate, I could make time for you. (´• ω •`)
MC : You don’t have to, if you guys are really busy though! Your greetings are enough for me. I mean, we can always celebrate for another day, right?
Jumin Han : But wouldn’t it be less special if it’s not on the day itself?
V : That’s true.
MC : But I don’t really want to bother, so… also, it’s so sudden, so it’s okay! ;;;;
Jaehee Kang : Oh, MC. I would like to spend the day with you as well if I could… but as it is, I could only also wish you a happy birthday.
Yoosung : Seven’s not around, but have you tried asking him yet?
MC : He might be busy. He’s not answering calls atm. Oh, but it’s getting late, I don’t to keep everyone up! Good night!
Yoosung : Good night, MC!!
ZEN : Sleep well, jagi~
Jumin Han : Good night.
V : Night.
Jaehee Kang : Good night, MC. Don’t stay up too late. :)

You hadn’t expected to be woken up on your birthday so early in the morning on a summer day, let alone by your doorbell… Who could it possibly be, anyway?

Still a bit grouchy and dazed from sleep, you lazily headed to the front door and was surprised to find Seven outside your door with a bouquet of roses and a sleek box in hand. He was dressed casually, unlike the last time you had seen him at the RFA party where he wore a suit. His red hair was slicked to the side neatly, a silver earring sparkling on his exposed ear, and a boyish grin was stretched across his lips.

“Happy birthday,” he greeted you, his gaze gentle for a moment before taking in your appearance. A chuckle escaped his lips. “You look like you just rolled out of bed.”

“I just woke up!” you admitted with a light blush on your cheeks. You reached out to take the bouquet from his hands, smiling slightly. You hadn’t received many bouquets in your life… You took a whiff of the roses’ scent… only to realize it was made of candy!

“I figured you could still eat it, in case you weren’t a fan of flowers,” he explained when he noticed you stare at the roses. Seven handed you the box as well. He winked as he said, “Hurry up and get ready for our date!”

You stared at him questioningly, a bit confused. Rather, how did he know it was your birthday anyway? He hadn’t spoken up last night on the chatroom… Then, it dawned on you that he worked in the hacking profession, after all. Your smile widened as you thought of how sweet it was, for Seven to drop by in the morning just to take you out. You were already happy enough that one person remembered… and even more pleased that it was Seven, of all people.

He waited patiently in the living room as you tried to rush through your morning routine, not wanting to take too long. When you opened the box, you found a cute, black satin dress inside, and you realized it was meant for you to wear today.

You quickly slipped into it, slightly worried if it wouldn’t match you, but when you checked yourself out in the mirror, you felt more than satisfied with what your reflection showed. Damn. Who knew Seven had an eye for picking dresses? (Oh my god, but of course, he does cosplay, after all…)

You practically twirled out of the bathroom, eyes shining as you showed off the dress. You were beaming as you thanked him, “It fits me perfectly! Thank you so much for my birthday present!”

Seven stuck out his tongue playfully. “That’s not your present, silly. I’ll give it to you at the end of our date today, okay?”

He held out his hand, gesturing for you to take it, and then led you out the door. A blush rose to your cheeks. He’d said it again. He was calling it a ‘date.’

Actually, the two of you weren’t going out. At the same time, Seven often made jokes about these things, too… You didn’t know if you should get your hopes up or not. As far as you were aware, you had a one-sided, small crush on Seven. Ahem, emphasis on SMALL… After all. But you didn’t know if he felt the same, even though there were so many instances that it seemed like he liked you back…

“Are you okay with me taking you out today?” Seven asked you as he guided you to his car.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well… you might have wanted to spend the day with other friends. And everyone else in the RFA is busy today… S-sorry that it’s only me.”

“I’m happy that I can spend my birthday with you,” you admitted quietly, then put on your seatbelt as he started driving. He didn’t comment on your response.

Gazing out the window, you took in the scenery. It was the usual city scape, but it wasn’t too sunny, with clouds lazily rolling across the azure sky.

“So, where are we going?“

“I was thinking of taking you to an amusement park first, but do you want to go anywhere? I’m up for ideas,“ he glances slightly, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he beamed at you.

“Seven, you do know that I’m wearing a dress, right?“

“Oh, don’t worry about that. There’s a cap and a denim jacket that’s big enough that you won’t get too hot,“ he tries to reach for said items with one hand on the wheel, but you stop him when he swerves just before you almost collided with an oncoming vehicle.

“I-I’ll get it, just please, focus on driving!!!“

“Ahaha, alright, alright.“

Your first destination was a trendy cafe that was well known for its artsy cakes and tasty breakfast sets. The shop interior had a cute but homey vibe to it, cream-colored walls painted with sunflowers, while the glass panels were decorated with yet more flower doodles. It also featured a teak wood flooring, and a vase of summer flowers adorned each table.

“Wait here,“ he says as he leads you to a seat by the window, in which you decide to watch the people outside as Seven orders your food.

He returns after a while, slipping a strawberry frappucino and a cake in front of you. The cake was the size of a cupcake; it had a blue to purplish mirror sheen to it, a sprinkling of edible silver glitter, while three yellow candy stars and chocolate bark graced the top of the confection.

“Seven, this… this…!“

“… is not your present. It’s brunch cake, so eat up!“

“Brunch cake? You’re feeding me cake for brunch?“

“Why not? It IS your birthday.“

“For real?“

“Nah. I ordered something else, but they’re bringing it after a bit,“ placing his hands under his chin, he avidly watches your reaction as you go from awestruck to confused, to wanting to just stare at it.

“Can I at least take a picture first?“

“Go ahead~“

The food arrives after a few minutes, and the two of you bond over a conversation about common interests, with him making exaggerated gestures, making you laugh at his antics. Brunch had gone longer as expected, but it never seemed as if it did.

Not soon after, you arrive at the amusement park, with you making a beeline for the roller coasters and other attractions, skipping the horror house despite him trying to convince you to enter it.

There were times when either of you would unconsciously touch each other; an arm around your shoulders, you clinging onto one of his arms, handholding… it just felt natural.

You stayed on until the theme park’s stage performance and parade, singing along to songs that you knew the lyrics to, and then making up weird lyrics on the ones you weren’t familiar with.

There was a fireworks display at the end, and you just couldn’t help but look in wonder as they bloomed brightly under the night sky. You’ve seen countless displays like these your whole life, but it was the first time that you watched it alone with someone you liked.

Seven watched you as your eyes shone in amusement, memorizing each and every expression that crossed your face. He had come close to confessing to you many times throughout the day, but he held back, knowing that today was all about you having fun on your birthday.

The confession could wait for another time.

“Hey. You want to see something cool?” Seven asked, one corner of his lips quirked upward as he side-glanced at you while driving.

He didn’t actually wait for you to respond before he pressed a button, and a screen in the car roof slid aside, revealing the stars glimmering in the night sky. That was surprising– it was summer, and it was rare for stars to be so bright at this time of the year.

“On our next outing… we could go stargazing, if you want to,” he murmured softly, the tips of his ears red. He was blushing, and he sounded almost insecure as he’d asked you that– did he think you didn’t like him? Was he really that oblivious?

You stopped looking up at the stars, instead leaning closer towards Seven. “I’d love to,” you replied, making sure he caught your gaze. You resisted the urge to also say, because I love you.

The car slowed to a stop, and you turned your attention outside to take in your surroundings. The… beach? At this time of day?

Nobody was around… Not to mention the fact it was a private beach.

“Um, Seven… I don’t know if I want to be breaking laws on my birthday by trespassing a private beach,” you brought up to him, nervous.

He looked at you like you were crazy, and threw his head back in laughter. “Don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t make you do that, not tonight, at least,” he winked, “Do you trust me?”

You nodded without hesitation. No matter how casual and joking he acted, you knew he was a serious man with good morals in the end.

He pulled out a blindfold from the backseat, then held it towards you, indicating for you to wrap it around your eyes. Once he made sure that you couldn’t peek out from the blindfold, he turned off the car engine, got off the car and walked over to your side to help you out.

Although you trusted Seven, you were still a bit scared because you couldn’t see anything through the blindfold. “S-Seven…?”

You heard him chuckle, “Shh, just trust me.”

You felt yourself walking onto the beach sand as your shoes sunk in with each step, and the distant sound of waves rolling ashore made its way to your ears. Seven suddenly stopped in his tracks and moved behind you, untying your blindfold which slipped away as– BOOM!

An involuntary gasp escaped your lips as the noise startled you, and your eyes raised to the shining fireworks overhead which spelled: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Five figures splashed in the water, jumping out from hiding, revealing Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, Zen and V. They were soaked, but had huge grins plastered on their faces as they waved to you, screaming “happy birthday!!” and “you’re getting old, MC!”

They walked over to you, and Seven threw towels at them, with Yoosung complaining to him that he was freezing because you guys took too long to arrive.

“I-I thought you said you were busy?” you stammered, feeling touched that they had organized all this. (You were sure that those fireworks must have been expensive AND difficult to set up… )

“We’re never too busy for you, jagi~” Zen chirped, grabbing a gift bag from the sand. “I hope you like your present!”

You accepted it with a smile, and peeked inside the bag. “What is it?”

“I got you a blanket! Ahaha, I know it’s not much, but you’re always complaining about having stiff shoulders since you’re so busy…”

Yoosung pushed Zen aside with a huge rabbit plush toy in his hands. “Well, I got you something cute,” he bragged. “Although, it’s not as cute as you, of course!”

Zen clicked his tongue at the younger boy, annoyed with his interruption.

“Behave! It’s MC’s birthday,” Jaehee scolded them, huffing. She turned to you with a pleasant smile, softly saying, “Happy birthday, MC.”

She handed you a carefully wrapped present.

“It’s a planner that doubles as as sketchpad,” she explained, “so you can jot down your ideas whenever and wherever you are.”

You thanked her, and then Jumin walked closer, grabbing your attention with the bag in his hands. You recognized the brand immediately, and your eyes widened, knowing it would be pricy.

“I hope you’ll enjoy your stay at my private beachhouse. The others worked hard to keep it a surprise. Anyway, I got you a pair of red stilettos. It’s not much, but I do believe in the saying that great shoes will take you to great places. And of course, I only want the best for you.” He smiled warmly, handing you the bag.

You turned to V expectantly, who had a self-satisfied grin on his face.

“Look!! Isn’t it so cute~?” he said, excitedly holding out a cactus with multiple buds in a cute pot.

You didn’t actually know what to do with the cactus, but you thanked him anyway… It was a very V-like gift.

“I’ll start preparing the food!” Yoosung suddenly exclaimed, running off to the car.

Jaehee and Jumin offered to help, while Zen and V began setting up tables and seats.

Seven tapped you lightly on the shoulder, the moonlight shining down on his rouge locks. The dark of night made the atmosphere intimate between the two of you, and you felt your cheeks heating up as you kept staring at his face, admiring his long eyelashes and piercing eyes.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, have you?” he teased, raising an eyebrow.

You shook your head, not trusting your voice to answer him.

He reached behind his back and held out a small box, and for a moment you wondered if he would propose, but you reminded yourself you weren’t even in a relationship and mentally punched yourself for even considering it.

You slowly opened the box, which revealed a sterling silver necklace with a winged moon pendant. You glanced up at Seven, who was staring intently at you for your reaction, and you quickly looked away, feeling embarrassed by his gaze.

He noticed the way you averted your eyes, and he laughed quietly in amusement. His fingers made their way under your chin, tilting your head upwards so you were forced to look him in the eyes.

“For my final birthday present to you… would you mind if I gave you a kiss?” he whispered.

You felt your eyes flutter shut in anticipation, and his face drew near your own… It shocked you a bit when his lips brushed softly past yours, and you expected more so you leaned in further, only to be met with the feeling of air.

Opening your eyes in confusion, you noticed how Seven was smiling mischievously again.

“Now now, MC, not when the kids are here~”

You remembered that you were in front of everyone in the RFA, and immediately backed away from the redhead, your cheeks redder than his hair. As you tried to escape him by moving closer to the others, his hand caught your wrist, stopping you in your tracks.

He moved past you, murmuring softly in your ear, “Let’s continue on our next date, okay?”

He cast a meaningful gaze as he jogged over to the others, leaving you to stand there on your own, a big smile spreading across your face. ‘Next date,’ he had said. Seven had basically confirmed that he liked you, and that filled you with a relief like no other.

You had received a lot of gifts today, but this simple fact was a much better birthday present than all of them combined.

so my table is right next to M’s desk so whenever he gets up he walks past me. he usually tries to do something to mess with me like tapping on the opposite shoulder of where he’s standing or flip my hair or something like that. but yesterday he was walking past me and he just traced my ear and jaw? like he kind of gently tugged my ear and then ran his fingers along my jaw as he sat back down. i smiled and looked at him and said “what was that?”

he replied “sorry that was weird.” but i told him i didn’t really mind and he looked down and smirked. idk what that means omg but it was cute lmao

Anonymous said: OMG I LOVE YOUR ADORABLE DRAWIINGS <3<3<3<3!1!!! do u think you could try to draw a Nekotalia cat sometime!?!???? I think Russia cat would b soooooooo cuuute in your style!!!! (i totaly understand if u dont have time to draw anything with the AWESOME SEQUEL COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAITT!!!!!!!)


(adm:  Aaaaaahhhhh omggg thank you so much friend!!! ;w; I’m not really good with drawing cats, but I tried lmao I hope you like it!! <33)

Jack Maynard Imagine- Youtube’s OTP

Summary: YouTube ships you two and so does Jack.

Requested: Yes!

Prompts: “We’d make such a cute couple.” “Are you flirting with me?”

Requests: Open!

Warnings: Swearing

A/n: I’m really excited to write this. Hope you like it

Word Count: 806

“Oh yeah and everyone’s favourite ship will be coming round later” Joe joked.

Joe was live streaming and all the buttercream boys were at his apartment expect Jack. The comments exploded after he mentioned you two. Everyone was talking about how much they shipped you.

Since you moved in with Jack a couple of months ago because you need a place to stay and were constantly in his videos now, everyone started shipping you .

The boys found it hilarious because you and Jack had a love, hate relationship and were always bickering.

“Oh look and here they are!” Mikey announced.

“What?” You said as you and Jack walked in.

“We’re live streaming and everyone’s talking about how much they ship you.” Joe explained.

“Hiiiii guys!” You said and waved at Joe’s phone frantically.

“You wave so weirdly” Jack laughed.

“I’m just excited to talk to everyone stopping being a dick.” You replied.

“Haha someone just said: YESS Y/N TELL HIM SHOW WHOS BOSS!” Joe read out.

“Yess y/n slay” Conor said sassily while clicking his fingers in an s motion making you laugh.

“Lets do Q&A!” Joe exclaimed.

“Yass” You agreed and sat down on the sofa in between Joe and Jack. Squished slightly because you were trying to fit 9 people on a sofa that was made for 6.

“You guys look squished” Byron read out.

“Yeah someone move the fuck up” Oli complained as he was basically being pushed off the sofa.

“There is zero room.” You replied as you hip was shoved into Jacks as people tried to move up.

“Yeah just sit on the floor.” Jack said.

“Fine” Oli sighed and got off the sofa.

“Someone thinks y/n should shit on Jacks lap” Josh laughed.

“I’m good thanks” You replied shaking your head.

“Come on I wanna I answer questions” Mikey said.

You answered a few generic questions and Conor talked about possible new music in the future.

“Jack and y/n what’s your opinion on being shipped?” Caspar read.

You just looked at jack like eww no and everyone laughed.

“I get why they’d ship us though, we’d make a cute couple. Anyone would look cute with me because-“

“Because you’re so ugly you could make anyone look cute?” You teased.

“Ouch!” Jack prentend to be hurt.

“Boi look what you’ve done” Joe said and pointed to the comment section.

The fans were going wild.

There were comments like:



“I just took like a thousand screenshots of the way Jack looks at her.”




“OMG MY OTP I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” Conor joked making everyone laugh.

As Jack laughed he put his hand on your thigh. It was a sly move but you knew they’d notice it, they noticed everything.

“Jack move your hand” You whispered so no one else heard but him.

He just smirked.

Joe was answering a question as Jack put his foot on yours.

“What are you doing?” You whispered.

“Nothing” He replied.

You tried to shift your foot but he wouldn’t budge.

“Are you flirting with me?” You asked quietly.

“Possibly” He replied a stupid grin on his face.

You jabbed your elbow into his side.

“No need to get violent!” Jack laughed holding his side.

“For fucksake, go have your secret conversation somewhere else! No ones listening to me they’re just watching the way you two bloody look at each other” Joe hissed.

You both laughed.


Later on you were being tagged in so many screenshots of you and Jack from the live stream. Everyone was talking about how you looked at each other when the other one wasn’t looking.

“Have you seen how many photos we’re being tagged in?” You asked Jack who was sat next You on the sofa looking at his phone.

“Yeah I’m liking a lot of them” He answered.

“Whyyy? You’ll make them think there’s actually something between us” You laughed.

“Well maybe there should be” He said quietly.

“What?” You were wondering if he said what you thought he did.

“Maybe there should be” He repeated louder.

“Care to elaborate on that?” You asked.

“They ship us for a reason y/n, that reason is because it’s probably really obvious that I’m head over heels in love with you.” He said the last part quietly.

Your jaw fell open.

“Wait what?” You spluttered.

“You heard me” He mumbled.

“Jack I-I had no ide-a-a” You stuttered

“Yeah I know, it’s been so obvious to everyone else but you and I get it you don’t feel the same.” He sighed.

“That’s not true” You said.

“What?” He asked.

“You heard me” You said before smashing your lips into his.

anonymous asked:

so I work at a sdm and we recently got in this plush dog for valentine's day and it has this little button on its paw and when you press it, it tells you cheesy pick up lines in a HORRIBLE french accent. I can 100% see Lance finding this and bugging the hell out of Keith with it omg

oh my god this is so funny bc i was LITERALLY playing with a similar plush dog (maybe the same one?) today bugging the hell out of my coworkers, tag yourself i’m lance

I Will Always Protect You

Request: Okay 😊 could i request a damon salvatore x reader. Were the reader is bonnie’s little sis and she is really shy but her and damon are dating and in love but damon is extremely protective of her because klaus is obessed with her like in love with her tries to take her away from damon sorry if it sounds stupid🌸 – @lovely-wagner I CANT TAG U OMG :(

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: none really…

Word Count: 1042

Hear ye, hear ye! Ask Dean and Sam a ‘would you rather question!’

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Originally posted by damonandelena

Originally posted by eternalmikaelson

“You come here often?“ You looked to right and a slight blush appeared on your face but you rolled your eyes. Damon’s voice just sounded silky and sweet. "Yes, Damon, I do.” You replied. “Well, that’s good.” He said, placing an arm around you. “You’re making girls look here.” You said. He shrugged. “So what?” He asked. “They’re going to be talking about me at school.” You said. He shrugged yet again. “Like I said, so what. They’re all jealous I’m with you–” “Exactly.” “Not what I meant, (y/n) Bennet… I like you and I’m lucky enough that your sister is not giving me an aneurysm every second.” He said.

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Mystery Singer (Hwang Minhyun)

Title: Mystery Singer

Member: Hwang Minhyun

Summary: You stumble into a YouTube cover channel namely “뉴 비”. You fell in-love with his voice and decided to know more about “뉴 비”.

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by seong-wu

  • You’re going to the library when you heard your name being called.
  • “Y/N.“ You looked around and saw your best friend, Hwang Minhyun.
  • “Oh, Minhyunnie, are you going to the library also?” Minhyun nodded and you waited for him so that you’ll walk side to side.
  • “It’s the start of another semester huh?” You frowned at the thought of going over another dreadful semester. “Eyy, don’t be too down. It’s just the start of the semester and you’re getting pessimistic again.” Minhyun chuckled at your silly tantrum.
  • “I had a ‘B- ‘last semester, how can you even be happy with a grade like that? I did my best- “
  • “But your best wasn’t good enough?” Minhyun said the rest of the line.
  • “Yah! That’s my line!” You playfully punched Minhyun’s arm while laughing.
  • Minhyun rolled his eyes on you.
  • “Anyway, how’s your summer break? Did you miss me.” You raised your brow at him and smirked playfully.
  • “I had fun with the bros, and no, I didn’t miss you.” Minhyun saw you pouted and ruffled your hair.
  • “Just joking, of course I missed my best friend in the entire universe.” Minhyun put his arms over your shoulder and you still remained pouted.
  • “Whatever, Minhyun.” Minhyun stopped your tracks and he faced you with his. “I really did miss you, Y/N. Wait” Minhyun opened his bag and pulled out a small paper bag. “Here, your souvenir”
  • You grabbed the paper bag from his hands and opened it. In your delight, you suddenly hugged Minhyun, you didn’t even think that his face is so close with yours.
  • “Thank you Minhyun!” Your eyes sparkled at the sight of a silver necklace with a small stone as its design.
  • “We-welcome, Y/N.” Minhyun blushed like hell but you didn’t notice it because you are so indulged in the necklace.
  • “I didn’t know you can pick pretty necklaces.”
  • “Me and Dongho picked it out from a store. The moment I saw that necklace, it reminded me of you.”
  • You tried to put it in your neck, when Minhyun sense how hard it is for you to do it.
  • “I’ll do it, Y/N” You raised your hair and you felt Minhyun’s delicate hands on your neck.
  • “Finish”
  • “It looks beautiful, Minhyun. Thank you very much.”
  • “Ehem, Y/N, you have my gift now. So, where’s mine?” Your eyes widen. You scratch the back of your head.
  • “You forgot it at home, right?” You nodded, and chuckled.
  • “Typical Y/N” You and Minhyun continued to walk into the library.

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Fluff Month Day 31 - “I’m yours, forever”

Pairing/Characters: Ladynoir, but the reveal happened already.
This one is short

Ladybug hopped up and down on her feet, trying to keep herself warm as a cold breeze brushed passed. Her super suit was good for almost everything EXCEPT keeping warm. Usually it didn’t matter, because she was running around fighting akumas, but now…

Ladybug blew on her hands to warm them, right as she heard a light thud behind her. She turned around to see Chat grinning at her, and holding up a blanket.

“Thought you might need this,” he explained.

Ladybug smiled gratefully as her partner walked over to her and slung the blanket over her shoulders. She leaned into his warmth as they stood on the rooftop, looking out over Paris’ icy streets.

“Thanks, Chat. I was beginning to worry that you forgot about tonight’s patrol.”

Chat chuckled quietly, his breath warm against the side of Ladybug’s cheek. He shook his head.

“You think I would forget our one year anniversary?” He asked, teasingly bopping Ladybug’s nose. “I don’t think I could, even if I tried.”

Ladybug sighed, a satisfied smile tugging at her lips.

“I’m really glad you’re my partner, Adrien,” Ladybug said, and Chat felt a warm flush fall over his cheeks. He was still getting used to her using his real name.

“I’m glad you’re my partner too, Marinette,” he replied, “I’m yours, forever.”


I’m gonna miss this month so much. I had a lot of fun writing for you guys! And hopefully I’ll be able to do that still during school and as fall begins full swing. Thanks for reading and ALL THE NOTES OMG I WAS SHOCKED! Seriously, thank you so much.

my (sometimes unpopular) pjo/hoo opinions!!

remember, these are all opinions my friends
• i don’t like annabeth. she aggravates me. she’s rude & comes across very condescending & idk i just didn’t enjoy her as a character, if i knew her in real life i wouldn’t like her
• the calypso/leo ship is trash lmao wtf
• frank is a doll & deserves the world but we see so little character development that i’m not crazy about him
• i love will, but also… he is insensitive at times, like with the whole nico wanting to leave so he just kinda yells at him like chill, nico got issues
• perhaps the above bullet point will be resolved in other books but until then idek guys
• stop… trying… to make… reyna… a lesbian. i understand hc her as lesbian, but it’s not canon don’t advertise it as such. if she’s not straight she’s bi or pan or something don’t erase the fact that she liked jason, yall just can’t stand a bi girl huh
• nico & tryna deserved to be apart of the 7 more than piper did lmao & kinda frank sometimes sorry boo
• i like piper but also she kinda irks me w the whole “i’m not like other girls” which we see her work on so i don’t entirely dislike her for that
• nico is sometimes a little bit too much of a baby sorry i said it lmao he’s melodramatic
• jason bores me, he’s such a tight ass
• hazel & leo all the way bitches
• why do people like rachel lmfao she also annoys me idk she’s irrelevant & people try soooo hard to make her relevant like i get she’s the oracle now or whatever but stop shipping her w reyna & whoever else just let her be a side character over in her little corner
• the character development in all of hoo sucked bootyhole lmao
• leo is my son who deserves the world i can literally find no faults w him except him getting with calypso he should’ve stayed single but other than that nothing
• reyna/jason/piper makes me uncomfy bc like no that would not happen, just no lmfao
• jercy is so cute i love it
• but also no one tell but i love jasico omg i hate myself
• but also jason & annabeths rigid asses shoulda dated bc they’re both so annoying lmfao
• leave percy alone
• he has a hero complex but he literally tries his best he’s exhausted
• grover deserved to be in hoo more than frank lmfao
• idk i love this books & they helped me through a rough time but also i feel like i lowkey hate everyone lmfaooooooo

let me know what you agree with, disagree with, if you try to do so disrespectfully just know i’m gonna reply lmao i’m not gonna block that’s childish, speak how you wish to be spoken to

anonymous asked:

His girlfriend ban sex for a while because he irritated her

I really hope this was a request for an EXO reaction xD Before I start, remember that I’ll always make it an OT12! My latest EXO reaction was made a year ago so I hope I’m still able to make one ._. As always, you can find the previous ones HERE! :)


Baekhyun; He tries to win her back : why say sorry when you can shower her with flowers and make her throw up rainbows just so you can have sex by the end of the day *looking innocent af*

Chanyeol; Hey wanna hear this new song I made for you? It’s called “I’m desperate for sex so please forgive me?” *awkward smile*

Chen; No sex? K bye. *heartless, mindless…*

D.O.; “Ok time to apply what Jongin taught me!” He sets a whole scene, waiting for her to come back from work. When he can finally hear her opening the door, he starts the music and proceeds to dance like a stripper like Jongin taught him during their private sessions to seduce her to bed.

Kai; Bad boy Kai shakes a roll of bills under her nose “I don’t need you! I can have all the chicks in the world with these!” chick u got it lol

Kris; He shows up at their bedroom door with aerosol whipped cream, showing his bare torso, saying “Who asked for… -wait for it-”, he enters the room, revealing his full naked body, except for his “banana”, covered with whipped cream; “…a banana split?” he smirks while pouring some cream on his tongue, trying to look sexy.

Lay; No sex for a whole week?! But I just took MDMA… *bulge panics*

Luhan; Just shows up at her with his phone playing “Excited” while nodding at her with a look full of accusations “You kept me waiting, I’ve been so patient, you got it huh? Now blow it like a flute-*gets slapped*”

Sehun; Pretends to be an innocent person “What? Huh what do you mean?… I don’t need sex I’m a sane person haha… *nervous sweating*”

Suho; He tries to get back into her panties by subtly reminding her what he can do to her.

Tao; *serenades his hand* Tonight it’s you and me, again…

Xiumin; Come on babe we both know you can’t resist me! *shows incredible hip thrusting talent*


I hope this is what you wanted xD OMG it makes me nervous I hope you will like it o_o Oh don’t forget to check the previous ones here! :D

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I admit your Law is gorgeous! Hey can you do something about Law's revealed hobby the "collecting anniversary coin" ? :)

Trafalgar Law’s anniversary coins.

Sorry for late reply as I spent 3 days to draw this short comic. I re-read the child part of Law and…cried like hell Q_Q

I always think that he is not that cruel as how he tried to…He rescued Luffy!

Don’t you think he is beautiful?

piiigeon  asked:

The concept of Jee, Zunde, and G!Sans are confusing me a bit too much, they're all so very alike.. I can barely ever tell the difference. Can you maybe elaborate on them?(and yes I know you don't own G!Sans,) q×q;

I understand completly that they are hard to get because Jee is an alternate version of Zunde 10 years in the past! (and that Zunde is an alternate version of G!Sans) But, even if they share a lot of specificity, they do have a lot of differences, which make me appreciate them as differents characters.

I’ll precise that G!Sans belongs to @borurou and that except their design I know nothing about G!Sans. Zunde is my own headcanon personnality of a fusion between Sans and Gaster. °^°

Please excuse my poor english skills to explain things, if this post is not enought to put more light on them, feel free to asks me more about it!

As you’ve been able to see in the first picture, Jee is shorter than Zunde cause there is a 10 year age gap between them. After that, the main difference is in their kind of outfit style and their face.

Jee’s right crack on his skull goes less far than Zunde. Also, Jee close his right eye. Zunde don’t, he let it open. Thing to know, my head canon of G!Sans has this part of their face kinda “paralized” they almost don’t move it, so this eye position is something they chose to have. Let it close for Jee and let it open for Zunde.

That’s their typical kind of reaction. 0^0

So far, they are both quiet tsundere typed and introvert as hell. They don’t like being around people and prefers avoiding everything who annoys them.

Note than Zunde prefers destroy the stuff who annoys him to makes sure to not be annoyed in the futur by it. He’s clearly more intense and have pratically no shade between hate & love. 

Jee shows emotions faster and easier than Zunde. He’s also able to listen more to the others than Zunde (who is a boss at ignoring people interest, only his matter).

So ye, Jee goes rude when mad/annoyed and Zunde goes to violence/destruction.

But both being tsundere, they will also often pretent to not care. 

It was hard to not go into their concept while I was talking of their behavior because a lot of their way to behave is related to their concept.

I really insist on the fact this is just an headcanon of mine, and it’s totally ok if for you my vision doesnt fit at all yours about G!Sans. Zunde and Jee mostly share their design to G!Sans but as I said, I know nothing about G!sans, really nothing. So maybe what I’ve done with them is an aberration. HHHH, Plz don’t hate me for that.

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@ mutuals 🍒♥️

so i reached my goal a few days ago n it’s my bday so i wanna celebrate !! i tried making a follow forever but i’m impatient and it was a mess n i don’t .. wanna post it…… it’s ugly…. so !! i wanna make mbs for u guys as a thank u!! like this post for an archive mb OR reply w ur ult and ur sign for a couple mb ! i luv u all sm n ty for putting up w my shit 👆🏻😽👆🏻💕🍒💌🌈💖

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That new FFYC chapter? That’s the good stuff! Need more love and fluff and warm stories like that! As good as you are at angst, I think wholesome is where you shine because it’s not always an easy thing to get right. Can’t wait for the next chapter!!!!!!!!

Omg, thank you!! I was very worried when I initially started FFYC because I’d never tried to do 100% fluff before but I’m really enjoying it and you just boosted my confidence so much!

UNIQ REACTION to them trying to flirt with you in Korean but you just talk to them in Chinese (Chinese members) and the opposite, they flirt in Chinese but you reply in Korean (Korean members)

Oh my! I went to my dad’s house this weekend so I couldn’t post anything, but today I’ll post everything I have! Go check it out!



“This isn’t working out Y/N” he’d laugh cuz everything just got to awkward for you two.


“But.. I thought you spoke chinese! OMG sorry! I’ll try again in korean now”


“Wait what? You didn’t understand?… Oh.. That is awkward”


“Let me rephrase that then haha Forget I just tried flirting in the wrong language okay?”


“… what do you mean you didn’t understand a thing I just said?” Embarrassed af here!


We’ll have a posting spam today! A lot of updates for ya~

Gif Credit To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

bamf-castiel replied to your post “bamf-castiel replied to your photo “Art I was fortunate enough to do…”

&lt;3 !! I just love your artstyle so much omg fvdhjvbjdfvbfd

@bamf-castiel Oh, well then please excuse me while I go cry in a corner forever now because ILYSM AND YOUR ART. No pressure, but if you ever wanted to do an art trade, I’d be so down