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Happy Fanfiction Authors Appreciation Day!!

daajshshsbsb okay I never thought I’d be tagged in one of these because I don’t think my writing is the best but I’m so honored omg 😁💕

there are a lot of writer’s on here that I love and that inspire me and I’m sorry if I miss someone!

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random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better

Astonishing things that are happening so far in Master and Commander:

I don’t know what I was expecting, given that the entire world plus the back of my copy sincerely calls this the “Aubrey-Maturin novels,” which we all know is just because they hadn’t thought to use a /, but still I was not prepared for this book to literally open with a meet cute. Specifically, a meet cute wherein our solid sea-honed ~presence~ of a British Royal Navy Officer is so overcome by the beauty of the music recital he’s attending that he cannot help banging his fist upon his knee to the melody, and is promptly and devastatingly shushed by this intense little slip of an Irish physician, upon which Jack Aubrey’s response to being sassed by Stephen Maturin is to have even more feelings than he was already having about the music, and then less than 24 hours later run up to him in the street, effuse how very sorry he is, and invite him to become his best friend. And THEN it comes out that this delicate doctor is actually wasting away on account of the patient he’d come to Menorca to treat having died without paying him, and is now sleeping in the fucking abandoned ruins of a chapel up on a hill and calling all his animal roommates by their Latinate names and hasn’t really eaten in god knows when, and Jack is like OMG NO, OMG NO COME LIVE ON MY NEW SLOOP WITH ME AND I’LL FEED YOU ALL THE TIME, and Stephen’s like Could I Possibly? and Jack’s like YES!!, and then rushes around getting his snug little boat ready while daydreaming about when he can get Stephen aboard and at last have someone with whom he can share his thoughts and joys and feelings about beautiful music. And then in Classic™ Plot™ Jack sends a messenger to tell Stephen that he’s going to miss their next meal because he’s taking his ship out for a test sail before they embark, but Stephen DOESN’T GET THE MESSAGE and comes down to the docks with his wee bag to see Jack’s ship sailing away and thinks, I paraphrase but only barely: “this is what I get for thinking I might at last have something nice, I cannot believe I allowed myself to lower my defenses so completely because now I am Heartbroken,” and palely glares the fuck out of the poor kid who finally rushes up to give him the message that Jack’ll be back to fetch him in a couple hours.

Other things that have happened include three four separate mentions of, to use the parlance, sodomy, including the Confirmed Gay aboard having already developed a crush on golden-haired Commander Aubrey. Meanwhile our absolutely hapless Dr. Maturin is belowdecks cracking his head into a low beam so hard he sees stars and then valiantly pretending he’s not dazed when Jack bounds down to happily offer him eggs and bacon and coffee.

And then the other 30% of this is long streams of sailing words that I do not know yet. I AM HAVING THE BEST TIME.

  • Enoch: So oxygen went of a date with pitassium went OK
  • Horace: I thought oxygen was dating magnisium OMG
  • Enoch: Actually oxygen first asked out nitrogen, but nitrogen was all like NO
  • Jacob: I thought oxygen had that double bond with the hydrogen twins
  • Hugh: Looks like someone's a HO
  • Enoch: NaBrO
  • Emma: I am so done with all of you

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Hey, uhh, can you help me out?? I'm new to the TMI fandom and recently some ppl have been telling me about how CC got someone kicked out of a university and accused her of plagiarism and stuff, and I don't know what to believe?? So I thought I better ask a hardcore fan! So, can you tell me what you think about this? Can you help me out?? Thx❤️❤️

First of all, hello and welcome to the fandom!!!! And thank you for writing to me! (omg a hardcore fan omg)

Secondly, WHAT OMG WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN AND HOW DID I MISS THAT?? To tell the truth, I actually joined the tumblr TSC fandom not so long ago. Despite the fact that I’ve been a fan for almost 5 years and I’ve read almost all books, I didn’t actually delve into the news about the series and Cassie. Hence, I actually can’t help you here, but…

@catarinalosss, @kierancfthehunt, @annalightwoodthequeen and everyone else GUYS PLS, HELP, TELL MORE ABOUT THIS TO THE ANON AND TO ME!

Hopeless Love | Pt. 2

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 723

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Originally posted by tbhobi

2 years later..

After that day you decided to leave Seoul, him, and your feelings for him.

Yes, it was hard and yes, you suffered a lot. Knowing that he was with her and knowing that he was happy with her -so you thought- destroyed you. But you would do everything for him and his happiness, even if that means that you will suffer.

Lost in your thoughts, you felt someone tapping your shoulder. You turned around and Taehyung, a friend of yours from Seoul, was standing in front of you with his arms wide open and a big smile across his face. When you realized what was happening you hugged him immediately.

“Omg, Tae, what are you doing here?”

“Yah, you don’t want me here?” he said while pouting.

You hugged him again. “No, I’m happy that you’re here.”

A giggle escaped his mouth and he nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck. “I missed you, princess.”

You squealed at the feeling of his breath against your neck and giggled. “I missed you too, Tae.”

“Y/N, please.”

You rolled your eyes and looked at him.
He was on his knees begging now.

You groaned and kneeled on your knees like him.

“Tae, you know I don’t like parties.”

“I know princess, I know. But it’s my birthday party and I want you to be there with me.”

You took a deep breath and answered.

“I don’t know why but I can’t say no to you.”

He engulfed you in a bone crashing hug
and started jumping around.

“Tae! Put me down! I can’t breathe.”

“Thank you so much, princess.” Leaving a last kiss on your temple, he opened the door. “See you in two weeks in Seoul, princess.”

And with those words he left.

“Tae, I need to go to the washroom.” You shouted over the music, hoping he understood what you said.

After seeing him nod you started walking while you scolded yourself for accepting Taehyung’s invitation to his birthday party.
Ugh, you hated being in big crowds since you were a little kid.

While you were lost in your thoughts you walked against something hard and fell on the ground.

A groan left your mouth and you stood up and locked eyes with the person you bumped in seconds ago.

“I’m sorr-” eyes wide open, you backed away from him.


After hearing his voice you closed your eyes and took a deep breath.

You missed his voice so much. You missed everything about him. You missed him.

Your eyes were filled with tears and you tried walking past him but he held your hand and started walking to the backyard of Taehyung’s house.

When he stopped walking, he looked you in the eyes again and suddenly, he wrapped his two strong arms around your waist and nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck.

“Why did you do that?” a sob escaped his mouth. “W-why did you leave me without saying anything? W-why? Why did you leave me right then when I needed you the most?”

When you realized that he was crying, your whole body strained and you felt your heart breaking apart. You tried to shove him away but he was too strong.

“J-jungkook, let me go.”

He tightened his grip around your waist even more and started shaking his head.

“No, never. I lost you once and I won’t let that happen again.”

“Jungkook, please, let me go..” When he realized that you were crying he unwrapped his arms immediately.

“Hey, I’m sorry. Please don’t cry, please.”

You looked up at him. He looked broken, guilty and hurt. He reached out to put his hands on your cheeks and leaned his forehead on yours.

“I missed you so much, Y/N.”

He kissed your forehead, temple, nose and cheeks.

You shoved him again, this time a little bit stronger and shouted “I said stop!”

He stumbled back a little bit and tried to reach out for you again but your words stopped him.

“Why don’t you understand that if I spend one minute longer with you then..” A sob escaped your mouth.

Confused, he asked “Then what?”

You took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes.

“Then I will fall in love with you… again. And you won’t.. again.”

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Hi Shy anon here ><, Can i request a fluffy Wonwoo asking you out on a date?

Hi there, I really hope you enjoy this! We are trying to post more often these days but if we don’t please be patient we are working through all the requests! Requests are always open please feel free to send in your requests! Everything is welcomed! 

Originally posted by chickenpanda98

Jeon Wonwoo, your childhood friend but also known as a member of a popular k-pop group called Seventeen. Everyone around you was envious of your close friendship with Wonwoo and they all want to be in your position, which you don’t blame them for because he is quite sweet and attractive at times. But because of this friendship, you have also gotten hurt and a few death threat simply because you didn’t want to give the crazy fangirls his number. Although you knew he wouldn’t be happy if he found out that you’ve been threatened but you want to do the least for him and protect his privacy being his childhood friend.

WW: Where are you?

Y/N: I’m at uni, whys that?

WW: I just came back from tour, do you want to meet?

Y/N: Um yeah sure, meet where though?

WW: I’ll come to uni and pick you up?

Y/N: Are you sure? We can meet somewhere if you want!

WW:Yeah I’m sure, I’ll come now so come straight after class okay? I’ve got something to tell you!

Y/N: Okay sure, is it something serious?

WW: In a way… I just need to get your opinion on it!

Y/N: Okie dok see you soon! Better have my present ready

WW: Never forgotten! Bye~

You read the last text and smiled to yourself, you were half worried and half excited since you haven’t seen him after he left for tour three months ago. “Lucky I dressed nicely today” You thought to yourself.

The lecture finished, as soon as it ended you rushed to the toilet to fix your hair, makeup and outfit, for some strange reason you wanted to impress Wonwoo today. And for some strange reason he felt a bit off today. Although you were worried but you didn’t want to think too much about it. After fixing yourself up, you ran down and saw Wonwoo’s car parked right up the front, he was leaning against the car waiting for you. You stopped and stared at him, he was looking exceptionally good today, he was wearing an oversized white shirt, ripped jeans, the way he dressed made your heart skip a beat. You held your hand against your chest trying to calm yourself down before approaching him.

“Hey! Long time no see!” You greet him with a big smile on your face. “Hi” Wonwoo replied looking shy. It was weird… they way Wonwoo acted. He usually greets you with either a big hug or a headlock, that was what you were use to but today he was SHY. You poked his arm and whispered “Can we get in the car now? Theres like 5 girls staring at you and it makes me feel uncomfortable” Wonwoo turned his head to see 5 girls looking in your direction and taking photos. He quickly walked you to passenger side to open the door for you. His action was so gentlemen, unlike the Wonwoo you remembered three months ago. He walked around the car and jumped in.

There were no conversation during the ride, he was so quiet and it was freaking you out inside, he usually be brags about his trip and tells you all the stupid things his members did during tour but today his eyes was focused on the road and he didn’t make any eye contact with you.

“Wonwoo, is something wrong?” You finally broke the silence. You waited a little while for him to respond. “Oh…no… um… I was just thinking” Wonwoo stuttered. “About what? You’ve been acting so weird and it’s freaking me out” You let out a sigh after confessing your feeling. “I’m sorry if I’m freaking you out…” He says as he parked the car next to a park. “Do you remember this place?” You looked out the car and instantly recognises the park. “Omg! This place~ I’ve missed this place so much, I still remember the times when you and me would play here, tag… hide and seek…and you even asked me to marry you here” The memories you shared with Wonwoo came flying back to your head. “Yeah, I remember too.” Wonwoo smiled at your excitement and said. “Why are we here?” you questioned him looking puzzled. “Well… I just thought it would be a nice place… a nice place for us… -sigh- Y/N, I know this might be very sudden, but will you be my girlfriend?” The words left Wonwoo’s mouth and hit you. You froze for a long time before questioning him “What? Are you kidding? Wait, are you serious?”

Wonwoo took your hand in his and placed it on his chest. “Y/N, I am very serious right now. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you in these three months, I finally realised that feeling I get whenever I’m with you is a sign of love, I’m so sorry I realised so late… I really hope you feel the same way about me” His heart was pounding hard against his chest and you can certainly feel it. You missed Wonwoo too, you didn’t expect this sudden confession but his words were real, you could tell by the way he looked at you. He must have thought about this for a long time as he isn’t someone to do things before thinking twice about it. “Wonwoo… I missed you too, I’ve been feeling the same recently. Whenever you come close to me… my heart skips a beat, even the thought of seeing you freaks me out. Of course i’ll be your girlfriend” Wonwoo’s eyes were mist, yours were too. “Omg Y/N!!! Thank you so much, I really love you, and I will make sure you are treated like a princess every single day” He reached to you and pulled you closer to him and kissed you, this was the first time you felt so safe and secure. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepens the kiss.

Moments later, you pulled away and slapped Wonwoo “Yah, I totally forgot… we just started dating, how dare you kiss me this fast?” you joked with him and Wonwoo laughed before replying “We’ve spent enough time as childhood friends together, and we pretty much know everything about each other so why waste time? We can just skip those unless crap.” Wonwoo leaned in for another kiss which you grant him since you can never resist this man.

Originally posted by bokdeongeori

Admin Mi. 

This was so funny, I was dying x’DDD 

The translation in Spanish and English is under the cut.


Esto fue tan divertido, estaba muriendo x’DDD  

La traducción está en español e inglés debajo.

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orcinace  asked:

Omg your last ask about Slytherin made me wonder if you've ever made a post about what Hogwarts houses the Megamind cast would be in (if you talked about this in the past I must have missed it :'D) But anyway. I headcanon Megs as a Ravenclaw and Roxanne as a Slytherin personally, but I would love to hear your thoughts! I'm a huge fan of your work btw, you would not believe my excitement every time I see you post a fic ;u; Thank you for being awesome!

!!! I did respond to someone else about this a long time ago BUT I IN NO WAY PROTEST TALKING ABOUT IT AGAIN :DD (also, thank you for the lovely compliment! <3 )

So! My sorting headcanons:

Megamind is Slytherin.

He is smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, certainly, but I think the most important aspect of his character is the way that he wants things. He wants attention, he wants success, he wants the city, he wants Roxanne.

He wants so badly to be great–even if the only way to be great is to be ‘evil’–if he’s the bad boy, then he’s going to be the baddest boy of them all.

Megamind, for all his intelligence, makes all his really important decisions with his heart, not his head. Slytherins will plan and plot–Megamind can make an evil plot with the best of them–but then his emotions get engaged and he’s liable to throw all his plans away based on his feelings.

Slytherins are like that; Narcissa Malfoy went behind the Dark Lord’s back and lied to his face because she loved her son more than her social standing or her own safety. Regulus threw away his place in the Death Eaters because he cared too much about his house elf. Snape was one of Voldemort’s favorites–a half blood, considered lesser by wizarding society but finally he had the social standing he’d worked so hard for and wanted so desperately–and then Lily was threatened and all of that went right out the window.

Megamind works so hard on his plan to train Titan and give himself the professional rival his ambition craves–but when he has a chance to be with Roxanne instead, he says “I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore”. 

Slytherins fight in a really personal way. It’s not so much “this is wrong” as it is “I HATE YOU PERSONALLY AND SPECIFICALLY” (Megamind’s feud with Metro Man is deeply personal)

He’s also cunning, as Slytherins are–the disguise watch, lying to Roxanne so that he can date her–deception and trickery.

Roxanne is a Ravenclaw. 

She’s so extremely intelligent. The ‘look back’ coded message to Megamind during the fight with Titan; she comes up with that in a split second. 

She figures out Megamind’s idea cloud. The utter brilliance of that moment just–it’s really quite amazing to me. And her breathless excitement at finding the idea cloud, the way she looks at this huge complex riddle and goes “Wow,” in that awed voice–and when she gets home she copies the idea cloud and reassembles it oh my god she reassembles the gigantic idea cloud in her living room and she researches things at the library trying to understand it and she just cannot leave it alone until she figures it out.

Also, she’s the kind of person who gets so distracted by figuring out a mystery that she forgets to change out of her fuzzy slippers and into real shoes; Megamind might be the mad scientist, but Roxanne has the most absent-minded-professor moment in the whole movie–she forgets to put on shoes for god’s sake, forgets because she’s too busy trying to think her way through the riddle of the copper.

Metro Man is a Gryffindor.

Although I do think that he went about his retirement from heroism in the wrong way, changing your life so completely like that does take a lot of courage. Also, the way his childhood bullying behavior is framed by him and by society as heroism, the way he seems to do a lot of it for the adulation and gold stars that it brings him–Gryffindors are like that. They don’t just want to win–they want everyone to say they deserved to win because they’re good people. 

(Whereas you’ll notice Megamind is beyond shocked when people try to thank him after he defeats Titan. He’s not expecting anyone to praise him or thank him or tell him he’s a good person.)

Hal is Slytherin.

He is also motivated by emotions and by the things that he wants. Hal agrees to be the hero because he wants Roxanne and thinks this is the way to get her. When he turns evil, it’s because he’s angry with Roxanne–the fight is personal for Hal. 

And he loves power. A love for power is not intrinsically evil; abuse of power is. Tom Riddle is not evil because he desires power; he’s evil because he uses the power he has to hurt people. Same with Hal. It’s Slytherin–but not evil–that he wants to have power. What is evil is the way he abuses his power.

The way he’s so enraged at being told that he’s just a villain and not a supervillain, that he has no presentation, no style, is very telling: that insult is a denial of the greatness that he desires.

And when Hal is taunting Megamind, he tells him that “no matter which side you’re on, you’re always the loser”–this is an insult that strikes at Megamind’s desire for greatness, too.

That whole exchange is very much, I think, an exchange between Slytherins.

Minion is a Hufflepuff.

He is so hardworking and loyal. After his fight with Megamind, he goes back to the Lair and finishes the Black Mamba for Megamind anyway–the collar wasn’t done when Minion left, so he had to have gone back to finish it. And he’s the one that has to pick up the slack during Titan’s training, when Megamind is so distracted by spending time with Roxanne. 

He’s unselfish and nurturing and supportive–the offers of food, the way he asks Roxanne in such a reasonable tone to scream for Megamind, the way he is so quick to tell her that Megamind is the real hero. 


THOSE ARE MY SORTING HEADCANONS and I hope you enjoyed them! Thank you so much for asking me <3

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Oh my fcking god.... I thought that the songs without lyrics of the programs of Viktor simply did not have lyrics... And just out of curiosity I searched if "Tango por una cabeza" had lyrics and... Oh my.... I'm dying... Oh god

Omg!!! What the actual fuck!! I’m still flipping out right now about Tango por una cabeza!!! I’m SO sorry!! What the fuck!!! How could I miss this!!! Omg

I was actually so proud of myself for Por Una Cabeza because aside from everything else it’s about a race and someone winning by the ‘length of a horse’s head’ aka a really really tiny amount. And it is skated at the same competition that Yuuri loses to Viktor by a single point

i just remembered i have a huge bucket of sidewalk chalk in my closet and id go out and do somethn with it but i HATE the sensation of using it rip…i remember in like fifth/sixth grade my friends and i would go “Chalk Bombing” at night and write nice messages and doodle hearts and smiley faces on ppls driveways and stuff and we thought it was the MOST criminal activity. honestly that innocent thrill was so delightful omg…one time we were doing it and someone pulled into their driveway and we panicked and hopped their fence and couldnt get back out of their backyard and had to ask for help….luckily it was a friend of my friend’s mom ghgfkgh. anyway good times i miss bein younger and doing silly things like that

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random thought but! I wish we had been able to see isak and noora's relationship develop? like, in the missing months before season 4 when he was happy and probably more open. I feel like they have very core things in common, like having to grow up way too quickly and the relationship they have with their family. and they went to school together too! that's a lot of time to see someone day in and day out? idk! I'm missing the kollektivet :(

omg yeah that wouldve been interesting to see! we were robbed off so many friendships :(

heyzzan  asked:

Did you know Haechan chose Jeno as someone he'd share a room with in NCT Dream? They were roommates pre-debut so I think Haechan missed him a bit. Oh, and in a fansign someone asked Haechan who he would date if he was a girl and he said Jeno (and Jisung, Jaehyun, Taeil and TY but not Mark). Thank you for sharing 젠동 pics, they're beloved in kfandom but they don't even have a ship name in ifandom.

And you’re welcome!!! This is the most underrated but the most beautiful friendship I’ve seen 😭😭😭
And there are rumors of a NCT Dream comeback in August so that means more interactions!!

~“ You know what they say, 
Well they say, ‘life’s a bitch.’ 

- Space by Ally Hills

Goodbye 2016, you fucking sucked for the most part and generally won’t be missed, but you did have some good moments, so thanks for those.

Someone who hated you.

There’s like 20 mins left for 2016 where I live so I thought I should come clean about how I feel about this year via the beautiful Ally Hills.

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This is sad but the genji plants hc just made me think. Difficult long mission happens. SO either dies or goes missing. Genji goes back to their shared quarters. Most plants are withering and weak. He very desperately tries to keep them alive and nurse them back, reflecting his inner intense feelings onto it and just being. Alone angry sad and all.

Omg anon that is such a sad thought! ;w; Aaaaaahhhhh I LOVE IT. The angst honestly breaks my heart and Genji deserves to be happy with someone who will forever love him and nothing bad comes between them ❤❤❤ I really need to hug Genji right about now D;

Skipping Class

[Edmund Pevensie Imagine]
—Modern Day
by yours truly, @edmundsfreckles

this imagine is dedicated to hazel bc she was the first one i met on here, haha. @itskingedmund

a/n; first imagine, hope y'all enjoy, hehe ;).

Staring at the clock in the corner of the classroom, I impatiently tapped my nails on my desk.

Everyone seemed to be focused but me, how could they?

Getting distracted from a beam of light, I turned my head, looking out the window beside me.

The old trees’ branches were swaying to the whistles of the calm

“Miss Y/LN?” the teacher hollered. “Yes?” you instantly replied back, being the decent student you were.

“Could you answer the question please?” staring at the white board behind her, it was just a bunch of lines with numbers, letters, and more random stuff.

Feeling your anxiety rising from everyone’s stare in the class, you began to tear up.

“Omg, is she crying?” you heard a girl whisper to someone.

Yes, but it was something you couldn’t help. You wish you could just run off, but you couldn’t.

“I—” the bell rang.
“Thank God.” you thought to yourself.

Feeling anxious that a situation like that might happen again, you slowly made your way to your locker, not caring if you’d be late to your next class.

Grabbing your history book, and your math binder, a few electric sparks were felt at your hips.

Being the ticklish girl you were, you began to squirm and dropped your books on the floor. “Edmund- quit-it- it!” you tried to speak, but failed miserably. Edmund, your wonderful, handsome, caring boyfriend knew how to make you laugh.

“How’s my girl?” those three words made your day every time. “I’m okay,” you gestured like you tipped a hat.

“Why only “okay”?“ he asked you. “I had a panic attack…” you said, ashamed.

“Aw, sweetheart… c'mere.” you instantly fell into his arms. You felt your eyes burn. Some tears ran down your cheeks. “It’s okay, it’s not your fault.” he cooed. “I know.”

The bell then rang, and the students flooded into the classrooms. “Ugh, I don’t wanna go to class.” you complained to him, while sniffling the whimpering crying sounds away.

Edmund placed his hands on your hips again, and spun you around to face him. “Then you don’t have to.” he smiled innocently.

“What? Are you saying we should skip?” he nodded, his long eyelashes fluttering. “Ed, my parents would kill me if they found out that—”

“Hey hey,” he ran his fingers through my hair. “Who said they were gonna find out?” he questioned me. He could still tell I was hurt. “You’re so beautiful, you know that?” he then took the pad of his thumb and wiped away my tears.

“C'mon Y/N, I promise it’ll be fun.”

[5 mins later]

Sneaking out of school was easier that I thought it would be.

“The hard part is over now sweetheart,” he said, squeezing my hand.

“Here, follow me, Y/N” so I did, and we were then walking hand in hand. We passed all the trees changing color, it was probably one of the most colorful days that autumn.

“Come on now,” he then took me over to what seemed to be a little pond. Then in the corner of my eye I saw a straw basket, with a checkered blanket underneath.

“Aw Ed, you had this planned all along didn’t you?” his cheeks turned pink as I kissed him on the cheek.

We sat down, and talked what seemed like for years.
About our dreams, hopes, and worries. Another thing, I wasn’t scared to eat in front of him at all like I was with other boys in the past, which I felt relieved about.

Once we were done, the sun began to set. My back was up against his chest, as we watched the sun hide away for the rest of the night.

“I love you Edmund, thank you so much for today.” I leaned so I could tell him eye to eye. “You’re welcome Y/N, I love you too.”

With that said, his lips were instantly on mine. I’m so lucky to have a guy like Edmund. What would I do without him?

a/n; i thought this was cute as shit okay guys lmao, at LEAST for my FIRST IMAGINE, lol. hope you guys liked it!! xoxox, lena ♡

The snow crunched beneath his boot; snow had never been something he experienced before he went to Paris and, frankly, as someone from southern California, it wasn’t something he’d wanted to experience again. Too cold and then wet and… No. But with the Yuki-Onna, Beacon Hills was quickly turning into a winter wonderland. The snow was sort of pretty but it was still far too cold. At least now he had an excuse for all his scarves and long sleeved t-shirts. Not that he needed an excuse in that moment, alone as he was, walking through the rows of graves. Isaac’s visits to the graveyard were becoming less and less frequent – he’d once preferred this place to going home but now it wasn’t so necessary. That didn’t mean he didn’t visit. He knew more people buried here than an eighteen year old should. 

His fingers skimmed a long a couple grave stones as he walked, reaching the small plot that belong to his family. He knelt down in front of the moment, cringing for a moment from the cold snow seeping through his jeans before reaching out. His fingers traced the grooves the spelled out two words. Eleanor Lahey. Below that the words ‘loving wife and mother, forever missed’ were also carved into the stone. Mom. Isaac sat there for moment, hand resting on the grave, lost in his thoughts. He heard the approaching footsteps though and his head shot up, gaze locking on the person nearby. “You looking for someone?” he asked softly – this was a graveyard after all.

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hey, i just wanted to say that i really really respect what you, and all the other snsd gifmakers do for our fandom. i've made gifs for other fandoms but i could NEVER do what you guys do. And you especially are always so on top of things, never missing out, working really hard to bring us good quality work. seriously, every time i see your gifs cross my dash, i get so happy because sone are so blessed with an amazing comeback! please keep doing what you're doing and enjoy the comeback!

Omg your message made me so emotional asdfghjkl thank you so much! I really appreciate it and I’m really grateful that you understand ;~; I never thought someone would actually be happy to see my gifs on their dash before T - T I’m so glad you like them! Thank you so much and I’ll try my best to continue on!! 

P.S. I hope you’re enjoying their comeback too > u <


Pairing: Kageyama & Hinata

Summary: Hinata might be missing a rib, and it’s all Kageyama’s fault.

Notes: This was just a cute thought I had tonight and someone please come scream at me about KageHina tickles omg <3

It was nearly an hour after their teammates and Yachi had gone home for the night when Kageyama pulled off another successful toss to Hinata, who put it down on the opposite side of the net hard. The sky outside the high windows was dark and Kageyama knew that he’d have to borrow his mom’s car to drive Hinata home again.

“One more!” Hinata called excitedly, too much adrenaline rushing through his veins.

“Hinata-boke! We have to stop or we’ll push ourselves too far,” Kageyama chided. His arms felt like jelly and after the third years had graduated, he had to learn to know when to call it quits; especially since Hinata didn’t feel the need to. He was just about to start collecting the volleyballs scattered around the gym when he caught sight of Hinata’s pout and he sighed, “This is the last one, so make it good.”

Hinata caught the ball thrown at him, grin never diminishing, “You make it good, Kageyama-kun!” He set up the ball for Kageyama to toss and he geared up for his spike.

Kageyama’s eyes narrowed as Hinata flew into the air, poised to strike, and he dialed back the power of his toss sending it directly into Hinata’s side.

Hinata cried out, landing on his feet off-kilter but kept his footing. He glared up at Kageyama while rubbing his side gently, though Kageyama knew that it didn’t actually hurt that bad; Hinata was just pouting.

“That hurt, Bakageyama!” Hinata growled out, “It’s gonna bruise!”

The words brought a rising doubt. “Stop whining, it wasn’t that bad,” Kageyama said but wandered over anyway.

Hinata brought up his tiny fists in defense, but Kageyama simply swatted the hands away to lift Hinata’s practice jersey. The skin over his ribs was a faint pink and most definitely wouldn’t bruise.

“Idiot, it isn’t going to leave a mark,” Kageyama mumbled, watching as Hinata’s shoulders tensed when his fingers traced over the curve of his waist. He pursed his lips on a smirk, “But I think you’re missing a rib, it must have knocked one loose.”

The look that Hinata gave him was a familiar one. It was the look he received when Hinata thought he was being stupid.

“That’s not even possible, Bakageyama! You can’t knock ribs loose without breaking them,” Hinata crossed his arms over his chest in confidence.

Kageyama hummed and kneaded his fingers into Hinata’s ribs carefully, causing the decoy to tense again with a gasp. “See? It’s missing, because it’s sensitive here,” He said over Hinata’s soft giggles, “I should count to make sure.”

“Nono, Bakage-” Hinata’s words broke off in bubbling laughter as Kageyama finally began poking and vibrating fingers up his ribs.

“One, Two, Three~” Kageyama all but sang, smiling over the top of Hinata’s head when he slumped forward against his chest.

When his fingers neared Hinata’s underarm, he was rewarded with a shrieking protest and a jerk that nearly dislodged his hand, “Nahaha!”

“Now look, I have to start over,” He chuckled beside Hinata’s desperate laughter as he began the climb of his fingers from the bottom of Hinata’s ribs all over again.

When Hinata’s knees gave out Kageyama gently lowered them to the ground. He caught one of Hinata’s wrists and pinned it above his head. “Nine~” He dug a little firmer on his own jersey number, and then again on Hinata’s, “Ten~”

Hinata wheezed around his laughter, free hand wrapped around Kageyama’s tickling hand, before he screamed at the ticklish sensations. He tugged uselessly at Kageyama’s hand, shaking his head back and forth as the fingers trailed higher, “The ball didn’t hit me there!”

Kageyama paused his kneading to give Hinata a chance to breathe, “Where?”

“Under my arm, you don’t need to,” Hinata said breathing deeply around his smile.

“Don’t need to what?” Kageyama allowed himself to smirk as he gently crawled his fingers up.

Hinata broke out in giggles of anticipation, “Tickle me there!”

Kageyama shrugged, “Okay.”  Hinata’s face immediately melted into a look of horror as he realized his mistake, but Kageyama’s fingers swirled up into his underarm before he could protest. Shrieking laughter fell from his lips, tears in his eyes, shaking his head back and forth wildly.

The desperate sound echoed off the walls of the gymnasium as Kageyama lightly fluttered his fingers, before really digging in, and then pinching gently. Only when Hinata’s laughter finally trailed off into breathless snickers, almost silent, did Kageyama let up.

He released Hinata’s captive wrist before leaning back on his hands while Hinata took in deep gulps of air. “That was mean Bakageyama,” Hinata said without any heat and a wide grin.

“I was just making sure you weren’t missing a rib,” Kageyama claimed as he glanced down at Hinata’s face.

He startled when he found that Hinata had risen to his knees and that their faces were just inches apart. “What are you doing, dumbass?!” He shouted as he jerked back.

Hinata’s small hands followed, moving to hold Kageyama’s face gently. “Hold still Kageyama-kun, I’m making sure you don’t have chapped lips!”

“Chapped lips?” Kageyama muttered in confusion, eyes widening when Hinata cut him off by pressing their lips together.

The kiss was short and sweet, and when Hinata leaned back Kageyama sighed, “Oh.”


Hinata’s face was red, but Kageyama was sure that his face was redder. “You’re so dense Kageyama-kun~” Hinata grinned wider.

Atmosphere broken, Kageyama shouted, “Dumbass!” He made to swipe at Hinata’s hair, but the decoy was already rolling away onto his feet and skipping away.

“We need to get you some chapstick too, Kageyama-kun~” Hinata sang with a stream of giggles.

“I’ll give you something to laugh about, Hinata-boke!” Kageyama growled as he rose to his feet quickly and gave chase.