omg i think i love him


I’ve watched all the clips (that I know of) & I just gotta say… BLESS. On SO MANY LEVELS.

-Tom wanting Barry & Julian to run off together.
-Grant 100% positive it would just be Julian’s unreciprocated feelings & Barry would reject him.
-Grant saying what he loves most about Barry is his optimism.
-Tom unable to think of anything for Julian really, except how attractive his face is. Lmao.
-A fan proposing to Tom & being rejected - but then Tom runs off the stage & hugs her!!! AWWW!!!
-Grant agreeing to sing Caitlin’s part of ‘Summer Lovin’ for a fan & doing HORRIBLY (was he trying to imitate how DP did it?? Lmao)
-Tom failing at rly deciding on a theme song for Julian.
-Grant positive Barry’s (or at least WA’s) is Running Home to You. (Still squealing over this OMG!!)

These guys are GOLD. I’m DYING.

Bad Day

Summary: Ian has a bad day work and Mickey helps him feel better.

Word Count: 724

Notes: thought I’d be staying up all night to write this request and I was totally fine w that, but I wrote it so quick, I love domestic gallavich omg

It was a little past five o’clock and Ian still hadn’t arrived home. He was taking his good old time and sulking in every upsetting thought that he could— which is a product of the new guy at work. It was just a really bad day, and though he didn’t want to think about it, it was racking his mind.

As the redhead arrived to the front door of his and his husband’s apartment, he realized that Mickey was probably worried shitless. He hadn’t answered his text messages since lunch, and he was a little late to come home— both of those things are far from the norm.

After unlocking the door and coming into the house, he just stormed into the bedroom. He knew he should probably go talk to Mickey about his day, but he didn’t have the energy for that right now.

Mickey was left in confusion and even more worry. “Oh, what the fuck?” He spoke to himself. This type of behavior was not usual for his husband, so he knew that something terrible must have happened.

The dark haired man quickly stood up and made his way into the bedroom. To his demise, all of the lights were shut off. He went to go turn on the lamp that was next to his side of the bed, and found Ian wrapped in a cocoon of all of the covers. “Ian,” Mickey said and started to move the blankets, but after giving a little peak, the redhead pulled them right back up over his head.

“Fuck off,” Ian said sharply, his husband heard the unsteadiness though. As usual, the redhead was just being stubborn, but Mickey wasn’t going to quit.

Mickey sat on the bed. “Will you get out from under there?” He spoke softly. When there was no response, he sighed. “Please?” Slowly, Ian let his eye out from under the covers.

“Go away,” Ian said with his eyes still peaked out. He knew this was immature, but it didn’t matter because he want to sleep and get away from everything.

Mickey snorted. “That’s funny, but fuck no,” he said in the most obvious tone. “Are you really not gonna get out from under there?”

Ian moaned and covered himself back up. What he was not expecting, was for Mickey to crawl under the covers with him. “The fuck?” Ian said harshly, but Mickey didn’t seem to care.

“If your bitch ass isn’t gettin’ out, I’m coming in,” he replied. Mickey then proceeded to wrap his arms around his husband’s waist, pulling him in super close. As he lingered his fingers up and down Ian’s back, Mickey slowly felt the tension leave his husband’s body.

Ian nuzzled his head into the other man’s neck. He didn’t realize it at first, but this is what he really needed. Being in his husband’s arms always made everything better.

Mickey kissed the top of Ian’s head. “You gonna talk to me about whatever shit is bothering you?” He moved his hands up from Ian’s back to his head, soothing running his hands through his hair.

“New guy at work today pissed me off,” Ian said into Mickey’s chest.

“What’d he do?” Though Mickey’s voice was soft, Ian heard the anger— he would kill anyone that hurt Ian.

The distressed man sighed. “First it was just shit about me being bipolar, usual stuff y’know? Then he found out I was gay. Said something like, ‘Oh, you’re a fag too? How could anyone deal with a crazy faggot?’” Ian said in an enraged mocking tone.

The redhead felt Mickey tense up. “I’ll fucking kill him,” he said with an undeniable seriousness.  

“Don’t,” Ian shrugged. “Sue wasn’t there today. She’ll fire his ass tomorrow, and then maybe I’ll let you beat the shit out of him. You aren’t kill him though.” He tilted his head up and kissed Mickey’s cheek. “Need you too much. I can’t have you going to the slammer.”

Mickey nodded, he understood. “What a dick,” he said. “Sorry your day was a shitshow.”

Ian nodded. “Thanks for being here for me,” he lightly chuckled. He was beyond thankful to be blessed with such a perfect husband.

“Always,” Mickey smiled. They laid there awhile longer just holding each other. There was no denying that they needed each other, and that was okay.

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Hc: Micc claims to hate being shorter than Benji but when Benji lifts him up he's all blushy and "Ben no don't do that" but he secretly loves it. Also I can see this two having a "terrible pick up lines battle" where they try to come up with the cheesiest pick up line ever (you may think Micc has loads... But Benji will surprise you even though he hates saying them outloud cause ugh cringe) - this made me nervous cause they are your characters and I don't want to interfere but there ya go friend

no no dont be nervous my friend, you got them SPOT ON. im grinning like a dork omg. this is beautiful *furiously slams gavel on block* CANON CANON CANON

because like. they’re both terrible flirts so they WOULD have a battle of terrible pick up lines. omghfg. and the lifting up thing im crying in the club. ❤❤❤

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Okay, time for real talk. Your story 'If only in My Dreams' - That one paragraph where Steve is all “If you don’t want me because of how things have changed, how I’ve changed and what you’ve been through, it’s okay.” It’s really, really not, but Steve is a pretty good liar now." (And the the whole rest of paragraph) - tore my insides out the first time I read it, and has continued to do so every time I've re-read it. I NEED to know what Bucky is thinking when Steve goes on like that.

Omg I love this ask so much.

In that moment Bucky is completely prepared to let Steve go because he thinks Steve won’t want him anymore. First, Bucky feels he is irreparably broken after what happened in Azzano, and everything he’s been doing - standing guard, avoiding Steve - has been to protect his own heart. And to protect Steve from whatever monster now lives inside of Bucky. The one that makes killing so much easier. So much more mundane.

When Steve starts to talk about how he understands if Bucky doesn’t want him anymore…that was a thought that didn’t even register in Bucky’s head. Bucky loves Steve more than his own breath, whether he’s 90 pounds or a brick shithouse, and that is the most constant thing in his entire life. Steve trying to let Bucky go, to get insecure about his new size, to translate that into Bucky not wanting HIM anymore..that fills Bucky with a bone deep shame.

Also! He had been preparing to let Steve go because Steve IS this brick shithouse, the defender of the American way, and Bucky’s this fucked up POW who doesn’t shake when he pulls the trigger. No way would Steve in all his golden God newness want that.

So when Steve says he does, that he never stopped…it shatters every piece of resolve Bucky had. All he knows now is that Steve still loves him. So there’s reason to hope that everything’s not lost.

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For the fandom ask, homestuck? Or voltron (I think you like that, correct me if I'm wrong)

Already did hs so ill just do voltron

send me a fandom and i’ll tell you…

  • the first character i ever fell in love with:

Hunk i love him sm

  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not:

No one so far

  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not:

N/A, the shows probs too new      

  • my ultimate favorite character™:


  • prettiest character:

Allura by far omg

  • my most hated character:

I dont think i rly hate anyone 

  • my OTP:

gonna have to go w klance

  • my NOTP:

Anything shiro/paladin

  • favorite episode:

The mall one omg

  • saddest death:

No one is dead

  • favorite season:


  • least favorite season:

well that only leaves 1

  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate:

like i said i dont rly hate anyone

  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave

probably lotor even tho we havent met him

  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave:


  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship

if you feel that way about a ship and you still ship it you are Very Gross

  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship:


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Well if you think you've embarrassed yourself in front of a cute guy.. There's a cute guy I've been friends with since sixth grade and I've had a crush on his since last year (11th grade), and halfway through that year I wrote a fucking anonymous love letter to him and it was the dumbest cheesiest shit and I put it in his locker and I still don't know if he knew it was from me and it still haunts me- I was literally thinking about it before I saw your post- and if he ever finds out I'll just die

Oh my goddddd but is there any way of him to know it was you? because otherwise you are safe and he’ll never find out lmao i sang the song TO HIS FACE (i literally pointed at him omg kill me)

courtney watches skam (9/?) (or at least i think this is update 9 haha) 

  • I love all my boy squad sons
  • isak kicking everyone out was so funny “I NEED MY SHOES” 
  • “I can’t believe the man of my dreams likes Gabrielle” 
  • “because hate doesn’t derive from religion, it derives from fear” I LOVE MY GIRL SANA I LOVE HER
  • “OH YOU’RE THE EVEN” i love magnus so much oh my fucking god 
  • “nah I wanna rent a suite” whom the fuck really has the money to spend on a suite at the age of 18 y’all could’ve just gone back home and fucked there
  • ooooooooooooooohhhhhh wait i get it nvm i see
  • I can’t beleive Magnus Fossbakken singlehandedly ended mental illness stigma. amazing

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Hello Bee! I was just Reading Commentarius and OMG gurl. Its perfection. Anyway, the reason why I'm righting this is because I am just in love with your Character MJ. He's adorkable! I was wondering if you could maybe right a one shot on him? Maybe of his love interest or getting to know his friends or about his family? I understand that your busy, but it would be lovely if you did that! Thank you! 💖

Never say never, but I think it’s more imperative to finish the next chapter first. Maybe at some point when I have time and it won’t ruin anything in Commentarius itself. I love me some MJ, too. =)


*there are way more namjoon tracks but this list was getting too long* *just peep his mixtape and soundcloud*

1. Rap Monster by Rap Monster

This is Namjoon’s take on “look at me now” by Chris Brown and a.k.a the first ever song to be represented by Bangtan Sonyeondan as it was the first ever track on BTS’s official soundcloud.

This is an introduction to Rap Monster as an artist and a lit track. This shit was a bop!

2. Too much by Rap Monster

This song is extremely meaningful and Namjoon’s voice sounds breathtaking. This was Namjoon’s reflection of the B-free incident. He mentions how he shouldn’t take B-free’s hate to his heart and not to over think criticism. In the beginning he sounds really hurt but omg towards the end he is going hard, and it gives me old school rap vibes.

3. Unpack your bags by Rap Monster

This song is a huge middle finger to the underground rap community who looks down on idol rappers. This was a collab with the show 4 things where he mentions how hard it was him to pursue hip hop. He mentioned 4 struggles he faced in the industry. Check out the episode, the show also shows how he interacts with his producers and Bang PDnim and this was where the really famous “ Solo, or Bangtan” moment was born. We really got to know Namjoon as an artist personally and his teenage days.This is complimented with a really cute music video.

4. P.D.D (Please Don’t Die) by Rap Monster

This is a track where he collabed with Warren G  prior to his mixtape in L.A and this gives me chills because of that prominent West Coast feel. Check out the MV and the naver behind the scenes.

5. Something by Rap Monster (a.k.a my all time favourite song I don’t know why tbh)

HOLY SHIT THIS SONG TAKES ME WAY BACK! I feel as if nowadays the producers really autotune Namjoon’s singing voice and make it really shaky but hear you can prominently really hear his singing skills and It is such a sexy love song. It really gives your romantic feels and reflects on a sad teenage love story.

6. Where u At by Rap Monster


Here we have high school Namjoon talking about how school has gotten the best of him. In a culture where education and status are everything, he talks about letting his parents down and confessing to his relatives about his future in Hip-Hop. Its an extremely relatable track where you think about where you want to head in the future.

7. Favourite Girl by Rap Monster

This is such a cute fuckboy song omg Namjoon’s voice is so cute in this. Young love amirite.

But I have a secret meme with this song. In 6th grade I accidentally blasted this and my teacher started singing along to it since the chorus is in english and ever since my friends have been taunting me with this song.

8. Monterlude by Rap Monster

The instrumental to this was included in the Skool Luv Affair album. This is in english and this is such a cute love song. Namjoon would spoil his girlfriend omg.

9. Promethus by Yankie feat Rap Monster

Namjoon teamed up with some popular K-rappers and his verse in this made my pussy drop BUT EVERYONE IN THIS SONG DID SO AMAZING THIS IS SUCH A TURNT SONG I WAS JAMMING TOO HARD

This song is based off of the seven sins and Namjoon plays lust..ofc.

He uses some sick korean wordplay.

10. Bucku Bucku by MFBTY feat Rap Monster

MFBTY are already korean hip hop legends and the fact that such “old” and wise rappers decided to have Namjoon feature is an honor. 

He also had a little role in another one of their mvs here

11.   PRIMARY (프라이머리) - U (Feat. Kwon Jin Ah 권진아, Rap Monster 랩

This song is really relaxing and I love Primary’s beats and Kwon Jin Ah’s soothing voice, But Namjoon’s soothing rap was so sexy. It was just so hot omg.

12. Awakening by Rap Monster from his mixtape

This song was from his mixtape which you absolutely need to check out and I suggest you see his other music videos such as the legendary Do You  and Joke.

This song was extremely powerful and eye opening. Just ready the lyrics and you will know why.

“In  the moment of my failure
will someone hold my hand?
in the moment when I come down from the stage
will that person be next to me?
just tell me that I can survive
in this cold world, just feel my vibe
every night inside me I quietly fight with myself
my heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back
while saying that I became a moron after joining a company
yeah fuck you I’m an idol, yeah yeah I’m an idol
at one time I hated it but now I love to get that title”

13. I believe by Rap Monster

Extremely uplifting and it brings you a huge amount of self-confidence, its a self-loving song and its a self reminder to always believe in yourself no matter how much you fall. Also has a little appearance from Jimin.

14. God Rap By Rap Monster

This song talks about Namjoon being an athiest but also has a message for believers. It talks about controlling your own life and to be your own idol. It says how you have the power of god in you and how you are extraordinary.

15. Throw Away by Rap Monster


“got an automatic dick”

16. Rush by Rap Monster feat Krizz Kaliko also from his mixtape

Funny story this is how they got together and created this lit korean meets american rap track.

Namjoon goes really hard in this, check it out!

17. Drifting by Rap Monster also from his Mixtape

This song has a theme that goes with “Reflection” and “Always”, He says how his thoughts are drifting and how feels lost (almost like the track lost in wings). Its put you in a trance where you, yourself starts to think about where you are in life and what purpose you have. 

18. Life by Rap Monster from his mixtape

This song got me tripping because Namjoon is a lyrical genius. The amount of questions this song got me saying is insane. Just read.

“ the little me inside myself was always lonely
why is there no opposite word of loneliness?
could it be because people, until they die, have no moments of not being lonely?
it’s necessary to seek a moment to be alone
yeah that’s a life
we live inside danger
through the reward that makes us able to see this beautiful world “

were we born to die, were we born to live
are we living to die, or are we dying to live
the nametag with my name on it, is that my life?
or is it death

who knows…

life, fall in love
life receives injuries from us and
is lonely because of the wind and
we wanna be right
but always wrong
were we born to be wrong?
is life something like that?
(in the end, for our whole lives we don’t know what tomorrow will be)”

19. Monster by Rap Monster from his mixtape


20. Joke. (you should probably know this)

I really did’nt want to include this because his 2 most famous tracks are Do you and Joke and I wanted to keep this list to the underrated but tbvh I was really surprised when I figured out that people don’t know this track.


In this track he said how he is mocking rappers who only have good flow but no sense of meaningful lyrics. 

The lyrics in this song make no sense but the rap flow is too damn good. WHEN WATCHING THIS YOU WILL BE LIKE HONEY PLEASE BREATHE. HE RAPS SO FAST.


21. DO YOU BY RAP MONSTER ( (you should also probably know this)

In this track he talks about how at a young age society tells us what to be, how to look, what to wear, how to behave. He says fuck whatever they say and just do you.

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22. Fantastic by Rap Monster (from fantastic four)

I heard that fantastic four was shit but Namjoon got a chance to do a song for a movie which is a big deal for bangtan so WHOO

23. Illest Bitch

A really cute confession from Namjoon going through Puberty

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Model Adrien pt. 2! I had to do this because I often think about Adrien as an IG model (like an AU where he /actually/ enjoyed/loved doing it…), it was actually one of my tags in the first post LOL

Like, he’d love using IG because he can sort of be himself since his father doesn’t care about social media (but all of Paris does) (it doesn’t get him into trouble though)

The sun is setting.

Sometime in the future...

…when Dex realizes he’s not poor anymore.

“can we get a headboard, too?”

Dex hated that voice. It was a voice he hadn’t heard come out of his mouth in a long time, since before him and Nursey got married, before they graduated, before he started seeing a therapist. It was a voice that said, ’a no would break me’ underneath the real words of his question.

It was how he used to ask for hugs, and how he asked, three months into their fuck-buddy relationship, for Nusey to please stay the night, just once, nobody ever stays.

Nursey gave him a long, appraising look, but Dex knew he wouldn’t ask why, all of a sudden, Dex sounded so unsure of himself. Just like Dex knew, eventually, he’d tell Nursey why something so silly as a headboard was so important to him.

He gave a small smile instead, kissed Dex’s cheek, and said, “That’s chill.”

They got out of their truck, a purchase that Nursey made without Dex because he knew his husband could never justify the price to himself, even though they could afford it a hundred times over. Between Dex’s NHL salary and Nursey and Lardo’s line of children’s books, there wasn’t really anything they couldn’t afford.

Which is why Dex hated how small and broken his voice sounded when he asked if they could buy a headboard.

With the new contract Dex signed, finally featuring a no trade clause, they decided to buy a house. Nursey went all out; he spent weeks touring places, picking out furniture, and giving Dex the silent treatment (apparently ‘whatever you want’ isn’t the right answer). The only thing left was a new mattress.

They saved it specifically for a week when Dex didn’t have any scheduling conflicts. He tried to tell Nursey that it was fine, he could go ahead and buy one without Dex there, but he refused, insisting that a mattress was an individual experience, both of them had to agree.

They both knew that, in the end, Dex wouldn’t have an opinion. A bed was a bed to him, and any bed was better than no bed. It felt nice to have a full day with his husband, though.

They stood in front of a huge mattress store, and for some reason, Dex felt uncertain. There was something about this, buying a bed, that made everything real to him. He was an adult. He was well off financially. And he was about to walk into a store hand in hand with his husband. And he was happy.

He wasn’t the angry kid from Maine, anymore.

A saleswoman nearly a foot shorter than the couple (call me Cici!) dragged them all over the store, practically pushing them down on mattresses and asking about their firmness. She asked about hteir opinon on memory foam versus tempurpedic, about fabrics and springs and coils and all sorts of questions Nursey has answers for that Dex can’t make heads or tails of.

He zones out a bit, but jumps back into the conversation when the topic of temperature comes up (so, are you two warm blooded or do you use a lot of blankets at night?). He had no idea that they made some mattresses cooler than others, but yes they wanted to try those out, because his husband is a furnace and the three stupid cats Nursey snuck home were like little fuzzy ovens.

So, they go to the other side of the store and try out hybrids (of what, Dex really couldn’t say). Without even trying it out, Nursey pointed at one of the set-ups and declared, “it’s going to be this one.” Dex had to admit that it was pretty comfortable. He didn’t feel like he was sinking into the mattress, which was nice.

Nursey clamored on top, cuddling into Dex’s side with a smug grin. “Told you it was this one.”

Still grinning, Nursey asked Cici, “Can you show us some headboard options?”

There was an entire room of them. Bed frames and headboards and footboards. Big quilted ones that Dex thought would go great in his baby sister’s princess room, studded leather ones, wrought iron frames that looked a little too bondage for Dex’s comfort.

Dex wasn’t sure what his face was doing, but  Cici told them quietly that she would give them a few minutes to look around, even though she had been attached at to their side for the hour they had been in the store.

They wandered around, looking at all the choices. Dex knew he held Nursey’s hand a little too hard, but Nursey didn’t say anything. He let Dex take the lead, inputting his opinion but never tryng to influence Dex, never pushing him to talk about it.

They made two circuits of the room before stopping (for the second time) in front of a simple padded headboard. It wasn’t anything fancy, just smooth, cream colored fabric. Dex ran a finger over the display. It was softer than it looked.

“I don’t understand headboards. Or footboards. They’re totally pointless.”

In the past, that may have been an invitation for Nursey to chirp Dex, to ask what the hell they were doing buying one if Dex thought it was pointless. But after so many years together, Nursey knew Dex needed to talk it out, not have a conversation.

“Did you know that before I went to Samwell, I never slept in a real bed?”

“I didn’t, babe.”

Dex never took his eyes off the headboard. “For a while I had a matress thrown on the floor in me and Adam’s room, but then I gave it to Hannah and I started sleeping on some sleeping bags on the floor. I told myself it was like camping. Even when I imagined my house, I never imagined a having a real bed. What’s the piont of buying something that’s totally pointless? It’s just a waste of money.”

Nursey ran a warm hand up and down Dex’s back. Dex rarely talked about his childhood. It was one of the only things they still faught about sometimes: Nursey taking their money for granted and Dex not being able to accept that he can spend money when he wants to.

“But we can buy this. We can buy something that’s totally pointless, just because I want it.”

It wouldn’t match the room, even a little bit. The whole house was stark greys and bright whites, accents of bright colors. The cream fabric would stick out like a sore thumb. It was meant for a softer house. There was something about it that Dex like, though. He couldn’t put his finger on what, exactly, but he loved it.

“What do you think?”

Nursey didn’t bother to look away from Dex when he answered. “I think it’s great, babe. It’ll look good in the bedroom.”

Dex gave him a hard look. “really.”

“Okay, no. but if you like it, then I couldn’t care less.”

And just like that,they bought it. And later that night, in their brand new bed, in their house (their house, not a house they were renting), Dex slept better than he could ever remember sleeping.


can we just take a moment and think about what would’ve happened if Bryan Fuller wrote Sherlock.










(look how fricking excited he is omg)





just let this man write season 5, he’ll fix everything

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Hi!!! Ok, so first of all I LOVE your blog. All of your recommendations?? A gift from heaven. I was wondering if you have any good and cute domestic AU's? Kinda like the posts that prettyboyviktor makes (I'm so sorry, I don't know how to add links TT A TT"" ). I think that the domestic AU's are just ADORABLE and I'm currently reading Masquerade (thanks to your rec) and I LOVE it (omg) so I wanted to know what you think are good domestic AU's. Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!

Thank you for these requests! (and compliments, wow!!) I LOVE DOMESTIC AUs SO FREAKING MUCH OMGOMG

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Domestic Fluff

Safety Hazards in St. Petersburg by lucycamui, Explicit, 3.7k
In which Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg and Victor discovers just how distracting living with him can be. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH OMG

Love Like You by LFMH021, Teen, 3.6k
Little insight to retired and domestic Victuuri! Many small scenes from deciding who is going to do the dishes to grocery shopping. SO CUTE AND FLUFFY I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH! It’s the domestic fic you’re looking for!

stammi vicino by sunshinehide, Gen, 1k
its moments like these where yuuri realizes how lucky in love he is with victor. CUTEEE

Domesticity by DawnMalfoy, Not Rated, 4.4k
When Yuuri moves to St Petersburg to train with Victor a lot of things change for the better. Victor is really in love with Yuuri, and is still surprised that he gets to come home to him every day! Awwwww!

The Different Types of Warmth by BeautyButterBae, Explicit, 8.1k
When Victor drags Yuuri out of their apartment on one of the coldest days St. Petersburg has seen in a while, Yuuri is far from pleased. Victor promises to replenish the body heat they’ve both lost. Yuuri is far more pleased with that. Fun!

in need of melted marshmallow cuddles by Hitsugi_Zirkus, Gen, 1.7k
“Viktor. You’re Russian. How is it that you’re always so easily cold and– Wait,” Yuuri’s eyes fell onto Viktor’s bundled up form under the comforter, “are you wearing my jackets? How many layers have you got on?” SNUGGLES AND CUDDLES DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING I LOVE THIS FIC

Dream Awake by Ashida, Teen, 7.7k
Yuuri really loves to sleep in, in his bed, in his apartment, in their home, but they have morning practice, and Victor thinks of a new way to wake him up. It’s so fluffy I’m gonna dieeee

Get A Room, Just Not This One by chellethewriter, Mature, 8.1k
Five times that Yuri Plisetsky walks in on Yuuri and Viktor being grossly affectionate… and one time that he doesn’t. Takes place in St. Petersburg, post episode 12. Yurio is basically their son and I love it!

we laugh, we fumble, we take it day by day by waitingforreason, Gen, 3k
When it comes to taking their son on the ice for the first time, Yuuri is worried, Victor is patient, and everyone else is helplessly intrusive. LOVE!

kissed me like a sunrise by middlecyclone, Teen, 1k
Maybe, Victor figures, there are some things, some people, that you just can’t get over. And Yuuri is his. So cute!

Born To Make History by BeautyButterBae, Explicit, 9.2k
Some mornings were like today, where Yuuri sat up in their shared bed, only watching as Victor Nikiforov – the man he had married only a few months earlier – slept peacefully, still disbelieving that all of this had happened, that it was real, that he got so lucky. They’re married and I can’t breATHE THIS IS SO GOOD

kairosclerosis by celestialfics, Gen, 1k
Life at Viktor’s apartment in Russia is different than when Yuuri and Viktor had stayed together at Yuuri’s family home in Japan, but it’s a good kind of different. Thumbs up!

In jokes and Pettiness by preciousbunnynoiz, Teen, 3.6k
Domestic Victuuri get into petty arguments None of the fights are serious! THIS IS SO AMAZING?? I’M DYING??? Love!

Distance by surveycorpsjean, Explicit, 5.1k
They just can’t stand to be apart. They’re still obsessed with each other!

sight of the sun by cityboys, Teen, 6.4k
Wherein their honeymoon brings Victor face-to-face with a lot of firsts in his life. HONEYMOON FIC I REPEAT THIS IS A HONEYMOON FIC

Together Dancing, Cheek to Cheek by ambientwhispers, Gen, 2.1k
Katsuki Yuuri sometimes still doesn’t believe he could possibly be married to his old idol, Victor Nikiforov. One day, Victor decides to show Yuuri exactly where that road began, with the pictures from the 2015 GPF banquet. OMG!!

better than sliced bread by ebenroot, Teen, 8.1k
In which we all assumed yuuri is the one to own a dakimakura but maybe that isn’t entirely the case. THIS IS GREAT AHHAHA


Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3

The Springtime of Love (it’s actually still winter)

Tanaka… (¬‿¬)  

OMG, It’s happening!  o(≧∇≦)o


THIS is how you win a girl, my boy! (SHE’S SO PRECIOUS!!)

Tanaka please…




Tanaka, wai- no. NO!

DID YOU?? DID YOU REALLY??? (But at least he thinks she’s beautiful???) BUT TANAKA, REALLY???



Ryuu… Ryuu… RYUU  ಠ_ಠ

I love you but… 

WHY?!?!?! Just…. WHYYYYYYY?!?!?! 


Baby girl, noooo….

Yeah… but….

Okay, YES! But….

What will become of you two??? 

Coran: What must it be like? He’s lost out there. He probably thinks he’s all alone and that we all gave up on him. What kind of effect does that have on a man’s psychology?

Keith: I wonder what he’s thinking right now…

(Somewhere else)

Shiro: How come Aquaman can control whales? They’re mammals! Makes no sense.

anonymous asked:

So how do we know that the banquet scene that Victor actually fell for Yuri there at that point? Because yeah his eyes sparkled but I thought that was down to him having an epiphany like "omg yes that's a great idea! I can coach for a year!" What do you think??🤔

While I don’t think Victor could have possibly fallen in love with someone he didn’t know, I do think he was swept off his feet by Yuuri at the banquet.

Look how much fun Victor’s having in that picture!

And yeah … I’m still not over these two dorks doing the bull/matador thing with each other. 

Note that Yuuri is still dressed in these pictures, which means that he didn’t ask Victor to be his coach until after they danced together. (Later, he wasn’t wearing pants and his tie relocated to a much nerdier place.)

I think at the banquet, Victor sees something exciting and new in Yuuri.

It’s not love, but it’s a spark of attraction. I think it’s obvious from Victor’s behavior at the beginning of Season 1 that he developed quite a crush on Yuuri at the banquet.

Victor is easy to misinterpret as a touchy-feely person because of how he behaves with Yuuri. But go back and watch him in Season 1. Victor only touches and flirts with Yuuri. If Victor touches anyone else (like Yakov or Yurio), it’s more friendly. The way you would act with family. Mostly, he keeps his hands to himself.

But not with Yuuri. Victor’s behavior sets him apart as a romantic interest from the beginning.

So while the idea of becoming a coach might have contributed to the sparkle in Victor’s eyes at the banquet, I do think there was also some romantic attraction happening as well.

Pudding: *is a highly intelligent, cunning and cruel woman who is the favorite child of one of the four most powerful pirates in the world and enjoys a life of luxury and sadistic manipulation of her enemies and who thinks Sanji is a gross and repulsive dumbass and has spent the entire time since she met him just itching to blow his brains out all over the floor so that she can be done with his infuriating shit* 

Sanji: “But has anyone ever told you… that you’re beautiful… :)” 

Pudding: “Oh fukc… oh shiit… omg…  i  fuigking camt’ ohh fukfing Im just so hapy rn im cryingh out  a ll three of my eye”