omg i think i love him

My game summary!

Gen looks UNREAL in person! I was so close I could see the sweat on his neck and OMG! He is fucking HOT! He is NOT bald and his facial hair is great!

I think Geno heard me talking about how hot he is and how much I love him. Oh well. lol 

Sidney? Wow. He has such a nice face! He looks AMAZING up close. Such a nice guy…except when he’s yelling at his team. 

I told Hags he had nice hair and 5 secs later he took his helmet off. I laughed. 

Sully is LOUD! I couldn’t hear what Geno and Sidney were yelling, but I heard Sully. I would not want to be on the receiving end of his yelling!

The young guys are cute together! They bump each other and stuff.

Geno and Sidney were into the Ipad today. 

The people around the Pens (trainers, reporters, Dana) are SUPER sweet.Dana was the first person to read my sign!

Jake is SMALL!

Jamie is HUGE!

2 pucks hit the glass during the game and I thought I was gonna die. It feels like the glass will break and the puck will hit you. 

Sidney then gave a kid one of them so it was all good.

The Pens were staying at the same hotel as a porn awards. That’s hilarious. 

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Question! You said in your modern Hades and Persephone reddie au that Richie would be wearing a dark suit(which omg I LOVE), what do you think Eddie would wear? I assume something flowery print since he’s the god of spring but I wanna know what you envision!

I picture him in pastel colors. Like big fluffy sweaters, overalls, everything that screams soft! He would always have a serious case of sweater paws because he just a tiny ball of fury.

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Yo junghope needs so much love, LIKE Hoseok being hella soft with JK and cuddling with him and making sure he's comfortable and warm and always asking questions to make sure JK is okay with whatever he does and like. Omg. cuZ HAVE U SEEN THAT GIF SET OF HOBI CUDDLING THE SHIT OUTTA JUNGKOOK. OML


god, hoseok has done so many nice things to jungkook, though i know hoseok’s soft spot is for jimin, but i think he’s really fond of jungkook too

(especially, when that boy dont try to make him the third wheel)

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your ichimatsu is the cutest, softest, chubbiest baby!!!!! he looks so good with those thigh highs!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!

h !!!! i’m glad u think so i love him thank u!!!!!!

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i’m really loving all the clayton keller content lately... like wow! how do you think he’d be with dating a curvy/chubby girl? (if u want to!) 💛

Omg yess!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying it lol

Okay so Clayton with a curvy girl:

He would honestly think it was like the cutest thing • like he would love hugging you so much • i mean he’s a hugger anyway but he would love it even more if his girl had shape to her body • cuddling would be such a huge thing • he would love to lay his head on your chest but he would also love to have you lay on top of him • also he would love to try new things with you and go out with you • honestly i think the way he treats a chubby girl would be exactly the same as how he treats any other girl he likes • but i also think there would be a lot more cuddling tbh

Xx Em ❤️
A/N: ugh i love these little headcanon things its so fun to think about!

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OMG BOIIIII, I've been thinking about it lately and i'd love to hear your opinion -- HOW OLD IS CHISAKI?? HE DOES LOOK LIKE HE'S IN HIS 20'S BUT DAMN ANIME WORLD IS PRETTY TRICKY and what about Dabi??? pwese

Chisaki is definitely in his 20s, but his exact age I’m not sure. Older than Shigaraki for sure. I’d put him at around…. 26? 27? 

As for Dabi, I might put him at around 22. He’s definitely an adult but ‘adult’ can mean like, 18 and up.

But yeah If I have to guess, Chisaki 26, Dabi 22. I’d love to have actual confirmation though ;_;

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Do you have a favourite Disney movie? Mine is Moana (I always laugh at the New Zealand accents) also when I listened to the māori version of the songs on YouTube I could pick out a lot of what I knew and compare it to the English translation (because it's not like, word for word so that was cool I cried when I heard it)

I’m glad a movie could invoke such a emotion. Disney movies tend to do that.

Honestly, I love so many but Aladdin is tops for me I think. Doesn’t help that I’ve always had a crush on Aladdin and hated generic white disney princes for not being like him LOLLLL;;; ( I’m sorry they were always so boring to me?? )

But Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, MOANA, Frozen, ALICE IN WONDERLAND OMG ( I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE ALICE IN WONDERLAND. ), Peter Pan, The Lion King ( for Scar tbh he was always FAV )


In Act One when Jason asks to speak to Whizzer and Marvin is just like oh my god and face palms, clearly thinking that’s a bad idea (PLUS THE HEAD BOP AND WHIZZER’S POUT OMG) and Whizzer looks so uncomfortable and awkward like clearly not at ease with the fact his boyfriend is a parent- compared to Act Two when Jason legit asks a god he isn’t sure he believes in to make Whizzer better, and moves his Bar Mitzvah to Whizzer’s hospital room so he can attend. I love their dynamic so much- like Jason clearly looked up to Whizzer a lot, inviting him to the baseball game which got Whizzer and Marvin back together in the first place.

I like to think Jason thought of Whizzer as a dad. Also that Whizzer left him letters about how to be there for Marvin when he gets sick.

And now I’m crying

Jungkook; Boyfriend Material

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Cooking (with dem sleeves rolled up, like BOI)

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Playing with dogs. Alway super cute with anyone

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That lip bite tho, like can you let me live please?

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Personal cuddle buddy

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Bare face and absolutely gorgeous 

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Lifting them weights

Now everybody say it with me; Jeon Jungkook is boyfriend material.

*I do not own any of these gifs*

This is barely coherent because I’m exhausted but


So first in season 3 we see the relationship they’ve been building up between Keith and Lance for like 2 SEASONS really blossom. Like they’re BFFs. Lance is Keith’s impulse control. Keith is Lance’s comfort. They’re all cool and stuff.

Then, in 4.01 Keith leaves. Lance thinks joining the Blades will make Keith happy, so he’s like, okay cool. Then Pidge goes to find Matt and comes back with this guy who makes bad jokes and flirts with Allura (sound familiar?) but is also super smart and mature and good at fighting and stuff. I don’t think it’s too much of a reach to say this is Lance’s worst fear –– someone shows up who’s like him but ‘better’, more worthy of his friends’ attention, meaning he gets rejected. But no big deal, right? Ain’t no one rejecting him yet.

But then when Matt flirts with Allura (in like the dorkiest way possible omg save him) she blushes and doesn’t insult him or anything, which for her is responding pretty positively, or at least moreso than she does with Lance. And then Shiro (y’know, Lance’s hero) is all MATT?? I LOVE MATT!! And then Matt forms the Tech Nerd Dream Team™ with Hunk and Pidge, Lance’s best friends from the Garrison. (Basically, Matt is a lot like Lance, but ‘better’ and adored by people the way Keith was.)

The next time we see Lance, instead of being his social butterfly self and getting to know the new guy, he’s holed up in his room in the dark in the middle of the day, looking tense and marathoning video games.

Okay, though. Maybe that’s okay. People play video games. No biggie. But first of all, that doesn’t seem like Lance. He’s the social guy. He’s the last person I’d expect to be holed up in his room playing video games in the dark in the middle of the day, especially when a cool new person just showed up. Lance loves people. Lance loves getting to know people (see: Taking Flight, The Depths, the Voltron Show!, Changing of the Guard, and literally every episode with new aliens).

But even if you disagree, consider this: in the Paladin Handbook, Crystal Venom, and Eye of the Storm, we see that when Lance has time to himself, he uses it to relax (napping, chilling with a good lemonade, going to the pool). There are two ways people spend free time: relaxation and stimulation. Video games are definitely a form of stimulation. When are you more likely to choose stimulating activities, even if you’re more into relaxation in your time off? When you’re trying to distract yourself from something.

^ picture by breeceesall (So sorry!!)

(Lance is answer choice D. I accidentally originally said B because I just glanced at it and that was a mistake, thanks to celestialdefenders for pointing that out!)

(By the way, side note: when Allura and Coran come to get Lance to milk Kaltenecker and they all leave the room, he says something like, “Okay, let’s get this over with”… and it sounded… off to me? Like he was covering up the insecure layer and going back to business… I dunno maybe I just heard it weird, I’m not really counting this as a point.)

The last thing Lance would do is tell anyone about all of this inner turmoil. After all, the only times he voices or even admits to himself his own insecurities are to strangers (Escape From Beta Traz) and to… well, Keith (Tailing a Comet, the infamous leave the math to Pidge scene). Who’s gone.

And I don’t think it bothers Lance as much when he has stuff to keep his mind off it (in the Voltron Show, they’re doing his favorite part of the war effort. Of course he seems happy and lighthearted!). But.

Pidge and Hunk were already starting to distance themselves from him and form their own li’l Tech Nerds Unite team as early as season 1. Now they have Matt to further finish off the new-and-improved Garrison Trio, this time without Lance. They definitely aren’t doing it on purpose, and probably don’t even realize that they’re doing it. Obviously everyone loves Lance. But they don’t show it, because they don’t realize they have to. He seems so happy and confident. But to Lance, I can see how it would seem like Pidge and Hunk have replaced him.

And now Keith, who was quickly becoming Lance’s closest friend, strongest teammate, and the most likely to understand what he’s going through, has left. Meaning Lance is, for all intents and purposes, alone.

Dude, if I were Lance, I’d be sitting in the dark marathoning video games too.

EDIT: wingedkeith made a really good point and said I could add it in!

“I just wanted to add on something: at the end of season 3, we see lance’s insecurities as he claims that he’s the “one pilot too many” and says he’s going to step down. So this boy already feels sort of useless, and then Matt comes along and seems to “replace” him in every aspect with the team. I’m not really sure what we can draw from that, but it’s something I noticed and thought you’d also find it interesting that it isn’t just season 4 where Lance starts to feel this way, but season 3 as well, and that means it’ll probably carry over into season 5, where Jeremy (I think?) said that Lance will have a pretty big character arc.”

Further proof that this part of Lance’s arc has been a long time coming. Majorly in season 3 and even before then in Escape From Beta Traz, he has always felt like a seventh wheel. This started out as really subtle and it’s been getting less and less so. Which means Lance’s insecurities will probably definitely be a really big factor later on!

The sun is setting.

Long Distance Little Problems #8
  • Daddy: I'm gonna be super busy tomorrow little one, if i don't answer your messages please don't worry.
  • Me: Okay Daddy.
  • Daddy: Good girl.
  • --- the next day ---
  • Me: Why hasn't daddy answered? Did i do something wrong?? Oh right. He is busy. I won't bother him while he is busy.
  • Me: I'll just say hi...
  • *accidentally sends 20 texts instead of 1*
  • Me: omg. He's gonna think I'm so annoying. *spends all day worrying*
  • --- a few hours later ---
  • Daddy: i love you babygirl
Dragging an NPC around

Context: So our party almost killed a satyr’s pet dire wolf, who is also about to kill our paladin. I’m a charismatic rogue and I convince the satyr to let us pass the bridge he’s guarding and then we’ll heal the wolf.

Satyr: Fine. Now that you healed my dire wolf, just get out of my sight.

Me: I persuade him to guide us to the nearest town!

DM: ..He hates you guys but uh…okay…roll for it.

*rolled a 25*
DM: The satyr leads you out of the forest where you can see a nearby town in the distance.

Satyr: There. Just keep going down the road and you’ll get to the town.

Me: Not so fast, friend! Let’s all go into town together!

DM: Omg this guy hates you even more so roll for persuasion check.

*rolled a 27*
DM: The satyr refuses to come in the tavern.

Satyr: No thanks, I don’t drink. And I think it’s time I go now…

Me: Naaaah it’s fine. Let’s go. I persuade him to come drink with us.

*rolls a 10*
DM: He refuses and–


*rolls a 20*