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Hey love <3 Let's not cry anymore, okay? Here's my prompt: John and Paul get engaged. It kind of happens by accident.

omg too many tears for mclennon today. lemme see what i can do for you my love <3 its gonna be short because I’m going out soon tbh but i love u

John was up surprisingly early that morning, quite unlike John. He decided he would surprise his still sleeping boyfriend Paul with breakfast. He began to make some tea, and then started to prepare some food. He was humming a beautiful tune that had been stuck in his head. “John?” He heard a sleepy voice from behind him. 

John spun around, and just as Paul suspected, John was smiling. He was always there with a smile. “Good morning, sleepin’ beauty.” John was grinning from ear to ear. “What are you doin’ up so early?” Paul asked as he slumped down into the kitchen chair. John, still smiling, placed a cup of tea in front of his boyfriend. “I decided to make my lovely man breakfast.” John said as he spun back around to focus on the cooking. 

“How nice of you,” Paul was pleased, sipping his hot tea and watching the beautiful man stand in front of him, flipping flapjacks like a professional. “If you’re lucky you’ll get to spend your entire life with me!” John said smiling, leaning down and placing two platefuls of flapjacks for the two of them. He grabbed himself a cup of tea and sat down. “Guess we’d have to get married in order for that to happen, now wouldn’t we?” Paul said with a raised eyebrow. 

“I suppose we will. Hopefully soon.” John said, feeling his stomach flip slightly. “Well, I mean, we could,” Paul shrugged. “Well.. I mean, if you want to.” John said, looking up to make eye contact with his boyfriend. 

“Alright,” Paul smiled.

“Alright,” John repeated. 

The two stared at each other for a few moments, before Paul interrupted. “Wait wait wait, did we just get engaged?” He asked, jumping up out of his chair and standing straight up. John did the same thing, excitedly. “I-I think so,” John said. Both of the men were beaming with joy, they embraced in a long hug. “Kiss me!” Paul ordered John, who quickly cupped his now-fiancee’s cheeks and kissed him passionately. John pulled away briefly to speak. 

“That seems very… Lennon-McCartney of us, y’know? Gettin’ engaged by accident.” 

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Aaaah so excited to see the box open again! Can I request headcannons for the RFA comforting MC/reacting to her having a huge meltdown when a project she was working on completely fails? (AKA me trying to make the pink dress from Zen's after story)

Aaahh I’m so sorry this happened to you!! I was making my Lapis cosplay and that was me omg. I almost gave up several times tbh. I hope it works out for you~!!

~Admin MP


  • Yoosung would hug MC as soon as a single tear welled up in her eyes
  • He strokes her hair and talks her through it, asking her what’s wrong and asking her to show him how she wants it to be
  • When she showed him the pictures of how it was supposed to look like and how it turned out, she starts crying again and he just gives her another hug, letting her cry it out because he knows how important that is
  • After MC stops crying and just sort of sniffles in his arms, he gives her a kiss on the top of her head and asks her if she wants to do something else to relax and calm down more
  • So the two of them just go to make some dinner, Yoosung plying kisses on her, loving to see her smile
  • Then he promises to help her with the project the next weekend (they both fail again but it’s okay because they’re doing it together)


  • When Seven hears a tiny sniffle from the other room, he fucking Naruto runs as fast as he can in there
  • Usually if MC is upset, she laughs at the Naruto run
  • She doesn’t laugh, but she hiccups and covers her face, discarded cosplay scraps in front of her on the floor
  • Seven panics because he hates it when MC cries, so he just dramatically falls to his knees in front of her, holding her hands and kissing them
  • “MC, what’s wrong?”
  • She manages to get out that she is upset about ruining her cosplay, cutting and sewing the fabric wrong on accident
  • After that, he decides it is his God Given Mission to make MC feel better
  • So he cracks a bunch of jokes and makes stupid faces and puts his jacket around her 
  • Eventually it gets to the point where he’s tickling her and she’s cackling
  • But then he rests his forehead against hers and is like, “you know you’re amazing, right? You can do whatever you put your mind to.”
  • Then they watch some anime to hang out while Seven snuggles MC


  • At first, Jaehee would have no idea what to do after MC suddenly burst into tears at the kitchen table
  • When MC stutters out that she messed up the skirt she was making, Jaehee puts her hand on MC’s back, rubbing comfortingly 
  • She whispers to MC, reassuring her that everything is going to be okay and moving so that she is hugging her from behind, arms running up and down MC’s arms
  • Then she goes to make coffee and brings it over (because coffee always helps), grabbing a chair and dragging it right next to MC so that they’re very close
  • Jaehee takes a deep breath and brushes MC’s hair out of her face, wiping gently underneath her eyes to collect extra tears
  • Jaehee smiles, caressing MC’s cheeks, saying that someone as talented and lovely as MC shouldn’t cry
  • Then she looks up a bunch of sewing videos so she can help MC


  • All he wants is for MC to be happy and never feel insecure about herself
  • And he’s seen all the other amazing stuff that MC has made, so he knows that she’s super talented
  • So when she starts breaking down at her sewing table, hands shaking as her tears dot the fabric, he’s at her side in a second, gently removing the needles from her hands and putting them down, moving her chair so that she’s facing him
  • He kneels in front of her like he’s swearing fealty and runs his hands up and down her thighs, trying to calm her down
  • “Honey, are you okay?” 
  • It comes out that she messed up really badly on the dress she was making, using the wrong type of material, and Zen just moves so that he’s cupping her face in his hands
  • “It’s alright, babe. It’s okay. We can go through it later together and figure out what went wrong. Right now, though, I think we need to go for a ride. Does that sound good?”
  • MC just nods and the two go to Zen’s special place, watching nature for a bit before heading home when MC feels better


  • At first, he doesn’t really understand when MC starts muttering angrily while trying not to cry
  • When she explains that she ruined the shirt she was making, he’s like, “I can just buy you one??”
  • But she insists that it’s a special shirt and then suddenly starts crying while talking to him
  • (Spoiler alert: it was a special shirt for him for his birthday and she felt bad looking at him)
  • He just stares for a few seconds then is Hovering, wiping MC’s tears as fast as he can and kissing her cheeks furiously
  • Though it’s never really happened before, he hates it when MC is upset like this and he just wants to protect her
  • She sort of laughs weakly because he’s being such a mom, but she calms down and he just clings to her